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  1. Summary: Incorrectly applied hyperlink of "WILL" in the Glossary. 1) From any gameplay screen, select JOURNAL. 2) Select GLOSSARY 3) Select COMBAT MECHANICS 4) Select MAIMED 5) Search for the following text: ..."They WILL regain 1 Health..." WILL is incorrectly hyperlinked to the Noun and statistical category of WILL (as in Will Defense). In the above described sentence, WILL is used as a verb. Expected behavior: The verb WILL should not be hyperlinked to the Noun and statistical category of WILL. It's a relatively minor text bug but still a little jarring to see from the end user perspective.
  2. Clicking while hovering over a glossary item (e.g., "Damage") in an item description disables the tooltips until you move the cursor outside of the item description window. [Reproduce] Bring up the Inventory screen and select the BB fighter. Right-click on the BB Fighter's Arbalest. Mouse over a keyword like Accuracy to see the tooltip. Now click the word Accuracy to dismiss the tooltip. Keeping the mouse within the item description window, hover over another keyword like Damage. The tooltip doesn't appear. Move the cursor outside of the item description window, then back in...the tooltips are working again.
  3. When opening the inventory for the first time in a session, 0's briefly appear in the corner of all inventory slots. After a split second they go away, and from that point on no longer appear. I managed to hit Printscreen fast enough to capture the anomaly
  4. Grimoire has a bug where it closes when you look at spell details, if you click anywhere outside the spell details window. The spell details window in that case would remain open. 1. Open Grimoire 2. Right click on spell 3. Click anywhere outside spell details window I think the character screen should have party members icons, to allow switching between them with mouse (in addition to using keys). On that regard, if you do switch between characters on the character screen, and then move to inventory, it will reset to the original character (I'm guessing because it's the highlighted character?). Same goes when switching the other way around. I think most people are used to the fact it would stay focused on the character you're currently viewing instead of the original one (i.e., like IE games).
  5. V 333 Description of the issue: The text box shakes when attempting to scroll using a mouse scroll wheel without scrollbar present on text box. Steps to reproduce: 1) Create a new game and select any sex, race, and subrace. 2) Select Paladin 3) On Paladin Order selection screen, click on any options 4) Mouse over the Paladin Order description text box. 5) Use mouse scroll wheel to scroll up and down The following will occur: Text in the text box will shake whenever the user scrolls up or down using the mouse wheel. Expected behavior: There should not be any shaking when using a scroll wheel when there is no additional text to scroll down to within the text box. Note: Also present when selecting Priest class.
  6. During level up, scrolling the talents doesn't work when the cursor is on one of the talents buttons. i.e.: if you want to read what they do while scrolling, it's impossible. It does work on the wooded background of the panel. I'm not sure it was there before, but the character screen has a Level Up button, regardless if a character should level up.
  7. In Baldur's Gate 2, the TAB key highlighted tooltips and containers when the mouse was in the level. When the mouse was hovering over a UI element such as a character portrait or part of the HUD, it did not show in game tooltips and instead sped up the highlighting of UI tooltips such as portrait tooltips and the commands mapped to buttons. In the Inventory screen it also sped up the speed of tooltips.
  8. The stash seems to update the items in the Stash Array, as the page size increases appropriately (to 2, 3 etc) but the items do not show in the alternate pages.
  9. During the creation process if the player makes it all the way to Appearance and decides they want to back out to select another race the options in the Head Appearance does not reset and can be the player a false options later. What I mean by this is and steps to reproduce: 1) Select one of the godlike race (doesn't matter) 2) Get to the appearance menu 3) Now click previous until you get to the race selection and select dwarf this time 4) Get to the appearance menu and this is what you get As you can see according to the option the player does not have any Facial Hair options nor Hair options even thou it should have stated 13/13 and 15/15. But this menu is now misleading because if the player clicks on the left/right arrows for those options then the menu will reset at that time.
  10. The menu seems to flicker a tiny bit when you clock on the tabs. They use to disappear but now they just flicker when clicked.
  11. When you click on the 2 adult pigs (you are given a conversation icon) I receive this message: 'Placeholder bark string text. This is a programming error.'
  12. [Description] When opening the character sheet, Charname's character sheet is part her own and part BB Fighter's. It has her attributes, her skills, his portrait, and his talents. [Reproduction] Start a new game Make Charname start hitting BB Fighter* Open character sheet Observe that it's all jumbled Switch characters to BB Fighter by clicking the arrow Switch back to Charname's sheet Observe that BB Fighter has taken over part of the sheet *Don't know if this is actually necessary or not. [Expected Behavior] Charname's character sheet should show her own full sheet. BB Fighter can stick to his own sheet. [Notes] What Charname's sheet first looked like: Switching over to BB Fighter's: Switching back to Charname's: ... BB Fighter.... that bastard. EDIT: My Charname is a Barbarian. So those are definitely BB Fighter's talents.
  13. The combat log text is also cut off after a certain amount of strings, whereas in the IE games you could see every single action that was recorded in the log since you entered the area. I would prefer it if the PE combat log did the same as it's not very useful for checking out any rolls/events that happened more than 5-6 seconds before.
  14. Pressing pause cancels your current mouse cursor, and you have to reselect your action
  15. Not a bug, but Interrupt rolls are not shown in the combat log, when they really need to be.
  16. The wording of the Cancel prompt for hiring a new adventurer is a little confusing due to the button captions. "Cancel hiring of new adventurer?" [Accept] [Cancel] I accidentally clicked Cancel, thinking "yes, Cancel it." Of course, [Accept] is what actually cancels it. Possible new wording: "Are you sure you want to cancel?" [Yes] [No]
  17. Bring up the options menu via Esc. Click a category containing items with mouseover descriptions such as Game. Mouse over an item such as the Expert Mode checkbox. Its description appears in the bottom of the dialog. Close the options dialog via Esc. Bring up the options dialog again via Esc. The description for Expert Mode (or whatever you had hovered over) is stlil there.
  18. This has been the case since the first backer beta: You can't actually set the option to pause on Enemy Sighted. The checkbox is grayed out (although interestingly, the dependent checkbox "stop party movement" will check if you click Set All). I'm guessing it's just a TODO?
  19. In pretty much every RTS game that is newer than Warcraft 1 (including the Infinity Engine games), you can control click select and deselect units, as well as shift click units. Here are the functions working in Icewind Dale: Here they are not working in Pillars of Eternity:
  20. When creating a character, on the screen where you are prompted to enter your character's name, click to activate the textbox (insertion point blinks). Then switch out (Alt + Tab). (I switched out to Google Chrome to look at these forums ironically enough). When you switch back, the character name "vibrates" briefly--like the insertion point is blinking off and on wildly for a few seconds. This lasts longer the longer you are away (maybe it's picking up the keystrokes I was typing while switched out?) Then it returns to normal. I can also type to stop the blinking. Not a big deal, but thought you'd like to know about this quirk. PS - I tried selecting "Character Creation / Adventurers' Hall" for this topic's tags, but the forum told me "Tags incorrect, they must be between 2 and 30 chars."
  21. Posted about this in the BB General Discussion but realized it might be a bug. To copy-paste from there: This may have been mentioned, but class abilities could use some kind of description in their tooltip when creating a class. Creating a monk right now, and under the Class banner, under Monk, there are icons for Transcendant Suffering and Swift Strikes. Transcendant Suffering's tooltip simply says "Passive". Swift Strikes' tooltip says "Requires 1 wound". I can find the descriptions for these abilities in the general Monk description, but shouldn't the ability icons themselves also describe them? Just found it a wee confusing. Edit - Also getting this in the character level up screen. I unlocked "Long Stride", and mousing over it I just see "Combat Only". No description. Bug, or incomplete tooltips? I wasn't sure.
  22. Examples: Number 7 displayed for Skill points is not centred, but rather semi-right-aligned. Also, Sensuki’s very sensible suggestion of making these numbers emphasised much more has not been heeded. Please, make them a little bigger and put a guilded circle around them, change their colours. The Accuracy number is off-centre to the right on its plaque on the character screen.
  23. [issue] I somehow managed to break marquee select and item pickup Output log: http://www.upload.ee/files/4284278/output_log.txt.html [steps taken] Loaded a save game Entered the Dyrford Crossing Killed all of the Beetles and Wolves Changed a control (removed action cancel from RMB because it doesn't allow formation rotate for some reason) Alt tabbed Tabbed back in Got a weird area map bug (which I posted in another thread) Went to fight the spider encounter in the exterior Lost the ability to marquee select and pickup items Resetting my controls to default fixed the issue.
  24. The bars well flicker a bit when you click on them it must be left over from when it use to vanish. in the first build of the game.
  25. When you go into the screen it just stops suddenly. Its a little weird.
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