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Found 6 results

  1. Hello. Seems to be the right place to ask, but where do I start? I come from the never-land of Neverwinter Nights 1, online servers, the like. And, my favourite types of builds were, either the massive dmg-like - multiclass WM, weapon master. (Those would usually end up with 4 APR; action per round). OR, monk. The moment I saw the class available, I had to pick it - try out whether I could make something similar, of massive speed. In NWN multi-classed Monk could reach 8 APR, bare. And that "bare" is how I liked it most and viewed monks by. No external weapons, your body is one. So! I'd max (not really knowing what I'm doing) Might, Dexterity, Constitution and have me left-over points put into Intelligence. 18, 18, 20 (DEX), 16 INT - Death Godlike. At the time I knew that DEX = attack speed. MGT = moa dmg. CON more HP. Though, I didn't know that endurance is more-so the governing "HP" pool. But, now I'd imagine that over INT I'd pick PER for the critical % with the attack ratio. As I went through the game, I picked feats like; Swift Strikes (SPEED!), Torments Reach (jesus), Long Stride (as single target feats didn't seem all that useful), +20% dual wielding (SPEED!), +20% moa dmg, taken accuracy; modal. Duality of Mortal Presence (which was always on the deflection bonus), Peasant WS and the Flagellant's Path. That's how far I managed to go with POE 1, lvl 11 or so. Reading wasn't the issue... rather that I was simply uninterested, where I liked the idea of Souls, hollowborn, etc. A cumulative of minor things, with the main offender, the sound glitch. Each time a companion banter started, it kept tickling me brain, having to reload a save. This issue wasn't to me, alone. Just that, I had it on the aspect I couldn't turn off. Like with tutorial pop-ups, one could. There's a solution I found, quite obvious... make your party from scratch. No banter? No sound issues. Now! The build did well. Was the main DPS, the best DPS. It had over 100k dmg dealt, where the rest of the party, combined, didn't come close. Did well, until that damn White Marsh dragon, being totally immune to crush dmg, dammit. But, yes... Basically a max "APR" monk, dmg dealer (didn't know it'd be such a dmg dealer). The question is... Can I do something similar in POE2, but better? Would it be just (out of what I know - not much) maxed MGT, DEX, CON, PER with similar feats taken? I dunno a lot (nothing) about multi-classing. Weirdly, from all I've read about POE1 builds, I don't reckon anybody going that route - the speed route. For gear I'd have things like that pirate DLC chest (-10 recovery), +3 dex ring, another stat ring, might gloves, +2 acrobatics for 12 boots with stamina on them. Oh, on the side note. Is there a cap to "speed"? I tried boosting it even further with +50% potion... but it did not do anything? How's it in POE2? Anyway, hopefully it's the right place and I don't start off the wrong foot - having the moderators squinting. Cheers.
  2. Hiho! I'm Jahz and I'm new to this forum and PoE. I have to start with - "Sorry for my english", couse it can suck at times. Okay, now before I post my question I need to give you guys some background: I haven't played a lot of old-style cRPG games. Only a few quite a long time ago already and tbh I never was a smart man, more of a straighforward one so I need some help from you guys. By not being smart I mean - I suck at micromanagement of my characters and figuring out good tacticks to use, so I'm probably going for normal difficulty and I'm not realy looking for MIN/MAXing my character, I prefer a little more balanced one. Mainly I have problem with deciding which class to start playing with, which race would be best for it and some build examples or tips for building my beloved avatar. Let's start with my playstyle: I love playing a melee characters, with some mix of magic added to them and optional ranged in some situations. As for weapons I go mostly for 2handed swords and scythes (which are not included in this game if I'm right ). I also have an affinity for animals and nature. As for the last part I prefer being a DPS class with some light/medium armor options. Mostly light one probably. So now we can easily limit our class choices to: - cipher - becouse it would be best fit for melee/magic style I think - ranger - has a combat pet, duuuh~ xD - druid - with this one I would be leaning more towards some kind of shapeshifter focused build. - if there is a class I missed out by accident then please add it in your post too! And now - could you guys tell me, which one would be best for a beginner and my playstyle? How to build my character up? Which skills to take, talents, attributes etc? Should I micromanage my NPC companions too? Or is their auto level system pretty good? Which race would be a best pick for those classes (I was mostly looking at the Orlan, Godlike or Elf race)? I hope you all can push me in the right direction to make that first run of mine a great experience!
  3. Alright, so I backed Pillars on Kickstarter, watched in joy as it was developed and run, enjoyed the dev commentary, appreciated the race and class previews, and I thought it all looked great. And I started playing and noticed few problems (aside from the bloody Kickstarter NPCs whom I ignored), but more and more built up as the game progressed. Finally, I came to a terrible conclusion as I attempted a second playthrough: This writing is dreadful. Not the dialogue, no, that's fine. Purple sometimes, but generally pretty good. What sucks is the epilogue and the player 'choices' made in-game, as well as the marginalization of classes in gameplay/story integration. For starters, I played a Monk. Yeah, I remembered Monks being lame in DnD, but I assumed that in Pillars, based on the previews, it'd be fun. And it was fun, until every encounter became slogging it out with broad-sword wielding thugs in plate or Elder High Mega Dragons, or Invisible Deathtouch Demons or what have you. Monks lack the durability, dodging power and damage to be fantastic PCs... but what annoyed me the most was the supposition that every class would have something interesting to contribute to the story. For example, if I were say, a follower of Eothas, I could go to the temple or talk to Edir or do all sorts of things and get a little snippet in relation to the plot at large or just giving more insight into the characters and the world around them. Priests, Paladins, Cyphers, Wizards, all of them get little extra options and such they can choose. Oh, except the Monk. The class that doesn't even get an NPC partymember. The only five Monks in the game outside of the waves of cannonfodder I carved through are one dying messenger who was mauled to death by a mountain lion, and his four brothers who waited patiently in a tavern while their companion was mauled to death by a mountain lion. Speaking of that tavern, I have words for that as well. There's no real plot important reason to go into that place. You can just saunter past it accidentally, as I did three times. I did the Monk Scroll quest and then left, assuming nothing more. SPOILER ALERT: If you don't talk to one ordinary looking man named "Frightened Man", the entire city of Gilded Vale is exterminated in the epilogue. Whoopsy. The village I went on a long, epic quest to save, defeating an entire castle of badasses over is now dead. Oh well. Sometimes a random NPC just spontaneously returns to life and invalidates all your work. If they'd wanted to live they'd have given a messenger five gold to actually deliver the message instead of relying on gossip, right? Well, then there's the other problem of the people of the Dyrwood. They're all horribly monstrous, evil scumbags barring maybe ten individuals and the Glanfathans. Cultists of Skaen, Cultists of Woedica, the Volunteer Anti-Cypher Nazis, the Knights, one cruel, decadent, evil group after another. And then, then, after you bend over backwards and ensure that everything is perfect to make sure the Soul Arts get a fair trial? DIDN'T MATTER! An evil reincarnating wizard jumps into the body of the defendant lightnings to death the entire city aristocracy, causing a mass riot to break out and destroy everything, including murdering all the Soul Doctors. If you switch off the evil machine in the Northwest of the city instead of blowing it up? OOPS! NO ONE STUDIED IT! SOMEONE SWITCHED IT ON AGAIN AND IT KILLED EVERYONE! So you understand why I think the "Choice" system is overhyped and doesn't really matter. It's either "Do what the lead writer wants or 100% of the population dies" or it doesn't matter at all because Woedica Ninjas jump out of a closet and murder 100% of the population. Why would I want to play in this setting? Hell, why would I want to save the Dyrwood? Apparently EVERYONE is evil and stupid! So yeah. It's a game with POTENTIAL for a good series, but it has little to no replay value. ...Also I played it when it first came out so it was pretty dang buggy too, but honestly they weren't really that bad for me. If pressed for a rating I'd say Pillars was an above average game, but it could have been excellent with more writing and polish and... well, MORE in general.
  4. Alright, so, first off, I backed the kickstarter and I've been following it since the beginning, I love the setting and the story so far, the plot's great, and aside from being unable to get through the doors in the mad lord's keep I've not run into anything particularly glitchy. The problem is, I'm playing a monk, and I have no idea how. The game told me to put a lot of points in Dexterity and Constitution, which I did, then suggested Might. So I put those points in, and the problem I've run into is that a standard combat is thus: Walk into room Get seen by Xaurip Skirmisher Get hit by single, unbuffed arrow Take 102 points of damage, fall over and die Rest of party wipes the floor with the encounter Rinse and repeat, replacing "Xaurip Skirmisher" with any archer, mage or priest. What am I doing wrong? If I use the fighters to aggro the enemies, I don't take any damage, meaning I don't take wounds, meaning I can't deal damage. If I charge in ahead, every enemy in the room gangbangs me to death or an archer/gunner blows me away before I even reach combat. I'm level six at this point, so I'd really appreciate the help.
  5. Everyone knows Calisca, right? I'm start playing a DW warrior like Calisca was (human warrior). Any good ideas for stats, skills? What chants should i use?
  6. Started a programming course today (applied some 6 months ago). Got this thought, "Hey, could I share any of the knowledge at the pace that I am learning it myself?" (see Sources at the bottom of this post), so yeah, do what you will with it It is very basic stuff and only 2 months of length (Programming One and Programming Two). Thought it'd be fun to discuss, and perhaps you can learn something from it as well. Like, this, Homework1: "Historically speaking, computers haven't been around too long. The last 20 years, however, development has been rising at a rushing speed. Today in society there are computers and programs in many different forms. Even if we don't think about it we still use products that have been programmed for our daily uses, e.g., when we fuel the car, cash some money at the ATM or when we scan groceries in the local grocery. Imagine that we turn back time about 30 years. Which computer related product would you miss the most that you use today? Which computer related product do you think has influenced the environment with most development the past 30 years, it can be in both positive or negative sense. Motivate your choices and provide source if you refer to fact." Homework2: "Write a program that involves a menu with alternatives. It could, per example, be a lunch menu for a restaurant. Example provided: Above the user has chosen alternative 1 and the food of the day is written on the screen. For the choices, 1-5, different food will be presented. When the user writes 0, the program aborts. You must have one "while-loop" that steers the menu, as well as if-statements that controls the users choices. Remember to comment your code. Sources: This is what I'm using, there is course literature as well but I don't have it just yet. Internet basically, holds all the knowledge any course literature has (and more). * http://en.wikibooks....C _Programming which isn't 100% finished (some stuff in there dated 2006 so I don't think it ever will). * Google is your friend "How to program C++?" I am also using a .pdf that I found in Swedish. Google translate?: * http://www.alesnaweb...mmering_ett.pdf * " svamp = mushroom" in Swedish On being teleported back 30 years, to early 80's... what would I miss? The world in my pocket. Communication. Mobility. Accessibility. The ability to communicate with- and travel the world with greater ease. Coming both more virtually and physically close as one world. I'd miss that progress of that (which is also what I think has grown most in the past 30 years). To be honest, if I were in the early 80's and 24 I'd probably just enjoy myself while it lasted before waking up from some strange dream. The mobile internet. What would you miss? What do you think has evolved the most in the past 30 years?
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