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Found 2 results

  1. I was thinking about that recently, I hope there will be somekind of a Résumé, to remind us what happened in Pillars Of Eternity. Like the Voiced-Over Slides at the End of the Game, having something that tells you the Story you've experienced & where we're at now at the Beginning of Deafire. Even better if the Slides could react to your past choices & their consequences, as they did at the End of the first Game. Where, when you Import your Saved File, your Story continues, but we're exposed to some sort of a reminder about what we've done would be so freaking cool. Remind us of our past adventures, what we've accomplished, [on a Global Scale, maybe some Important details], like : What was the State of the Dyrwood when we first came in. [Hollow-Born Childs] How did we became the Watcher. What happened when we dealt with Raedric VII / Kolsc. [Ally ? Ennemy ? Raedric Returned ?] Maerwald & How we became the Watcher of Caed Nua. [What happened when we dealt with the Master of the Deep, underneath the Castle [Killed her ? Help her ?]. Defiance Bay [Animancy, Houses (Doemenel/Etc)] Twin Elms [Gods Trial] What happened with all the Dragons [Hylea, Etc] Include what we've done in The White March. Etc... Since Deadfire will scan your Saved File/Story for the Story to come, maybe it can Remind you what happenned before, just to get the feeling of continuing our Story. That's all I'm saying... Of course, Cinematics aren't necessary, but Sliders/Etc like what happened in the End of Pillars Of Eternity would be just fine. I say this because I'm sure I've forgotten many things I did back then, and each of us don't necessarily have the time to re-do 100+ Hrs of Gameplay. And I also think about New Players who will come into this game directly. They should be exposed to what happenned, who they are & why they are in the Deadfire's Archipelago, Etc. I'm sure the "Introduction" will do that, but include a Résumé of our Back-Story aswell if you can.
  2. It's not a new idea, and I'm pretty sure it has been discussed here somewhere (a search saw me return empty-handed). I've seen many discussions about how could be defined a "mature game", and people usually agree about the fact that it's not about boobies. That boobies may even actually be a sign of immaturity. There's also the question of the topics used in the game, and the morality when it comes to choose and to live by its consequences. "Being bad/evil" in many RPGs for instance, is often playing an (uninteresting and not "mature") "psychopath". I remember this question being brought by Peter Molyneux. Something about "being good is the hard path / you can be good and save the persecuted, it is an available option. But it will cost you an eyeball". I like the idea that being bad is not being a psychopath. It's being greedy, lazy, or a coward. It works the best when it appeals to the player behind the PC. If you must permanently lose 1 point of strength to save someone (who won't even give you a kiss), will you do it? I like that because it's challenging you as a (role)player, not just your character (I think it's used in Divinity 2 to some - scanty - extend). Would it be punishing? Rewarding? Hey, it would be optional, you could choose to be a ****. Being a hero is not that easy, it would cost you. Actually, there is no real value to "being good" if it does not cost you something. Is there?
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