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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! I would like to know whether the game will be announced in other languages ​​of the world? In Russia, a large fan base in the games Obsidian. A lot of oldfeds from the good old Fallout) Everyone was disappointed by the lack of voice acting from New Vegas. Thanks for answers. Sorry for my English.
  2. Male spell chanting/casting voice is too low... it's there, but the volume is too low almost to the point that you can't hear it. Female's voice is loud and clear also for some reason, I recruited Aloth and his spell chanting volume is ok. Tested with a priest and wizard for both male and female and the chanting voice is too low on males.
  3. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/78825-the-reason-why-a-lot-of-va-isnt-voiced/?p=1680668 After I made the post linked above, and observed the conversation that ensued for a while, I started thinking... VO is quite expensive. Like... really expensive. And if we assume that a game development studio has a given amount of money allocated to a game, say X dollars... then it follows that any money spent on VO is by necessity money that can't be spent elsewhere. That's how money works. My own personal preference is that games like this have some VO, but not a huge amount. Think "original BG and Torment" levels of VO, not "BG:EE or modern RPGs" levels. I think a small amount of VO adds a huge amount of characterization and immersion to the world - but that any more than that isn't worth the money it costs. Again, any money spent on VO is money that isn't spent on more talents, areas, quests, characters, QA... etc. So I'd prefer that a PoE expansion or PoE 2 have some VO, but not quite as much as PoE and certainly not more. I'd prefer to see that development money spent elsewhere. That's just my personal preference. And although we could (and probably will, knowing this forum ) have a protracted discussion about the pros and cons of VO, that's not my main purpose in making this post. I just want to see what the community thinks. Because although it's entirely possible that most people want more VO or Obsidian has their own strategy/design goals/marketing research and doesn't really care what a forum poll says... it's also possible that most people don't want more VO and Obsidian doesn't actually realize that. So... although the chances of that second scenario are probably pretty small, I figured I might as well check. Why not? All this can do is give Obsidian more information, which is good for everyone. In the post I linked above, it seemed like the vast majority of public opinion was on the "nah, don't spend more money on VO" side - but then again the people who actually post on the forum are a small subset of the people who read it, so I'm curious what the poll will say. So tell us - what do you think Obsidian should prioritize in the future? More money on VO, or no?
  4. I would really love to have an option to toggle volume for all kinds of voice-acting in the game. Combat shouts and the "affirmative" type of deal when you move characters around kinda get really old after a while so an option to mute them would be very welcome!
  5. Hey kids, yet another "hire x talent!" thread! So, without further adieu... Hire Sara Kestelman! Now being pragmatic here, you might ask "for what role?" and "does she even still do VA for games? It looks like she's only done it twice" to which I reply "it's the point where they can make a role for her" and "it's worth offering to her." Then comes one last question: "Who the hell is Sara Kestelman!" She was Kreia from Knights of the Old Republic II, and she complemented the writing so well as to totally sell the character for me. Obviously this game isn't full VA but even snippets can really make the text come alive when you take what you've heard and apply it to what you read-- oh, and of course, if this game happens to employ a narrator she'd be the best for that as well. For the uninitiated: http://www.youtube.c...ed/RK8ni6Gl3ws (don't think this does justice but it's a better overview for those who didn't play the game) http://www.youtube.c...ed/tDVCHKeM1Uk Really, no video can describe Kreia well enough; you can find lots of lengthy posts about her here and across the internet-- and I think a lot of the impression was driven by Kestelman's delivery coupled with the unmatched character writing and creative id Obsidian's got: So why not put the band back together for another go round? Forumites for Kestelman, unite!
  6. IIRC there was something about the fact the game may not be fully voiced, due to a lack of funds for hiring voice talent. Screw That. Obsidian, you have in excess of 26 odd thousand people backing your project with cold hard cash, why not ask them to do it? For example, I'm currently at Victoria University (Wellington New Zealand) If pushed, I could gather a bunch of Drama students, push them into a (university sponsored) recording room and give them scripts. It's free voice for side quests and NPCs, non essential stuff, whilst the remaining voice talent could be hired (after all, you don't want to distribute story related scripts to complete randoms) I'm sure there are others in a similar situation, If you put out the call you could have, quite literally, thousands of voices for your game, imagine the babble as you entered a busy market place, hundreds of actual people trying to talk over one another (in a recording studio of course), you could have hundreds of people do their best Orc/Goblin impressions, imagine getting a different insult from those pesky raiders before engaging them in combat, imagine having to play hundreds of hours before hearing a repeat of someone's voice! No "Arrow in the Knee" repeats, ask a different fan to voice act each guard, each with their own anecdotes and ways of dealing with trespassers! (vocally, of course) Just a thought.
  7. Who didn't like minsc I mean honestly? Not to mention his admirable fatherly qualities about what NOT to teach your hamster. With all this in question I'm seriously going to pursue contact with his Rep/Agent about the speculative cost, albeit unknown voicing quantity, on what one such a project might cost to procure one such talent for this title. He brings a seriously raw amount of ability to the table and I am willing to even start a separate kickstarter just to get this happening I would encourage all to keep their eyes posted here and show signs of interest by posting as well. On a side note if there is some one I could get in contact with over at the offices of obsidian on a level of involvement by having a character such as minsc, voiced by cummings, involved in the project I would love to find a way to do this as well. Please read my post OBS.
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