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  1. Several Issues to report, some of which I have already seen, but seen no saves/log files associated with them. The first being my inability to return to the town. 1. When I attempt to enter the town from several separate(not at once), the game gets stuck on the loading screen. The cursor changes to the movement cursor, and I am able to enter the menu and exit the game normally, but not save the game or load it. This first happened when I tried to enter the town from the old broken down tower after going through the ruins and all those skaen cultists. What I did following that may have caused my second and third issues. I have attempted returning to Dyrford from the broken tower and the forest, neither of which have succeeded. I have not attempted to got to the gorge. 2. All of my save game files are listed at 0 seconds of play time. This is something I may have caused. When the game first got stuck with a black screen and the loading logo at the bottom right I attempted to enter the menu. The game let me, and I subsequently tried to both save and load over all of my saves in an attempt to get out of the black screen from within the game. It was after this that I noticed the change in time played on my saves,but none of them were written over. 3. The BBRogue is no longer able to unlock anything. Before the first attempt to return to the main town, My rogue was able to unlock several doors/chests that I am no longer able to unlock. In fact, I was unable to attempt to return to Dyrford through the secret tunnel because I was unable to unlock the door after I went up the ladder to the broken tower. I attached the log file. It won't let me upload the save games. Here's a zip file of them from my dropbox(Sorry if that isn't allowed. Also, sorry If I wasn't descriptive enough. Not really good with words.) The saves should be before events which I have described. I have also been losing items, but I really haven't kept good track of that. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/47459361/Saves.zip output_log.txt
  2. Did a search and didn't find any other exact matches to this bug so starting a new topic: The bug is one that has happened primarily to my PC but also a few times to other characters; Starting a combat with a ranged weapon (Arquebus), firing a volley and then switching to melee weapons, the character can no longer be selected by clicking on character or portrait. The character can only be selected by number button, but even in that circumstance, it will not execute any commands. After combat ends, the character remains rooted to the spot and a reload is required to get it moving again. I suspect that this has something to do with the character continuing their ranged weapon re-load and fire animation after being switched to melee, but initially the character would eventually transition over to the proper attack animation and continue to be use-able in combat. The last few encounters I've tried (Dragon Egg and Wurms), this problem has surfaced.
  3. In the Options menu when selecting Game, Graphics or Sound, the titles' text disappears.
  4. Not sure if it's been reported but could find it. Details: The load screen from the main menu (just after staring the game) shows only 0 seconds for every saved game. This doesnt happen from the in game menu though. Expected: Playtime to be shown on each save game Attachments: Screen shot of the load screen showing 0 seconds playtime
  5. Not sure how to tag this one... [DESCRIPTION] In battle, I was trying to get my Priest to cast a spell (I can't recall which one) but it didn't fire. This resulted in me not being able to switch characters, nor could I target anything. The cursor changed to the regular mouse pointer cursor when hovering over floor. Over walls and outside the playable area, the cursor changed to the cast spell icon. Over traps, the cursor changed to the Disarm icon. Again, I could not target characters or enemies, but could interact with objects. [DETAILS] I have not been able to replicate this behavior. [EXPECTED BEHAVIOR] Well, obviously one expects the gauntlet cursor and the ability to select and interact with characters and enemies. [OTHER REMARKS] Of note here is my setup. I have two machines networked and use a program called Synergy that allows me to use one KB+M to control both machines. Anytime there's an issue with the cursor, I think it may have something to do with Synergy (this has happened in the past with a couple games), so this may be the culprit. Since I have not been able to duplicate this issue though, I can't say for certain. just thought I'd note it. For posterity, a link to my save game file: http://www.upload.ee/files/4226675/58b914c5e16c42e59a7d5e5ae09693be_DyrfordRuins_7773889.savegame.html And my logfile is attached as well. output_log.txt
  6. Seen on livestreams: The fonts become incredibly small to read with the logorrheic (wordy) spell names.
  7. When i open my inventory (Right click) my characters sometimes move all over. I think it might be the lag from the inventory, but im not sure its really annoying.
  8. [Description of the issue] The game chooses the language displayed by your operating system instead of whatever you picked in steam. Aka : I have a french os, but I want to play in english, and I can't. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Well, have a non-whateveryouwanttoplayin OS, choose whateveryouwanttoplayin language in steam, game is in your os language anyway. [Expected behaviour] Simply to be able to play in the language you want to amongst the ones supported by the game. [Other remarks / Comments] I did temporarily suceed in switching my game from french to english (but Steam disliked me deleting localization folders and quickly "repaired" my install...) And I noticed that a lot of the ui bugs I had in french, were not present in english. Such as lack of descriptions in skills or items. [Files] I don't think those will help since it's not savegame dependant, but if you need one just ask.
  9. When I have the whole party selected and then click on a portrait to select that party member the whole party is still selected. Only by clicking the character in the field can I select a single character.
  10. Sorry if this was posted before or already noticed by the developers but there's two things to fix: 1. Character indicator only moves when your mouse is directly over the character, but it should also move when the character would be selected by the selection box. 2. The selection box should select a character even if the very edge of the selection box is within *any pixel* of the indicator (I imagine this could affect targeting enemies as well, haven't tested it). Currently you can select within the circle and it wont select them. This is absolutely vital when playing the game without pausing because you need to know exactly who you're selecting in a clear way and be able to select them precisely. Thanks for your time.
  11. Hello, I've noticed there is button to hide part the central UI and the discussion journal and I've tried to use them and I've noticed that when you click on it for a very short time there is a graphical bug where the button appear somewhere totally unrelated to where it is. I can't capture it because it's too quick but here is where the button appear for a short time when you click it either it is to hide or to show that part of the UI : Also, it may be just me but I feel that where it hide doesn't look right : I personally would prefer to have keyboard shortcuts to hide them totally, I know there is a keyboard shortcut to remove the whole UI (CTRL+H) but it is more just for taking screenshot than to remove part of the UI when you don't need it to make the game feel more immersive.
  12. To reproduce: grab the top of the combat log pane and drag it up to expand it. Observed: it's possible to expand it past the top of the screen. After that, there's no way to shrink it again, since the mouse can't reach the drag handle.
  13. [DESCRIPTION] Opened the character sheet to check on how many XP the party had. Top of the panel (name area) showed BB Wizard as well as his portrait. TABbed through the other characters and while all the info and stats changed to show the correct values (Health, Defences, Ability cores, Skills values, etc.) for each character, the name and portrait remained stuck on BB Wizard. [DETAILS] Not sure what caused it. Haven't seen it before, so don't know how to reproduce. [EXPECTED BEHAVIOR] Would expect name and portrait to change to character whose stats are being viewed. Save game: http://www.upload.ee/files/4229690/88fdf92d55d54e1097342b16c97f00be_DyrfordVillage_7665820.savegame.html Output log attached. output_log.txt
  14. Sorry if this was posted before, the title pretty much says it all, none of the hotkeys work when you hide the control bar in the middle.
  15. 1) Go to Load 2) Nothing happens. 3) Go to Quit. 4) Game goes to the first screen of a post-chargen game with the Game Paused text up. Cannot exit this.
  16. I can't, for the life of me, doing remember anything that gave me XP. Maybe the quest rewards aren't implemented yet, but I feel that whenever you quest XP for doing something, it should be announced loud and clear. I'd post a list of steps to reproduce, but since I don't know any even where you get XP, I can't have such a list except a theoretical one 1) Do something that should give you XP 2) Notice that you aren't notified of it Expected behaviour: You should get some form of notice. My preferred option would be to use those "Quest Updated" scroll, and have something like |-------------------| | Bob's Toothache | | ~Completed~ | | 1500 XP | |-------------------| Accompanied with some appropriate sound / fanfare to celebrate and catch your attention.
  17. In Project Eternity Update #12: Reddit Q&A with Tim Cain, Tim mentioned that there would be an option that would auto-pause when a character had a new ability or action they can do, basically when the characters next 'turn' starts. Currently we have a lot of pause options but there isn't really one equivalent to this one, which I think would be the most useful one there is. I am just throwing it out there because I don't want it to be missed as I find it extremely important. For reference at about 5:25 seconds : http://youtu.be/1Uyzap5FcgI?t=5m25s
  18. Attached file so you can see a problem with the load screen when you want load a a game. Look at the bottom of the screen and you will see outline of other saved games
  19. [Description of the issue] Loot screen displays the number of available spaces believed by the game to be correct although the inventory screen shows more available spaces. Despite appearing empty in inventory screen and loot screen, attempting to fill these empty-looking spaces with items results in strange outcomes. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Load linked savegame. 2) Open inventory and note that Main Character (character #2) and BB Wizard (character #5) appear to have 6 and 8 available inventory slots respectively. 3) Click on nearby container on ground (spider corpse) and note that although the spaces are still visually represented as empty in the loot screen, the number corresponding to the available spaces for the main character and BB Wizard are listed as 2 and 7 respectively. 4) Open inventory and add move 2 items to Main Character's inventory and 7 items to BB Wizard's inventory. 5) Close inventory. 6) Click on nearby container again and note that the number of available spaces for these characters have changed from '2' to 'FULL' for main character and from '7' to 'FULL' for BB Wizard. 7) Open inventory and attempt to move items to any of the Main Character's 4 visually empty slots, items will be redirected to inventory of BB Fighter (Character #1). Attempt to move items to BB Wizard's 1 visually empty slot and the items will disappear. [Expected behavior] Visually available inventory slots should be available, items shouldn't disappear. [Files] http://www.upload.ee/files/4223517/quicksave.savegame.html DxDiag Attached DxDiag.txt
  20. Description: On the character sheet, "Total Enemies Defeated" by the party is larger than the sum of "Enemies Defeated" by each party member. The difference gets larger as the game progresses and the number listed as the total is clearly too high. How to reproduce: 1. Start a new game. 2. Murder the group by the bridge 3. Add up the "Enemies Defeated" for each party member on the character sheet ( = 4). 4. Compare to the "Total Enemies Defeated" on the character sheet ( > 4). 5. Commit additional murders as desired and watch the "Total Enemies Defeated" get much larger than the sum of "Enemies Defeated" .
  21. Description of the issue: All entries in quest log, both quests and tasks, were wiped after fight with Medreth. Quest log restored only after full game exit. Expected behaviour: Quest log stays intact and updates appropriately. Steps to reproduce: I am unsure if this is repeatable, but this is what I did to the best of my recollection. 1) Quick saved near Medreth after letting Nyfre leave. 2) Talked to Medreth, lied about Nyfre leaving north but did not meet the requirements to pull that off. 3) Combat started, straight away quick loaded to see differences between conversation options. 4) Honestly told Medreth about Nyfre, combat again. 5) BB Rogue got maimed during the fight (anything could be relevant...) 6) Opened quest log, appeared to be empty. 7) Went to inn, rested, created new save. Tried loading the earlier quick save, quest log still empty. 9) Full game exit. 10) Loaded the save from after resting at inn, quest log is now restored and seems to have progressed as expected.
  22. Description of the issue: Mouse scroll does not change zoom level at second floor of Dracogen Inn, but instead only moves object highlights. On zooming in, highlights pop out of their correct location and enlarged transparent silhouettes of characters and doors are projected close to their actual location. Expected behaviour: Mouse scroll zooms in and out. Object highlights stay attached to the objects. Characters do not project giant ghosts copies. Steps to reproduce: Currently I am not able to reproduce this. I noticed the odd behaviour after entering the inn's second floor for the first time. When I then went back downstairs, zoom was working normally. I entered the second floor again after exiting the game and zooming seemed to work normally again. DxDiag included for system details. DxDiag.txt
  23. Hello, I've just launch the game on a computer and my Steam is in English and the game is configured to start in English : But the system I am on is in French and so the game have started in French : But it shouldn't, it should start in whatever language is configured on Steam. I've find the option to change the language to English (also the word for "language" in French is missing before the option). It's a minor bug but still an annoying one.
  24. You can click directly on Voice button (Top buttons) and that makes a predefined fighter with a wierd portrait and with basic stats. These buttons should be disabled and enabled at each step.
  25. [Description of the issue] When saving a game and there are enough saves for the list to be larger than the available space, the borders from the screenshot and party avatar images appears above and below the list. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Save the game repeatedly, creating at least 7 unique saves. 2) Go back into the save game screen, and scroll the list up and down. 3) Note that the recesses / borders continue to be displayed even when the image is partially or fully hidden (i.e. above or below the edge of the list area). [Expected behaviour] The borders should be hidden once the relevant section of the list is scrolled out of view. [Other remarks / Comments] This also happens if you expand the save game listing for one of your other characters and this makes the list larger than the available space.
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