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  1. All other diacritics seem rendered correctly, but this w isn't. It's common accross bestiary entries.
  2. Take a Paladin with Zealous Focus and the Critical Focus talent. Other party members will get a little icon saying they're getting buffed by the Zealous Focus talent and displaying the +6 accuracy, but it won't display the +5% hit to crit bonus. The hit to crit bonus also isn't displayed on their character sheets. I'm not sure if this means that they aren't getting the bonus or if it's just a display error, but either way it should probably be fixed. Same bug may be present with other paladin aura talents, not sure, this was only one I had properly levelled character to test with.
  3. (BBv480, linux) [Problem] Descriptions/tooltips of different types of items with quality enchantment (weapons / armors / shields) behave differently. Weapons and Armors update their numbers (Damage or DR) to reflect the addition. However, in case of shields Deflection numbers are always the same. (although the description informs about the quality enchatment) [Detailed info] For example: All three items have added Fine quality and are equipped on character with 12 Might (+12% Damage), 16 Perception and 14 Resolve (+10 Deflection), 4 lvl Druid. Info on character sheet: Ba
  4. Description: When using the Mouse Cursor Cage option sometimes the cageing effect will disable causing the cursor to be able to leave the game window. So far I've been unable to figure out exactly what causes this. It suspect its tied to menus, specificly containers. But I am in no way sure about that. Disabeling the option and then Leaving the options menu, followed by re-enabeling the option fixes the problem. Steps to reproduce: So far i've not been able to reproduce this bug. Expected Behaviour: When the Cage Cursor option is enabled the mouse cursor should not be able to l
  5. It's very hard to tell if taking something from a container is considered stealing or not. For instance, the urn in the Temple of Berath, is being observed by the local priest. If you hover the container with the cursor, the hand cursor is tinted red. If you open it and take what's inside, you lose reputation in Dyrford for stealing. Makes sense. Now if you go in Winfrith's shop, or the Mill next to the bridge, there are some containers lying around with nearby NPCs. If you hover the container with the cursor, the hand cursor is tinted red. If you open it and take what's inside, you do
  6. Description: When scouting mode is on there is a glowing green outline around it on the Centre UI Panel. When this panel is hidden the outline is not hidden and peeks through the portraits. You can see this happening in the first image below, the green outline is peeking t hrough the BB Rogue portrait. Steps to reproduce 1. Activate Scouting Mode 2. click the diamond on the left of the centre panel to hide it 3. Observe the Scouting mode outline peeking through the third portrait from the left. Expected Behaviour: The glowing outline should not be visible when the cent
  7. Issue: I started a new game as a paladin, spoke to Medreth, and the selection cursor, instead of changing to the hand icon for making selections, was stuck as the box-size-adjust cursor (the double-arrow you use for resizing windows). I was able to do everything as normal with the cursor, so it seems to be a purely graphical error. I haven't been able to get the issue to repeat; tried for several minutes.
  8. I watched the latest stream from the game's presentation on PAX. I think that was the best presentation so far in terms of what was shown and live commentary by the devs. I'll rewatch it later and probably post more impressions, but something that struck me was that in the item description windows, the item stats were shown before that description text. I can see the functional reasons for the stats being above, but I think if you are going to have a decorated initial, like the description text does, it simply has to be the first letter in this window, otherwise the whole window content l
  9. (BBv435, linux) [Problem] When browsing the stash container interface accessing it from inventory page, there is problem with readability of number of stacked items. The number itself is actually shown in the background under the item icon. See image below: When items are moved to character inventories, the number switches it's position to the foreground, and back to the background when moved back to the stash. The stash interface used in shops doesn't have this problem. [Expected behaviour] The number of stacked items to be displayed in the foreground above the item pictu
  10. Currently, DoT effects inaccurately display the amount of total damage done, something that the player can keep track of in the combat log (or ought to be able to, if DoT effects were recorded there), but do not indicate how much damage will be done in the future, something far more useful to the player. Every DoT tooltip is different, but lets look at a few and see how they can be confusing. 1) Necrotic Lance. Necrotic Lance is a pretty typical DoT spell, it applies a damage over time effect that ticks the moment it's applied and then every 3 seconds thereafter. Necrotic Lance cla
  11. To replicate, go into stealth mode outside ogre cave and search the skeleton. right click on ring to bring up item description, close the loot box to see whole description. Now unable to close item description. Item description will still be on screen even when reloading a game. This doesn't happen in other instances.
  12. I've noticed that whenever there are elements listed in the left panel of the Character creation UI, for example the 11 classes, they are always listed horizontally and in alphabetical order. This means Chanter is to the right of Barbarian, the Cipher underneath Barbarian, etc. I've always hated this kind of ordering because it's particularly anti-intuitive. When the columns are higher than the rows are wide, it makes sense to order elements alphabetically in columns -- therefore Chanter should be underneath Barbarian, then Cipher under Chanter and so on, with Paladin being to the right o
  13. [Description of the issue] When you level up as a wizard and choose spells from the list in the level-up screen, their AoE isn't adjusted to show the difference between default AoE and AoE your character will get. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Level up as a wizard. 2) Choose new AoE spell from the list. 3) Notice the AoE shown before the base AoE is the same as base AoE. 4) Inspect the same spell from another interface. 5) Notice that AoE which the character will get is adjusted for the character's INT bonus and is different than the b
  14. (BBv435 linux) Swap items in full directory: [problem] Normally, when transferring items, you can exchange position between two things inside one or across different personal inventories, across inventory containers in general. This stops working when you want to swap an item from the outside (coming from different inventory, stash, or from equipped/quick item slots) for the item inside the full character's inventory. The exchange within the full inventory works as intended (because first you have to free a slot?). The same problem has the Quick items container. You can swap consumables,
  15. (BBv435 linux) This bug report will try to bring several issues and feedback to them together. The reason is: I think they are connected, and the connection winner is a rounding function. Please feel free to correct me in case of being wrong, and separate the bug reports. All the problems, which are reported below, stand on it's own, even if my understanding is wrong. [Overall description] For the player's convenience, the game shows combat variables, like damage, Damage Reduction (DR) of armors, Endurance, Health, etc., on several places as integer numbers. That is great and useful, of cours
  16. Steps taken Loaded a save game Travelled to the Dyrford Crossing Fought the Beetles and Wolves Alt-tabbed Tabbed back in Area Map is showing one of the UI texture files instead of the area map
  17. Expected Result: Default Split Item amount should be 1, like the Infinity Engine games.
  18. Tested with BB Priest on a linux build: [Description of the issue] For tested abilities (see below), which operate on a longer than close-range distance, there is an inconsistent behaviour of the character AI (an actual movement) in comparison to the spellcasting cursor change to contain a footprint (to indicate a need of movement). -> So the character can actually fire a spell on a slightly larger distance than the cursor indicates. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Choose a BB Priest and some distance spell; tested spells: -- AoE spells: Inst
  19. [Description of the issue] Deep Faith and disposition boni doesn't change the defense improvements of Faith and conviction.(see screenshot) [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Make a Paladin 2) Choose Deep Faith as a talent/increase a level of your favored disposition 3) See that the defenses don't improve. [Expected behaviour] Deep Faith does improve the defenses of your character. In the screenshot the defenses should be: Def: 60 Fort: 60 Ref: 68 Will: 76 [Other remarks / Comments] Deep Faith shows the disposition changes for faith and conv
  20. Windows build. [Description of the issue] Not sure if this is intentional, but: When I switch directly from Fast Mode to Slow Mode, then deactivate Slow Mode, the game defaults back to Fast Mode instead of normal speed. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1.) Toggle on Fast Mode via UI or Hotkey. 2.) Toggle on Slow Mode via UI or Hotkey. 3.) Disable Slow Mode by clicking the Slow Mode UI button or hitting the Slow Mode Hotkey. 4.) Game now defaults to Fast Mode instead of normal speed. [Expected behaviour] I would expect the game to always default t
  21. [Description of the issue] When I have a modal ability active and quickly switch to another party member with an active modal, the green outline remains on screen for several seconds in the wrong location. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] I made a paladin, activated their aura modal, and activated the BB Fighter's modal. I then switched from one character to the other. [Expected behaviour] The UI would ideally not leave ghost images. [Notes] I have not tested this with other classes yet. I have attached a screenshot of the issue.
  22. In the current build, when I click the party formation button, they appear off to the left side, potentially overlapping with character commands. See attached screenshot.
  23. I cannot seem to start a new game - The character creation system appears bugged. Without a produced savegame, I can only provide screenshots, but I can walk through what happens. 1) Load the game, click "New game" 2) After loading, there are no prompts beyond "Exit" and the character creation tabs aren't initially available. After a few minutes of waiting, the character creation tabs appear, as does the randomly determined human default character. 3) It becomes apparent that no changes made to the character stick. You can change the gender, race, class or ethnicity
  24. The UI for weapon focus, specialization, and mastery perks is unclear. While the perk descriptions list which weapons are covered by each perk, they don't say exactly what the mechanical effects are, and whether and how they stack. I managed to give BB Fighter Weapon Mastery (Adventurer) and Weapon Focus (Knight), but I'm not entirely sure how I even managed that. The description for Focus says that it adds accuracy, but not how much, and for Mastery that it adds damage on top of the "standard bonuses" for Specialization, but doesn't list either. I'm especially confused about the relations
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