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Found 4 results

  1. I am completely undecided about what to focus on with DoC. I tested all 3 types I am interested in for her, and they all work really well. The 'worst' would be Nightshroud, simply for the fact that I already have Zahua, Maneha and Kana on the front. In open areas, the fourth frontliner is nice, but many fights are not that freeroam-y. Removing Nightshroud from her would let my main priest have a 'get-out-of-trouble free card', which sounds nice, albeit I have yet to find a situation where that would have saved me... Hunting Bow vs War Bow is a tough choice though. Would be super easy, barely an inconvenience, if Stormcaller could be bound to Rogue, but alas, nope. So far, she uses Borresaine or Persistence. On one hand, Borresaine offers so much damage that I was able to 1shot some mage in one of the bounties in WM1, on the other hand DoC would be softcountered against enemies immune to pierce, which could be circumvented with Massuk Bow if I went the Hunting Bow route. But then again, I am not sure I would lose that much if I just went with War Bow as my main and switch to Massuk Bow if needed. Would the +6 ACC from Weapon Focus be that noticable in the long run, considering how high Rogue ACC already is? (+ 20 ACC from Devotions among others) Or should I maybe just do a hybrid build and do both Bashing shield melee and HB/WB ranged? Or something completely different? Edit: and, what is the best way to approach alpha striking? So far, I have my melee units set up with slow ranged weapons for an initial attack, by the time the attack is finished my priest cast Devotions. and then I switch to melee for the front liners and that's it. I thought I would be better off by now not bothering with many alpha strikers, aside maybe for DoC because of the SA bonus? Like, Molina's Arbalest for AS, then switch to HB/WB/melee depending on my chosen build?
  2. EDIT: Zahua and DoC are great replacements for Hiravias and Eder surprisingly, so I am good for now Finally I did NOT restart again and entered White March. Just to get this out of the way, holy **** was the Crag Ogre battle intense. I thought you couldn't save in between skirmishes until the last 2 fights, which made it unnecessarily harder for me xD Now to the subject. Zahua is level 1 right now and I have absolutely no idea how to set him up in my party comp. I have Kana and Zahua on the front; priest-me, Aloth and Hiravias (who I regularly switch out for GM) in the back. Last slot is Sagani so far, but I may choose to ditch her for either DoC (in WM1) and then maybe for Maneha (in WM2). So, either 3 frontliner units or 4 backliners. I thought of following either or but as I have no experience with mid to high level monks, I am not sure what would best fit my party. The class is cool in concept, but the whole wounding mechanic never made sense to me, compared to spellcasters and 'normal' melee classes. I would like to focus on fists as my main weapon and hatchets as my secondary weapon, though I will use him as an alphastriker as well, with Molina's arbalest most likely, as I can get the peasant focus bonus with it. And lastly, with the aforementioned party of priest/Aloth/Hira-GM/Kana/Zahua /+???, would a 3rd frontliner even make sense? I find the idea of having 3 Aumaua from Rauatai pretty appealing, so Maneha would be more to my liking than DoC, at least during the second part of WM and then back in the main game. Rogue never clicked with me anyway...
  3. Hi guys, I've recently started a Deadfire playthrough after beating PoE and importing my save file. In PoE I allowed the Devil to get her revenge and sacrificed her at the pool, which I thought would trigger her Breastplate in Deadfire according to what I had read, that she just had to be dead in PoE. Well it is not appearing. So what I did was to download the Unity Console to get the brute way. But it is not working, and I can't find anything about it. The thing is, I think I deserve that damn armor. The game is only getting fun now that I got past the bull**** (Maje island on PotD) and I can actually see my character improving. I had planned his whole build with the armor in mind, given that he being a Marauder would benefit from the resistance to intelligence affliction and stop hitting Eder. Can someone help?
  4. I left Devil of Caroc at the inn in Stalwart. She was standing around the floor of the inn, which I thought was odd, never seen that before. Might be just fine though, dunno. Went off to get rid of the Alpine Dragon and now I would like her to get back into the party. That does work - but she has now lost all the gear she had equipped before, INCLUDING the armor. The stuff isn't in the stash or anywhere else either. I tried getting her into the party in Caed Nua and the Inn in Stalwart, same result. Changing area, reloading, restarting the came, nothin' doin'. v3.03.1047 PX1 PX2 -steam
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