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Found 1 result

  1. So, this game has been out of Kickstarter for a while, and, although it has been discussed a little, it hasn't had its own thread. At least I didn't find one in a search. It is a RvR based PvP sandbox MMORPG, for those wondering. It's being head up by Mark Jacobs (creator of DAoC and former CEO of Mythic Entertainment). Around the end of 2015 there has been a great deal of info released on the game. It has 3 realms: Arthurian's, Tuatha De Dannan (sp?), and Vikings. These factions all play differently as a whole. Arthurian's based will be defensive (trying to be the last standing), the Vikings are offensive (best defense is the best offense), and the TDD will use Guerilla tactics. It will have around 10-12 classes per faction. They will be themed to fit their faction. Most will be in before launch, and some will come after (spirit mage and Shapeshifter classes possibly coming post-launch). Classes are non-mirrored between the realms. They are bringing back old MMO classes like support, speed, and so on. They also are having ranged classes capable of hundreds of yards reach. So mages can assist sieges alongside siege engines. The economy is player driven. There is a dedicated crafter class that seems to hold similar ideas to SWG crafting. Save the starting safe zones (which are islands) for each faction, all other cities will be player made. These player made cities can then be seiged by the other 2 realms. The game starts with the world being an Archipelago. As a faction takes control of an island, that island can have an anchor placed on it to pull it toward its starting island. Thus the world map will be ever changing as islands are won or lost by the 3 factions. One of the more interesting part of the game is a system called AIM. This stands for Action, interaction, reaction. Using their servers to run a PhysX system, the game physically tracks spells, projectiles, and so on. Also, I believe it monitors collision detection. Anyway, if a fireball is cast, and it contacts a waterball, then the water will turn the fire into steam. Then players can use air magic to push the steam cloud. All magic types and projectiles will have unique interactions with all other types. They are doing unique things with spells and abilities where you can craft your own. They are doing horizontal progression (no levels) to keep new players viable. They are slowing combat down (compared to other games in the genre to be more tactical, allowing players to aim at certain body parts (head, torso, either arm, or either leg), etc. It is an interesting title doing a lot of unique things in the MMO sphere. Even if you aren't into PvP in MMOs it is worth looking at. http://camelotunchained.com/v3/ Apologies for any errors. I'm at work, I'm bored, and i did this from my phone Edit: I forgot to mention that they built the engine from scratch, and the server is capable of battles that range from small skirmishes all the way up to thousands of players. In alpha the client is holding around 30 fps.
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