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Found 1 result

  1. Seeing little by way of gameplay guide on this board, I'd like to present some of the gameplay tricks I'd used in my games so far. The game is pretty balanced in that you can probably finish the game with any party that strike your fancy that said, there are some characters that's inherently more suited for the more demanding set of game conditions. If you are a veteran player or a semi casual player who isn't quite interested in the meta gaming , feel free to skip by. If you are a player who like to get a measure of the game on your own terms like I am, please note this could be a spoiler of some sort. For everyone else who struggles with the game especially on larger parties in higher difficulty mode or just want play better i hope this post will be of use to you to improve your game experience. This is by no means comprehensive and is more really some observations and tips in gameplay I'd uncovered in my numerous play through. I certainly have neither the patience, inclination or competance indeed to write a comprehensive guide that I would approve of With caveats done, let's head on to the gist. For all considerations the typical setup will be a six man party in legendary conditions in this digital edition of the game. 1) run as many explorations as you can in a single turn, for every character. If there's only one single rule that you need to abide in and which all others can be distilled into, this will be it. In fact, if you are able to do this consistently I believe the game under most conditions will probably be a fairly easy task to win. And in fact, I can stop writing here. So my foremost apologies if I'd misled you into thinking there's something you don't know of in here. A)For most characters, the means of extra explore comes in the form of allies and blessings. It goes without saying that every single ally you can include into character deck should be capable of exploration on discard. There will be some characters for whom you will feel it's necessary to include certain ally that give boons rather than free exploration such as healing (father zantus) to extend their survivability and this goes back to what I mentioned above about optimal characters and the not-so but for the most part your aim should be to stock up on allies that provide an extra explore. Blessings . Do not waste any single blessings you may draw on beating checks if possible. There are various ways with which you can ramp up the die count without blessing and, failing which, there's an order of priority which I'd like to observe when deciding whose blessings I'd use. i) divine casters are gold for general purpose dice ramping and this game provide all forms of different aid and guidance spells. Use them primarily when available especially in aiding someone on a weak die check(charisma for harsk for eg.) and equip as many as you can to all divine casters you have in party to increase the odds of finding one when someone need help with siren for instance. Think of such spells as, in effect, blessings used to increase die count- you simply can't have enough of them in a sense. The spell "find traps"is simply invaluable for when you would, surely, run into a barrier and one of first spell I'd go for in such cases. ii) if it's a combat check, use those orbs or cloud spell.have the casters equip at least one if not more and you can have Lem punching the villain dead naked if you have enough . Those cloud spell, incendiary cloud being a fav of mine , works a treat in horde situations and could mean the difference between facing that zombie horde again or clearing that location this turn. I'm positive they are a reason for lem not being rage-trashed in my party at least Or, if you have Valeros or harsk, or lem activate those abilities. Goes without saying that if you need to recharge a card to activate them, choose anything but allies or blessings. iii) when out of options and before using a blessing consider the implication of failing the check. Some aren't automatically doom and gloom and self-banish after resolution in some cases with some barrier or banes.( which means you don't waste that exploration) If you have a stash of acquired item/armor/weapon after a run on your current turn, or you have an armor card you could risk taking a hit from that barrier or monster. It's ok to fail a check at times. Iv) when all fails, use a blessing from the character that has the least remaining location deck cards OR an excess of blessings/allies to what's required to complete his exploration of his remaining location decks on his next turn. The latter is for the case of a boa henchman scenario or when the henchman/villain happens to be the last card. lacking that one exploration to close the location means it cost another 6 turns before you can do it again and 12 turns before you can use that character on other locations. Significant. For this reason it's of strategic importance perhaps to place the strong characters who can trailblaze that bit better ahead in the order of taking turn( for eg, seelah as first to go, you get a better sense of how many explore you need for next turn to close her location and can assuredly figure out if she can spare a blessing as her hand will probably consist of more blessing than the remaining cards in her location deck provided she had a good run) B) it's also important to know how not to oversize your dice count so as to not waste a blessing when you have to absolutely use it. It's no rocket science here and you don't need statistical models either to compute how many dice are enough in my experience. I use the mean of the die , rounding down. Eg, 1d6 will have a mean of 3. Add up the mean of all die you have ramped up to see if you meet the check. In important checks such as closure , feel free to add an additional die . C)how many of blessings/allies you can draw every reset , other than being dependent on hand size, also depends on how much of a clean hand you have prior to reset. For this reason I don't like to keep that belt of strength(if I even have it at all) on hand. It gets discarded, along with extra weapons. Armour get recharged always. Use that cure early , like when you have only blessings or allies in discard to recharge back. Have improved mending on hand? Discard that sole weapon at next monster , and redraw it back with improved mending, before discarding it again prior to reset if you have weapons left in your decks. Have an aid spell on hand? Use it even on a goblin next other than a sole weapon or blessing/ally i don't usually have any leftover cards prior to reset in order to draw as many blessing/allies on next reset. For this reason, this style is not without risk such as if you pulled a fantastic hand consisting of all blessings and meet a goblin scout that snipe you for 3 damage. By and large though, I'd had far greater success with it than lamentation of a goblin kind. D) hold off on those cures. Either use it early if you draw it or if late, when you really need a heal or risk dying. You may recharge blessings/ally but you will equally recharge all those potions of glib , club you picked up and discarded. It's actually sometimes a good idea to not recharge those weapons if you have the option to do so indeed. For divine casters I don't have more than one cure on deck and at times I go through an entire scenario not using a single cure or lost a recharge check on early cure of blessings. In the case of certain divine casters such as seelah, Kyra, there is an option to optimise their deck in the midst of the game and cure spell in both its use midway through the game and in its inclusion in their deck actually impede the quality of draws more than its benefit. Will stop here and add more as I find them or when the tequila leaves my head . Feel free to contribute , comment
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