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  1. From the previous thread : http://forums.obsidi...designs-a-plea/
  2. I was wondering... Was there ever a system in game where you could go to a blacksmith and instead of buying or crafting yourself you could just ask him to craft a weapon or armor which u want ? I would love to see this in P:E. Why is that ? Because I hate crafting I dont like it at all Im a warrior I dont have time to stand in the forge and make me some steel. I would gladly pay for this to someone whos job it is to make weapons. So what do you say ? Instead of selling hundred of weapons such a blacksmith could have some but the most should be made by ordering them right ?
  3. Personally I am afraid PE would to repeat a Dragon age 2 situation, where two-handed weapons were the fastest in the game. Even faster than dual daggers. I don't want to see another DA2 and Devil May Cry-like 2-handed weapons that weight like feather and able to slash 8367 times per second. I know 2-H swords were not a massive things and were actually rather lightweight and flexible weapons, but if we have MASSIVE weapons, like clubs, sledgehammers, mauls or such, then I think it'll be reasonable for them to act like one. Especially with that fantasy addiction for weapons with the blades the
  4. One of the topics that was touched upon in the weapon mechanics thread was the amount of weapon types. I thought it'd make for an interesting poll question. How many weapon types would you like to see in the game? And just how different should they be? 1. Small weapon selection, but each type offers a unique playstyle and has a different animation. E.g. Rapiers utilize quick thrusts, and emphasise mobility in combat. Against heavily armoured opponents, however, a greatsword would be a better choice. 2. A good amount of weapons, divided into subsets (weapons in a subset behave i
  5. Various RPGs have various ways of calculating the damage done by weapons and various ways to present it to the player. In DnD you get 1D8 for damage, and that practically is a more elaborate way of saying 1-8 damage. Would you like to see in a weapon's stats 1D8 or 1-8? Personaly i prefer the second since it's the same thing but more clear, however i never liked the idea of weapons doing x-y damage, so i'd rather see a system where the weapons have flat damage and it's the character's stats that determine if the weapon does more or less damage than it's base. What do you all think?
  6. In most cRPGs weapons are usually fairly similar to each other; most of the time the only difference is the amount of damage dealt. I think every weapon type (well, within reason of course) should offer a unique set of boni and (ideally) ought introduce a different playstyle. Here are a few ideas and suggestions (some may be obvious, most are pretty abstract, so be warned) : 1) Weapon reach : e.g. Pikes or Spears should allow your team members to attack from a greater distance, confering a serious advantage in some cases, but becoming a liability in close quarters. 2) Critical hit
  7. The backing hook of a halberd may be used to trip or forcibly dismount a mounted opponent; a spetum or ranseur is well suited to disarming an opponent; the beard of an axe may hook around the top of a shield and may be used to pull the opponent off balance or to expose their centerline to attack (lowers armor class). Will P:E allow us to take advantage of these and other secondary weapon functions? I certainly hope so as this will move combat beyond a very basic "hack 'n' slash" level.
  8. I, personally, find this conceit of some games to be kind of . . . annoying. Resistances? Okay. Armor that reduces damage from some sources? Okay. But needing to have: The Bludgeon weapon The Piercing weapon The Slashing weapon The Adamantine sword The Silver sword The Cold Iron sword The Lawful sword The Chaotic sword The Good sword The Evil sword The Epic sword The Wood sword The Crystal sword The Adamantine and Good sword The Silver AND Good sword . . . Just to do reasonable damage to most monsters is kind of . . . insane. Not to mention the fact that you can't RE
  9. One thing that I highly dislike about modern RPGs are the outlandish and outright ugly armour and designs. If you'd allow me some examples (incoming hyperbole and large images) : This Certainly looks better than this : Second example : In the examples, I've juxtaposed somewhat ornamental and a bit fantasy looking pieces of equipment with ones that look more like toys (which I consider to be a general tendency in fantasy cRPGS). Is the continuing urge for so called "epicness" really worth it? I think there's plenty of historical (and not so
  10. A white haired man appears at the top of the next sand dune... ...he waves at you and your adventuring party, in a half bouncing, running motion he bounds towards you. You and your party look at each other, eyebrows raised. The man is wearing an oversized backpack, nearly twice his height, the bag is overloaded with swords, bows, poles, staves, and various other weapons. All sticking out from various pockets at odd angles. A flails head swings precariously close to the man's head. As the man reaches your party, in a single swift motion, he swings the bag round and it unfolds into a large
  11. There is one thing that i enjoyed in the combat system of IE games: the fact that using bows or slings in melee resulted in a bonus for the guy who had the sword, axe etc. However there are many more combinations of weapons that are weak confronted with other weapons that were not used. A sword has finesse and is balanced, so it can move easily past the defenses of a guy who has a bulky axe or a hammer (Sw vs A +2 attack). However the sword has limited reach so the guy who uses a spear or poleaxe can keep himself at a safe distance while attacking (Sp vs Sw +2 defence). At the same time, hav
  12. My question is... Will there be "Epics" in the game? No I dont mean purple items that drop from monsters... No i dont me a high level quest reward. I am talking about the weapons you use and work with that unlock and become more powerful. Here are my examples. Father dies, gives me a long sword... at level 5 I notice the ruby gem is missing... I quest to find a flawless ruby... oh my! it is enchanted with fire... Longsword +1 fire damage... I am in the cave of the Thunder Lords of the Obsidian empire... Why is there a painting of my father?... with a sword that looks just like mine?...
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