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  1. [Description] The savage endurance tooltip has way too many decimal places: [Reproduction] Start a New Game with a Barbarian Charname Level them up to receive Savage Endurance Mouse over Savage Endurance [Expected Behavior] Should only show 1 decimal place at most [Notes] N/A EDIT: Should be Savage Defiance!! My bad.
  2. If you create a character, select the class, go back, and select a different class, the displayed abilities are that of the first class. 1) Create character 2) Make your way to class selection, select Fighter 3) Notice no abilities are listed 4) Make your way to the next screen 5) Notice you still have the class abilities of a Fighter. 3) Click back and make your way to class selection again, select Paladin 5) Notice you still have the class abilities of a Fighter. Expected: Class abilities should always reflect your current class selection. Note: If you make your way to the attribute screen, the class abilities will update to your current selection. So basically, the class abilities only get updated when you get to the attributes screen. It should update on the class-selection screen.
  3. Hey. So, first thing I noticed on starting up the latest beta was that all the little info points around Dyrford have disappeared. The mill, the alters in the temple, the pictures in the inn, all of them gone, they don't show up when you mouse over where they should be, they don't appear when you hold down Tab. That's a lot of lovely descriptive text missing! Second thing I noticed was that on the levelling screen where you put points in skills, sometimes the text of those skills disappears or becomes garbled, like the pic attached. Oddly enough it happened the very first level up I did, but didn't happen for any of the others. These both seem to be unique to this build, never encountered them previously.
  4. I went into Berath's temple, and... I realized that the interaction bubbles that gave you flavour text were all gone! Please tell me this isn't a design decision and really is a bug.... 1) Create game 2) Go to temple 3) Hover the candles, or press TAB 4) Notice there's no flavour text to be clicked on. Expected: FLAVOUR TEXT ERRWHERE!
  5. When enabling the stealth mechanic, the UI cuts off the bottom of the boots and it looks like the circles are just placed a little too high. Image below to show. I really like the stealth animation. I'm not sure if that's new or was in the previous versions, but it looks awesome. Now just let us stealth individual characters and you'll be set. Cut-off most obvious on orlan and dwarf.
  6. This is about as nitpicky as it gets but the new health bar display has a lighter shade of green in the separating line in the top and bottom corners, which make the health bar look like it's spilling into the separating line and looks untidy Don't know if that's automatic or a hand drawn error. Might need to download the image and zoom in in mspaint to see what I mean, it's pretty noticeable at the top left corner though.
  7. [Description] With the "Weapon Ineffective" auto-pause option turned on, pause occurs when it should not (when DT has not reduced attack to minimum damage) [Reproduction] Turn "Weapon Ineffective" auto-pause on Have one party member attack another Note that game frequently pauses even when DT did not reduce attack damage to minimum [Expected Behavior] Auto-pause should only occur when DT has actually rendered an attack ineffective (i.e. minimum damage). If minimum damage is not currently the criterion, it should be vastly clarified in the Options menu as to what the criterion actually is. [Notes] N/A
  8. It really throws off a lot of the description texts at the lowest and highest settings. At 130%, for example, I can't read the description of Trial of Iron when creating a new game. Furthermore, at least in character creation, the font size adjustment doesn't necessarily adjust font sizes globally. There may be other locations where this is also the case. Playing game in 1360x768 @ 60 Hz windowless mode. --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name: AMD Radeon HD 6670 Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Chip type: AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0x6758) DAC type: Internal DAC(400MHz) Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6758&SUBSYS_E195174B&REV_00 Display Memory: 2551 MB Dedicated Memory: 1016 MB Shared Memory: 1535 MB Current Mode: 1360 x 768 (32 bit) (60Hz) Monitor Name: Generic PnP Monitor Monitor Model: M190VA Monitor Id: VIZ0067 Native Mode: 1360 x 768(p) (60.015Hz) Output Type: HDMI
  9. If you create a moon godlike, when you get to the appearance, you'll have facial hair 1/13 and Hair 9/15. If you click on the arrows to select the next facial hair, it says "no facial hair" and "no hair". 1) Create moon god-like 2) Make your way to appearance 3) Notice the "Facial Hair - 1/13", "Hair 9/15" 4) Select the next facial hair 5) Notice the "No facial hair", "No Hair" Expected: "No facial hair" and "No Hair" should always be displayed. Note: Possibly affects other races with no facial hair/hair.
  10. Why is their no way to drop items on the ground? If i put all the stuff in the stash it gets really hard to tell whats what. I dont want to keep piles of leather armor.
  11. [Description of the issue] You use the typewriter quotation mark " (U+0027) and apostrophe ' (U+0022) instead of the “proper” English quotation marks “” (U+201C, U+201D) and apostrophe ’ (U+2019). [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] In every text. [Expected behaviour] See above. [Other remarks / Comments] Assuming that the apostrophe isn’t used as a single quotation mark anywhere, fixing this should be a simple search-and-replace. (But you need to distinguish between opening and closing quotation marks) Since you want to evoke the impression of old-fashioned/fantasy print and you already somewhat focus on typography by allowing ligatures, I find that this issue hurts significantly. In other languages the quotation marks should be different, of course, e.g. „“ is used in Germany and «» in Switzerland. [Files] - [special] -
  12. The Options work without going "invisible" in the Main Menu now *thumbs up* Description: When click Set All and then clicking one option you do not want, all check boxes become "0". Reproduce: 1. Go into Auto-Pause in Main Menu. 2. Click Set All. 3. Click "Off" any option. Expected: Clicking set all should set all, but when unchecking one should only uncheck one and not all boxes. Comment #1: Speculation about Bug I believe this has something to do with "True/False" values/variables. Comment #2: Suggestion A "Default" Option would be nice.
  13. When the main menu or centre hud panel is hidden opening any menu, like say the inventory will unhide the panel. In addition when it becomes visible again this way the button used to hide/reveal the panel remains in its folded in agains the character portraits panel state. Clicking it to reveal the panel moves the button back into the normal position. [steps to reproduce] 1. Click the button on the centre panel to hide it 2. Open the inventory by pressing its hotkey (i) 3. Close the inventory 4. Observe the panel is visible again and the button to toggle it is now in the wrong position. [Expected behaviour] The panel should not be revealed by opening menus like the inventory if it is hidden.
  14. The red save in combat overlaps the button text, I recommend to just remove the button during combat or something, in combination with the text
  15. Loading a game does not restore your previous auto-pause options. I set auto-pause on Combat Start, Low Health and a few others. Saved game. Loaded the game today via Continue button on Start Screen. Went into Auto-Pause options, all are unchecked.
  16. [Description of the issue] I'm encountering a bug during the character creation, when the game is set to another language than English. As soon as I come to the point where I have to chose some spell/phrases/powers... , selected them and push on "next" it won't go to the next tab. And if I select a tab manualy or push the "previous" button, the screen gets messy like on the screen bellow. In english it works just fine. [Files] Before pushing "next" After pushing "next" If I put manualy on the "Attributes" tab
  17. Maybe this explains why some people find the combat log hard to read? [Description of the issue] Sometimes entries in the combat log are duplicated, and it's unclear why. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1. In this particular example, I went up to one of the *Missing String* cultist archers with my druid. 2. Cast Sunbeam on it. 3. Observe two entries for its damage (one before and after the debuff entry). [Expected behaviour] 3. Should only see one entry. [Files] This attached screenshot should hopefully explain what I'm seeing. The damage numbers show up twice. At first I thought that meant I was doing twice as much damage, but the red numbers that actually appear above the enemy suggest not.
  18. Map: dungeon under tower System: Win 7 Options: Windowed mode (dual monitor) When I entered dungeon beloow tower I opened map and it flicker releaviling whole map for fraction of second, but it still noticable.
  19. [Description of the issue] When clicking on an information bubble (circle with a magnifying glass), the party will attempt to move to that location in addition to the examination action. See the image below. [steps to Reproduce] Click on any information bubble that can be walked under and watch the party attempt to move to it. [Expected Behaviour] The information bubble should not cause the party to move to the bubble. The click should not fall through the bubble to the game world. [Other Remarks / Comments] Some bubbles - the area transition ones, for example - should and do cause the party to move to them. Information bubbles, on the other hand, should not, at least as long as they don't require physical proximity to activate. As an unrelated side note, the forum's automatic picture shrinking function for large images is a tad bit annoying. It would be better if the forum left the images at their nominal resolution.
  20. [Description of the issue] When looting containers near the edge of the current screen, the loot box that appears will be partly off screen. It becomes necessary to move the viewport to access the items. See the image below. [steps to Reproduce] Start a game and attempt to access a container near the edge of the screen. [Expected Behaviour] Ideally, the container loot box would appear entirely on the current screen. Having it appear off the screen ends up being rather useless. [Other Remarks / Comments] This isn't so much a bug report as it is a usability item. It works well enough at the moment, but there's really no reason that I can think of to not have the loot box appear where it can immediately be used.
  21. When you put a stack of items in your stash, the number lies behind the item itself, as opposed to in front. Notice the number 2 in the stack in BB Fighter's inventory is correctly displayed.
  22. [Description of the issue] Being in Stealth with the circles activated also appears in the Character Level up screen. And anything else highlighted will appear as well, such as outlines of containers. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Just press ALT. Click on a character or 'C'. Then click on 'level up'. The Circles and outlines of containers will now appear on the character's screen. In this example, the container to the right is outlined and comes through to the next screen in the Stealth description. The container outline is under the word 'enemies'. [Expected behaviour] Stealth circles and container outlines should not appear.
  23. [To reproduce]: Start a game Go into BB Priest's inventory Switch to weapon set 2 (hammer/shield) Observe that Deflection does not go up by 20 Close and reopen inventory Observe that Deflection has now gone up by 20 [Expected behavior]: Changes to stats from equipment changes should update immediately in the UI. As a sidenote, it'd be nice to have a tooltip when hovering over those stats to see the breakdown of how they are calculated, but that's neither here nor there at the moment.
  24. I bound my scrolling to WASD and my speed controls to the following keys: Left arrow = slow speed Down arrow = normal speed Right arrow = fast speed Left and Right arrows work properly. Down arrow doesn't seem to work (normal speed) [To reproduce] Enter a game, and rebind "normal speed" to a key. Turn slow or fast speed on. Press normal speed. Nothing will happen. Expected behavior: Down arrow (or whatever key bound to "normal mode") should return speed to normal when pressed.
  25. Description: When moving the camera/screen near the "Transition" Icon it places itself on the upper left of the combat log. Reproduce: 1. Move the camera near the exit. 2. Pan the camera slightly upwards/away from exit. 3. Icon places itself on the upper left of the combat log. Expected: The icon should stay by the door and/or not above the combat log. Screenshot: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=309809570 - above combat log http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=309811194 - above mid UI piece
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