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Found 11 results

  1. I couldn't find a list of recommendations for these items. I made my own list up to Raedric's Hold, but aside from Stalker's Torc and of course the infamous Gloves of Manipulation, I got just some general stuff there.
  2. So has anyone else experienced the bug where Parvati RANDOMLY DIES WHILE YOU'RE ON THE UNRELIABLE, FAILING HER COMPANION QUEST?! ...because I have and it's very disheartening in case you haven't noticed. I'm currently on the quest Radio Free Monarch, but seeing as I had been with Parvati and Nyoka for a fair while on Monarch, I decided to pop back to the Unreliable to drop off some unique weapons, catch up with other companions, and have a 'rest'. I chat to ADA and Felix where I receive new quests from them both, speak to Ellie about things, and then wouldn't you know it, the mission 'Don't Bite The Sun' (Parvati's companion quest) suddenly fails and, on closer inspection, it tells me the reason for it was 'Parvati was killed'...even though I literally saw her on the ship 5 minutes ago. Thank Law for save files because I'd genuinely have had a breakdown if I had lost my favourite engineer.
  3. What's actually the point of tinkering with builds when any, I mean ANY build can ABSOLUTELY trash the game with just maxed out arcana or maxed out alchemy. It's just plain silly. Obsidian needs to really sort this out. What do you guys think?
  4. Randomly, while playing the game, the game crashes. This has happened during startup and in the game while moving from place to place. The game crashes and I get a pop-up telling me it would be nice for me to send a crash file to the developer. As this seems to be completely random, there are no specific steps to reproduce this. I've uploaded the crash folder. Was not allowed to uploaded the savegame file. crashfolder.zip
  5. I've been playing for a few days. At first everything was very smooth. Then game started to lag, and now starting late yesterday, it shuts my computer off out of the blue. Just bam - no power. It sounds like a similar issue from the first game: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72006-shuts-down-computer/page-1 It doesn't seem to be an overheating issue - it recently shut the computer down as soon as I loaded the game; other times I can play for a couple of hours or more. Forum isn't letting me upload the save game file, but I'm attaching the output log and specs. Editing to add: Now it's doing it as soon as I load the game and click on something, every time. Please tell me there's a fix for this. output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  6. I am struggling to find these gloves and found they are a random loot item according to the Pillars wiki. The wiki mentions that for each twenty-day month, the items are guaranteed to spawn on certain days and are computed on looting, not loading the map. I have tried in two places (I don't have a ton left to try) to obtain them by resting until the right time (the spawns in Cragholdt and Iron Flail Fort, to clarify), and the wiki information has been incorrect. Additionally, I have rested longer and tried to open the chests on other days and acquired the same item. Was there a change to the behavior of these containers? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I don't see any where to add just random things you come across in the game so decided to start one. I was relaxing and just clicking on various NPCs when I ran across Meredith in one of the inns in Defiance Bay. Not much of a conversation but I did a double take. To be continued.
  8. Hi, Still with patch I'm getting random crashes since the beggining. You can see the log atached. Thanks. output_log.txt
  9. Hi mates. First of all I want to thank you for this great game, I think is a very good game in all aspects. The thing is that I'm having random crashes since the launchment. Sometimes I can play 5 minutes other about 2 hours... I've tried all the solutions posted on forums: - Cap FPS - Audio Drivers - Desactive Vsync - Run as admin - etc... Reading the logs seems to be a memory allocation problem. My system: AMD 955 BE 8 gb ram ati radeon 6870 Windows 8 Atached you can find logs and saves(these should be so useful because crashing is random ;-) ) output_log.txt
  10. I'm having a hard time understanding the logic behind this. I'm not against random loot, but if there is a specific item with a unique property even if it's not called Obsidian Entertainment's unique gloves there should be a failsafe. A good example is Blunting Belt: 1st playthrough: found 2, 2nd playthrough: found none, but... it's available from the blacksmith in Guilded Vale. So, if I'm unlucky I can still buy it. There are a few items however I either never found (maybe my super-thoroughness wasn't enough) or didn't find in another playthrough. A few items that I recall: Archer's Gloves: Found 0. That's the only item with x1.2 ranged damage (not to mention it's bugged - you have to reequip it after loading or else it won't work) Bracers of Spiritual Power: According to Josh this one is tied with Gauntlets of Ogre Might. This is extremely irritating. A unique property (x1.2 spell damage) that is only found on those gloves vs some gauntlets that provide +2 Might. I could build a dam on the Amazonas with the amount of items that have +Might. Found 1 in 2 playthroughs. Gauntlets of Puissant Melee: Found 0. Only item with x1.2 melee damage Mantle of Wreathing Flame: No idea what it does, but I'm sure I haven't found it on my 1st playthrough and I doubt there is any other item with the same property. Stalker's Torc: I'm not sure if this is random (shouldn't be) or not (maybe I'm just too stupid to find this), but I've found every single class specific item for every class (all sold by merchants) except this. 2 playthroughs... still none. I'm sure there are plenty of other items that are randomly generated with properties that have no alternative. Does anyone else feel like this is BS?
  11. This is kinda technical and probably not what someone would expect when entering a thread with this title, but I just wanted to make a request as a programmer towards fellow programmers in Obsidian. Project Eternity is, of course, going to simulate dice rolls and otherwise generate random numbers for whatever reason. With that in mind, I'm asking you, nay, begging you, please oh please don't just use the lame rand PRNG from cstdlib for random number generation. Use something better, like Mersenne twister, which is available in STL in C++11. I'm kinda pedantic and I'm irked when programs and video games which use pseudo-random number generation extensively use a bad PRNG. So yeah... that's all.
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