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  1. So I hit level 12, and went to go assign my skill points, but they were greyed out and I couldn't click on them. Thinking maybe it was because I was in a combat zone, I left the planet. Still couldn't. I have since leveled up, stripped naked, etc in game, reloaded the save, and I still can't assign skill points. Worse, I tried respeccing thinking that would help. I now have 120 skill points I can't assign. So basically, my character has become unplayable
  2. A while back, all my saves were called "unknown" even in areas that had in the past worked such as the oak tree. Now, however, there is an issue that has affected all my saves, even ones extending all the back to why they were working. Now, items in my inventory are replaced and are always the same item. My crow crossbow was replaced with a sprig bow, and spider chest and leg armor (that I had put on maybe 60+ saves ago) is equipped. It seems as if the game merged all the inventories I had in the past together. Additionally, and even more worrying as this stops me from progressing, every time I load in a save, no matter what save, I load into my base, even if I am elsewhere. I am no developer but I suspect the game was corrupted somehow and has confused time tags as I always spawn with the same inventory in the same location, no matter the state of my save. Edit: It also reset all my mutations to a past point, though all objects in the world remain the same including buildings and contents of chests. I lost a lot of progress so if anyone has encountered this or has a fix, it would be appreciated.
  3. The issue happened to me and i fixed it in game. Go to the tree lab that burgle is in. For whatever reason there was 30+ weavels and some ants. (https://youtu.be/3Ys7GBUjOsk) After that the issue was solved, however i went back like 3 in game days later and there was 12+ ants; not in the lab but outside the spiders lair in a group. It looked like they were fighting over an acorn bit but im not 100% sure. Also weevils can get stuck in the lava lamp and you have to wait for them to clip through.
  4. So I can't get any achievements in coop. They are host only. If I join my friend, only he gets the achievements. I've tried the following achievements in his game: Fine Dining, Lounging Around, Beefing Up, Exoskeleton, Face your Fears. None of them worked. Not sure if the problem is on my side, but I even tried multiple accounts, nothing worked for me. Hope this can get fixed!
  5. I'm playing Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire on steam and it keeps freezing. I played it for about 7 hours yesterday and it was working fine but today it just freezes after running for a few minutes. The game is still running in the background, The audio still runs and I can still move the cursor but everything else is frozen. Here are my specs Microsoft Windows 10 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-10300H CPU @ 2.50GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Total Memory 7.8 GB Free Memory 2.0 GB Total Hard disk 475.8 GB Free Hard disk 345.6 GB Can anyone give me some suggestions on how to fix this? I've updated win 10, reinstalled the game, reinstalled stream, turned off steam overlay, turned off wifi and anti-virus, run as administrator, deleted saves, etc. If anyone could help me out I'd appreciate it.
  6. I have been scouring the map for about 2 or 3 in game weeks, and I have yet to find a feather. Ive followed the crow around to its different perches and waited till it flys away, and no feather. I haven't seen it drop any feathers at all. I will also go several days without seeing the bird also. anyone know how to get this working or is it just bugged out completely?
  7. Game doesnt start anymore after the Update. Already Reinstalled but I still have the same problem. I can try to start the game for one time after I restart my Pc. I will always tell me that the has been a problem after showing the loading screen for 2 minutes. After that I cant even start it again, cause nothing will happen if i try to. I have to restart my pc for another try, but the same problem whil show up again and again...
  8. Hello! I am currently experience a bug in game that show's my mouse cursor on a portion of the screen. It causes my character to stop firing their weapon and I have to move my mouse to a different portion of the screen to fix it. It only happens in a small box on the right hand side of the screen. Things I have tried to do to fix the issue are as follows. 1. Re-install the game. 2. Changed resolutions around. 3. Changed the game from Fullscreen to Windowed Fullscreen as well as Windowed. 4. Closed all background applications besides epic launcher and the game itself. 5. My GPU drivers are up to date as well. Thank you for reading! The game has been fantastic so far!
  9. Hello everybody. I have a fatal problem with Beast of Winter. I have Deadfire through Pass with all 3 DLC. I started Beast of Winter and when I rescued the 3 lost souls to help me with the dragon, I left the island and started The Forgotten Sanctuary. Now I have returned to the Winter Beast but the Neriscyrlas lair is not active, I can't click on it. I've hovered, talked to souls, reloaded previous games (sadly, I don't have a game saved from when I got to this point the first time) but I still can't click on the lair. I can't finish the DLC, can someone help me? Thanks in advance.
  10. had an event at sea where a rogue wave threatens the ship after event the sound byte of the crashing wave continually plays in a loop whether on land, sea or in town its extremely loud and cant hear anything whilst it plays (which unfortunately every 6 seconds or so!) , it is so loud that cant even hear anyone talking or for example if the crew starts singing at sea the sound byte of crashing wave completely drowns (heeyo) them out. i cannot avoid this event either. doesnt matter if i load a save before this happen as as soon a i put to sea the event happens. every single time this event happens (have reloaded and done the event, which happens every single time) over 10 times and evey time the sound byte is stuck on loop) have to have the sound effects turned off (which unfortunately is a hell of alot of sounds id rather be hearing!) otherwise game is completely unplayable
  11. Not sure why it triggered, but it just keeps scrolling upwards. quicksaving then quickloading didn't resolve the problem. moving to another area did!
  12. Currently doing a playthrough on version (GOG). Noticed that Edér's reputation log stops showing status changes after a dialogue in The Endless Queries. More specifically, telling inquisitor Naxiva "I reject your authority!..." seems to freeze the log. Any reactions Edér has during conversations from that point onward are not recorded. Thus, since there is no UI tracking it is hard to tell if Edér's attitude towards the PC actually changes or not.
  13. is there a good place to post bug reports for the ps4 version of the game? is there a separate company that obsidian hired to make the console port that i could report it to? also wondering if anyone has actually gotten feedback on bug reports recently or if im wasting my time. much as i completely adore this game, it wouldnt surprise me at all if they abandoned bug fixing it given the poor sales. the console release is so buggy it almost feels like a lost cause but iv noticed a few particular areas that the game has a very hard time with (tikawara is completely inaccessible in my game due to instant crashes), as well as a number of quests related to crookspur that seem seriously bugged. I would love to give some feedback if possible. Thanks!
  14. Serafen is bugged out. He is at random spots of the map and sometimes he isn't. There names and icons are duplicated as well when changing party members. It wont allow me to change party members as well. It just shows I have only 3 party members for instance even tho I picked Aloth and someone else. Sometimes I can pick different party members yet Serafen is randomly around. He was killed once , which is funny buy very annoying cause I have to reload. Is there any way to fix this???????? I cant post the picture cause its bigger than 507kb , which I also have to say is VERY IGNORANT.
  15. -PC Game Pass -Single Player Bug: Insects getting stuck in place even in large groups. Even when provoked ants will not move because they are stuck, still become hostile though. Aphids stuck to one activity -> don't run away. I also saw a pack of ants that were chasing a weevil but were all frozen in place. They still make noise and can rotate but they do not move. Link to reddit post with video: https://www.reddit.com/r/GroundedGame/comments/ly0upp/bugs_getting_stuck_aphids_stuck_in_routine/
  16. Every time I try to pick up the water skin in the intro scene my game crashes and drops me in the desktop, corrupting the save file that was used to try to pick up the water skin. any assistance would be awesome as I was looking forward to playing the game. I have tried two different new games so far to see if it was a one time thing and I lowered my frames to 30 to see if it was my computer. I am adding the crash repot to see if anyone can help check it out (as I'm pretty coding-illiterate). Thanks for anything! crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt report.ini
  17. 2 Similar bugs are described below. Additional details and notes are listed at the bottom in order to assist in reproduction of these issues. Note: My play-through initiated before the 1.3 patch. I've read that companion attributes have changed since the patch if you start a new character. I have not tested this bug with the new companion attributes to see if that might have changed the way this behaved but I suspect the issue is still prevalent there as well. If you have any questions, Please let me know! Bug 1 Version: 1.3 Platform: Steam Date: 4/4/2015 Description: When swapping between two items in different slots that give a bonus to the same attribute, permanent attribute loss can occur. Reproduction Items: Kana's Turban: +1 Intelligence Drinking Horn of Moderation +2 Intelligence Reproduction Steps: Equip Drinking Horn of Moderation (Int goes up by 2) Equip Kana's Turban (Int goes down by 1, Turban overrides the Horn's greater bonus) Remove Kana's Turban (Int goes down by 1) Remove Drinking Horn of Moderation (Int goes down by 2) Net Loss: 2 Intelligence When removing the Kana's Turban followed by removing the Horn of Moderation, a permanent 1 point stat loss occurs. Repeating this process can bring the intelligence stat down repeatedly. Note: As I am playing a Godlike character, I reproduced the steps above on the Kana Bug 2 Version: 1.3 Platform: Steam Date: 4/4/2015 Note: This bug is nearly identical to the first with one minor exception. See reproduction steps. Description: When wearing two items with similar attribute bonus', When swapping between two items in different slots that give an a bonus to the same attribute, permanent attribute loss can occur. Reproduction Steps: Equip Drinking Horn of Moderation (Int goes up by 2) Equip Kana's Turban (Int goes down by 1, Turban overrides the Horn's greater bonus) Remove Kana's Turban (Int goes down by 1) (Repeat steps 3 & 4: Each repetition drops Intelligence by 2, 1 Int for each step) Remove Drinking Horn of Moderation (Int goes down by 2) Temporary work around: Do not equip items that give a similar stat boost. First remove the stat boosting item and then equip the new item. Additional Details: When using Rundyl's Finery and Drinking Horn of Moderation, Attribute loss occurs as well. In bug 2 version, Attribute loss only occurs when removing one of the 2 items. At that time, 2 Attribute points are lost. Both items give 2 attribute points. Using 2 +1 items does not cause this to reproduce. Confirmed Bugs 1 and 2 also occur on Eder. Using Rundly's Finery and Drinking Horn of Moderation on Durance, I was only able to get Bug 2 to reproduce when I unequipped Rundyl's Finery but did not actually place the item back into the inventory. In order to reproduce this, simply drag the item from the character with the mouse and then drop the item back onto the chest piece without placing the item back into the inventory. I have been entirely unable to reproduce this issue with Lilith's Shawl (+3 perception) and Spider Fingers (+ 1 perception). It appears this may require the inclusion of at least 1 +2 Item.
  18. Every time I leave the Stellar Bay area, the game crashes! Not when I leave the gates, but a good 200 meters away from the town in any direction. I have tried restarting my PC, capping my frames to 60, doing other missions and coming back, but nothing has worked! The main quest is outside of Stellar Bay right now, so I cannot get to it either... The game closes immediately, no lasting black screen or anything. I am on the Radio Free Monarch quest, and am on the Speak to the Broker objective. Any suggestions on how to fix the crashes?
  19. So it seems the Copperlane map stuff is being put on top of every other map in the city.So all of the magnifying glass prompts, the hidden cache, the names of locations on the map like the Goose and the Fox. All of that is just being put on top of every other map and I've mostly been able to navigate around it, I just have to walk around the areas with the magnifying glass prompts but I literally can't complete a quest because it's blocking my access to an NPC. I haven't been able to find anything about this in all the bug threads I've seen so I was wondering if anyone had a clue how to fix this. It started when I entered Copperlane and so far it has affected every single location I've been to afterwards. Screenshot from the Goose and the Fox. I need to speak to Weaxel for "Something Secret" and I can't reach him because the entire area is covered by the magnifying prompt for some reason. Other prompts don't take over entire areas so I have to assume this is part of the bug.
  20. Hi all! Several days before I've encountered a new problem in PoE 2: I can't save the game anymore via Main menu -> Save game. The menu is displayed, I have a Save button, but when I pressing it nothing happens. I have searched this forum a bit, and did not found the issue like that. All my prevoius save games are present in the list, and I'm still ableto save game via hot keys for Quick Save - this is how I'm continuing to play. But today I decided that the issue is really annoying, so here I am. I have the last Steam version with pre-order bonus and gaun's pledge additional content, no mods, most of the steam cloud space for this game is free, the space on HDD-s is also OK.
  21. Whenever a container (canteen) is filled up with any form of liquid and is dumped out by right clicking it from the inventory it seems like it never actually works. It empties the value but once you throw it out of your inventory and pick it up again, you'd see it return as if it didn't actually empty the value. - something related to the values not being updated: whenever hot crafting, the quantity won't get updated. Thanks Devs. :)
  22. Anytime I build something when playing online with my friend, he is unable to see what I have built and for him it looks like I am disappearing. Once he tries to walk onto a floor I have built, he will glitch through the world. You can see here on his game clips it happening: https://gameclips.io/Devil%20Sibby/77cce38b-bae5-4544-9ede-b08e6413bf89
  23. I'll cut to the chase. I think a aggresive centipede would be awesome. A lawnmower in grass areas would be epic. A neutral stick bug would be sweet. Lastly an aggressive garden snake would be fantastic. Centipede - Typically drier, flat, areas or underground. Hide could be used for better base upgrades like reinforced walls. The legs could be used for scimitars. Stick Bug - Wandering around a lot of places, but mostly the giant tree. Legs can be used to make the rod of a fishing pole to catch tadpoles, etc. Lawnmower - Leaves a trail of grass planks and either grass or dead grass chunks. The chunks depends on the area being mowed. Garden Snake - In thick grass or weeded areas. Can also be found exploring the berry bushes. Fangs could be used as upgraded spear ends or reinforced spike traps. Shedded skin could be used as a pitfall cover.
  24. When trying to build any type of structure or craft decorations, the item or structure slants to a side after pressing the build button. This is an issue that did not happen until the new update was released (Nov 10th). Very important to address this issue as base building is a crucial part of the game and experience.
  25. I emailed a save game two days ago with a bug stopping progress to the beast of winter. The 4th wandering soul is missing / not giving credit (I think I actually saw it) so I can't summon the king. I posted at the time but my post was put on hold subject to approval by a moderator. That post has now disappeared so I am creating a new one. I can resend the save game if I need to. I have double checked online 4 the locations of the souls just in case.
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