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Found 2 results

  1. Nice photos of Murican white untermenches suparmacists... Just lol. These racists are so fat and so shameful losers (especially in comparison with healthy black dudes). Meanwhile real Master race must have physical superiority, anyone who don't have such superiority obviously can't be considered as member of Master race. Murica make me facepalm again and again.
  2. http://youtu.be/pLeV1DsIOXo It's best Western thinktank 1. "Main political goal of US (during last 100 years) is preventing of German-Russian alliance ( German technologies + Russian resources blah-blah )". Obvious bull****. USSR after 1917 has been buffed by... US. Ford invest so strongly into Soviet industrialization (and technologies). Many European scientists (Germans also) went into new Soviet republic also. In this times USSR has superior technologies in comparison with defeated in WW1 Germany. In later times USSR share these Soviet technologies with backward Germany during 30-s (Soviet-German partnership). Yet later after WW2 US politics has been changed - hostility against USSR - because US occupy Western Europe and become pretender to world dominance. But anyway in this period USSR has superior technologies also and backward Germany (who partially has been a ally to USSR) absolutely non-important for Soviet Empire. In other words what this guy talking is a nonsense. 2. Romans don't conquer other nations by military might, but manipulate by puppet states. . Yes, when Romans degraded into helpless morons they try manipulate by neighbors, but this is ended so fast by... total destruction of Roman Empire. Other example is how degraded Arabic rulers trying manipulate by Turkic tribes. This is cause end of Arabic Caliphates and transform Arabs into pathetic beggars under Turkic rule. Other examples - Caliphate of Córdoba - (Arabs totally fail to Berbers and Christian states by same reason), British and other colonial "Empires" etc. This is never working, only agonized nations try do this but by this they never prevent own fail. This guy talking bull**** again. 3. "Murica don't known German plans". Wait-wait. Germany YET OCCUPIED BY US/BRITISH military forces, German funds stored in US and Germany can't manipulate by own moneys, Germany during last year shot by own leg by anti-Russsian sanctions only because Murica say to them do this... but by words of this guy Murica can predict behavior of own submissive puppet! And this poser is most smart member of Western Elites . Yep, it's really bad news for the West.
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