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Found 5 results

  1. Well, at least in the Dark Souls community people try to find ways to one-shot any boss the game has to offer but since Pillars of Eternity isn't exactly a boss-centric game, that pretty much leaves us with the Adra Dragon as only interesting candidate. The good news is, it seems to be possible. The bad news is, you probably need a lot of luck and perhaps a party specifically geared towards this one goal. I haven't done it but I was close a couple of times and that was with the pre-made companions. Just to clarify this, one-shotting means to use a single attack, spell or ability to kill the Adra Dragon from full health. You may use whatever buffs or debuffs you like as long as you kill the dragon in one action. It may tick multiple times like poisons or some spells, which is allowed - if not necessary. I. Do not attempt this if you are easily frustrated. The bastard dragon has insanely high defenses, as well as a permanent fear aura. The real challenge is not the damage but actually hitting. Most of your everything will miss. You cannot immunize yourself against fear in this game so if you try to disspell it with Suppress Affliction or Liberating Exhortation, it's back in seconds. The dragon laughs at your Prayer Against Fear, thanks to his sky high accuracy. II. The key to putting out enough damage is, of course, petrify. By this I mean the tier 6 wizard spell Gaze of the Adragan. III. Stack all the accuracy and might you can get. Intellect doesn't hurt either but it's not as important. Be careful with the stacking so the bonuses actually work with each other. Farmer's Spread seems to get overwritten by Champion's Boon. No breakfast for champions, it seems. I have a paladin with the Zealous Focus aura (+6 to accuracy and 5% crit conversion), Blessing (accuracy gets overwritten by the aura I believe but you still get x1.1 damage), Champion's Boon (+10 might), Girdle of Maegfolc Might (+3 might), Gauntlets of Accuracy (+5 accuracy, I have no idea where I got those from), Cloak of Protection (+10 to all defenses), Stag Helm (+1 dexterity), Glanfathan Stalking Boots (x1.1 damage to flanked enemies but I don't think that ever worked out since Phantom Foes never hits). On top of that we have Potion of Eldritch AIm and Potion of Merciless Gaze on our hotbar. No armor and only Measured Restraint equipped as a weapon but that doesn't do anything so you might as well equip no weapon. IV. You have to find something that can actually dish out enough damage. I had the idea for this challenge after using Minoletta's Concussive Missiles on a petrified victim and saw it dealing ridiculous damage. The adra dragon has 477 endurance on hard difficulty (which should be identical to normal difficulty) which means every of your five missiles has to hit for about 95 damage which is theoretically possible but unfeasible in practice. For some reason the damage on these things is extremely volatile and the grazes can hit harder than the crits. I have no idea how they function. So we have to try another spell - and I tried most. Blast of Frost and Chain Lightning crit for about 150 damage each which is nowhere near enough. Malignant Cloud absolutely never hits. I don't even know how much damage it does. I couldn't get it to hit, ever. All the other spells did even less damage but then I remembered one spell I kinda forgot about: Ninagauth's Bitter Mooring aka blue Ray of Fire. It deals enormous damage per tick but the accuracy is really poor and it's difficult to connect more than a couple of hits. With this spell it's definitely possible. First attempts with Concussive Missiles. I only used a priest later but the effect is less than you would think. PS: Just as I wanted to submit this thread as a failed attempt, encouraging others to do better (after all, I used Aloth) I... kind of did it. I don't really understand why it suddenly worked. Also the first time I got a straight hit with Gaze of the Adragan (by rolling a 99) instead of a graze. Now to do the same in POTD... PPS: Aloth, you handsome devil.
  2. Here's another video showing how a paladin is able to tank the adra dragon in potd and without heals - no traps, no cheap tactics. Base stats - wild orlan 17mig/15con/4dex/20per/3int/18res. Adragans had to be killed first to prevent summons/healing for the dragon... I used jolting touch scrolls because they're common/easy to craft and don't require high lore. https://youtu.be/0nNLwfGrpKQ
  3. For people interested how to defeat the Adra Dragon with a ranger solo here's a little video. https://youtu.be/ewxtIFixUb8 In the video I forgot to show my accuracy vs dragon defenses in the logs. My max accuracy was 126 with bow while the dragon's lowest deflection was 96. I had 100 accuracy when I used Binding Roots and the dragon had 100 reflex. With Scale Breaker and the debuff from Lenas Er the dragon had 119 fortitude.
  4. After lying to the dragon slayer and giving her the amulet which containts the dragon spirit. The dragon is freed. But after he walks away, the screen turns black, but the music keeps playing. And no menu ok anthing comes up.
  5. I've finally managed to kill the Adra Dragon solo. As the strategy could be used on any class, I thought I could share. You just need to set a trap right down the stairs, then as soon as the fight starts, just run towards the trap and melt him with a lightning spell (I was using the animancer's boots which grant Jolting Touch) No need to make a video about it, the screenshot it's self-explainatory :D Screenshot here
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