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  1. As some of you will already know, Vladimir Putin has announced he is going to get divorced. I think that out of a spirit of forumal fraternity we should mobilise immediately. I firmly believe that with our combined writing talent we can compose a love letter from obyknven to Vlad that willl be so jaw-droppingly fantastic that he'll have no option but to immediately elope with her to Archangel. In your own time, gentlemen... engage.
  2. This poll is for people that want romances in game i want to know what do you think about type of romances in general. This poll and thret is not about "Will the devs putt romances in game" becouse i think that this is their decisions ( but i will be disapointed if not". This tred is about romances that you liked or whoud like to see if they add them ... and of coure it's not for people that "don't like romances in general" so don't troll in this topic becouse i don't do this in thread that i don't like Thanks for atention
  3. I seriously NEED an Atton romance mod xD I found some but they had been taken down never to be seen again. I do have some Atton stuff on the Sims 2 but it's not the same. Please reply!
  4. for me what gets me into any RPG, be it a Western or Japanese RPG, strong romance subplots are important to me. the reason is because that is where some great character building happens. i dont want some romance subplot with two outside character whom i help in some way or another but one where the player character is the center. though i understand that there are people who wouldn't care about this kind of thing but it could be included as an entirely optional character arc, just like a lot of story elements that will be included in the final game.
  5. So there's a promance thread, why not a nomance thread? Chris Avellone obviously has some very loud opinions on this matter, does his perspective reflect any of the perspectives of the fine fellows in the forums? Although I actually have no particular opinions towards romance in RPGs, I can understand why some don't like it. Romance in movies are bad enough, and a little sour in fantasy books too. Emotional experiences don't always have to end in romance, despite what hollywood might believe. If a story is good enough, it doesn't need an ackwardly implemented love subplot for the sake
  6. We've got a crowdfunded project with many many rpg veterans chipping in. I'm ready for some innovation and experiments. Here are some features of my imaginary, perfect 'Project Eternity', add your own below! Resting Spells/abilities regenerate instead of becoming unavailable after use until the party rests. The party acts at 100% efficiency when well rested, but gradually becomes more vulnerable and loses effectiveness in all skills when tired. Spells not only cost mana, but tire casters independently. The same holds true for physical skills without consuming mana. The party can rest anywh
  7. Do you want to romance one or two of your companions? I do because the romanceable characters become more deep and intresting persons. It also helps me made my role-play in game diffrent and intresting every time. Developers please give us opportunity.
  8. I wanted to start a discussion on what kind of consequences the (sub)race of the PC people like it to have. With this I was thinking about reactions from NPCs about, but also item restrictions for example. I think most people will expect some kind of realism in the responses from NPCs. Some communities or regions are less stranger-friendly than other, some indivuals might be openly racist, while others are but won't say it outloud and some think they're not but actually think a lot in stereotypes. Ofcourse the way it's handled in the setting can make a huge difference. However do expec
  9. I've seen a lot of generalizations on both sides of this argument. Often people who want romance arcs and people who are strictly opposed to them (if that polarization of the player base is even valid at all) lump their opposite number into a category that makes broad assumptions about their opinions on multiple subjects. So let's try to characterize these people more so we can stop arguing past each other at straw-men and people that may have annoyed us elsewhere that happen to share an opinion we disagree with. Only vote in the above poll if you are actively hoping for one or more 'roman
  10. Yes, I understand we already have a topic devoted to theoretically probable romances in Project Eternity, so I'm really sorry for creating yet another one, but I feel like polls that we had by this day (Sex and romance poll, Gods save us another romance thread) are either badly structured, either biased with the way questions are formulated, so here I am with my effort to construct something that is coherent and objective as much as possible.
  11. Don't end the romantic relationship's development when you first have sex. I hope that wasn't even what they were planning as far as any potential romantic relationships are concerned..., but I wanted to just go ahead and say this to get it out of the way. I'm not trying to diminish how awesome sex is, or suggesting that all relationships need to have a deep emotional attachment (sometimes it's just bang-buddies, and that's ok) - but I'm tired of video games portraying sex as the final goal when it comes to romance. Make it a stepping stone or a stumbling block, a scandal or a salv
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