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  1. It would be great if you could have a Dungeon Delve Mode. It would work one of these ways, either: - You can't leave the dungeon until you've beaten the core quest/boss at the bottom of the dungeon. (Special auto-save before you enter.) OR - Leaving the dungeon resets the dungeon, but you still get to keep any experience/loot you got. Respawned mobs don't drop loot a second time.
  2. It's really annoying when I unpause an auto-pause because I'm trying to pause at the same time. It would be great if you were unable to manually unpause the game for 1/3 to 1/2 a second after an auto-pause. Thank you!
  3. I made my rogue attack who has 20 might ( 1.3 ) execptional pike (averge 27 dmg) I expect him do average damage per hit before DR 27 * 1.3(might) * 1.2(reckless assault) * 1.15(two-handed fighting) * 1.6( sneak attack with glanfathan boots) * 1.5 (crit) = 116.2 damage or (1 + 0.3(might) * 0.2(reckless assault) * 0.15(two-handed fighting) * 0.6( sneak attack with glanfathan boots) * 0.5 (crit)) = 2.75 27 * 2.75 = 74.25 damage But actullay my rogue did average 65 damage(before DR) per crit ( from 50 samples) may be my sample is too small but I want to know my damage multiplier stacks properly. ( And I think there is more who want to know his damage multiplier) If it is too difficult and messy, just show us final multiplier (item mod+might mod+modal mod+crit mod+sneak mod+etc) it will be great help for me Thank you.
  4. It'd be nice if there were an option to delete old notes you no longer need in the journal notes section.
  5. So far this game has been amazing, however there are some issues on character information that is rather user unfriendly. 1. Stat affecting passives that only activate in combat. Is there an engine restriction that prevents abilities like Transcendent Suffering from showing on the main stats outside of combat? Many users are confused when they get a passive but it fails to show any changes on the main stat screen. If possible these should just be active all the time rather combat only. 2. Recovery time. There needs to be a way to see a value for this, seeing a loading tip that equiping a shield reduces recovery time, but without being able to see a recovery time value it becomes impossible to tell how major this affect is,. Being able to see a value would also help in deciding on armor and stacking effects such as increased/decreased time from multiple sources. Ideally this would be displayed in seconds on the stats screen. 3. Classes have some cool and unique mechanics but many of these are only displayed on the character creation screen or even not at all. There should be a journal section for each class giving an overview and details on their unique abilities/resources and if you want to go all in a list of their unique abilities would be great too (preferably in a collapsable format sorted by tier so people aren't scrolling through a giant list of spells). A big example is monk wounds, there is next to nothing in the game itself on wounds other than you gain them by taking damage and can use them for abilities. On the wiki it states that wounds also absorb some damage, if this is still in then it is not stated anywhere and there is no place in the game to look up the details on ths mechanic. Similarly with spell casters there does not appear to be anywhere stating when a spell tier becomes per encounter (this needs to be added to the level up screens of the appropriate levels as well). 4. this one is less important and more of a small convenience, but when equipping items that cause suppressed stats it would be nice to have a pop-up letting users know this. I'm not how much of these would be engine limited but it would be a great improvement for user friendliness and make it easier for new players to learn the mechanics.
  6. Not sure if I am supposed to post this here. I just feel like this kind of spell(and any other spells that do something like a confusion effect) are simply not as good as they should be because they make enemies literally friendlies during the duration of the spell. If you cast heal, you heal them. If you cast a "Enemy Only" spell, it doesn't affect them. Not sure if this was intended. A very small gripe. However, it was one of my favorite spells in BG.
  7. So someone over at another forum played an April Fool's prank, which in itself isn't surprising. What was interesting, though, is one particular part of the shopped image used. Thinking on it, a thin line indicating where a character's been ordered to move to would be a large quality of life improvement, making it much easier to keep track of where everyone in your party is intending to go (both in and out of combat). This would also be a boon for queued move orders, with the character's path being clearly shown. Just an idea.
  8. First, let me say how much I love this game. 9/10. If the few issues I have with it are mended, 10/10, and I will buy it for some friends. Total nostalgia and hommage to Baldur's Gate/Planescape series and the other strategy RPG's i grew up with and played relentlessly when I was a wee lad. However, one thing that i enjoyed more about those games that I am not enjoying so much in PoE is how you basically have two health bars. The endurance versus health is totally unecessary and adds a level of tedium for me that breaks the fun of the game. Having to camp way too much. Having to rest way too much, and no way to restore health by the priest/druid in the party casting a spell out of combat? Come on... Something easily done in Baldur's Gate that helped catalyze the gameplay rather than artificially extend it... Granted I am only about 10 hours into the game, but I am not enjoying having to rest and camp so much. I also don't like how easily spells are interrupted while trying to cast. I dislike how few spells you get to cast (using the tired method of spellcasting that even DnD abandoned, that of memorizing your spell "slots") before having to rest yet again. Wizard in the party is getting basically two-shot knocked out in some fights. Reduce the damage EVERYONE does across the board or increase everyone's health. Make fights last longer with everyone doing less damage to one another so that those lovely nice spells you coded into the game can actually get used, rather than just HEAL HEAL HEAL burn burn burn. Combats are either really fast, or not fast enough, or your wizard/priest/monk gets hammered and knocked out almost immediately before the (lets be honest) very slow cast time of some spells can go off. Fighter could use quite a few more class abilities as well. Maybe I am bad at the game and don't quite "get it" just yet, but I am playing on Normal and some fights are just impossibly tough, with 5 members in the party (namely the battles with the Priests in the Lord's castle --- their unavoidable spells hit entirely too hard in my opinion). Thanks for your time, guys, and thank you for giving us such an amazing game. It was well worth the money spent and I play it literally any moment I can spare.
  9. It would be nice if the floating damage numbers had a color (or other modification) to let you know if they were crit, hit, graze, or miss. A miss could just be an asterisk *.
  10. It's just a small thing, but it would make sense for the numbers listing how many uses you have of an ability to be distinguished in color or some other way from one another. (Maybe by being on different sides of the ability, or by one having a little circle around it or a colored square behind it.)
  11. Given that the pet is completely non-interactable, it seems a little strange that a giant name bubble pops up over it every time you Highlight Interactables, and it's annoying because it gets in the way of actually seeing stuff. It's especially annoying in fights when I'm trying to see the status of different characters and the giant name is blocking a bunch of stuff. I've taken to using no pet just to avoid that. Please at least make an option not to display the pet's name when interactables are highlighted.
  12. It would be great if you would (optionally?) return to (enter?) scouting mode after battle. Given how much scouting you do in this game, I often forget that I'm not still in scouting mode after battles and run off (in fast-mode, no less, because fast-mode turns back on automatically) into things I don't want to run into. I realize that determining whether you were in scouting mode before a fight might be slightly tricky, but if you don't want to bother with that just give us an "Enter Scouting Mode After Battles" option. Thanks!
  13. It would be great if party member circles' colors were based on the character's primary color, like Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition does, that would make combat a lot more readable. BGEE also makes party member circles look slightly different than other circles (double ring instead of single). That would also be very nice. Thanks!
  14. Just noticed that you don't consume lockpicks, you just need a certain amount to bypass. Question, what are the lockpicks doing in the inventory? Couldn't you move them to a lockpick keychain or elsewhere. Holding them in the inventory is a bit facepalmish.
  15. Hello all, After playing few hours of beta I find out that weapons doesnt add to deflection rating. It seems strange as for sure one defend himself much better with weapon than with bare hands. I think that Obs should think about adding deflection rating to weapons as well. I think that best deflection should have swords, then reach weapons and on other end should be axes and maces. Of course it should not affect damage threshold Good idea? Bad Idea? discuss
  16. Would be awesom to be able to click in the enemy names in the combat log to target or select them. This way, if you read in the combat log that an enemy is performing a special attack against some squisy character, you can click in that enemy name and focus that specific enemy. This is useful in combats with several enemies with same name. Sometimes you don't know which one is the reported enemy in the combat log and I think that the new engine is capable enough to do this and more.
  17. I'm suggesting the developers implement a 'deadzone' where the formation orientation wheel doesn't show up until you've held right click and moved it outside this threshold. As-well as a slight delay when clicking so it doesn't accidentally show up unintended. Currently there's almost no delay (if any) and it makes it an uncomfortable experience when clicking just to move. In practice these mechanics pretty much work the same as what everyone's used to in IE games but a much better look and feel. Please see this video for a working example and description of how I think it should be in Pillars of Eternity. (ignore that it's an RTS, it's the mechanics that are important) Bonus: The 'cancel' command should double as a 'hold position' command (or a new hotkey altogether in the controls menu) so you can tell your guys to stand still even with enemies nearby, keeping formation with a tap of the button. I assume the ability to queue movement is coming? Ideally we should be able to shift-queue movement *and* orientation along with actions/abilities (Cancel command too). It's imperative to your tactics when playing the game real-time. Scenario 1: Telling a Wizard in an open area to move wide on an enemies flank and cast a ranged spell while assaulting the front with your fighters. Scenario 2: Casting an ability, and retreating to cast another ability automatically. Scenario 3: Making enemies chase summons around while you shoot them from range. This is possible in Baldur's Gate so i'd hope we'll be able to do it in PoE. Thanks for your consideration.
  18. As the number of beta backers jumping into the game grows, those General Threads are going to explode. It will become harder to find specific posts and ideas. But we still need some way of taming the fire-hose nature of excited gamers' brains. I propose multiple forums a la my "other PoE", Path of Exile. Note the categorized Feedback forums. I think the intent of the General Threads matches up well with these. In practice, though, we can't just sticky all of them because it uses too much screen real-estate. So the threads just kind of float around, hoping someone clicks on the General Link at the top and then into the correct sub-thread. Possible sub-forums: Beta Feedback - First Impressions Beta Feedback - Classes, Builds, and Balance Beta Feedback - User Interface (Non-Combat) Beta Feedback - Combat Beta Feedback - Story and Dialog Beta Feedback - Graphics and Animation Beta Feedback - Music and Audio Beta Feedback - Other These sub-forums would provide: More discoverability--currently there are plenty of posts outside of a General Thread that belong in one, because not everyone (myself included admittedly) noticed the General Threads sticky. So currently the devs probably need to look both at the forum and these super-threads. Links on the main beta forums page would nicely funnel the feedback. Better granularity of discussion--users having feedback around the spellbook UI, for example, won't need to "threadbomb" users in the same thread already discussing the Inventory UI. More readability--keeping up with sub-threads is not much easier than refreshing the main screen only to find the post you were just looking at just went to page 2, due to the sheer volume of posts (due people not using the General Threads for reasons explained above). More fun--a player especially interested in the UI could "hang out" in an area separate from the storytelling feedback, for example. Better for devs--as a programmer, if I were focused on the UI, I'd love to have a separate feedback forum targeting my area of the codebase. Please consider doing this, I think it will make our beta testing, reviewing, and discussing much easier! PS--super excited for the next build.
  19. I have couple of suggestion on top of my head as I just started to play the game. First when you select a character ingame, you should highlight or change the colour of the portrait so you know which one is active. Second you should also hightlight the portrait of either who is chosen character in current formation of the party so you know who is line the front. third you inventory is sort of a bad solution when you want to filter. If I want to filter on weapon it should be those I see in my inventory and not just graying out the other items in the bag so you have to scroll up/down to weapon. As it is now it doesn't make sense.
  20. I was fiddling around with intelligence and how it affects AoE size, and I came up with some suggestions that would make them generally better. 1 - Spell casting range All spells - AoE included - have a casting range, but that range is never displayed in the game world when casting. It would be beneficial to have a visual indicator if you can cast a spell from where you currently are, or of where you will have to move to cast a spell on a location. 2 - Adjustable AoE One of the benefits of intelligence is increased area of effect. It turns out that this can be a rather big problem at higher levels. Here's an image: This is a 20 Int wizard casting Dazzling Lights. The wizard is at his maximum casting range for the spell, which just so happens to be in the area of effect of the spell. Casting this spell will cause the wizard to dazzle himself. Needless to say, this is rather undesirable. On top of this, the huge AoE of some spells at high intelligence will tend to make them difficult to use in constrained spaces without, say, torching your buddies. As long as friendly fire is enabled (and it should stay enabled, personally), the player needs a way to have high intelligence without it ending up being detrimental. Making the AoE spells have a reducible range would help quite a bit. If this would unbalance spells from a tactical standpoint, then it might be enough to allow the player to cast spells at an effectively reduced intelligence (i,e., keep AoE and duration coupled).
  21. I would really love to have an option to toggle volume for all kinds of voice-acting in the game. Combat shouts and the "affirmative" type of deal when you move characters around kinda get really old after a while so an option to mute them would be very welcome!
  22. I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir with you guys, but it needs to be said: The superb voice acting made the Baldur's Gate 2 characters really come to life. Jon Irenicus, Minsc, Aerie, Jaheira...I remember that dialog to this day. Please don't make your voice talent an afterthought. I suspect you already intend to make it awesome, but just in case you weren't? Don't make Pillars of Eternity sound like Divinity: Original Sin. That is all.
  23. It's one of those things that's not really a big deal, but one expects a double-click to select an item and perform the default action on it. This is true of Windows list boxes for example. So it seemed a little weird that when I went to load a game I couldn't just double-click the game to load it. PS Beta is awesome.
  24. Just a little suggestion for a feature I kinda expected from the GUI: when you get a pop-up about a new quest in the upper left corner of the screen, it would be convenient to be able to click on it to bring up the journal. At least, that's what I did immediately upon seeing the pop-up for the first time (I mean, I clicked on it). The journal should of course open on the newly received/updated quest, so the player can review whatever notes are made about it.
  25. So with my achievement grinding it got me thinking... Enemies scale with your level in The Stick of Truth, I noticed this when battling different monsters on two different level characters. There are certain key points in the story. How would you feel if they added a chapter selection option? You could go back and play your favorite parts or get your missing Chinpokomon, etc. by selecting the chapter you want to play with your character that's completed the game. More importantly... Is this something Obsidian would consider doing?
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