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Found 4 results

  1. I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this (or if this is a bug or I just missed something). After making a deal with on of the mages and slaughtering the others, I have a journal entry saying I have the key to Cragholdt's chamber, but when I go, I'm asked a question about what a mage needs to do to be prepared. I didn't remember anything about this coming in up in conversation, so I went through each option in turn. None of them open the door. I tried talking to the surviving mage, but that didn't seem to work. I tried rest, no good. Is this bugged or did I do something miss a clue?
  2. A Moment's Respite ► Pillars of Eternity ► Act 1 ► Saving Heodan ► Quest Guide https://youtu.be/lmSEVG_YL9s?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza The Ruins of Cilant Lis ► Pillars of Eternity ► Act 1 ► Dungeon Guide ► Quest Guide https://youtu.be/kOBIbepM2eA?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza Vengence from the Grave ► Pillars of Eternity ► Act 1 ►Different Outcomes ► Quest Guide https://youtu.be/Np3-DOw557Q?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza Late for Dinner ► Pillars of Eternity ► Act 1 ► Quest Guide ► Saving the Dwaft ► Inn Discount https://youtu.be/NDlBrvbquI8?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza Buried Secrets ► Pillars of Eternity ► Gilded Vale ► Quest Guide ► Walkthrough https://youtu.be/4fsfnYsv1E0?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza Against the Grain ► Pillars of Eternity ► Gilded Vale ► Quest Guide ► Walkthrough https://youtu.be/wWaZq-yb41U?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza Pillars of Eternity ► Character Creation ► Classes and Characters ► Abilities and Races https://youtu.be/A_YCUFTjpgQ?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza
  3. So there has been some discussion about puzzles before, do we like them, how would we solve em. I was wondering if anyone has a preference for a type of puzzle, or remembers a puzzle they've played elsewhere which they really enjoyed. For me, I mostly enjoy puzzles which aren't directly obvious as puzzles, but kind of blend into the world. I always enjoyed games like Myst and Riven, where for instance in order to learn the numerical system of the world (which you needed for specific inputs elsewhere) you had to play a children´s game in an abandoned school, and infer from that. I love this type of challenge because it doesn't break immersion. (I'm thinking about the Stanley parable where the games narrator makes fun of you because you start switching light switches as if that would somehow solve a non-existent puzzle) And it´s not directly obvious how you go about it, but it does fit within the confines of the world. I also pathway puzzles, where you might have to move a lot of switches back and forth the whole time to get to all the places. Puzzles involving text I don't like so much. Not only are they too obvious a gameplay element ("look a puzzle") but text often is either too vague (because the creator of the puzzle assumes a cultural knowledge you might not have) or too obvious. I do like a lot of puzzles in the game, but I tend to like them as a bonus, for the extra reward. Not as a main attraction. I'm curious to hear what you guys think about puzzles.
  4. Just a simple idea and request. If PE does incorporate riddles, specific verbal tests or major side quests requiring investigation and deduction, can we please avoid having the answers handed on a platter via multiple choice answers? I believe there were some great riddles in Planescape Torment (Undead Nation) if I remember correctly and in Baldur Gate series. I would prefer if it was a subjective test (i.e. fill in the blanks style). One fine example was the final test in Ultima IV when you came to face the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom. The reason for this is that I really hate when a good riddle goes to waste. When you have an ingeniously crafted riddle, it just goes to waste when you are given the answers in a silver platter of A, B, C, D, E. It would be better if you were required to TYPE in your answer. For a really good investigation and detective side quests, it would be great if the PC can sidestep some preliminary investigation if he's good enough to deduce certain major points and can query the NPCs directly on a certain point. Granted, this should only be used sparingly.
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