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Found 11 results

  1. Is it possible to convince her to attack Rymrgand or 18-19 skill checks just provide a different "No"? I'm going to respec and check it after completing the DLC, but if anyone has already done it, the information would be much appreciated.
  2. Hi there recently backed POE2 since I really liked the first one and the older BG games+wanted to give some support to one of my favorite videogame devs What I really loved about the older Baldur games and the last POE was the dragon like boss type of creatures you could find they always proved a great challenge and fun for me so considering where POE 2 will be happening can we expect them to return? PS sorry if me talking about dragons is a spoiler tried avoid that and this is my first post on these forums (since i'm wondering as well about a certain one if we will meet him considering we had a choice to help him in his ''out of body experience'' favor he asked
  3. This dude took about 15 tries before I realised the main thing stopping me from killing him was the accuracy debuff Eder - full deflection tank, away from main party, lots of endurance potions. need: massive buffs to accuracy and immunity to paralysis and stun (thanks Durance you crazy old coot) Get Eder to attack an ice blight and turn off his AI. keep him alive as long as possible (armor with 2nd chance can help). DO NOT ATTACK THE DRAGON kill off as many stray ice blights and oozes as possible without getting too close to the dragon (their damage is not that important) get Eder to attack the dragon. a butt load of wraiths and spectres will appear. destroy them with your mad buffs and what not. prayer against paralysis is a huge help here. hopefully Eder is still alive. take some time to rebuff your accuracy and might (prayer against fear doesnt seem to help too much as the dubuff is reapplied instantly) smash dragon as fast as humanly possible and pray to Berath. keep him paralysed, petrified, stunned as much as possible (gaze of adragan, chaos orb, scrolls of paralysis) THEN I realised scrolls of paralysis are craft-able, spam those as much as possible when you're going for the dragon kill, easy mode. then I was sad cos I realised I wasted 8 hours of my life NOT crafting these scrolls.
  4. For people wondering if the dragons can still be soloed in 2.03 here are my new videos: - vs adra https://youtu.be/j5g_bmRfAIk - vs alpine https://youtu.be/TKrA1BvcQDI
  5. I'm looking for a consistent way of killing the Adra Dragon I tried killing the adra dragon couple of times without 'cheese'-ing, the only thing I did for convenience is to line my characters in a certain way around the dragon and then attack. Cheese includes: 1) paralyze scroll chain (thats how i beat it once but its too cheese!) 2) killing her companions first without aggro-ing her (i believe its not intended that way) I did try to use maelstrom scrolls without paralyze but im just getting whipped (literally!) too fast with all those AOEs and the little reptalians that go for my backline to do ever more pressure... I try to use resurrection scrolls a lot but at some point they just don't bring characters up again The ONLY damaging spells that work are: 1) Priest level 5th pillar of holy flame 2) Wizard level 5th blast of frost 3) Scroll - maelstrom 4) Wizard 5th wall of force but not as strong as blast of frost (i die before duration end..) Problem is they can't always do full damage due to resistances. I can't reduce dragon resistances due to its ... well ... resistances !!! All the resistance-lowering spells from Aloth and Durance that I try miss. And whats the point waiting for iroll100 for the slight chance that they WILL hit ? The most I was able to do spamming those damaging spells is to get her to Injured before I can't resurrectmy party anymore (not sure if bug or intended so resurrect wont be abused?). Not to make this post too long, i'll just add i do drink some defense potion of Eder and everyone ate food ofc +2 might. Summons don't do much except maybe holding xunatrip at bay. Suggestions ? For fun I posted an image of the Adra dragon dying due to cheese (paralyze fest and lucky resistance-reduction spells... look how much I crit!):
  6. dear there are spells and skills that should put the dragon knokdown. let me explain the scenario following the loging console this skills has hit the dragon , i veified correctly repeating the test several times but for same reason the skill doen't have any effect on the dragon magic that have this behaviour magic 1 level slicken (from the log console: the dragon is hit but doesn't go knokdown) talent that have this behaviour fighter's talent: Clear Out the behaviour hire is also more strange becouse the dragon after the hit, move 5-6 meters back but don't go knokdown i hope that you will fix this bugs becouse that dragon is already a bastard without the help of any bug
  7. I killed the Sky dragon at act III but the quest didn't get updated. So I can't end it. The dialog option just doesn't appear when I talk to the quest giver NPC. Is there anything I can do besides backtracking to my last backup save :/ Thanks.
  8. So in this quest, a sky dragon has taken over a temple of Hylea in order to raise its hatchling. You can talk with the dragon, but there's almost no point. Despite there being multiple ways to question the dragon's judgement or suggest it should leave, it will invariably attack you unless you just agree with it completely. Given the fact that Hylia would clearly value the dragon's life (since Hylia is the goddess of flying creatures and motherhood), AND the fact that Hylia clearly cares about her priests who were driven from the temple (she gave you a vision to help them), there is absolutely no way to broker any kind of truce. This just feels like lazy writing/quest design. Am I alone in this? Anyone feel the same way?
  9. I barley used any tactic except let Eder tank all the damage and backline spam debuffs/damage spells! Even though they called him a "drake", even though stronger than normal drake, he was still underwhelmly easy to beat and his fire breathing didn't do much damage as well... I was expecting AOE fear or something of a sort I guess, anyone else found him pretty easy ? (speaking of the red dragon found in a cave)
  10. (When I was playing Fallout 2 I remember thinking: "cool, I'm going to get a car sometime. Will I see it move?" I knew the answer would be negative, but I enjoyed wondering. In BG1 I was very glad whenever I saw any animation, as small as it was, but watching a video of a flying Wyvern only to find out it had go around the lake to attack my party. PS:T had some few but awesome animations. IWD had a few animations at the ending, and the fact nothing in Nature moved because all was frozen served as an acceptable excuse. In BG2 there were some improvements, but most of it was static too. Then IWD2 showed a lot more things moving and more big size puzzles, and I wondered if the Infinite Engined could be tweaked so we could get more from it. But then there was Lionheart and nothing more.) I'm very glad this game will be isometric and use pre-rendered art, and I am aware it's not easy to blend 3D animated elements and physics into static "paintings", but come on, almost 10 years have passed... I believe the stillness of pre-rendered graphics was a technical limitation and not an aesthetic option. Pre-rendered isometric games are great because they have a closer relationship with old book and board games but, other than that, I think designers and programmers should be completely free to develop a more interactive experience. I find this very important for the immersion factor. Black Isle games have always had a great atmosphere, the lighting and weather was fantastic and I hope Obsidian's attitude won't be "going back to the RPGs we loved" but "pushing the RPGs we loved to the possibilities of 2012 technology". There's a lot to learn about this on games like Commandos 1, 2 & 3, Robin Hood: the Legend of Sherwood (impressive physical engine!) and Desperados.
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