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Found 5 results

  1. I have the game (PoE1)on a Mac right now, and I can't figure a way to install the most recent IE mod. Does anyone know a way? I've tried copying the patched dll. from a windows version, but it does not work (the game does open, and IE mod is there, with all the options, but it doesn't allow me to load a save or even start a new game). Also tried opening patchwork with playitonmac but it gives a missing key error when patching the mod. Any help would be much appreciated
  2. I've been thinking, which region would be the one with the most possibilities for the story to continue. And I think, unless new things happen elsewhere, it would be one of two: 1- Rauatai: With the end of storms across the region, it is a place where there can be many changes. But it is true, that it would be repetitive to be again in a country of aumaua. 2- Yezuha: This region that Rekke presents us, presents us with something new. A land where the "gods" of Eora have not promulgated their doctrines. And also, being a country unknown to the rest of the powers, there would be many conflicts. The Republics would fight for trade, Rauatai may have tried to conquer it, and Aedir would send missionaries and inquisitors to bring them the "true" faith. What is your opinion? Or also ... In which region would you like the game to take place?
  3. So both Pillars Of Eternity and Deadfire reviewed very well and were (so far for deadfire) well received by players too. However I do remember hearing a lot about how the story for POE was slow, boring , "dry" ect especially at the start. I've looked at a few reviews for this game and I am noticing that although it is reviewing very well some of the critics are saying the story is bad, they couldn't get into it and it's slow at the start. Now I don't think the story of Pillars Of Eternity is like the best story I have ever played in a video game or anything. I have plenty of criticisms of it but then I have plenty of criticisms of the story in many games. Compared to other games though I really don't get why it got these comments and although I am still pretty early on in Deadfire I feel the same about this game. What is it about the way these stories are told that is putting people off? Where as a relatively simplistic story like in the Divinity OS games does not seem to be getting this kind of response (and I am not bashing those games I loved those too). The "slow at the start" comments especially are odd as this is pretty standard for this kind of rpg and a lot of people who are making these arguments should know this.
  4. So one of the problems I had with the first game was that the way the game reacted to your character and some of your choices felt lacking in places. It was a well established world that had all kinds of cultural differences and history ect. However I get that there has to be some limit and an rpg can't be tailored around every specific choice. One of the biggest examples of this were the godlike, it's supposed to be this big deal to pretty much everyone yet if you play as one it doesn't come up very often. You can't even talk to Pallegina about also being a godlike (which i found really weird) or any of the gods about it. In Deadfire not only does the game have your character choices to react to but it also has choices you made in the last game as well and in my opinion it is a lot better but there are still some issues. Godlike for example aren't really a problem it comes up all the time and it can be brought up by your character in most relevant discussions. The game often has npc's referring to some aspect of my character's history and even their reputation in this game I think it is for the most part done really well. Also the fact that most of those lines are voiced makes it even more impressive. However sometimes I feel like some of it is actually too much. For example my character is from the living lands and several npc's have commented on this. Now I know the watcher is kind of famous but I did start to wonder why so many random people knew where my watcher hailed from. Like sure some of them would know but even like some random dude in Hasongo brought it up. I guess maybe there is an accent or something. Still it's a minor issue and for the most part I am happy with the reactivity to your character. On the other hand the reactivity to previous choices seems very strange to me. The game forces you to import a save, pick a set history or a created history in the intro and then that history doesn't really seem to matter all that much. There are a lot of lines in the game with the (this is a result of your choices from the previous game) icon but many of them are very pointless and sometimes I am not even sure how the game is supposed to be reflecting that choice, or even what choice it means. Sure sometimes it's great, if you break an oath to Hylea her reaction is hilarious and I think that worked well but if you gave the souls to Woedica it barely even comes up and I feel like this is one of the most impactful choices you could make in the first game. I suppose it's always going to be an illusion of choice, that is really how it has to be for the most part because there has to be a plot that will always be the plot regardless of what choices you made but it seems odd to me that Obsidian would go to so much effort to have you import your choices and bring them up so much only for them to not matter really at all. I didn't refer to import bugs here because they are not what the developers intended to be in the final product. I am Interested to hear what others think on the topic. I do not have experience with every choice and every type of character to fully judge the reactivity here. I do want to stress that I am more impressed than not with what they have done in this area.
  5. So, if my memory is correct, 3 to 5 years have passed sense the events of Pillars of Eternity 1 by the time Pillars of Eternity 2 begins. Question of the hour is, what has the Watcher been up to? Adventuring? Relaxing? Dealing with politics? Raising their kidnapped child (if they took it, anyway) It would be interesting if we could chose what s/he has be been doing. Maybe get some sort of small bonus similar to picking our place of origin in Pillars of Eternity 1
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