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  1. I recently tamed a weevil named Detective Clancy, who had died (assumed) while I wasn’t online and a friend was. I cannot find his gravestone anywhere and can’t search for it via the resource searching device (which makes sense, but it was my last hope). I was wondering if any of you had any tips for finding my little buddy’s headstone. I just wanna put him to rest and give him a proper goodbye.
  2. If I get the preview of the game on steam will that act as a pre-order and I can play the game on release without having to buy it again? I have been playing this awesome, jaw dropping game for sometime now and I am tired of getting the Xbox game pass to play. I have a PC and want to play the steam grounded preview and I don't want to have to buy it again on release. Does buying the preview give the full game when it releases?
  3. Finished the game on hard dificulty two days ago as a beguiler/debonaire and had so much fun that I decided to replay instantly but this time as a chanter (bc I love bards as much as I love summons) multiclassed with another class that might increase my overall dps. And then the problem began, bc im stuck at the character creation screen unable to decide between Harbinger (street fighter/troubadour) and herald (kind wayfarer/troubadour)... And since I have some concerns that influentiate my decision (or lack there of), i'd really love any help. (firstly, I wanna say that I plan to use this character as a summoner with two blunderbuss (i dont know how to say this thing in plural so I wont even try) and second as a debuffer, with xoti as healer, Eder as tank, maia as dps and ywin/serafen as suport... so lets get it started.) Question 1: Ive seen a lot of people praise heralds as great healers and tanks, but although I really like the idea of being durable, I have concerns if the paladins's auras, passives, FOD and sworn enemy Will be enough to make my character a great heavy hitter? (taking the buffs to summons into consideration) Question 2: Regarding harbingers, I really like the idea of blunderbuss street fighters mixed with chanters, but my concerns lie in their ability to survive at the front-midline, hence my question, is the chanter kit of the harbinger enought to secure its survivability? (ill have xoti as the healer)
  4. I am not sure where to go but with the last update (0.13) my base has been covered with wood! I can see all of my chests icons through the wood, but I can't access any of chest or storage containers directly! As well it has covered up a bunch of spinning wheels, ovens, and other workstations! How do I get them out!! I have hundreds of supplies, shards, globs, jewels, twinkling shells and more. I play on Xbox Series X, is there's some sort of debug command I can use?
  5. Decided to try a dual wield cipher, thought multiclassing it with a rouge and creating a begulier/assasin or begulier/vanilla rouge. They obviously have great synergy, begulier and rouge but with assasin? I cannot decide, mainly because I don't believe having an increased stealth attack won't help me much since imstead entering into stealth and repositioning my character then doing a an enhanced attack, I can use all that time attacking and using my spells. Which is arguably a better way to deal damage to the enemy party. Also taking %15 more damage is a big deal but nearly everyone were saying otherwise in the other threads I read, so I am a bit confused.
  6. Is there a way to send a saved game file to a friend? If not then they should allow the friend or friends to save the game play when doing co-op .... It sucks when you and a friend put a lot of time into a game and can only enjoy all that hard work unless the person that has the saved game gets online to play ... also C:\Users\Your username\Saved Games\Grounded did not work!
  7. Hello! I'm working on my first ever mod for Deadfire, something I've always aspired to do. It's going great. I followed tutorials here on the forums (all very helpful!), but I've hit a snag. The abilities that I created, like a Druid version of Mark Prey, and added to the PT_Druid table don't work while the druid is spiritshifted. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I've seen other mods like Dragonblood and Druid Evolution add new abilities shapeshifted players can cast, but after combing the code I don't see anything that explains the differences. P.S. Druid spells, and other core game class spells all work while the player is spiritshifted. I added a druid spell under a different name and GUID, and that seems to work. I'm pretty baffled. Here's the ability's code. And here's the code for the progression table.
  8. Hey everybody been having fun playing various melee caster builds I decided on trying a potd solo run with a liberator, and I'm stuck on which version I should go with (kind wayfarer/fury or shifter), or (steel garrote/fury or shifter) and whether or not to use magran favor+sun &moon or darryns voulge as 2h for this run, would really appreciate the advice and help thx
  9. Every time I try to pick up the water skin in the intro scene my game crashes and drops me in the desktop, corrupting the save file that was used to try to pick up the water skin. any assistance would be awesome as I was looking forward to playing the game. I have tried two different new games so far to see if it was a one time thing and I lowered my frames to 30 to see if it was my computer. I am adding the crash repot to see if anyone can help check it out (as I'm pretty coding-illiterate). Thanks for anything! crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt report.ini
  10. Hello everyone, I am new here and have a question regarding the saves as I'm a bit confused about them. I have only one save which is multiplayer as me and my friend play together when he has time. However when he is away I'd like to be able to play without him so that I can farm resources or extend our base. Am I able to do this? If so: Do I load in Multiplayer > continue and just play solo or do I load solo > continue? If I do this solo and save my progress, will he lose all of his items and progress on his character? (mutations and such) Thanks so much for your time
  11. I’m having problems with Max- I’ve done The Illustrated Manual and the main quest line in Edgewater, and he keeps saying he’ll meet me on my ship but he never actually does. I have already finished the Roseway Quests and still nothing. I keep going back to Edgewater but he never gets on my ship even when he says he’s going to. I’m playing on th switch and I’m not sure if that’s causing the glitch or if it’s something else. Is anyone else having this problem? Please help me, I really want him to join my crew.
  12. I have a wolverine ultimate controller and am a Steam gamer. When I use the controller for the game, it switches the hints to the controller buttons, but nothing functions. Razer support says the device, firmware, software are fine. Windows support says its an application issue. Has anyone run into this problem?
  13. Got idea of this type of character for PotD run. Based around idea of stacking as much burn as humanly possible. So wanted to run it down against more experienced people to actually check how viable is it(as I didn't found similar monk builds Race: Fire Godlike (i feel moon will be better but hell, they look cool + fit the theme) Class: monk Origin: Old Vailia - colonist Stats: 18-10-10-10-20-10 Abilities: Swift strike Turning wheel Stunning blow Duality of mortal precence[deflection] Crusible of suffering Flaggelant path Dichotomous soul Iron wheel Talents Veteran recovery Twohanded style Weapon focus: peasant Scion of flame Lesser wound Savage attack Runner's wounding shot Superior deflection For equipment main part of build is deadfire canonier belt so I can summon firebrand. Base idea: high base burn damage of firebran + burn from wounds + scion = ton of burn. And while collecting wound we also trigger Fire godlike aura. For other equipment I am thinking about Angio' Gambezon, Gauntlets of swift action, fenwalkers, ring of deflection, ring of searing flame(why not have more sources of burn?), cloak of comfort. For secondary weapon I am thinking about guildmaster stuff as a source of nonburn damage and ability to swing it from the backs of partymembers in tight coridors. Speed enchantment helps too. Thought about solder for pike, but I feel barbarian from WM1 will make better use of pikes So is it solid idea overall or I am missing some items/ideas?
  14. I own the Outer Worlds for PS4, a physical copy. I updated the game before purchasing the DLC bundle including Peril on Gorgon. I have multiple saves that are post-Radio Free Monarch and pre-Point of No Return, yet traveling in the Unreliable doesn't trigger the DLC. It's installed, I even got a little banner flash at the bottom of the screen when I loaded up the game that said "peril on gorgon available!" But again, none of my multiple post-RFM, pre-PONR saves seem to be working -- I've tried flying from Terra 2 to Groundbreaker, from Monarch to Scylla, nothing. It really sucks that I actually followed directions and kept the correct saves and I STILL have to replay the entire game if I want to play the DLC. Not cool, Obsidian. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
  15. Hello, I just bought the game and I could not find a definitive build for what I want my MC to be. I likely want it to be a Fighter(Devoted?)/Cypher(Soulblade?), using a two-handed sword, that works well in Turn Based mode. If other class combinations work better for Turn Based, I am open to suggestions I will also make one custom companion, probably a healer (if so, a paladin, not a druid or priest), or a rogue. But I am open to other suggestions apart from those. What could work well? I want the builds to be optimal, but I insist on both being human, and also my MC needs to be intelligent for conversations, for story purposes. Thank you for the help in advance!
  16. Hello, as in the topic, is it possible to increase the number of summons, for example skeletons from 3 to 5? (I've already done it, everything works. How do i delete or mark post as complete?)
  17. Everytime I play it seems to be loading one save and only that save. even if I load a different save, I start at the same point with the same inventory, even the same time and if I save manually and then try to load that manual save the game crashes. Having spent 30+ hours on the game I´d hate to loose that progress. Anything i chould do?
  18. I'm playing through Peril on Gorgon right now and everything was great, until now. I'm at the point where I need to acces the HIA, but the door is still "sealed", even though I have the passkey. I just don't have the option to open the door, it only says "sealed" and when I try to interact with it, it does the normal unlocking sound, but nothing happens. Here's a video showing the issue: https://youtu.be/JFJb1Xc6_B4 Did anyone else experience this issue? Is there a possible solution? Am I doing something wrong? Edit: I'm an idiot, I was using the wrong door. Feel free to ignore this post.
  19. Hello everyone, I'm stuck trying to add a new upgrade for the monk's Swift Strikes. I have read through the following, to no avail : - Modding Basic Concepts - First Mod - Adding new abilities to a class I have created a new ability, Draining Strikes, which is supposed to be a new upgrade path from Swift Strikes. The ability is as follows : The status effects are as follows : I've copied the entire PT_Monk (dc561d91-7bc9-4314-acff-837511566964) entry from ProgressionTables to a new file in my mod folder, and added the following to the existing : - Add a new component to the base Swift_Strikes PL entity - Add the new ability under Swift_Flurry After loading an existing game and trying to recruit a new adventurer, I still don't get the new Ability to show up. I've been at this for a couple hours now and I'm really unsure what to check next. Since 2 pairs (or more) of eyes generally spot problems easier than just the one pair, does anyone have an idea where I've gone wrong here ? Edit : the ability still uses some props from lightning strikes, such as VFX and icons ; I've not gotten to the aesthetics just yet, trying to get the ability upgrade to show up in the progression tree first thing.
  20. I've been playing through Deadfire to about levels 10-17 a few times now and wanted to 'up' my knowledge a bit for another potential play through/potential restart. I'm playing real-time, PotD, everything up scaled. I enjoy puzzling out the fights, but it still feels all a bit too chaotic for me, so I'm hoping I can smooth things out with some help + questions. So far I've played a multi class Seer Ghostheart/Ascendant to about level 13, and a single class Beguiler to 17. The Seer was fantastic getting through the Engwithian Ruins, but the Beguiler got through well enough as well. Neither have been able to beat Gorreci Street however with just Aloth + Xoti. I just stealth skip it. After that, I am comfortable riding non-combat quests to about level 10, and everything mostly smooths out from there. Mid-game, I enjoyed the Beguiler a lot more then the Ascendant. What I found overwhelming about the Ascendant was 1) paying attention to when I hit the ascended state, and then 2) devoting all my attention to squeezing the most out of it during its duration. It's mostly because I like devoting equal attention and semi-micro managing all my party members equally, so my output with it always felt a bit sloppy. Hard to explain. I have auto-pause set after each skill is cast, but basically I'd often find I lost track of the Ascendant focusing on something else for a moment and find they've been CC'ed or sitting ascended without me realising it. Without schticks like Thunderous Report from the Kitchen Stove, I'd spend a good chunk of the hardest part of the battle (the early part, before some enemies die) trying to get Ascended again... The Beguiler however was perfect. Phantom Foes -> Secret Horrors and good to go for a little while at least, and no pressure to spam abilities. However, I find there seems to be clear winners and losers in terms of skills that pushes me back towards giving an Ascendant another go. I thought I'd be using things like Pain Block, Mind Plague, Wild Leech, and Psychvampiric Shield more often, but I just don't have enough time/focus to use anything but a few specific skills which just seem to do more or end fights in a more efficient way. Typically for crowds it's: Phantom Foes -> Secret Horrors -> Ectophycic Echo/Amplified Wave and/or Ring Leader. Single targets are Borrowed Instinct -> Whispers of Treason/Ring Leader or Disintegration + Recall Agony (+ Body Blows). So far, the above has basically allowed me to brute force most fights, and even things like Ancestors Memory, Reaping Knives, and Time Parasite all have a opportunity cost in time that seems too high to overcome. The cost in time is both in the casting + recovery time it takes to use things like Reaping Knives etc, and in the cost of cast + recovery time to suck up all that focus again. I'm thinking this is just the Cipher dilemna and why the Ascendant and multi classes are so popular. I just don't seem to need that many active skills. The Ascendant excels at spamming the few good skills really well and multi classes can suck up passives in lieu of skills you don't end up using anyway. I'm not 100% sure where I am going with all this, but any thoughts appreciated if I might be approaching/understanding things incorrectly. Moving on... I really want to try a Barbarian Berserker or Monk Helwalker, however, given that I build both Eder (engagement Swashbuckler) and Pallegina (Crusader) semi defensively and they seem to sometimes just peel over and die, I can't imagine being anything but frustrated with those two classes, so I am shying away from them. I understand how to get around the confused status with the Berserker, but the raw damage + hidden health seems like I'll be reloading a lot. I'm not too sold on other subclasses, so I dunno. The Monk is really appealing, because it's probably the least represented class in terms of companions + sidekicks (ish, I can't see turning Xoti into a Monk - ever really, and Mirke/Rekke don't have much representation in the game quest wise outside of being a sidekick). Speaking of companions. I like Eder as a Swashbuckler, but he has been a bit squishier then I thought he would be. I skipped Riposte + stacking deflection, so maybe that might be part of it (the stacking deflection bit). I'm using Mob Stance + Reckless Brigandine, but thinking of using Defender Stance + Reckless Brigandine instead. I can't get the AI to use Vigorous/Refreshing Defense correctly yet. Any tips? I think I've set it to activate on health < 90%, with a 15 second cooldown so it isn't spammed, but when I check on him, it never seems to be up like it should be... Pallegina has the same problem. He is dual wielding currently. Sword & Board is an option as well I guess... Pallegina is tough enough, but I'm not enjoying Whispers of the Endless Paths on her at all. I avoided the whole Offensive Parry schtick, so that might be part of it, but it also just seems underwhelming. What would be a better two hander for her? I use Morning Stars + Bodyblows situationally. Is there a reliable AI setting for Flames of Devotion? I've got it semi working with Always True + Class Resource > 3, but she also seems to prioritize Knock down more then FoD, but it could be my imagination. I was hoping Greater Lay on Hands would carry the bulk of my healing needs in the party, but in practice, she either isn't in range, or seems to get infinitely caught/interrupted or recovering to ever cast it in a emergency. I'm aware of setting her up as a Herald, but I'm not sold yet on basically having a healing totem for a companion. Aloth, my dear Aloth. I just don't know what to do with this guy. My Beguiler seems to cover CC well enough, so I tuned him more towards offensive AOE spells (Ninagauth's Teachings). In practice, he decimates easy fights, but on hard fights, his spells seem to hit like a noodle, and the CC + damage spells of my Beguiler seem to just do more. I just don't know what I am doing wrong here... Xoti - I am happy with Xoti as a pure priest. She suffers a bit from the same problem my Beguiler has however. There are a few good spells worth always spamming each encounter, but action economy wise, even those seem to get eaten up by the need to cast more healing spells then I would like. So in practice, on battles that are going well, the buffs like Devotions, Champions Boon, CoP, Triumph etc. all go off and its a merry stomp, but on harder fights it's a frantic mess of maybe I get off Devotions + CoP off, then I am in damage control trying to heal Eder or someone else/the occasional litany of spirits/body to clear a status effect, and by that point, we either turn the battle around and more buffs are just flashy displays of dominance, or we die. Anyway, wall of text, apologies. Just wanted to throw this post out and see if I can clean up my play a little. Cheers!
  21. So, I've tried the game at the release and got bored after a while, now i wanna give it another shot and since i remember playing it on hard difficulty but being a bit easier after a while, i wanna give path of the damned a try... First of all, any general tip is appreciated...I've been thinking about using a guide as inpsiration but i didn't find anything updated to patch 5.0...the plan was to go with: Eder as swashbuckler as main tank.(probably modding it somehow into an unbroken/trickster. Still can't wrap my head around the fact that they didn't make you choose companion subclasses...i know hurr durr lore, but why Serafen could be a single class barb, pallegina a multi into chanter and such is beyond me...anyway...) Xoti as single class priest Maira Rua as ranger/rogue Then i'm torn between Tekehu single class druid and Pallegina paladin/chanter (probably again modding her into troubadour). I remember not liking tekehu much (well, not that Pallegina is a lot better, but i found every character to be quite bland with the exception of ederbro anwyay...) but his skill seem quite handy, on the other hand paladin/chanter looks awesome as support. With that in mind, I was thinking about going with MC as blood mage/streetfighter since they seem to synergize well i guess? From what i remember, staying in melee shouldn't be a problem with citzal lance +deflection bonus spell so the plan was using spear as much as possible and stay in melee range even when it expires and "abuse" sneak attacks Now, how does that sound as party setup in general? I feel like Pallegina is probably a better choice and i wonder if i can just offtank with MC and use her as dps (with something like tidefall)/healer Any general direction for talents/spells and such? As for stats, i was thinking about capping PER, dumping resolve, keeping low might and then CON>DEX>INT, is it any good? Annnd is it possible to even play as melee spellblade in PotD before having access to citzal lance? or should i stick to ranged until then? Any input is appreciated, thanks!
  22. GLITCHES: If you drop grass planks in areas with water texture they fall through the world, ants can take stuff out of storage boxes that shouldn't be accessible to them at all, larva have a huge spawn rate, ants and lady bugs spawn inside rocks and underneath water, armor dummy's allow you to sometime dup armor and dummy's also glitch amor pieces which switches them to a different type (spider and ladybug head changed to acorn), anything with a lunge attack can faze through walls and into buildings SUGGESTIONS: amor and weapons equipped shouldn't take up invatory space or ability to get a tier 2/3 backpack, drop stack or trade option, sort invatory option, bigger party size, ability to "pin" armor like you can items so it auto equips when picked up, a way to use grass planks (once base is built they just lay scattered around with no use) or let us "scrap" them for even plant fiber It's an amazing game and I'm really enjoying myself I really hope this game makes it
  23. 1. The ability to upgrade existing structures (for example a grass wall to a stem wall) instead of having to deconstruct the structure. 2. More animals and bugs. 3. The ability to tame things. For example you could tame ants and tell them to collect pebbles or wax. 4. The ability to ride animals such as ants and bees etc. 5. Something to change the terrain. For example if you want to build your base in your own deep custom cave or something. 6. Different material tools, (like wood stone and diamond etc in Minecraft) although there might be I'm not too far into the game. 7. Maybe add RC vehicles or buildable sailboats etc. 8. Everytime I build my base a Wolf Spider eventually comes along and doesn't go away, and keeps hitting my base until it's gone. Please fix this. 8. More areas, we want to see the inside of the house, we want the neighbour's garden we want alot. Maybe a sandpit biome or something. 9. Bigger backpacks. That you craft. 10. Maybe this is pushing it but a skill tree. I think this would really make the game boom. For example a skill to see which direction the nearest spider is in for example. 11. A compass at the top of the screen. 12. Saddles and stuff to ride bugs and spiders. Cant think of anything else, this game has been absolutely brilliant and these are my ideas for it. I'm gonna be playing this for a really long time yet.
  24. im having the game constantly crash on the mission city and the stars, im not able to enter phines's lab, every time i try to enter through the door and finish choosing my companions the game crashes, like completely shuts down. please help.
  25. so i am on the quest, "radio free monarch" and it is stuck, it tells me to speak with nyoka, but when i do the only option to say to her is "actually, nevermind ill catch you later" and i cannot progress due to this being the main quest. i cannot reload a previous save as i wandered around town looking for something i missed and the autosaves wrote over all previous ones before talking with her, i cannot go any further in game....
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