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  1. Pathfinding seems improved, but still needs some work. A specific problem I've noticed is that due to the "no selection circles overlapping" change, characters moving in close formations will tend to get stuck running against each other (instead of going around each other). To reproduce: Start a game Create a very tight formation (close rectangle) Move party to a location with said formation Click directly behind the party (ordering them to turn the formation 180 degrees and move) Observe as party members sometimes get stuck on each other, running towards each other in a fruitless dance of futility If it doesn't happen, keep giving move orders with various rotations. Eventually you'll see it. Expected behavior: Party members who collide in movement should go around each other, both going to their left or both going to their right (instead of trying to move directly forward towards the other character). Thanks for the new build! Looks like a lot has been fixed! Keep it up!
  2. Currently, I run at 1920x1200 windowed mode. Full-screen, any of the currently supported resolutions look rather squished and unnatural. My monitors are 2048x1536. I realize that's a rather unusual resolution and so unreasonable to test for explicitly, but 1600x1200 would be good too, which many monitors can run.
  3. In the Level Up screen, if you click on the small area where a button could be displayed, you will hear a clicking sound as if you've actually clicked a button. Screenshot:
  4. [Description of the issue] The character sheet and inventory have both begun displaying all sorts of clearly wrong numbers. I believe the numbers displayed in the inventory screen are "accurate" in that they reflect the numbers the game is using, but are clearly not the numbers they should be. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Look at the attached picture: wow, that's some good defences on my paladin 2) Load the save game (from dropbox) 3) Take a look at the character sheet and change characters using the arrow keys: note the defence/stam/etc. numbers never change 4) Take a look at the inventory screen and note several odd things: a) My cipher (with 7 con) has way less stam than BBFighter (with 20 con) b) BBFighter has the lowest DT despite most other people being naked c) The accuracy numbers seem like they might be off d) The paladin's defences are insanely high. 4 digits high. 5) Take the paladin ahead solo and kill everything without risk as all defences are actually over 8000 (I'm really sad they aren't over 9000) and everything that attacks therefore automatically misses her. [Expected behaviour] The character sheet and inventory screens should show the same numbers and be correct. [Other remarks / Comments] I have saved and loaded many times. I would also note that the save game indicates something like 7 hours of game time elapsed, but there has been at least a day. [Files] Savegame (as too big to upload, even when zipped): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74672307/PoE%20Bugs/Broken%20Numbers/0c2248daf3124c42a962e17307f3f729%20DyrfordRuins%207634693.savegame [Edited] To add details about the numbers being "real"
  5. Whenever you click on a tooltip, all but the closest character treat it as an order to move to the tooltip. 1) Create game 2) Head North to the Temple of Berath (sp) 3) Select the whole party, click on the various tooltips 4) Notice that the 4 characters furthest away from the tooltip location will consider it a move order. The closest character will stay in place Expected: All characters stay in place / continue with their current order.
  6. The text overlaps when I choose a classe with magic, regardless of race, I have problems when I have to choose the spells, the character sheet does not progress and brings me back to the choice of spells. If I can advance the sheet creation, magic texts and culture attributes overlap. Sorry for my bad English. In English works well
  7. [Description of the issue] Saved games are not listed in order of most recent to oldest - Dryford Crossing Act 1, 20 hours saved at 5/9/2014 at 12:02 am - Dryford Crossing Act 1, 24 hours saved at 5/9/2014 at 12:43 am appears after the previous entry instead of before - Dryford Village, Act 1, 14 hours saved at 5/9/2014 at 1:06 am appears at the bottom of the list, instead of the top Saved Games have incorrect internal clocks Dryford Crossing has Act 1, 24 hours and the saved game that I made after returning to the village from dryford crossing has Act 1, 14 hours [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Open Load Game interface [Expected behaviour] Saved Games would list in order of most recent through to oldest in regards to timestamp of save Saved game times (Act 1, nn hours) would be continuous and reflect the game play - ie the saved game at dryford village should be Act 1, 28 hours at least as was continue of the Dryford Crossing Act 1 , 20 hours [Other remarks / Comments] The Continue option worked as expected The graphic on the Dryford Crossing, 24 hour save is white rather than the map area where the save occurred [Files]
  8. A mysterious cloak appears behind the character in inventory screen. This effect was not tied to a character but instead to the background of the preview window. I snapped a screenshot but I was not able to replicate.
  9. Description: When I loaded a game with a "Major Potion of Regeneration" in my BB Fighter's quickbar, the quickbar became scrambled. What I did prior (Previous Bug thread): 1. Equipped Major Potion of Regen+Deflection Ring (Found when Scouting/Sneaking) 2. Went into cave 3. Took a screenshot of BB Fighter Animation Bug (which shows the quickbar just fine) 4. Saved Game 5. Loaded Game Expected: The quickbar should not be scrambled after loading. Comment #1: It looks as if the code has read the quickbar backwards or looped somehow, as the icons are now in reversed position. Comment #2: Open "BB Fighter Animation Bug" screenshot in one browser tab and the below "Quickbar" screenshot in another browser tab and you can see how the quickbar changes. Attachments: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/36348751588362649/41147B3A284744F3D7E257077ACA73B95FB9470C/ - Quickbar Savefile (Inside Cave) Output_log.txt
  10. [Description of the issue] When clicking on the exit map icon on the west side next to the bridge in the village, receive the message "You must gather your party before venturing forth" [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Click on the exit map icon on west side next to the bridge [Expected behaviour] Expect that this exit map icon would work the same as all of the other ones [Other remarks / Comments] When clicking on the exit map icon on the west side next to the temple, or on the north, south, east sides able to get the area map and change to a new location
  11. All in all, the UI has been made much more responsive. Still some improvement to be done, but great work so far! There's a problem with the combat log. I'm not sure it it's displaying the incorrect damage calculations, or if it's displaying the correct calculation but the damage is being calculated incorrectly. Either way, it needs to be fixed. [To reproduce] Use any damaging ability or attack on a valid target Manage to hit, crit, or graze Mouse over the appropriate entry in the combat log Note that the damage calculation doesn't appear to add up. It'll say (for example) 40.3 - 10.0 = 27.4 or something similarly not correct. [Expected behavior] Damage calculation in combat log should add up. I've attached a few screenshots to demonstrate:
  12. Load a save game and the load screen comes up it says Did you know... <MISSING TOOLTIP>
  13. Buffs display : 1. Engage in combat, buffs stay on. 2. save, load 3. BB Wizard Attack and the like are shown as white squares (Defender was fine) Stop Characters (shortcut x) fails while in pause : 1. pause 2. select everyone + order to move 3. press x to stop the group 4. only some (if any) members' moving position will disapear. if unpause, the other ones will keep moving Enchant interface while trading fails to render (pic 01) 1. talk to a vendor 2. right click on an item 3. Click Enchant 4. the enchant ui borders only will appear item disappearance 1. found a bow 2. gave it to BB Rogue to replace his equiped one 3. move BB Rogue's bow to his inventory 4. equiped bow disappeared Item prices at vendors 1 choose an item : pic 02 (fine hide armor : 300cp) 2 click on an item to move it at the bottom : pic 03 (fine hide armor now at 3200cp) 3 cancel the item to move it back in the list : pic 04 (fine hide armor now at 4800cp) price listed at the bottom center (total) was the price shown after back in the list (4800cp) ex 2 : hammer and chisel pics 05+06 (75 in list, 50 in tooltip when at the bottom+75 in the total price, 75 when back in the list) Duplicate rendering of characters and environement : pic 07 couldn't replicate but append 2 times, in the inn first floor and Tygil's Curriery probably due to the locked doors Attack interaction with doors 1. click on the blade icon at the bottom 2. click on a door 3. blade icon stay on the mouse but behave as moving/interact 4. click once again on the blade icon, click on the floor to get back the moving icon Gained an item, not in inventory/stach/treasure items (Skaenbone below Tygil's Curriery) windows 8.1 64B I5 3470, Ram 16G, AMD 7950
  14. What happens: Reduced size text goes into the first letter: How to reproduce: Reduce text to 80%, possibly other sizes, too.
  15. When I bring up the Area Map it seems to glitch out with all kinds of lovely shades and lines running over it. This happens every time I exit a building.
  16. In gui.stringtable <Entry> <ID>50</ID> <DefaultText>Wil</DefaultText> <FemaleText /> </Entry> Will should probably be Will? right?
  17. Description: Some of my characters' spells and abilities have been removed from the menu above their portraits, but these abilities still show up in their character records. Details: Specifically, when I click on BB Wizard's portrait and then click on [iV] to access his fourth-level spells, the menu that appears one level above is titled "4th Level Wizard Spells" but is empty, even though I just leveled up and chose my first 4th level spell. This is also a problem for BB Priest, whose menu has been reduced to two buttons: her weapon sets and a single quick item (she has 5 equipped); the buttons to access her spells are entirely gone. Screenshot attached. I suspect that this was triggered when I added items to the characters' quick item slots, which I did a few minutes before noticing the missing abilities, but I tried and failed to reproduce the error by loading a previous save and adding quick items. (This is the first time in the game that I used the quick item slots.)
  18. Oftentimes, there will be a piece of text that overlaps with the dropped capital. Take for instance It's a bit hard to decipher, but it shows the issue. This one I got by 1) Create game, preferably with low-strength character 2) Head to Skaen temple 3) Try to push the cover open with a low-strength character and fail the check 4) You should have overlapping text on the dropped capital Expected: No overlap Note: I've noticed this often seems to happen on skill checks / stats checks. I recall seeing this on the successful "climb down" check at the Dragon's den as well.
  19. [Description of the issue] Edge paning while in stealth mode causes all the detection radiuses (allied and enemy) to be displaced from the character models. Saving and Reloaded seems to fix the iddue but unreveals the entire map expcept for the area you are in. [Details] The following were the circumstances in which the bug happened: 1) I was in windowed mode (full widow) 2) The area was Stormwall Gorge. 3) I was revealing the area and moving to the left. 4) A deerĀ“s detection radius could be seen but the deer model was still in the fog of war. 5) At one point there was a faded black line being displaced along the radiuses. Im assuming this was the edge of the screen. Screenshots included below. [Files] Displaced circles with border: Displaced Circles: After Reload:
  20. Bug: In the inventory screen and in the trading screen, there is a big "T" instead of a normal capital "T" with the same size of all the text. Expected behavior: Text size should be consistent. Reproducing steps: None known to me, this bug started suddenly, after loading a game, but not right after loading, so I can't be sure it's load-related. Here's a couple of screenshots: Big T in trading screen: Instead of This: Here's the big T in the inventory screen (bottom-right of portrait): ^ In this screenshot you can also see the magical character disappearance! If this bug has already been reported feel free to merge this thread to the original one.
  21. Two bugs here, and both pop up in (at least) two different places. Bug 1a): [Description of the issue] Information window on the right during character creation does not update until mouse-over when distributing Attributes. [steps to reproduce / take notice of] Start a new game, select sex (any), race (any), for class select Fighter. Click Next. -Notice how information window on the right still displays information about the Fighter class. (See screenshot) Mouse-over an attribute, -Notice how right screen displays information about the last mouse-overed attribute (As it's supposed to) Click next, select a culture. Click on the attribute bar at the top of the screen -Notice how information window still displays information about the selected culture. [Expected behaviour] Upon arriving in the Attribute distribution screen, Information window should be blank, or list general information about Attributes. (What are they, what do they do?) [Other remarks / Comments] Perhaps Notably, issue does not happen when selecting a Ranger, and arriving in the Animal Companion selection screen. Bug 1b): Same issue happens during level-ups when you can select a talent. [Description of the issue] Information window on the right during level-up when you can select a talent does not update until mouse-over. [steps to reproduce / take notice of] Start a new game, go through character creation with a Fighter. Once in-game, level up once as usual (to Level 2). Level up again (to 3), distribute your Skill points, click [Next], arrive in Talent select screen. -Notice how information window on the right still displays information about the last mouse-overed skill in the previous screen. (See screenshot) [Expected behaviour] Information window should be blank, or display general information about Talents. [Other remarks / Comments] Now that we're here, let's look at another bug, shall we? Bug 2): [Description of the issue] When picking a talent during level-up, information window displays information about last mouse-overed talent, instead of selected one. [steps to reproduce / take notice of] Just ... get to the talent selection screen. If you checked out Bug 1b), you should be here already, otherwise follow the steps described there. Click on the first talent, selecting it. -Notice how information window displays information about "Weapon Focus Adventurer" (As should be.) Mouse-over the last talent in the first row. -Notice how information window displays information about "Hold the Line" (As should be.) Move mouse to "Neutral" space. -Notice how, despite "Weapon Focus Adventurer" is selected, information window displays info about "Hold the Line" (See Screenshot) [Expected behaviour] Information window should display information about selected talent, or current mouse-over, NOT last mouse-over. As in: NO selected talent AND Cursor in neutral space - "General Talent" information. Cursor on Talent icon - Information about currently mouse-overed talent WITH selected talent AND Cursor in neutral space - Information about selected talent Cursor on Talent icon- Information about currently mouse-overed talent [Other remarks / Comments] Almost same bug happens during character creation for the Ranger, when picking an animal companion. Difference here is that there IS a "General Animal Companion" information screen, which displays properly upon first entering the screen. It ALSO re-appears upon de-selecting an animal companion, but vanishes as soon as you move the mouse - the information screen reverts back to "Last mouse-over" behaviour, and considering your mouse cursor is in the middle of an icon, it can't move to 'neutral' space. During similar screens, but where you can make 2 or more choices, things are wonky as well, but slightly differently (especially when deselecting a previous selected option)- have not tested properly.
  22. I'm trying to bind Move, Interact, and Attack to my Right Mouse Button (the idea being to have the game control like a modern RTS) but the control options won't let me. I can bind them to the left mouse button just fine, but not the right.
  23. The enchant screen in stores look like this: To reproduce 1) Start new game 2) Go to Winfrith's Store 3) Right click on "Justice" 4) Click on "Enchant" 5) Observe that the Enchant Screen is all messed up Expected behaviour: The enchant screen should be displayed properly.
  24. In game, when you press "esc" and then "quit", the game quits to the main menu and starts playing the main menu music, but the game music that was playing before never stops playing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpVrPir8bio
  25. Feedback: I really like what I'm seeing from the Journal thus far :D [Description of the issue] 1) I can't name Notes (Untitled Notes). 2) I can't delete Notes. [Expected behaviour] 1B) I should be able to name them. 2B) Same thing. I should be able to delete them.
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