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  1. [Description:] When playing around in inventory and right lcicking on scroll of protection and then going back to the game screen, the descriptions of the scroll will not close out and the description continues to block the game screen. You can move the description box around, but you cannot close it. Furthermore, the scroll description seems to be incorrect. To replicate: Find scroll of protection Place in inventory screen. Give scroll to BB wizard. Place in quick slot. Exit out from inventory. You should see a description box that will not close. What should happen: The description should close.
  2. In this video I discover multiple bugs to do with Accuracy Tooltip display, Fist and Off-hand weapon interaction and trying to equip a shield in the main hand with a weapon in the off hand. The combat state didn't end properly and locked the Hatchet into my off hand. Had to quit and reload to fix it.
  3. [Description of the issue] By left-clicking on a character portrait while in the shop interface, you choose whose character's equipped item the item you are examining from the shop will be compared to, but there is no visual indication of this feature, or of which character is selected. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Example: 1) Open the shop interface with the armourer 2) Left-click the portrait of one of your characters 3) Examine (right-click) some of the armours he is selling. 4) Click the "Compare" button. 5) Notice which armour the examined armour was compared to. It was the one belonging to the character you clicked. 6) Now close the second window that appeared, and click some other character's portrait. 7) Click "Compare" again. Now the armour is compared to the other character's armour. [Expected behaviour] Some visual feedback should be put in place to tell you which character is active while in the shop's interface. [Other remarks / Comments] I discovered this feature by accident.
  4. Culture points are not applied during character creation. Not only that they are actually taken away during conversations. For example: During the creation of my wizard I chose these stats: When I get to the culture selection screen my resolve should have gone up 1 if I picked Aedyr. But instead it remained at 13 and if I make a selection that increases another stat my resolve drops by 1. Funny thing thou on the character screen (when you get in game) reports the correct value but doesn't apply it. More later. Now how do I know it subtracts it instead of adding. When you talk to the giant one of the conversation tree requires a resolve of 13 in order to select it but the option stated I did not meet the requirement to use that conversation tree. Sorry I did not take a screen shot of that. I should have been able to select it since I already had a base of 13 and a +1 for Aedyr should have given me a 14 but instead according to the conversion I only had a stat of 12.
  5. [Description of the issue] When I am in a no-stash area, I can still open the stash, although I can't move any items into it or out of it. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Go to Dyrwood crossing for example 2) Open inventory 3) Open the stash 4) You can see items in it but you can't put anything in or out. No feedback on what's happening. [Expected behaviour] Either the sash shouldn't be open-able at all and there should be text feedback on why, or if it's still open-able, there should be feedback on why objects can't be moved to it/from it. [Other remarks / Comments] I think it may be useful for the stash to be open-able in no-stash areas, just so the player can see its contents, but he/she should be somehow informed that they can't use it right now.
  6. Walking into the Herbalist's house, there's a weird graphical glitch for me. The area kinda "vibrates" in a disconcerting way. Also, there is a backer NPC in there. When I exited the location, the "eye" icon that the backer NPCs have was "stuck" to my screen afterwards at the same space where the NPC had been. This is playing at 1920x1080 resolution with Vsync on.
  7. There are two places where it happens. The videos are recorded in slow-mo. In game it happens very fast.
  8. During the character creation I find it odd that if I play a male or vis versa I am given the options to choose from female images as well.. Is this intended?
  9. [Description of the issue] When I have one character selected and visible in the inventory screen, but I click an item in another character's inventory and pick it up from there, by dragging or clicking, I think the character in whose inventory that item was should be come the selected character in the inventory screen. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Open the inventory screen 2) Select character 1 3) Click an item that's in the inventory of character 2 4) Character 1 remains selected [Expected behaviour] Once you've picked up an item from character 2's inventory, I believe it's more intuitive to have that character active in the Inventory screen. [Other remarks / Comments] I decided to post this for your consideration after I noticed I am about to equip a grimoire in my Rogue's quick slot. It was especially deceptive because once I picked up the grimoire, my Rogue's quickslots got highlighted as if something useful would happen if I equipped it To expand my reasoning a little bit, once a player has picked up an item from someone's inventory, he can either 1) put that item in the stash; 2) or equip that item on that same character from which he took it; 3) or equip it/move it to the inventory of some other character. If the active character in the inventory screen is always the character whose inventory was last touched, then scenario 2 is always provided for, and in scenario 3 the player only has one more click/drag-drop left to do after he moves the item to character 2's inventory. I think this is more economical and more intuitive than the current system. I'd also suggest that dropping an equippable item over a character's small portrait in the inventory screen should equip that item. It currently just moves it to that character's inventory and switches to that character. I'd prefer if just putting it into character 2's inventory would switch to character 2, and putting the item on the portrait would equip and switch to the character.
  10. As you can see from my attached image Moon godlike head 4/4 is missing its head
  11. Some Talents are blank for text Example Bloody Slaughter:
  12. Some talents don't have skill(s) attached to them; Example Grimoire Slam
  13. During the creation of your character the text states you can 'Right-click for details' but nothing happens when you do.
  14. As you can see from my attached image. My wizard is holding the grimoire and a large shield in their hand
  15. [Description of the issue] Basically, what the title says. When You level up while in a conversation, which is often the case, the highlighting of the levelup "+" icons is visible through the dialogue's overlay although the portraits are not visible themselves. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Finish any quest that allows you to level up while in a conversation 2) The highlights are visible in the lower left corner of the screen. [Expected behaviour] The highlighting shouldn't be visible. [Other remarks / Comments] Screenshot attached.
  16. At least my explanation is that these icons have been exported in a wrong color mode. Probably the issue is something different but here are some examples: The description says this is a copper coin. The same image is shown for the Golden Duc, although I haven't taken a screenshot of that too, it looks the same. Maybe the idea is that it will get progressively closer to gold, as the game gets closer to gold? I suppose this book should actually have a dark-orange or yellow cover as well.
  17. See the screenshots. I liked the archaic sound of pronouncing "switchs", but if that's how it should be, then fix the writing style everywhere. I think it would be cool
  18. [Description of the issue] When trying to put a two-handed weapon over a one-handed weapon you can easily replace it. However, trying to put a two-handed weapon in the empty slot next to the one-handed weapon is disallowed and no feedback is given. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Equip a character with a one handed weapon, leave the other slot in that weapon-slot empty. 2) Try to put a two-handed weapon in the empty slot next to the one-handed weapon. 3) The empty slot turns red. [Expected behaviour] I think some textual feedback should appear to tell the player why he can't put a wepon there, or the one-handed weapon should go to the inventory, same as if you had put the two handed weapon over the one-handed weapon in the occupied slot. [Other remarks / Comments] Screenshot attached.
  19. For some reason certain areas of the game the fog of war is not reapplied. For example after talking to the giant in the cave and the player returns to the cave this is what they will see if they move their mouse over the area where the giant is/was without having to move to that area. As you can see the area around the giant has fog of war but not his area even thou my party just entered the cavern and haven't re-explored.
  20. If a player is able to level up more then once and they are given the options <previous> <next> if they accidently or purposely select <previous> they are forced to keep the choice that the talent is selected on as the talents menu is no longer available. The only way around this is to reload before selecting the talent to try again.
  21. Supposedly I have been traveling and in combat for the exact same amount of time.
  22. As title states: Using the return dragon egg as an example for a quest that does not give exp: This image I have 16633/21000 before I turned in the egg Here as you can see from the log entry I was supposed to get 9000 exp for the turn in I should have leveled up with that much exp but as you can see here there was no change and I did not level up
  23. Here is what my portrait should look like (1st position male) and the 6th character (6th position female). Now here it looks like when I bring up the 6th character in the character screen: Now here it look like when I bring up/switch to my character: As you can see my chosen port and name have been overwritten from the 6th character in the character screen. Also saving and reloading does not fix this issue.
  24. Here is a good reference image for what I am about to go over: As you see from my next attachment I picked up and returned the fruit looking icon back to the same spot as I pulled it from. 1) Despite the fact 'Weapons' is selected all object in my wizards inventory lost their haze/fog for not meeting the requirement. 2) The haze/fog effect only returns if the player makes a different selection like 'Armor' 3) If you also notice my 2 handed classed specter the second slot is not hazed/fog here in the image. This is because when I picked it up and returned to the slot the 2nd slot was not reapplied.
  25. When a menu has very little off screen text to scroll around if you use your scroll wheel the slider jumps around a lot. The attached image I have circled the slider I am talking about along with the one that has very little extended text but when you use the scroll wheel here you'll see what I mean
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