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Found 13 results

  1. Ok, this is... awkward. I was an original kickstarter backer for Pillars of Eternity and got the "Kickstarter Hero Edition" plus "The White March" two-part expansions and apparently this includes the "Giant Miniature Space Piglet and Gaun's Pledge pre-order items". Thing is, I never... redeemed the rewards... Just slipped my mind. Thought I did, apparently didn't. Now, ironically, I have re-purchased the "Definitive Edition" as part of Humble's "Storied Strategy and Role-Playing Bundle", which includes the "Deadfire Pack" and "Royal Edition Upgrade Pack" that I didn't own, so now I am trying to figure out what to do with these two copies of the game. Are the Kickstarter rewards included in the "Definitive Edition" or are they-still Kickstarter Exclusive? Do I redeem all on Steam to get "The Complete Pack" or do I double-dip and redeem the Kickstarter pack on GOG or gift it to someone who won't take 8 years to remember they even owned the bloody game? Please, roast away... Oh, and as a Bonus, also ask me if I already owned the Definitive Edition from when it was free on the Epic Store... (come to think of it, maybe that's why I thought I had redeemed it?)
  2. I'm putting together an article over on the wiki (https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Pillars_of_Eternity_II:_Deadfire_backer_created_content) which aims to list all of the backer-created (or at least backer-inspired) content that was added to the game as a result of the Fig campaign. While I have some of this already - since they can be inferred by their debug names, a lot of it I have no clue about and could really use some help on. If you backed one of the below tiers, or know any information regarding (perhaps the devs have a list?), please leave a reply below, it would be much appreciated! If you would like your name/handle attributed to the item alongside the listing on the wiki (knowing well that it is a public site), feel free to add this information too. The categories which I need input on are as follows: Items in the "Create an Item" and "Create an Item II" rewards tiers, should be at least 35. Portraits in the "Portrait In-Game" tiers I through IV, should be at least 18. (see https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Category:Pillars_of_Eternity_II:_Deadfire_portraits) Spells in the "Create a Spell" tier, should be at least 3. Inns in the "Create an Inn" tier, should be at least 3. Islands in the "Own an Island" tier, should be at least 2. The soulbound item that was created by backer in the "Top Backer" tier. Additionally, there are some discrepancies between the amount of claimed rewards, and the actual content in-game. For example there seems to be only 8 backer NPCs, while there have been 10 rewards claimed. Is there any particular reason for this? Since I don't want to force people over to another site, here is what I've got so far: Pets (complete): Super Pets (complete): Items (incomplete): NPCs (complete?): Portraits (incomplete): I got nothing, see https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Category:Pillars_of_Eternity_II:_Deadfire_portraits Spells (incomplete): Also nothing Pirates: Inns: Nothing Islands: Nothing Soulbound items: Nothing
  3. Hi all. When I backed the game on Fig during crowdfunding campaign, there was a possibility to add Audio CD physical soundtrack of the game as an add-on reward (not part of any tier, but added physical item, like those tin figurines of Aloth, Edér and Pallegina were). However, the reward was not delivered with the rest and I didn´t find any info about it anywhere. I contacted the support about this and got no answer at all. This add-on cost 20 USD. Any info about this? Thanks for help
  4. I'm a fig backer and I have just claimed my steam key for POE2, however I noticed that the key I was given is for the deluxe version, which does not contain the DLC, I purchased the DLC as an addon during the fig campaign so I'm wondering if I was given a wrong key or if I will be given another key later to add the DLC? Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place btw, I couldn't find a "fig backer support page" or something like it.
  5. So I downloaded the omnibus for backing and noticed that one of the stories, Until He Started Screaming, wasn't there. Was this an oversight or does it now conflict with the lore of Deadfire? Sorry if this was already clarified previously.
  6. Hi, For the past months I've been living in alternate planes and only found out this week about PoE II: Deadfire. Fortunately it's still possible to pledge to the project via Obsidian's portal. I'm thinking on going for the Signed Elite Collector's tier. But it's not clear if the Pillars II DLC is included or not. As described in the site the Pillars II DLC gives: Early Bird access to DLC for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire at a special crowdfunding price. This is a Season Pass for all DLC that will be released for Pillars II. Looking at the, now closed, fig campaign page https://www.fig.co/campaigns/deadfire There isn't any mention of DLCs. Apart from bears So is the "all future DLCs" addon included in any pledge tier? And any idea for how long the backer portal will be open for new pledges? (I'll be backing it during this or next week, just don't want any surprises) Thanks
  7. So I was umming and erring about whether to back Deadfire as I'm starting up at University this week and won't have a lot of time to play video games (also weighing the financial reasons). I finally bit the bullet figuring that I'd buy it eventually anyway, so I made a "slacker backer" pledge last night, but the Fig amount never changed (it was $4,407,598 both before and after my pledge). Is the amount just not changing anymore? I thought that if - even after the Fig campaign ended - the money amount was reached then a stretch goal would still be implemented?
  8. On Madhmar Bridge, the backer NPC, Aerthuris, has an extra long backstory because it was copied and pasted twice.
  9. @Obsidian: Will backers get keys appropriate to their pledge tiers? The question was asked during the course of another thread, and Adam Brennecke said that he would ask about it, but it's been over a month since and there doesn't seem to have been an official answer. To be clear, matching the basic tier packages to the proper editions would be sufficient. It seems reasonable that addons would have to be downloaded from the Backer Portal given the myriad possible combinations a backer might have chosen. Really, at the very least, tiers $80 & up (if I read the reward summaries correctly) should get the Royal Edition so that you're not slighting your most enthusiastic supporters. Also, could we please get our keys early so that we can add the game to our GOG or Steam accounts and know that we have everything set and ready for release day? It's the end of February now, and I want March to be a month of building excitement that isn't darkened by these concerns every time that PoE comes to mind. If we can't get our keys before release, then please at least give us an official assurance that we will receive the proper edition on release day.
  10. My impression of the first hour of play I really enjoyed it, the feeling is great and the graphics are excellent without losing the old school touch! Here is some feedback of the things I found strange, not to be negative, just to let you guys know: - I really like the character creation, like the way how you can fine tune a character and the dept of it, would love to see more faces and haircuts to choose from, some more portraits that match the hairstyles and faces would be nice to. Some portraits don't match the game's feeling and feel out of place. - Wizard spells during character creation have no info like range, damage, aoe. - Graphics are very impressive, but the game backgrounds and nature like the trees and grass look extremely static to me. - Missing item descriptions and what the product / item / weapon does at the traders and shops. Some items only give info after placing them in the trade bar, why not with a mouse scroll over. - Loading screen really needs a polish, too much black, the cetic / medieval font is great, why not use some of that awesome artwork? - Tavern sounds could be upgraded with a little more chatter and ambience noises for a more cheerful effect. - Damage bars in the portraits go from top to bottom, i don't know why but it gives me the creeps, why not from bottom to top like the normal way. - The aoe and range cursors could use something more fancy than a yellow line. - Minimap would be nice to have. - Auto save after going to a new map would be nice. - I played all of the BG, Icewind Dale, and Planescape games, but the encounters here are very hard for me, I played on normal, and I am not a fan of easy games, but just the lions and the beatles alone gave me a hard time, that took the fun out of the exploring. I rushed into battle and did not buy any gear, or changed something in the party. Perhaps i missed something. It took the fun out of the game after six party wipes in 30 min. Fight's don't feel like fun and it's very difficult to know whats going on. Overal this game is awesome, can't wait for another beta or the end product, but keep in mind that there are lots of quantity games out there, what gamers need is quality! So please take your time to make something special, don't rush it, and keep up the good work!
  11. I noticed something today that I found a little strange to me when it comes to backing the project on the website. I paid for the signed collector's edition, the audio cd, and playing cards. Everything worked completely as is, all is good. However, I noticed that if I were to later decided I also wanted the I don't know.. Digital Strategy Guide, I would have to buy the game an entire second time just to get that add-on that I wanted. I understand that add-ons are well.. add-ons they shouldn't be purchasable alone and that makes sense. It would be a wise idea though to have some kind of system where people who have already made a purchase though can still access and pay for add-ons at a later time (even if it is only digital items for shipping reasons) I say this because with the current system you're potentially throwing away money people may have been willing to give for things they would have gotten at a later date when they had the funds for it. If something like this isn't done though, I think it'd be wise at least to have the page explicitly state that there's no going back so you better have everything you want now. I searched around the forums about this, but the last time it was discussed was in January with a dev saying they were looking into maybe adding it, and since it's April now I wasn't sure if it was a shelved idea for whatever reason or what.
  12. Hello, everyone. I just wanted to post to let you know that we have increased the character count for some fields in the item survey. Item Appearance has been increased from 375 characters to 500 characters and Item History has been increased from 500 characters to 1,300 characters. If you have already submitted your survey but want to change your Item Appearance or Item History, please let us know by emailing support@obsidian.net. We would be happy to change it for you.
  13. First of all apologies if this is elsewhere I couldn't find an answer through search. Is it possible to increase my pledge at this time? During the Kickstarter I gave what I could afford, but now I can give more. I am currently on the $50 tier plus OOoE. If possible I would jump to $110 tier plus OOoE.
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