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Found 5 results

  1. Rich Taylor gives us a peek into what will be in the 1.05 patch: While the 1.04 patch is about to come out for NWN2, the 1.05 patch isn't too far off either. Rather than make 1.05 a big patch like 1.04 is, we want to release a small, quick patch to try and quickly resolve some issues the custom content community for NWN2 is running into. I recently revamped the auto-updater to allow for incremental patches. This means that if someone had 1.02, the patcher would patch them up to 1.03, then to 1.04 (once 1.04 is released). While this may seem like it doesn't offer anything to the end-user, it makes it several times faster to make patches on our end, which means the end-user will see more frequent, smaller patches, instead of the periodic large patch. The following is a list of the items that have gone in so far for 1.05: armorrulestats.2da will no longer be capped at 255 rows DisplayGuiScreen() script function now has a new parameter that allows the script to define the *.xml file if the 'screen name' can't be found in the gui INI files. Appearances.2da had the NWN2_Scale column changed to NWN2_Scale_X, NWN2_Scale_Y, NWN2_Scale_Z, allowing all 3 dimensions to be scaled seperately. The chat boxes will no longer clear their text on area or module transitions. NWN2_Deities.2da can now be overridden correctly, without having to stick it into the override directory. NWN2_Deities.2da's description column can now work with hard coded strings in place of STRREFs. Simply enclose the string in " marks. GetIsPartyTransition() script function will now correctly return TRUE or FALSE. Before it would always return TRUE, which would cause the default transition scripts to jump the party even if the trigger was flagged as not being a party transition. A bug has been fixed that was preventing mouse clicks from going through the screen space occupied by the quickspell menus even if the quickspell menu wasn't visibly blocking that part of the screen. There's a number of 2DAs that should be fixed in the toolset with regards to respecting the Label Column if the STRREF column is blank. I'm out of the office this week, so I'm not 100% sure that this had made it in at this time, but it is my goal for the 1.05 patch for it to be there. Also going in is Multiselect for the DM Client and in the normal game mode. This will allow you to drag-select any party members not being actively controlled by another player and issue simple commands like move, attack, talk, and even unlock/disarm. The game will pick the character with the highest score for picking and disarming and have them do the action. This is our first pass at multi-select support, there will be more features going in with regards to this over time. Anyway, that's all I can think of off hand and after looking over my notes from last week. I expect 1.05 to be released early Feb.
  2. By: Rich Taylor, Lead Programmer The 1.05 beta was posted today. One tweak that I intend to have made before 1.05 final is to remove the 'tabs = 5 spaces' change in the script editor. While some people do want some option like that, I think it needs to be implemented as something that can be turned on/off/adjusted, so for now, it's best to leave it out and re-implement it correctly in 1.06. As far as 1.06 goes, I've spent a lot of time this week integrating a lot of the NWN1 1.67 changes, especially the script functions. I won't go into details now, but I will once I'm done. But in summary, most of the script functions that have been missing from NWN1's later patches should be in 1.06.
  3. - By Rich Taylor Just a note about a few more 1.06 things. But first, regarding 1.05 Final, it seriously, really, probably, maybe, should be coming out early next week (which means this week - Rob)... That's about all I know about it. =) EnableAreaWater() - Turn water rendering on/off in an area. SpeakOneLinerConversation() - Now takes a volume parameter (Only supports talk, whisper, and shout) SetScale() - changed to accept x, y, z axis as parameters Dedicated Server now correctly lists modules in directory format that are located in the MyDocs directories. Dedicated Server now takes a -moduledir parameter to allow launching modules stored in directory format to be loaded via command line parameters.
  4. Question: Could flying ever be a possibility? Answer: The NWN1 and NWN2 engines really don't have a concept of up or down when it comes to how the engine sees the world of the game. Adding that understanding would probably require a lot of work and the re-writing of large sections of the engine.
  5. Welcome to the Neverwinter Nights 2 Blog! Here you will find answers to questions asked on the official Neverwinter Nights 2 Forums and some additional information put out by some of the developers at Obsidian. With these Blogs we hope to give you some insight into the workings of the game and answer some of the more difficult questions
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