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Found 21 results

  1. All my saves load me into the same spot - all my gear is missing, my backpack is missing, and I always load into the same spot by the can near the oak tree no matter what, whether i load my day 1 save or my day 123 save Please help as as it stands I've lost all my loot and progress
  2. I'm not sure if anybody else is having issues but I can't load into my last save on grounded. When I do pick a different save spot everything I built is gone. Can anybody help me with this
  3. I am getting a save file bug since yesterday, last save which will work is on Byzantium, The City and The Stars quest. All saves since then just crash when I load. I restarted from this save yesterday, playing it all again (2+ hrs) and saving at 20 min intervals but today all of these are also broken. I just loaded the Byzantium one & saved again, when I reload this new one it's fine, so it doesn't seem like it's all new saves or something. Also the new saves I did yesterday were all on different missions so I don't think it can be that one mission is broken either. Can anyone help, it's d
  4. After ~30 min game if i come to town (or ship battle) i have black screen, but i can play - i see party interface, npc name (with tab) and other objects but i cant see anything else: models, textures. Just black screen with party interface. In small locations i have flickering. Only restar computer helping. I dont have this problem before path 1.1 DxDiag.txt
  5. 18 hours in and having issues with prolonged load times. These occur when I continue game and or transition major areas. First load on continue can take up to 3 min and sometimes end in a crash. Times have increased as playtime has accumulated despite SSD and limiting amount of saves I have. (One auto, one quick, and one manual). Initial new game and early playtime loading time felt more "traditional" and appropriate.
  6. I recently started a new game and upon making it to the first town I've found that my game now freezes and crashes every time I try to enter a building. This never happened in previous playthroughs so it's quite puzzling. I verified local game cache and everything was there so I don't know what's going on. Edit: I changed nothing but it's working now... DxDiag.txt
  7. hi guys! im from korea and i would like to appreciate you guys for making damn nice masterpiece for crpg fans! im here to suggest something to make convenient environment for playing POE i feel loading is too frequent especially when its time to travel around defiance bay it is same feeling when i entered baldurs gate city is divided into sections and it makes too frequent loading i had this idea for long but just now i saw bottom of my endurance and decided to write this please imagine, i just finished clearing cliaban rilag (loading to get out of dungeon) walk to b
  8. I am entering the Heritage Hill Tower for the 1st time, opening the door with the passphrase given to me by the Leaden Key Acolyte. After pressing continue (second and only option after selecting the first one) I get passed into the loading screen for the tower level. This screen went on for several minutes before I decided to Alt-F4 (ESC doesn't bring up the main menu) the Game. After reloading the Savegame and entering again the same happened. I decided to do some other sub-quests in Heritage Hill and return then - but even then the loading screen did not come to an end. So far I see
  9. Hi, Since yesterday I'm having a serious problem with the game. Every time I try to load any of my saves, the game freezes and stops responding, forcing me to quit it via task manager. I've updated my graphics drivers, tried it with Steam both on- and offline, I reinstalled the game and tried to run it as admin, but nothing helped. The problem started with the game slowing down considerably and falling to something like 10 FPS, several hours into the new White March expansion (right after the wolf cave). When I restarted it, the loading problem began. I should note that my computer is well
  10. Almost every time I boot up this game it takes an incredibly long time to even start doing anything. I click the icon. The game boots with the obsidian logo. I escape or click on the screen and it goes to the load screen. Here is where the issues starts. I load a game and the splash screen pops up and it just hangs with no cursor or anything. I press my mouse it informs me the game has the error apphangb1 and would I like to wait. I wait then I get the hand icon on screen and the splash screen text drops out of frame. Again if I click the mouse I get the apphangb1 error and I wait.
  11. I notice an annoying bug where the screen will be panning (I think usually down and to the left) so my characters won't be on the screen when the page loads. I have to click somewhere to stop the panning, go to the map, and recenter on my players. This happens every time I change scenes. I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 and the latest patched version through steam. Short youtube video of the occurence. https://youtu.be/vm-kwDrNcxg
  12. Hello, I am writing because I have a bug when I change the zone pillars of eternity. In fact when I load a zone, the game crash. Here is the report: [unityCrashHandler] AppName=Unity Player Info=Unity 4.6.1p2_961a19933c56 FilesPath=D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity\2015-04-19_125914\ File01=D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity\2015-04-19_125914\error.log|Error log Time=2015-04-19_130456 File02=D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity\2015-04-19_125914\crash.dmp|Error dump File03=D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOf
  13. Hey there Obsidian, Is there any word about working to reduce loading times for the game ? * I have only about 10 saves in my save folder (i clean it regularly) * my latest save is 4.2 mega * skyrim, witcher 2 and basically many other games load faster than this and it becomes a bit annoyance to do over time (only sims takes longer to load, which is basically why i only played the game couple of hours) * i dont have kana traps thingy so can't blame him for that! Thanks!
  14. So this has happened to me 3 times and it really made me annoyed, sometimes when the games loads to another area, the screen stays black and eventually the game crashes. After the crash ALL my save files are wiped. I tried disabling the steam cloud but i started another game, it crashed and wiped my saves AGAIN. Please help im at my wits end with this game
  15. So this just started happening after the last patch. Loading my save file takes roughly 3 minutes. 3 minutes and 6 seconds. I timed it. Previously it would take under ~15 seconds. Also, there is a large amount of lag when opening the inventory, and when switching characters in the inventory page. ~8-9 seconds per page. This happens every time I switch pages or open the screen, it's not caching whatever is taking forever to load. I'd be happy to upload my save file if it helps diagnose the issue. Specs: CPU: 3750 Quad 3.4ghz Vid card: GTX 770 RAM: 16gb
  16. This happens randomly only during loading/saving multiple times per session: Process: PillarsOfEternity [6331] Path: /Users/USER/Documents/*/PillarsOfEternity.app/Contents/MacOS/PillarsOfEternity Identifier: unity.Obsidian Entertainment.Pillars of Eternity Version: Unity Player version 4.6.1p2 (4.6.1p2) Code Type: X86-64 (Native) Parent Process: ??? [1] Responsible: PillarsOfEternity [6331] User ID: 501 Date/Time: 2015-04-02 16:58:20.288 +0200 OS Version: Mac OS X 10.1
  17. Description: My character is in a cave (The one with the bear in the first forest). The game crashes at the end of loading. The loading screen stays, but the sound changes to the forest music, and the cursor changes to the character movement cursor. The game then crashes completely. I am then prompted by my operating system user session password screen, as if I logged out. When logging back in, an error message is displayed saying that there is a problem with graphics. Then the game boots itself automatically. If I reload the game, the same crash occurs. Since I couldn't do anything e
  18. Hi all! Extremely long loading (on hard tons of die and need always reload) and inventory access. 20-40 sec loading i5-4690, 780ti, win7x64, 8gbRAM
  19. I find the loading screen to be boring and monotonous without a loading bar. What do people think about putting a more interesting loading screen in the game with those little lore tidbits and a loading bar>?
  20. Not sure what causes the game to occasionally get stuck on the loading screen. It happens on travel or leaving a building in Dryford Village. I did pick up a "Missing String" item and then trying to equip it as it had an attack. The "Missing String" item dropped from Medreth and his group. It was after that when the loading screens would get stuck. I have found that pressing the 'space bar' appears to remove the screen and you can continue playing normally.
  21. Ok too all out in cybor space who read blogs. Need help. I have been replaying the Storm of Zahir expantion of Neverwinter Nights 2. (Got the dimaond as a gift) and have run into a problem that makes no sence. So Sa'Sani has just killed her helper and has run off to the temple of the serpent. I followed and asked the gnome if he had seen her. I get to the temple and Yet I SEE IT but can not enter into it. All the eyes have been collected all missions....as far as i know are done... Im level 17 with all toons and NOTHING !!!! WHATS UP? /.... thank you please help if u can
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