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Found 2 results

  1. ATTENTION: while a viable build, there are FAR stronger ways to build a wizard. If you are looking to become the strongest spellcaster, sorry It is just not as bad enough to defeat Thaos on Story Mode with a little bit of cheating (one high level damage spell and dozens of scrolls). "The absence of visible violence allows manipulation to disguise itself as the harmlessness it pretends to be" -Friedrich Hacker This wizard is a build that should make it possible to be a (somewhat) efficient spellcaster and have very high mental stats (per, Int, Res) at the same time. My problem was, I wanted somewhat high Dex for casting speed as well. This means I had to drop con... And might. This is the reason why I chose a wizard: they have a lot of very powerful crowd control spells and suffer the least from having no might, especially at lower levels their CC spells are craziely overpowered. So, let's take a look: Wild Orlan (wonderful stat bonuses (on two mentals, and bonus damage doesn't really help us (so we'll care about neither the -1 might nor about not being a Heart Orlan). Orlan also has lots of racial interactions) Mig 2 (3 base -1 orlan) Con 3 (3 base) Dex 18 (14 base +4viettro's formal footwear) Per 22 (18 base + 2 Orlan +2 helmet of darksee) Int 22 (18 base +4 Gwyn's Band of union) Res 25 (17 base +1 Orlan +4 Siegebreaker Gloves +3 Gyrd Haewanes Stenes) Yes, I know simply switching mig and Res would make him much more potent, but this guy is about roleplay. Don't worry, you'll get very fast extremely precise long lasting disables combined with high dialogue possibilities. It's a power gamer's nightmare, but it's a wonderful roleplay-character. I won't recommend a culture or background, since this guy is all about roleplay and you go with what you like. Notice however that a bonus on mig or con might not be the best possible option . I'd recommend putting a lot of points into lore, it's very commonly used in dialogues (you'll also get a bonus from being a wizard and from viettro's formal footwear) and then survival for the same reason. Talents: In no particular order (!) recommended Blast (!) (makes Gyrd Haewanes much more useful) Bonus spell (pretending on ring choice) or arcenic veil WF: Noble Interrupting blows (!) (the only other way besides Gyrd's dominate we'll do something with that weapon) Marksman or Bear's Fortitude (becomes (!) if you find yourself in trouble more often) (another) bonus spell (again pretending on ring choice) Spells: Lvl 1: slicken (very powerful) Eldrich aim Fleet Feet (early on an excellent panic button) Chillfog (the blind debuff is very good and it'll last quite a bit... Can go for spirit shield instead of you want to get up concentration) Lvl 2: Bewildering spectacle (this thing is ridiculous this early on!) Miasma of dull-mindedness Curse of blackened sight Fetid caress Lvl 3: Expose Vurnablilities Delirious Accelerity of motion (bread and butter spell) Arduous delay of motion Arcane dampener Lvl4: Confusion Maura's writhing tentacles (our only useful damage spell) Pull of Eora Minor arcane reflection (with grimoire imprint, we might only steal damage spells, which isn't helpful) Lvl 5: Arkemyr's wondrous torment Call to slumber Form of the helpless beast (such fun, to cool to pass on) Ryngrim's enervating terror (if you have a rouge, choose Wall of Force instead... Hobbled triggers Sneak attack and it lasts forever (base 20s!)) Lvl6: Arcane Reflection Arkemyr's Capricious hex Gaze of the adragan Death ring (destroying is nice and I don't really see an alternative) Lvl7: Wall of draining Lengrath's warding staff (hear me out: the push enchantment makes this our last resort when everything else failed and your the last man standing) Llengrath's siphoning image Substantial phantom (it has ADoM, so that's good... Lvl 7 spells aren't that great for CC) Lvl8: Llengrath's death haze Major grimoire imprint Wall of many colours (blue, indigo and voilett are very useful for us) Superior elemental bulwark So, a lot of CC... Ultimately it's the only thing we can do effectively (but obviously we can do THAT pretty effectively). We won't do any damage, but we'll contribute a lot. Mainly we need to justify dropping might for resolve Spell Mastery: Lvl 1: Slicken or Eldrich aim Lvl 2: Miasmana or bewildering spectacle Lvl 3: DAoM Lvl 4: Confusion or pull of Eora Equipment: Since we focus on Roleplaying, we'll mainly use stat-pushing items, since dialogue checks work by the numbers. Feet: viettro's formal footwear (+4 Dex, +2 lore) Rings: Gwyn's band of union (+4 Int) and either ring of the selonan or telda's ring (choose your bonus spells accordingly) Head: helmet of darksee (+2 per and an awesome icon) Neck: Cape of the cheat (with so little health, we need a way of getting out of trouble, thus this cape) Hands: Siegebreaker's Gloves (+4 Res), early on I'd recommend Fulvano's gloves (+2 Dex) Armour: Angious Gambeson (DAoM spellbind) or Raiment of wael's eyes (nice synergy with our high Res and arcenic veil), early on I'd recommend Rundl's Finery (+2 int, +2 lore) Weapon: Gyrd Haewanes Stewes (with blast, it triggers quite a few dominantions. The +3 Res is why I chose it over the golden gaze) In a party, this character will play exactly as you would expect her to... As a squishy Uber-crowd-controller. Which mind sound awful at first, but the build has its times. The AoEs are huge, you have especially early on great acc, and your spells roll in quite quickly. I found the character in the end to be an unique one. It is... special Once again: This build is not exactly an ideal wizard. But if you think you would enjoy roleplaying a determined caster, and at least I really did, then this might actually be for you. So... Yeah CREDITS: THANK YOU for all the input Link to the artist's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itspuzzlingme/ Be sure to check her out...
  2. ATTENTION: Again, it's not tested... My PC is still down (which apparently makes me more creative... Good thing I'm using it in a useful way rather than wasting it on real-world problems). Again, testing will start as soon as possible "No a Bier, und dann gengan mia a boh Drachn platt machn." [rough translation: "One more bear, and then we'll go kill some dragons."] -Seppel, enjoying some beer just before facing off the alpine dragon This build is an attempt to create dedicated riposte rouge (with nice mentals). Besides spellcasters, dedicated damage dealers always are the ones to have poor mentals (Res mainly), hence this build. A riposte rouge seemed ideal. He will drop dex (whaaaaat?) to push up Res. But most heavily we will invest into accuracy, thus the highest stat will be perception. See, this build is all about only hitting back (Seppel is a sort of peaceful guy), so when we do hit, we want to hit hard. This raises the question, what might be the ideal weapon for our lovley seppel. And the answer is: a battleaxe! This is because we are aiming to crit if riposte finally triggers, and the battleaxe adds a straight +50% to the crit damage bonus. That is insane! So let's build around it. Also, we'll try to fit some nice debuff/CC into it. Race Heart Orlan Initial stats: Mig 14 (15 base -1 Orlan) Con 10 Dex 3 Per 20 (18 +2 Orlan) Int 12 (11 +1 Old valia) Res 18 (17 +1 Orlan) You may want to switch Dex and Res until you get riposte to get something out of seppel. Endgame stats: Mig 17 (15 base -1 Orlan +3 Sentiel's Girdlei) Con 14 (10 base +4 Iron circle) Dex 3 Per 20 (18 base +2 Orlan) Int 16 (11 base +1 Old Valia +4 Gwyn's Band) Res 20 (17 base +1 Orlan +2 Coat of III Payment) As you may notice, this build also was created with mental stats in mind, I'm into mental stats . I like good talkers as mains. Equipment: -Armour: Coat of III Payment (Retaliation, +2 Res) -Weapon: Wodewys (put the best enchantment you're willing to spend on it, +0.5 crit damage (!), 10% to cast Nature's Mark on hit (our CC), +10 defense against Posions and disease, spellbind purge of toxins) or resolution or purgatory (sabers with annihilation (+0.5 crit damage)), however, you'll loose the debuff effect. If you use Bittercut together with spirit of decay, you will have the least dependence on critting since your damage output is very high, but again, no debuff. -secondary weapon: We Toki (has a chance to inflict prone on crit, a good way to get an enemy proned if necessary) -Shield: Badgrad's Barricade (bash, 10% to cast Thrust of tattered veils on crit) -secondary shield: Supra's supper plate (no accuracy loss, so We Toki's prone is more likely. Also adds to retaliation) -Head: Executioner's hood (+20 max endurance/kill, +5 melee accuracy for 5s when you get missed, terrifying presence) -Feet:Manila's boots (+1 move speed, +50 defense while stunned/prone), late game you can consider viettro's formal footwear for the extra reflex -Hands: Ryona's vembraces (3 DR bypass) -Neck: Cloak of comfort (+5 to all defenses, +30 max endurance, +3 DR to slash/pierce/crush) -Waist: Sentiel's girdel (+3 mig, +20 defense against push, spellbind watchful presence) Abilities: Auto (a), recommended ®, important (!), central (!!!) -sneak attack (a) -blinding or crippling strike -dirty fighting (!) -riposte (!!!) -deep wounds ® -adept evasion ® or escape ® -deathblows (!) -sap -withering strike Talents: Same symbols -weapon and shield style (!!!) -veteran's recovery (!) -cautious attack ® -vicious fighting (!) -vurnable attack ® -WF: knight (!) -superior deflection or penetrating shot Be sure to invest some points into lore... Besides the terrible casting speed he's quite a good scroll user, and the high DR bypass has a wonderful synergy with all kinds of missile spells. Take penetration shot. If you want to heavily invest into scrolls through (which would make sense, they work beautifully with sneak attack/deathblows), there is a build for this already around here called the sorcerer's apprentice, scrolls aren't the main focus of this build. So, we will be really slow! Which is why one one side, we are very dependent in riposte being triggered. On the other hand, that makes us not care about speed penalties, so cautious and vurnable attack are instant takes. We also need to stack accuracy or find other ways of triggering crits, hence vicious fighting, WF, high per. With the axe (+0.5 crit), the 8 DR bypass (3 DR bypass from gloves, 5 DR bypass from talent) and the bash shield (and maybe ToTV), we will have a very nice damage output when we crit. Additionally, a crit might trigger Nature's mark, which is a nice thing to have. The coat of III payment will be our main source of constant damage output, while also offering quite some protection, especially with the +3DR on pierce/slash/crush from the cape. So, let's talk synergies: We get into battle and open with a blinding strike and thus lower their accuracy, making grazes/misses more likely. If we are very lucky, we crit and also triggered nature's mark, lowering deflection and making crits with riposte much more likely.The enemy tries to hit us and hopefully either grazes or, best of all, misses (in which case we get a accuracy bonus from the hood BEFORE riposte-hit is calculated, also the coat hits with high DR bypass, regardless of hit/miss/graze); not hitting is also not unlikely with the many defense bonuses from stats and equipment). Let's say riposte triggers. So we crit (we probably will-we have a lot of accuracy, vicious fighting and lowered deflection on the enemy) and if we set up for example a chill fog and a tanglefoot or of our first blinding strike is still active we crit with deathblows. That combined with the battleaxe's crit damage bonus is a lot of bonuses being applied. If we are lucky, nature's mark hits again (did I mention it goes against fortitude? Since we wear the Executioner's hood that stat is lowered, and our accuracy is higher). Now the bash of the shield gets applied, with the high DR bypass and the damage bonuses it'll even be noticeable. If ToTV hits against the already lowered defense with all the damage bonuses, that'd be nice as well. By the way, penetrating shot works with that one. Deep wounds then applies additional damage. If you feel the need to switch to a different enemy (for example if your casters get engaged in melee), switch to we Toki, you'll most probably prone your enemy and can then move on. To make this "panic button" more likely, we'll use the supper plate, which not only has no accuracy penalty, but also retaliation that stacks with that of the coat. And even if none of that happens, you'll still get the retaliation with deathblows, sneak attack, DR bypass and triggering deep wounds Well, that's chaotic... Sry bout that Let's clear things up with some numbers: Note: I have not included enchantments applyed by the player, since it's your character not mine. Every time you see (nonenchanted)/(nonenchanted non durganised), I highly recommend enchanting and/or durganising. -Lvl 16 deflection: 111 (15 base, +3*16 level, +10 Res, +12 (nonenchanted) Barricade, +6 weapon and shield style, +5 cape of comfort, +10 cautious attack, +5 superior deflection) -Lvl 16 deflection with escape: 136 (same as above, +25 escape) -Lvl 16 accuracy, non enchanted weapon: 91 (30 base, +10 per, +3*15 level, -4 barricade, +5 WF, +5 Hood) -all damage multipliers on crit, (non enchanted/durganised weapon): 251% (+3%*17 mig, +50% crit, +50% battleaxe/annihilation, +100% Sneak attack and deathblows) -DR (nonenchanted): frost/burn 18 (coat of III payment), corrode 15 (coat), slash/pierce 21 (+18 coat, +3 gear), crush 25 (+22 coat, +3 gear) -Speed malus (nondurganised): 111% (7*3% Dex, +50% coat of III payment, 2*20% talents) Why Bavarian? Because of the shield You are obviously required to drink beer before every major battle. So, here is my passive riposte rouge with high mentals. Feedback welcome... I've still got to learn HUGE thanks to Boeroer, Jojobobo and GuyNice for all the support Special thanks to Boeroer for the shield recommendation.
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