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Found 2 results

  1. So I went at Belranga and Huani O Weh a second time just for kicks (same party I used the first time I beat them) but did some tweaks to see if there's gonna be any difference. I decided to go at Huani O Weh first and beat it after four attempts. Then I went to Belranga and beat it quite easily, almost on full AI mode, just keeping my main character with high health to ensure he wouldn't die. New insights on Huani fight: Pre battle preparations: Main character must be high defense tank (~130 Deflection) filled with 10 Potion of Miraculous healing, 10 Potions of Major Healing. Backup tank, DPS character should have at least 10 Potions of Major Healing, spell casters have 5 potions of Major Healing, 10 Scrolls of Meteor Shower, 5 Scrolls of Maelstorm) Both spell casters configured to be able to cast healing or rejuvenate spells. Scroll of Holy Fire can be used to replace Scroll of Maelstorm but won't do as much damage. Use shark soup on all characters for rest before the fight. My party: Main Character: Crusader with highest possible defense build using all corrosive damage protection items (amulet, armor, ring) 2 x ring of greater regeneration, modwry + cadhu scalth with maxed metaphysics for reduce damage taken) Eder - Swashbuckler shield and sword configuration for highest defense, most points went to Fighter deflection attributes Pallegina - Herald Build - all the chants that heal, incantations for raise dead and summon drake Ydwin - Priest/Chanter Build - all healing spells up to Resurrection, all healing chants, incantation that raise dead and summon drake Tekehu - Druid/Chanter - all rejuvenate spells, electric damage / all healing chants, incantation that raise dead and summon drake Huani O Weh needs to be defeated in five stages: initial Stage - Two Gigantic Oozes - Four Large Oozes - Eight Medium Oozes - 16 Small Oozes When you're hit with that black corrosive ooze do not move or you're going to create a small ooze everywhere you walk. You need to kill those quickly or else they will form into a bigger ooze. This is really a pain so be very mindful every time you try to move. You need to keep this in mind. You need one character to tank Huani for the whole fight. This character must have a deflection high enough (130+) to not get hit as often. My MC is the tank I used against Huani and he has 140 Deflection. The way I beat Huani the second time is as follows: Use main tank to get Huani's attention and begin the fight. You must draw Huani to the lower left side of the screen so your tank should be at the lower left hand side throughout the whole battle. I kept mine steady in one place by activating The Wall property of using a large shield. Move the rest of your party to the right side of Huani, two melee characters begin to attack and two spell casters further to the right begin dumping Meteor Shower and/or Storm of Maelstorm. Make sure the four characters to the right survive. If any of the characters die before the first "split" of Huani, restart the fight. You'll need all your characters to successfully complete the battle. The first fight to split up Huani to the two gigantic oozes took around 15 minutes. My tank had used up around 5 Potions of Miraculous Healing at that point. My other characters are all full health but have sustained considerable injuries. Immediately after the first split, it is critical that you lure the ooze on the right side where your other characters are all the way to the upper right side of the screen. You have done it correctly if the other gigantic ooze that your tank is still engaged in is not visible on the screen anymore. That huge distance is necessary to avoid the two gigantic oozes to merge and you're back with another full health Huani. As your tank is just basically killing time doing as much damage all by himself on the gigantic ooze not visible on your screen, your four other characters should blast the other gigantic ooze into two as quickly as possible. I just poured around 5-6 Scroll of Meteor Shower along with melee attacks from my Swashbuckler and Herald. This part took around 6-7 minutes. Get ready for the third phase where the gigantic ooze on the left splits into two large oozes. As soon as the gigantic ooze splits into two, use one of your backup tanks or DPS character to lure one of the large oozes towards the left as far away from the other half as possible. The large ooze with your three other characters on the left side now start to blast the large ooze into two. Do this as quickly as possible because in around 4 minutes, the other large ooze will begin to move towards its other half to merge again. If this happens it's going to be much harder to split it in two because you're gonna be out of scrolls. Kill the the two medium oozes of the left as quickly as possible. They will turn into smaller oozes but those are easy to kill. When the small oozes are all killed deal with the large ooze that is being tanked by your backup tank or DPS character. Repeat the process to destroy this large ooze to split into medium oozes then small oozes. When your four characters have completely destroyed all that remains of the original gigantic ooze from the first split up of Huani, move them all to the other gigantic ooze which should now be at least half health thanks to your tank. Repeat the same process from above. What's critical again is when the second split happens, the two large oozes need to be lured far from each other to avoid them rejoining and returning into its gigantic form. If that happens, you might have to restart the battle because you're probably out of scrolls at that point. Once you split the other gigantic ooze into two it should be easier than the first time you did it because you have your main tank to help pitch in some damage. Once you've killed all the small oozes the battle is over. Don't forget to collect the Mythic upgrade ingredient and the awesome Merge trinket that allows the character you equip it with to "possess" another one of your characters to become super human for 100 seconds. Honestly I think Belranga was so much easier than Huani O Weh. I was almost able to get the AI to do all the work for me for the Belranga Fight, and didn't use any high level elemental scroll to help. But for the Huani fight if you make a mistake you'll end up with a full health Huani in the middle of the fight and you'll have to start over. Walking to and from the oozes can also be a pain because you'll end up with little oozes behind you. Just kill them off as quickly as possible to prevent them from turning into another gigantic ooze.
  2. So I finally beat the two mega bosses last weekend and it wasn't a walk in the park even though I had a full party and each character configured for possible Solo Play. (I have a long way to go to figure out how to beat either of them in Solo, Normal Mode, let alone PoTD). This strategy is for the rest of us who are content with beating the Mega Bosses with a full party without resorting to cheating (using console commands) and/or gung ho on doing PoTD. I apologize for the lack of details about what items I used, step by step skill allocation, etc. This is just to provide the most important general guidelines in taking those two pesky bosses down. I can post up more details if required by the community My party consists of: MC - Fighter (Unbroken) / Paladin (Goldpact) - configured for highest deflection possible build using sword / large shield L20 Athletics Eder - Figher / Thief - configured for crit/defense build using sabre / large shield) L20 Athletics Pallegina - Paladin / Chanter - configured for highest deflection using sabre / large shield, healing chants (passive and active) and summon dragon evocation and all healing chants. L20 Athletics Xoti - Priest - configured to provide as many healing / buff / blessing - L20 Arcane Tekehu - Druid - configured to deal with the highest damage lightning / electricity damage - L20 Arcane All characters are L20, abilities all focused towards getting the highest possible passive defense/deflection/healing. Except for the spell casters, all ability points went to Athletics to have the highest second wind activation. Secondary skills also leverage on items that leverage on them, for example that large shield that optimizes deflection with metaphysics (Cadhu Skalth) I have metaphysics @L20. Pallegina's chants were all the healing chants + Paladin passive and active healing abilities (I don't think I would have succeeded in killing these two mega bosses if I hadn't configured Pallegina that way.' 1. Belranga Pre-Battle Preparations: (Rest using +2 skills until next rest) Load up your main tank as many miraculous healing potions as possible (at least 5 to be safe). All other characters should have at least 5-10 major healing potions to stay alive until Belranga's defense drops below 70. Stack at least 10 Maelstorm / Meteor Shower on Xoti and Tekehu. Main Battle Use your main tank (must have highest possible deflection) to keep Belranga busy with him. Your main tank should be able to stay alive long enough for the rest of the party to kill enough spiders until Belranga's defense drops below 70. Attack Belranga right at the start of the Battle. If main tank is a Paladin, keep activating Sworn Enemy and activate all buffs that increase deflection/defense. Your goal is to stay at full health with minimal potion use. Your main tank will be alone during this time because you need the rest of your party to kill as many spiders in the least amount of time possible. Use the rest of your party to kill the small spiders coming in from all directions. Use your main damage dealer and backup tank/dps to keep the spiders away from your main tank and protect your spell casters. Spell casters help kill spiders using low level spells if necessary but save the strongest spells for the later part of the battle. I put Eder on the left side of Belranga and Pallegina on the right side. Xoti and Tekehu stayed near the entrance to avoid getting swarmed by the small spiders. Have Pallegina summon a drake everytime the summon drake ability lights up to add to the damage done. Have Tekehu cast all AoE lightning spells to destroy/stun small spiders. As my MC chipped away on Belranga, the rest of the party killed all the spiders that were coming out of the spider caves. (They will not run out though). You will begin to notice (after around 10-15 minutes) that Belranga's defense is beginning to drop. Wait until Belranga's deflection drops lower than 70 in which your second tank and DPS should begin attacking Belranga as well. Make your spell casters unleash the Scrolls of Maelstorm and Scrolls of Meteor Shower on Belranga you stacked before the fight. You will start to see Belranga's health begin to drop and it's just a matter of time before she dies (mine took less than 10 minutes from the time her defense dropped to 70. Small spiders will still keep coming out but the Maelstorms and Meteor Showers will be killing anything that comes out at that point. It will be another 10-15 minutes depending how strong your characters are. Needless to say, use Xoti to resurrect / raise dead any party member that dies (save for main tank). Have Tekehu also cast Garden of Life to increase party healing. Use whatever spells are necessary to survive longer and to kill the spiders faster. When Belranga is dead don't forget to collect the stone that allows for Mythic Upgrade. it's one long fight. Of course you want to save as many Scrolls of Maelstrom and Scrolls of Meteor Shower for your next mega boss fight. 2. Huana O Whe Pre-Battle Preparations (Rest using +2 skills until next rest) Same as Belranga preparations. If you have no more resources to craft miraculous healing potions, potion for major healing healing will be okay but have your main tank have at least 10 to be safe. You can use Scroll of Sun Beam or fire spells that have AoE. Pre-Battle Notes - When the fight starts, any movement made by any of your characters will spawn a mini blob which will merge into a bigger blob if you don't kill it right away. You can end up fighting bigger blobs if you're not careful. Main Battle (DO NOT MOVE AROUND AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE or you will form small HoW blobs each step you take away from your original starting position). Have your main character, DPS, and second tank simultaneously attack HoW. They should be positioned in such a way that your MC is on the top most, your DPS at the center and the second tank at the bottom. You will need to lure the HoW's first split up form as quickly as possible with very minimal movement. Keep your two spell casters as far away from HoW as possible so that they will not be reached by any of HoW's attacks. I placed mine at the rightmost side of the screen. They will literally be idle and do nothing until your three attackers split HoW into two (this is the first split). Your main goal in the first part of the main battle is to split HoW in two. When that happens, have your main tank attack the blob on the lower side of the screen, make him move some more to the left as far as you can. Kill any little blob that spawns along the way. Have your DPS and main tank attack the second blob and lure it to the right where your spell casters are. Keep your main tank attacking the blob it lured to the left and your DPS and second tank attack the blob it lured to the right. Your spell casters can now help attack the blob on the right. Do not use the scrolls yet. Have them contribute to the damage. Once the blob on the right splits into two, Maelstrom and Meteor Shower away. Your goal is to kill the third split up blobs as quickly as possible. You can use your DPS or second tank to lure the third form blob a little to the center so they will not be close enough to reform. But if you can deal enough damage to kill the third form blobs quickly you don't need to bring them further apart. There will be a fourth split up but the blobs at this point aren't hard to kill. You need to kill the blobs as quickly as possible otherwise they will form and regroup and it will be harder because you won't have the same amount of potions and scrolls. Have the rest of your party move towards your main tank that is still fighting the other half of the first split of HoW. Have Pallegina summon a drake everytime the summon drake ability lights up to add to the damage done. Have Tekehu cast all AoE lightning spells to destroy/stun smaller blobs. Your main tank should have the first split down into bloodied state at this point so getting it to split into the second part should be easy. Have your DPS partner with your main tank to take out the second split blob, and your second tank and two spell casters take out the other half. Once they split into the third form maelstorm and meteor shower away. Kill the next split up blobs as quickly as possible. Do not let them reform. Needless to say, use Xoti to resurrect / raise dead any party member that dies (save for main tank). Have Tekehu also cast Garden of Life to increase party healing. Once you kill the last small blob of HoW the battle is over. Go and collect the reward that allows you to upgrade to Mythic. I honestly think the Huana Oh Whe fight was harder than Belranga. With the Belranga fight the trick was to get her defense/deflection down below 70 and it wasn't so hard. With the HoW fight you had to be mindful of the time because if you take too long to kill the succeeding split up blobs they will just reform and you could end up starting the fight all over again OR worse create an even bigger from the smaller ones you've created while walking from where you stood at the start of the battle. I hope this guide helps you out a bit. Sorry if I missed out on any important detail. Thanks for reading.
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