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Found 1 result

  1. One of the things that has always bugged me about cRPGs is that the main villain(s) or antagonists are usually extremely powerful beings at the apex of their powers, who seemingly do nothing at all whilst the PC gains powers through doing quests, leveling up etc. until ooops... they lose at the final battle. BG1: Sarevok would have overpowered the PC in BG1 had he taken more decisive action earlier. In BG2, Irenicus should have killed off the PC after his success in stealing his soul (if I remember correctly). In DAO, the Archspawn should have done more than sending one measly attack party against the PC as soon as he realized there were 2 Grey Wardens still alive. Now, I don't know what's the plot Obsidian has in mind, but I'm sure since there a factions, the PC will definitely piss a couple of factions with the actions that he takes. If such, could we have a more detailed and progressive antagonist to rival the PC. The following are my ideas for some antagonist(s): 1. Competitive Rival(s) from the Beginning During the tutorial or prologue, introduce a few characters that the PC has known since childhood. They don't need to be particularly cruel but just have very differing views about what sort of actions to be taken to resolve certain actions. For example, they could see a thief sneaking into the Mayor's house whilst he is not in the house. Actions could include: (a) Rushing in and overpowering the thief (Brash, direct, confrontational) (b) Discreetly informing the local police force (or its' equivalent), whilst setting up traps to delay the thief's escape (Discreet, indirect, non-confrontational) © Sneaking in after the thief and knocking him out. Stealing the highest value items with the lowest weight e.g. gold coins etc. that cannot be easily identified. Pawn them off a quickly as possible or hide the loot somewhere for around 2-3 years. Let the thief escape to take the blame. (Intelligent evil approach). Now, each of the PC friends may have their own opinions as to what actions to take. The PC's decision would break the deadlock. 2. Rivals Grow Through Adversity As the PC starts on his quest, his childhood friends will also undergo certain events that cause them to take up the adventuring cause. The PC might hear of their progress and achievements within certain factions. If he sides with the same faction as one of his childhood friend, he may receive assistance and discussions about the path their other friends have taken. The PC may meet these rivals during battle or competing quests. For instance, both Faction A (PC's faction) and Faction B (rival's faction) may be searching for the same item belonging to a powerful archmage. They could meet in several manners (could be randomized): (a) Brash Rival Just before the PC enters the inner sanctum of the archmage to confront him, the brash rival could arrive and challenge the PC for the right to enter. Upon defeating this rival, depending on the degree of success (e.g. no of rounds), this rival might leave in anger or even agree to join in the battle (in return for some pointers on how to improve his battle technique or some cool loot!) (b) Sneaky Rival Let the PC exhaust his resources against the enemy archmage. Whilst PC has is fighting a grueling battle, his party will set up traps, archers will take up strategic positions, mages empower powerful spells. etc. Once the PC wins, the rival will simply step up and demand for right for the item. Unless the PC still has something left in the bag, victory should be impossible. Of course, if the PC has a skilled thief with him, he would realized he was being followed. He could have the option of secretly getting his Faction to send a backup to follow this shadow force. The backup could then act as reinforcement to circumvent the Sneaky Rival when he finally appears. (c ) Intelligent Evil Rival Upon successfully defeating the Archmage, a messenger from Faction A arrives requesting for the item immediately. He carries a legitimate letter from the Faction Leader detailing the urgent need to obtain the item for certain reasons. The PC has the option to query the messenger further. In reality the messenger is the Intelligent Rival masquerading as the messenger to obtain the item on the sly. If the messenger ploy fails, the Intelligent Evil Rival will send another 3 spies acting as a civillian on the path back to Faction A's HQ. These 3 spies will pretend to be injured civillians robbed by bandits. They will request the party to escort them back to their village, which is conveniently on the way to Faction A's HQ. Whilst travelling, they will attempt to poision the PC's party with offers of refreshments and food. They will also volunteer to 'repair' the PC's equipment. Depending on the PC's party skills, they could find out this plot early or foolishly escort the 'civillians' to the said village right into an ambush. The 'poisoned' PCs should feel the effects only upon the Evil Rival using a catalyst. 3. Final Encounter As the game progresses, both the PC and his Rival(s) should have great achievements under their belt. As they grow in power, they will be sent to more battles which would involve a battle of wits between the PC and his rivals. This could set up a stage for final clash. I believe this would make for a more interesting final boss, rather than some nameless antagonist which you only meet near the end ala the Archvillain from DAO. Phew, such a long post. What do you all think?
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