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Found 6 results

  1. Archer enemy (Skaen Temple Sentry) shoots my rogue through a solid wall. How to reproduce: - Load the save game - Activate stealth - Send the the party (except the main character "Anoren") into the door south of them, and attack the cultist in the middle of the room as soon as they get spotted. Don't move the main character. - Skaen Temple Sentry will shoot (and usually kill) the main character, even though there's clearly no line of sight. It doesn't always happen immediately, sometimes it takes 5-10 seconds. If you watch carefully, you can actually see the arrow fly through the wall (so there is no second sentry sneaking up from behind or something - it really is the sentry in the corner). On a side note: I had substantial difficulty uploading the files necessary to give you a detailed description. Would have liked to upload a screenshot to make things clearer, as well as the output log you requested in the "How to report an issue"-Sticky, but file size restrictions did not allow it (just ~20KB left after uploading the savegame). 5dfd48c9-54c7-42a9-9207-b80a67f506b9 quicksave.zip
  2. Description: Game version is GOG, updated to 1.04 My main character is a fighter, when I use Knockdown or a weapon which has a chance to apply prone on crit applies prone; however it lasts 0.0 seconds. Patch 1.04 notes claim that this issue is fixed however it seems like the fix is not retroactive. Honestly I am looking for a hotfix, it sort of breaks the game. If it could be fixed by editing a file or via console I would welcome that option too. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Choose knockdown, hit enemy, observe that the enemy falls down and immediately gets up. Important Files: Savegame & Output Log & DxDiag https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5y0esztjl80xhpc/AADs3XshNBw6A7qw3hPMnoMMa?dl=0 My output log is around 13MB and full of NullReferenceException
  3. Hello, I changed Aloth to another companions in Gilden Vale. Aloth was equipped with "Ring of the Selonan" (+2 spell for 1 and 3 spell level). He had 6 1 lvl. spells and 6 3 lvl. spells. I've returned him in party in Od Nua, but he has 8 1 lvl. spells and 8 3 lvl. spells. Other characteristic was not changed... I've heard about bug like this before, but I've though that it was fixed. My save files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx1KtBrQAwPuQnBHWG5lOUg0b0E/view?usp=sharing - after https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx1KtBrQAwPubnRoSmhoSTZlQUE/view?usp=sharing - before Thanks!
  4. Hi, I dowloaded Pillars of Eternity from steam yesterday, but got an instant crush (within 0.3 seconds) when I try to start it up. Here's what I have tried and not work: 1. restart windows, steam. 2. run exe file directly, run as administrator, use 256 color 3. no log file can be found under the game folder. 4. switch between graphic cards( AMD Radeon HD 7450M, IntelĀ® HD Graphics 4000 ) 5. change non-unicode language into English, since I'm not using an English Windows system. 6. check google for similar problem and solution. My computer environment: Game Version: OS: Windows 8 x64 Graphic Cards: AMD Radeon HD 7450M, IntelĀ® HD Graphics 4000 Log file: can't find it under the game folder. Really want to play this game, anyone help?
  5. If you choose to attack Thristwn during the course of the Far From Home quest in Defiance Bay (Brackenbury/Ondra's Gift), by means of the [Aggressive] option in telling him to stay away from Serel, the entire establishment (The Charred Barrel) turns hostile. Considering that nothing like that happens if you do the opposite - force your way to Serel at the Salty Mast by killing her guards - I cannot believe that this is working as intended. Also, even if you do not initially agree to get the medallion for Thristwn, you still get the quest, and much of the dialogue suggests that you have agreed to help him. When you return to Thristwn after talking to Serel and coming to the conclusion that she deserves it more, your only dialogue option is to actually agree to get the medallion for him. This updates the quest, and then when you next talk to him, you can tell him that you've come to the conclusion that she deserves it more, leading to the argument which can get the entire inn violently murdered. Also, the fact that you get greatly reduced options in dialogue when talking to her after killing her guards makes very little sense, compared to the options given to you if you pay to sleep with her and instead just ends up talking to her. It stands out as very odd and the dialogue is extremely shallow. Not a bug, just a comment. Solutions: The quest should not start unless you agree to help Thristwn to begin with. If you choose to deal with him violently, the entire Inn should not turn hostile. The entire quest feels a bit wonky and unfulfilling, and should probably get another pass at the very least. It feels rather forced upon you, and lacking in options. If you side with Serel, your only option is to either attack him (and thus make the entire establishment hostile, currently) or tell him that you'll deal with him later; unless you have Resolve 17, which gives you a pacifist "get over it" option, or Might 16, which gives you another [Aggressive] option that doesn't necessitate attacking him. Suggestions: Allow the threat to be attempted without 16 Might (Aggressive), but resulting in him pushing back, panicking, and attempt to attacking you. Have a Might 16 option to rough him up (Aggressive), resulting in a second option to either let him go peacefully (Benevoloent), or to actually kill him then and there (Aggressive or Cruel).
  6. Patch Notes Update from Brandon Adler: "Just so everyone knows, I am going to start a special beta branch in Steam tomorrow so people can start playing the beta build if they would like. I will post more info about it tomorrow, then link it to this post." _______ No fix on Rogue's Reckless Assault ability that stacks and can't be turned off (Patch 1.03 didn't do jack for it ok...). My rogue does 1000 dmg and gets 1 shot so I still can't play. Yay.
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