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  1. Hi There, I was starting up the backer beta this weekend to get my feet a little wet before the release happening in less than 10 days, and I saw that there was no longer an ultrawide resolution (3440x1440 in this case) to choose from the options menu? Are we going to see support for this resolution in the full release? POE1 and Tyranny both supported ultrawide very well. Thanks. DxDiag.txt
  2. In this thread, I'm going to list all the graphics glitches I find. I tried doing individual threads, but there are too many, so perhaps one thread would be better. Feel free to post your own. In this one, as you can see, the Mercenary Priest is casting Consecrated Ground, while the Mercenary Fighter is preparing Into the Fray. However, the little icon showing the current action shows that the fighter is also casting Consecrated Ground
  3. So...this happened in Poko Kohara after the fight with the animats.
  4. I don't know if this has been reported already, but the mouse-over description of "report to" is identical to that of "fire the cannons"
  5. When you hover over any other options, a short text explaining what this option does shows up. For Scroll Speed however nothing happens.
  6. I figured I'd post a Thread around 21/9 Monitors, for Users & Support purposes. Currently Good : Main Screen - Ok. In-Game - Ok. World Map - Ok. Boat Map - Ok. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Issues : Character Creation - Display. Level Up Screen - Display. Resting Scene - Left & Right Black Bands. Doesn't really show up well here but you can see the Left & Right Black Bars when the Scene triggers [Feels a little bit unatural, but it's a really minor issue. Parallax Layers - Display. As mentionned by Olauron Mor-Galad here : https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/95304-bug-0000021-backer-beta-release-20886-bb/?p=1969710 Crafting & Enchanting Scrolling Bars UI - Display. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Man, Deadfire looks Gorgeous on this Aspect Ratio ! [34" at 3440x1440] Feel free to add anything weird you encounter.
  7. This post is less about trying to resolve an issue as it is just trying to raise awareness about some bugs and glitches that hopefully will be resolved either by or soon after launch. I will note each issue as I encountered them: 1) If a banner is within the radius of a fireball, the cloth texture gets warped an elongated for the duration of the fireball animation. The elongation gets more pronounced depending how close the banner is to the center of the fireball and the warping seems to always go toward the center. This effect does not seem to happen when other wizard area of effect spells are cast (such as web or chill fog,) and isn't triggered by explosions from grenades. 2) Spell caster action trays have a habit of shacking slightly when browsing spells both in and out of combat. The shacking stops if you select another character, regardless if that other character is also a spell caster, and is far more pronounced with Priests as opposed to Wizards. 3) At no point in the maps of Poko Kohara or Engwithan Waystation Levels One and Two was there a music transition for combat. Over the 1 hour of playtime, the same song looped endlessly. 4) The statue in the hidden room of Engwithan Waystaion Level One displays o text when you inspect it. However, the log will display the text "Character has discovered something interesting" and if you hit tab the text will appear. After you have hit tab, the inspect button will function as normal. 5) After reading the expedition log found on the body found near the entrance of Engwithan Waystaition Level Two, the game would not unpause when I hit space. It was only after I hit escape that the game resumed as normal, although it is important to note that hitting escape that time did not bring up the pause menu, 6) The Imps found after the body carrying the expedition log have two glitches. First, there are a few imps in the next room that have no line of sight to you but keep you in combat without actually leaving the room or taking any action against you. Additionally, when these imps are attacked they do not attack the party. These are the glitches I have found so far, please feel free to add with your experiences or expand this list if you find your own.
  8. Even though the latest beta build had this among its listed fixes: It appears that the ogre form from Form of the Fearsome Brute still suffers from the issue. Also notice how the ogre club is not displaying at all in his hands; the same is true in-game. And to nitpick: The transformation was done with a female character, but she still got the male ogre model. Last but not least—the ogre's armor has +100% recovery penalty for a measly 6 AR. That's not even medium armor and it's got the old penalty (pre-update 1) for heavy armor. Something's not right there.
  9. 1. Crafting menu in ultrawide has incorrect scrolling bar. https://i.imgur.com/CbQtQDv.jpg 2. Unrecognized ship combat action. It may be the result of the destroyed sails of enemy ship. This action was taken by AI several times, it didn't try to sail away, turn or shoot. https://i.imgur.com/SXPqAYX.jpg 3. After boarding there is no ability to loot the corpses, the "Loot recovered" menu is also empty. There is loot reward for sinking the ship. 4. All menus during boarding (main menu, interface menu, etc.) have graphic artefacts. https://i.imgur.com/DYGwb9B.jpg 5. (possible bug) There are no companions on the deck or below. 6. (possible bug) Crew members on the deck are not willing to talk at all. It is unclear whether it is intended or it is unfinished content. Even in combat (when boarding) I have no idea what are the level and other stats of my crew members. Is it intended? There is also no interface to upgrade my crew members in terms of their combat effectiveness (armor, weapons). 7. (possible bug) I was playing with adding tales to my crew members. It was possible to upgrade their profession to Master level only for those who have only one job trait. Most of them, however, have two traits, and regardless of tales invested their maximum rank was Expert. If it is intended there should be clear warning that it is impossible to level up those multi-job crew members to maximum rank. Even when I have received after-battle notification that some crew members leveled up, there was no change in rank (their tales increased normally). If this message is about their class level but not job level then it is very uninformative because there is no way to see that level. 8. (possible bug) Captain level (not character level) is shown only on ship combat interface and has no tooltip. P.S. A huge number of items lost their icons (for example, Vailian Clothing and Kuaru Clothing sold by Vektor). Edit: 9. It is possible to buy limited resources like medicine or cannon balls in greater values than it is possible to have on ship. The extra resources are just gone. I guess they should appear in stash (like food or water) or it should be impossible to waste gold for nothing.
  10. 1. Start the game. 2. Go to the graphic options. 3. Enable Font Ligatures. 4. Observe that nothing changes in the game's font. Font Ligatures, like the goggles, do nothing. Been like that since day one so I figured I'd put it on the radar. They were a nice touch in PoE.
  11. Title, whenever I mouse over my abilities they shake like they're having a seizure.
  12. SAVED GAME: Link 1. Load the attached saved game. 2. Check out your character portraits in the bottom left half of the screen. 3. Observe that next to the first, third, and fourth portraits the icons of specific items are shown even though hovering your mouse over them shows no effect: The pendant one shows up thrice to boot. The icons seem to disappear if you unequip and re-equip the items.
  13. The latest beta updated introduced a new uncharted island. The following scripted interaction takes place on that island, right before the encounter with the specters. Notice how the letter "e" is partly cut:
  14. I'm surprised not find this already reported as it was present in the previous beta build as well; figured it would be fixed in the first update. The calculation breakdown for damage in the inventory screen doesn't work and always only show "=0":
  15. As of the latest beta, it looks like the Accuracy bonus from the Paladin ability "Sword Rival" is constantly computed in your Accuracy tooltip. This screenshot was taken out of combat:
  16. 1. Character creation, level up and character screen attribute descriptions. Some words are autotagged wrong: 2. Character creation. Pale elf face is absent: 3. User interface and options. When selecting Solid HUD in options the UI is made of different parts. When deselecting Solid HUD in options the UI is one block: 4. Level up screen. It is possible to get wrong numbers (UI only, real numbers are not changed) when using Previous button. Example: - selecting Athletics and Diplomacy skills (screen 1a) - clicking Next till summary screen (screen 1b), Athletics and Diplomacy are 1 - clicking Previous and rearranging skills, selecting Alchemy and History (screen 2a) - clicking Next till Summary screen (screen 2b), Alchemy is 1, History is 2, but Athletics and Diplomacy are still 1 - clicking Previous and rearranging skills, selecting Arcana and Survival (screen 3a) - clicking Next till Summary, then Previous till skills and not changing them, then Next again, then Previous again, etc. Summary screen (screen 3b) has Arcana 5, Survival 4, Athletics 1, Diplomacy 1, Alchemy 1, History 2. 5. Skill descriptions. Survival is +0% or +20% (see previous screen). What percent? 6. Grimoire. Apprentice Enchanter's Grimoire has Transmutation spell (other school grimoires have only relevant spells): 7. Dual-wielding Dual-wielding decreases Recovery time:
  17. Based on dunehunter's considerations in this thread—the damage calculation for Soul Annihilation seems rather murky (and possibly bugged) at present. How is the ability's damage calculated? How much Raw damage per point of Focus? What else is affecting it? Which damage bonuses apply to it, and which ones don't? Currently, it seems to benefit twice from MIG and take on bonuses from weapon modals as well (see link above.) Tangentially, it looks like the combat log uses icons for damage types, except for Raw damage which is described as "Raw" instead of using its icon. Probably an oversight.
  18. Loving the beta so far. Something that did come up for me is related to the hyperlink text where you can mouse over for more information. I am color blind (extreme red/ green), and have found it difficult to distinguish the hyperlink text from the lighter action description text (I apologize if I am not using the correct terminology). From what I can gather, and I could very well be wrong, the hyperlink text appears to be some shade of green while the descriptive text is gray, and the two are almost indistinguishable for me. Would it be possible to either adjust the color of the hyperlink text or provides some sort of option to adjust text color in the options menu? Thanks!
  19. It seems that Carnage attacks do not benefit from the Weapon Focus skill, nor do they benefit from a weapon's enchantment bonus: Is this intended? If so, the UI does not communicate it in any way. Never have I read anywhere that Weapon Focus would not apply to my Carnage attacks, or that a weapon's enchantment wouldn't contribute to their Accuracy. I understand Carnage is supposed to have lower Accuracy than normal attacks, and Accurate Carnage exists to partially make up for it. However, in the first game this was accomplished via a flat -10 penalty on Carnage attacks; Weapon Focus and weapon enchantment still applied. This way, the penalty is harsher as your weapons can bestow more than 10 points of Accuracy that you end up missing out on—and I see no reason why Weapon Focus shouldn't apply. EDIT: Also not sure why the Devoted's penetration isn't applied but Tenacious is? I reckon penetration doesn't factor in at all because it's Raw damage anyway, so probably both should be "Conditional" in this case. How is the Raw damage calculated? Is it a percentage of damage dealt? If so, what percentage is it?
  20. While perusing the description for Baubles of the Fin from my inventory, hovering the pointer on the Cruelty and Curios ability tells you to "right-click for details": However, if you actually right-click the description will disappear and you'll be taken back to your inventory. If you want to see the details for Cruelty and Curios you need to left-click instead. Either the UI should read "left-click", or behavior should be inverted for mouse buttons.
  21. Custom formation resets if you save and quit the game, then start it and load this save. It does not happen if you save/load in the same game window, without quitting it. If you name your save customly that name will not appear in the load menu though I think that save itself appears.
  22. I've mentioned these elsewhere already, but I figured I'd put them on QA's radar. If they end up in the internal tracker, there's a higher chance they'll be considered for implementation—for hey, they implemented a walk toggle, right? So why not? Walking command delay. In both the first game and the Deadfire beta, all party members move in perfect sync like a party of robots. The Infinity Engine games worked around this awkward presentation by adding a random delay of X milliseconds between the moment you clicked to issue a command to move, and the moment the command would be executed. This way, commanding a whole party to move from a point to another would have each character move in a slightly asynchronous way, which is more realistic. Could a similar solution be adopted in Deadfire? Cyan circles for neutral characters. Currently, both neutral and allied characters share the same green-colored selection circle. In the Infinity Engine games, neutral characters had cyan circles to help distinguish them from allies at a glance. Having the same feature in Deadfire would be a nice nostalgic throwback as well as a minor convenience feature (in Pillars of Eternity it was made possible via the IE Mod, but it would be nice not to have to resort to modding for this.) This would obviously not affect Color Blind mode, where all circles are blue for reasons that go beyond nostalgia (being able to tell enemies from allies is more important than to be able to tell allies from neutrals.)
  23. The Potion of Relentless Striking appears to show oddly inaccurate information in its tooltip next to the imbiber's portrait: Guess that should be, according to the item's description, +50% Action Speed*, +20% Melee Damage, -10 Deflection. * make sure you check the signage convention here. Bonuses should consistently carry a minus, since they're making stuff take less time.
  24. This thread aims at providing testers with an easy reference for "bugs" regarding missing or incorrect icons for skills, abilities, portraits, items, spells... The goal is for us to easily check for duplicates, creating less false positives on Obsidian's end, ultimately improving our life, their life, and the quality of the end product. This thread is not meant for suggestions, please post these in the backer beta discussion forum. This thread is not meant either for missing strings, TEMP descriptions, or character drawing issues (shapeshift then open your inventory to get an example). The reports as sorted alphabetically, like so: category - title Seeing how this thread is meant for all of us, if this system doesn't work for you please do tell, that we may improve on it. INCORRECT ICON MISSING ICON - ABILITY - Conjurer special spell (summon familiar) (no link, but has been reported) - ABILITY - Soul Annihilation - ABILITY - Transmuter special spell (ogre club has no icon) (no link, but has been reported) - EFFECT - Immunity to disease - ITEM - Armor of shapeshift fury druid has no icon - ITEM - Baubles of the Fin - ITEM - Desert Wurm Hatchling - ITEM - Medical Supplies - ITEM - Repair Supplies - ITEM - Worn Robe Did you post a new report, or find one that eluded me (especially in those not-very-practical "list of bugs I found" threads) ? Be kind enough to post it here, and I'll do my best to keep the list updated
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