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Found 3 results

  1. Many people do not like Vancian casting because it causes Wizards to often be passive actors with very limited numbers of actions. They are often torn between the choices of expending their limited and precious resource in an overwhelming manner on an "unworthy" engagement to participate, or throwing darts if not. The problem with non-vancian systems though, is that the frequency and reproducability of spells forces the scope of their effects and potency to be reduced for terms of balance. Enter the Scrolls and Wands. Scrolls allow you to hold infrequently used situtational and utility spells indefinately, without sacrificing spell memorization slots for more practical, desirable, and frequently used spells. Wands allow Wizards to remain a presence on the battlefield for ordinary engagements, so that they can save their "meaningful" spells for dire engagments and scenarios for which they were intended. To step outside of the proverbial convential box, imagine a scroll that is not consumed with use, but merely has a percent chance of being destroyed. My point is, that through the implementation of scrolls and wands, a spell system can be designed with maximum usefulness and originality, while preserving the utility and endurance of spellcasters. Furthermore, from a design standpoint, it is easier to create more consistent rules which limit wands and scrolls, than meticulously balancing out every detail of a spellcasting system without error. So don't forget about scrolls and wands! Food for thought. Ideas? Suggestions? Critiques?
  2. So have you ever played a game with some really cool spells or spell effects, but felt it didn't quite cater to your need. You can sling a fire arrow or an acid arrow at someone, but you feel an arrow of freezing a lightning arrow would fit your character much better? I would like to see some sort of ability for high level mages (if that is the route they go down) to be able to research and transcribe their very own spell. They could name it and based on how the spell comes about, (buffs, debuffs, AoE, saves etc) changes the spell casting time and the level of the spell. Perhaps it could increase the likeliness of spell failure if you are going a little extreme with your spell design. The recent update including the stretch goal at 2.4 Million, which I am hoping we will meet head on within the next week included weapon creation, customisation and enchantments Which I made a previous topic about, which was wonderful news in my mind. From this I would like to see a spell alteration/creation ability late in the game. Cone of Acid breath perhaps or maybe your magic missiles replaced with extremely angry chickens (for the wild mages out there). I just feel if mages created their own spells and name them after themselves, once you reach the height of your game, you should be able to join them as legends, forever known through the use of their spells. As an after thought, if then you could trade spells with friends and they are mysteriously scribed into scrolls somewhere in your friends game (do the same with weapons) it could be a really nice idea. Sharing a bit of your game world with them, and vice versa.
  3. Hi All, I know there has been several games where a debate or discussion was used to instead of a big bad batte finale, must notably with the Transcendent One in PST and with Letho in Witcher 2. But these were just one off instances rather than permeating throughout the game. I was just wondering whether there has been any cRPG where debate/discussion acted as a combat system in itself. Not too sure whether this is workable or not since it might need to be in the form of a card game or something similar to be practical. There are times when playing as a wizard/mage - where I start thinking. Here we are, two powerful archmages standing toe to toe with a major difference of opinion. And all we can do to settle our differences is to start hurling fireballs at each other? How about a civilized discussion or debate? The loser can leave and reassess his position. The winner can proceed with his objectives and get some cool loot. A win-win situation.
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