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Found 2 results

  1. Worst as in just really really bad at being a pirate. This is something that has been gnawing at me since the game came out and I need to get it out. Being feared as a pirate was an important part of being a pirate, but that was to make things easier. Pirates traditionally would give their prey a chance to surrender, if they did then they would take all their stuff but leave them alive. If they didn't they gave no quarter and butchered every single person. This was simple logic: if people knew that resistance would get them killed but rolling over let them keep their lives then they would roll over, the pirates were not after bloodshed but profit and having to fight even when they knew they had the overwhelming advantage still carried risk they would rather avoid. It was so that they could be lazy and not have to chase down their prey or fight to board them. They would raise a flag demanding surrender, if the prey tried to flee or fight then they would switch to no quarter. Fear of the consequences and knowledge that they would be spared caused many crews whose captain tried to order them to fight back to mutiny and hand the ship and captain over to the pirates, and many sailors often defected to the pirate crew when boarded, giving them more manpower. By making your foe know that if they surrender they will still be raped and murdered then you gave them no reason to surrender and all the reason to fight to the bitter end, and to make sure you paid as much as they could while deprieving you of the loot just to spite you. You want fear, but also a 'way out' for your foes to take that make things easier for you. Benweth does none of this: "Leave none alive lads!" not only sounds like a twatty teen trying to be dark but is just stupid. Benweth, you are a crap pirate, I kill you horribly every time. His men would have turned on him a long time ago regardless of how well he treats them simply because he put their lives at risk with his crap pirating. TL;DR: Benweth is a ****ing idiot, ****, and crap pirate.
  2. Hi, So I´ve collected the booze and food for the party but then I thought that it would be nice to try and fight Benweth in a direct confrontation instead. First time we wiped but then I tried to pull Benweth and his fighters into the room to the left. It worked fine and all guards are dead. But Benweth is not! He is gone......!!! I probably was stealthy when the fighting started. Now, my only available save game (for this) will make me loose about two hours of choices and playtime so I need to find out if I am able to trigger Benweth back into the story - or if I could continue without finishing this quest? I have tried to get that party started with the stew but Benweth is nowhere to be seen. I’ve read some forums and as I understood them this bug should have been removed long ago! If nothing else - is there a possible way to edit save game file to be able to continue? Regards Mem
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