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  1. Their seems to be no way to turn down the cricket sounds in poe and in same places are to loud i cant hear the npc's voice acting sometimes over the ambient.
  2. 1. Select a few characters. 2. After rightclicking on a party memeber's selection circle and holding the RMB down, drag the mouse over to another party member's selection circle, then release. This will result in random characters being randomely selected and/or unselected. Doesn't always happen, but at least in 50% cases it does. If you can't reproduce it, place the characters a bit differently and try again.
  3. Please discuss your thoughts, ideas, complaints, suggestions etc. on Pillars of Eternity here.
  4. Only affects combat log, the other tab is displaying text correctly. The red rectangle shows the unused space:
  5. Without being able to easily travel from one area to the next, or even at times inside a building from the area, the beta is more unplayable then any build before it. Not everyone is having the same issues, some people seem to go into building and out fine, or can load a save, sometimes it even works on dryford x but mostly, it just crashes, stalls, or becomes unplayable. This should be fixed quickly, since its the holidays, and many people will be playing the beta. Otherwise you go two weeks, making the game look bad. (Which is a shame, cause its really awesome.) http://steam
  6. Once you've discovered a trap on a chest and it turns read, you can't interact with it anymore. Clicking on it does nothing. If you haven't discovered the trap, it gets triggered as intended, after which you can loot the container. Happens in the Skaen temple at least.
  7. From the inventory, if you right-click an item to show more details, the detail window will display. But, if you right-click the item multiple times you will get a maximum of 3 windows layered on top of each other.
  8. At least in the tavern, don't know if it happens elsewhere. See picture:
  9. If you try to loot the last item in container by dragging (as opposed to by simply clicking), the moment you start dragging, the looting screen closes and you can't place the item anywhere. The video reproducing it, just in case.
  10. Go to the level-up screen, scroll with your mouse cursor over a talent on the left side, then look at the description on the right side. Some descriptions are quite long and require you to scroll down to see the rest. However, if you move your mouse cursor off the talent to reach the scroll bar on the right, then the description goes away (since you moved your cursor off the talent). In other words, you can never scroll down...super annoying as I can't read the entire description of one of the monk's skills.
  11. Place your camera the way that your party member's portrait is over a chest. Click on the portrait - both the party memeber will be selected and your previously selected party memeber will start running to open the chest.
  12. Description: "Total enemies defeated" on the party section of the character sheet is less than the sum of "enemies defeated" for each character. (Trivial bug? Serious Mutex problem? Other?). E.g., after killing Medreth and Co. on Easy, "Total enemies defeated" = 0, sum of "Enemies defeated" over all characters = 3 (which is the correct number unless the ranger's animal companion is supposed to be counted). Expected behavior: The two numbers should be equal or, if enemies killed by summoned creatures are not counted for the summoner, the sum could sometimes be lower than t
  13. I generally use Baldur's Gate II as a source of reference. Item descriptions there had Statistics above the description, but that's not much of a concern for me. What I find confusing is the layout/arrangement of items' special properties. I think the current convention in PoE makes statistics difficult to read or to scan through quickly, and also wastes screen space. You can see an example in the screenshot. I'd remove the headings "Athletic:" and "Of Dexterity:", remove the indentation of the property values and list only the property values under a single heading like "Statistics", together
  14. [Description of issue:] When a character is initially engaged by an enemy, the character's program AI overrides the engaged character's player-directed commands and forces the character to auto-attack the engaging enemy. This is disruptive and plays as a (fairly bad and very frustrating) aggro mechanic, which can interrupt spells, abilities (drinking a potion for example), and any other variety of commands. It causes the player to lose control of their character. The only thing "getting" engaged should do is stop a character from moving or move-attacking as movements can trigger a disengagemen
  15. It's a longer list, so I'll post it as a separate topic. Answering: No, they are not. It actually feels like the GUI designed for an old Infinity Engine games in some ways - we've really made a long way in improving GUI designs and as far as it is currently OKish... it's also needlessly tedious and doesn't always provide users with the info they need. That said though - PoE user interface is with no doubt much cleaner and more noob-friendly than say: BG, I don't want to see copying of old IE games interfaces, cause in many ways they were bad too, but I'd love if you'd take good thing
  16. [Description:] The Color palette in the inventory screen, which you can click to change your characters minor and major colors, opens up a palette in the place where the character's portrait is located. After the new set of colors added to the palette, the palette is too large for the portrait size and some of the colors at the bottom of the palette cannot be chosen. [steps to recreate:] 1- Open character inventory. 2- On the top left and right of the 3d model, you will see two color boxes that can be clicked. When you click on either one, a palette will replace the portrait on the left.
  17. Im not shure but i cant seem to drop items on the ground. I wasent 100 % shure becase nothing told me in game otherwise?
  18. If you hover over areas that aren't flat, the cone indicator is displaying incorrectly. The spell however will fire off in a different direction:
  19. 1. Bug #1: Right clicking on any spell on the right page in the Grimoire always brings up a window saying that "you already learned that spell". What it should do is display the spell's description. 2. Bug#2: When in a spell description window, left clicking outside the area of the spell description closes the grimoire, but the spell description persists. What it should do is close the spell description instead. 3. UI Suggestion: You should be able to close the spell description by right clicking on the description page itself instead of dragging your mouse towards the small closeButto
  20. [Description of the issue] If you put an item from a shop's inventory into the list of items to be traded, but then change your mind and return the item back to the inventory, the item is returned, but an empty slot remains where the item was. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Put two items in the list of items to be traded 2) Double-click one of them. This may happen with drag and drop too, I haven't tried. 3) The item returns in the list, but an empty slot is also created where the item was initially [Expected behaviour] I think the
  21. [Description]: AFter starting a game in normal mode, if you select big head mode from the options menu and play for a while the renderer will start to crash, slowly whittling away at all objects. You start to get the item disappearance bug again, your chracter doesn't show up in the inventory screen, and npcs start to disappear from the map (with their weapons still showing). [How to reproduce]: 1- Start a new game with normal head mode. 2- Run around a little. 3- Activate big head mode from options screen. 4- Go to inventory screen. The first character that is currently selected shoul
  22. In the old Baldur's Gate games if you double clicked a stack of potions you could select the number of potions you wanted so that you could split your potions among party members. Currently, you cannot split the potions that you have by either double clicking them or right clicking them. Start a new game. Click on inventory. Try to double-click the potions in BB Fighter's inventory. Fail.
  23. [Description:] As Gairnulf had mentioned in http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/69558-364-ui-for-comparing-items-in-shops-could-use-some-feedback-improvements/ , the shopkeeper UI still needs some work with regards to showing who the selected character is. Additionally, the mouse-over comparison UI that is used in the inventory UI would also be very helpful when purchasing items that are equippable so that a quick comparison can be done between the item currently equipped in that slot and the item that the player will purchase. This would follow the same UI as found in the inventory UI.
  24. The specific example I used is the barbarian ability frenzy. to reproduce: Start a new game with a barbarian. Check character record. Notice that hits are 0 for character. Use ability "frenzy" as it self-selects. Recheck character record. Hits are now 1. What it should do: Abilities should not count as "hits" unless that specific ability is an active combat ability and requires a dice-roll to hit/miss. No need for uploads.
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