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Found 1 result

  1. Excitement builds up, release date is drawing near and as we're all going to take on this epic adventure I want to invite you to do something for which you'll only ever get one and only one chance in your lifetime. Play your first ever runthrough in hard mode ironman. Why? Because of the excitement, the epicness. Most certainly what will happen is that you'll just die after 2 hours of gameplay. You can then always start a new game in non-ironman and play the game normally. But....if you manage to cling on, if you just survive and get through the monsters and traps and ambushes, how epic will that story be? How high will be your excitement and concentration when you play? How proud and satisfied will you be when you survive just a simple brigand ambush? This is the only time you will have this chance. Often ironman is a challenge people take on when they have already beaten the game and they're bored. And often when you do it, it's difficult, it's hard, but you enjoy it because it puts you into a "realistic" situation where every choice, every action is a dice roll on someone's chance to stay alive. But then, while enjoying it, you can't help but wonder, "I wish I forgot the whole story and had the chance to start all over again, live this epic story once more with all of its surprises, excitement and amazement in a realistic game mode". Well, here is your chance. And you'll only ever have one...in all of Eternity.. No save/load scumming, no cash saving for a later item that would help you get through the game, no trying out unrealistic tactics just for fun, no knowing what is waiting for you on the next corner. Instead, every consumable will be used as soon as you need to, every tactic will be valid as long as you survive, every occasion will be taken to treat wounds, every moment will be lived like it is your last, and, when the unfortunate death of a comrade comes, he will not be saved but instead will be honored in your memories and you will also fight for him until, for you too, the bitter and inescapable end arrives and you will, indeed, die, but die you will in a sublime blaze of glory.. ----------------- At this point, I have just one doubt and one question I would like to ask people who played the BB: I am trying to decide if I take on this adventure in hard mode or path of the damned? What I understand is that hard mode is how the game was meant to be played and path of the damned (I really like this feature) is only with more numerous monsters. Obviously on non-ironman I would go path of the damned, but is it mission impossible to take the challenge on first playthrough on PotD IM? I just don't want to attempt something near impossible. Note: of course, this proposition is for people who see themselves as hardcore players. And of course, I don't expect to survive past a few hours. But then, what is important is not to win, but to do your very best. Will post my feedback. Don't expect anything incredible. Would love you share your thoughts and experiences...
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