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Found 3 results

  1. When you sell common weapons and armor to one merchant, they are shown separately in a long list instead of being stacked, if they are similar to items the merchant already has. After a couple of hours in the game you are forced to scroll hundreds of useless sabres and daggers etc., you've sold earlier, to find something useful to buy. Is it a bug or a feature?
  2. Be it rumor dispensers or loot drop-off points (or even just a "trade" button attached to some NPC or other", I think merchants and shops could stand to get some attention and personality. While I guess there won't be any "not buying x" types of deals you could have different things be worth different prices to people? There could be some rules, traits or themes certain shops have, not even necessarily affecting the player, like a sign in front telling you to wipe your boots on the doormat before entering. Interesting shops like Sorcerous sundries, Lucky Aello's Discount Store and Adventurer's Mart come to mind. There could be some advertisement going on for the bigger shops, like the criers in the BG line. Or the merchants could just be shouting at you when you pass their booth. Going from there, merchants could have some comments on the stuff they're selling, beyond just "my goods are awesome". Perhaps when you click on the fancy flaming hammer you could get a line or two about where the merchant got it or how he it can shatter a dragon's claw. There was a shop with something like this in PS:T I believe? Same thing could be applied after you buy it instead. Or when you talk to him the first time he points you to the items that he wants to sell the most. Maybe in a different shop they try to push on you that overpriced golden adventurer gear. How about some "scams", too. I'm sure you've seen some telecommercials with plenty of half truths and distractions to "technically not trick you" into buying stuff. Conversely it's possible that the dented worn mace you bought for cheap turns out to be a fairly good wand or something. Some merchants could be into good customer service and offering discounts and deals for frequent partons. I think stuff like this would improve the feeling of connection of the world and the economy, even without such extensive consequences as the iron shortage in BG.
  3. Disclaimer: I have followed the updates closely, but I haven't been too active in the board, yet, so I hope this hasn't been discussed, yet. I am just playing IWD2 CE again, and one thing I find really annoying is the way merchants work(ed) in IE games, i.e. you have some person standing around somewhere without protection, but carrying items worth 10 billion gold. BUT she doesn't need protection, because killing her will maike all the items magically disappear, as well. This makes for bad roleplaying in my eyes. If a merchant has 50 armors for sale, she should have them in (possibly locked) chests, instead of on her (or does she have STR 50?). She should also be able to protect them herself, or have guards or be in a town that has law enforcement. Should she not be able to defend them, then you should be able to rob her items, anything else just doesn't make any sense. IIRC Morrorwind's merchants worked this way. Any chance PoE will have good trading mechanics? How is this planned in PoE? edit: formatting was list for some reason...
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