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  1. Loaded up save file from last night, old save new bugs. all Quest/tasks disappeared from log, tried picking restarting quest by talking to person who originally gave it to me but conversation options where as if I had the quest. Odd symbols over all of the premade BB characters. when moussing over symbols tooltip was "BB X attack" where X was the characters name. tried going through area transfer, no change to symbols. After area transfer I attacked lions, after combat my priest would still play attack animation over and over an over tell told to move. many known ranger bugs (stam/health issues) that are already known. uploaded output log but forum said I am not permitted to upload save files. output_log_1.txt
  2. [Description of the issue] I believe I am completely unable to advance due to the culmination of a number of bugs. I could however be missing something. I have linked to my savegame file later. At this stage, I've 'completed' every quest except finding the elf. I say 'completed' due to this bug: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67573-quest-or-quest-items-bugged-cannot-complete/ I have cleared out the temple to the point where I've found the event that refers to a pit and mentions a grappling hook. There are several doors in the temple that show the locked icon, but which I cannot open (I have the skull key, but I doubt it's supposed to work on them) and I don't get any mechanics too low messages in my combat log for them. I do not have a grappling hook because I bought two at first and when I got the dragon egg, I had BB fighter climb up unsupported and then use one to lower the egg. However, this removed them both from my inventory. The store does not have a 3rd one for me to buy. I went to talk to the tanner and confronted him about the ogre. He attacked me. I killed him. Again, I cannot open the door in his tower. It shows the lock symbol, but I don't get a mechanics failure note in my combat log. So, I don't know if I'm missing something or which, if any, of these are bugs (pretty sure the losing both grabbling hooks was a bug, but I also think that I could have validly used two: 1 to climb and 1 to lower, but maybe I'm wrong). [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Load the savegame from here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74672307/PoE%20Bugs/Can%27t%20Continue/6b44430218a64d308246d0c575513a74%20TrygilsCurriery%207862707.savegame (link instead of upload because the site won't let you upload savegame files) 2) You're in the tanning shop. Try to open the door (if you're supposed to be able to). 3) Investigate the lack of grappling hooks in town. 4) Go to the temple and try and advance there.r attacks [Expected behaviour] That I be able to do something... [Files] A link to my output log is here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74672307/PoE%20Bugs/Can%27t%20Continue/output_log.txt Note however that this is the first time I've copied over the log and therefore it contains the entirety of my events for all games unless it clears itself at some point.
  3. Hi everyone, first post here and just wanted to start by saying its exciting to see how the game is progressing. Had an issue with all of my quest/journal entries disappearing and therefore not being able to continue with any quests. Unfortunately i only noticed this when I went to turn in the ogres head and there was no dialogue option for turning in the head. Opened my quest log only to find that there were no entries! This took me by surprise as I had three active quests: searching for the daughter, the ogre and looking around town for the thief (nyfie, nyfle, whatever her name was). I am not sure what sequence of events caused this to happen, only that it happened at some point after exiting and reloading the game. Has anyone else had this issue?
  4. I had these invalid objects message in the conversation in the Inn. Do not think I have seen it reported elsewhere. I would not be able to remember what dialog options I had chosen before.
  5. [Description of the issue] I have yet to be able to turn in a quest in any playthrough. I simply never get the conversation option to turn something in. I have attached links to several saved games on my public dropbox as I am not allowed to upload .savegame files to this site (because that makes sense) [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Cannot turn in Dragon Eggs: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74672307/PoE%20Bugs/Can%27t%20turn%20in%20dragon%20egg/6b44430218a64d308246d0c575513a74%20DyrfordVillage%207718823.savegame 1) Load the savegame 2) Talk to the potion seller and note you can't turn in the quest 3) Note that the egg is in my quest items and that the journal entry shows that I got the egg 4) Ponder. Fix. Profit. Cannot turn in Ogre Head: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74672307/PoE%20Bugs/Can%27t%20turn%20in%20ogre/6b44430218a64d308246d0c575513a74%20DyrfordVillage%207773548.savegame 1) Load the savegame 2) Talk to the farmer and try to turn in the ogre head. 3) Note that the head is in my quest items and that the journal entry shows that I killed him 4) Ponder. Fix. Profit. Cannot use skull key in statue: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74672307/PoE%20Bugs/Can%27t%20use%20skull%20key/6b44430218a64d308246d0c575513a74%20DyrfordCrossing%207797228.savegame 1) Load the savegame 2) Attempt to use the skull key on the statue in the crossing (I assume this is where it's supposed to be used given the skull motif) 3) Note that the key is in my quest items and that the journal entry shows that I found the associated note 4) Ponder. Fix. Profit. [Expected behaviour] That I be able to turn in the various quests. [Other remarks / Comments] As noted, I have NEVER been able to turn in a quest. See for instance my other post about a previous time the ogre head didn't work (http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67481-ogre-head-not-recognizeddisappears/). Also, in all those savegame files I attached (which are frome the same playthorugh), I have been unable to complete the Cat and Mouse quest, despite having warned the thief and killed the person pursuing her. But then I was never able to find her again so maybe I can only turn it in once I do? Every game I play is on Path of the Damned. I did have to load the game at least once before any of these saved games as all my characters got randomly gibbed by a single wood beetle and its poison somehow. So it could be related to loads. But I did all my loading after full client restarts I'm pretty sure given the lose quests when loading from in game bug. [Files] All files linked above as cannot upload savegame files directly.
  6. This information is from Rivmusique on RPGCodex. Unfortunately many Codexers are a bit lazy to post here, so I am relaying this information.
  7. Hi there, I could finsih the Ogre quest however I could not deal with the following: 1. Skeleton Key aquired - cant open the door. 2. Dragon Egg aquired - text option to finish the quest is missing. 3. Stone heads dialog finished, runes are glowing, standign on the right spots having aq1uired the soul vessel - nothing happens. 4. strange leather cave men cultist cave - broken brigde with serious hint to use rope and hook, have it right there in my inventory - cant use. Reloading, quitting reloading quiting game and reloading had no effect. Btw. I just checked and yes I do have the acording quest items in the quest item backpack. So I visited everything I could and am stuck right now. Starting over, lets see what I can reproduce and what will be finishable this time ^^ regards
  8. I was at the beginning of the story, I killed the Murderer / Thief in the starting village, I think I had 3 or 4 opened quests, then upon reloading the save the Quests tab was empty (I used "Load' and not "Continue"). I had the same behavior twice without saving again (loading with the same save), then the third time upon starting the game, I had again my quests when loading the Save.
  9. Hey, new to the forums, so I thought I'd try my first post by asking: what is the possibility of having module support. To specify, I mean both fan made and official modules like in NWN and Shadowrun. I know there is already an expansion being talked about, so I guess this just sort of a suggestion more than anything. I think Pillars of Eternity would be perfect for the adventure by adventure expansion type format.
  10. Dramatic choice and true crossroadsIn most games there is are a lot of focus to preserve the world and making every quest as accessible as possible. This normally means that you can do every quest in the game whatever choice you make. I miss the feeling of being a part of the world in many game. Most of the time you get the illusion of choices but the outcome is always the set. If you have a more sandbox view of the world where it is set when you start but then as soon as you saga begins your decisions will dramatically change where it will end and what is available. Things that I always wanted but missed are as follows: Starting wars and be able to choose sides or backstab your allies. Burning/pillaging cities/countries that will change the appearance and the mood of the city/country. Choosing to support different kings/queens and factions and then see them evolve over time. The replay value would be enormous even if some player styles might half the available content just because of the choices they make. You should still be able to choose the middle way and the get the most content for it. But not all… Social appearanceI would like to see a game were what you actually wear make sense of what you actually is saying. I mean how many times have you not been armed to the teeth while attending the king’s ball. While all other NPC:s are dressed in their fines and not one of them comments on your enormous axe and orc/barbarian party member standing next to you. Same goes when you try to try to fool the guards that you are a beggar while wearing a mithrill dragon armor. This will also make you think of what you are wearing and not just what stats it gives you. I would love to see a casual set and maybe a formal set for your inventory to switch between. In additional to the adventure set. Investments and tradeEveryone want their own house or castell in the world, but why can you never play a more business guided character. Invest in business or work as trader. Set up trade routes and negotiate trade deals. To be a wealthy adventurer that does not have just a house, but an office, employees and a home in every corner of the world. I am an old table top player, and I think that there are a lot of quests that are not being created at the moment just because they do not involve combat. I like the combat element in games but the greatest memories I have is from the story I created in my head. Not always the main story line of the game. Please add your own RPG elements that you are missing in the games made today.
  11. Something I loved in Morrowind and have not really seen since then, was the disappearance of the dwarves. No one knew what or why it happened, and finding out wasn't really a proper quest. The only way you could find out was by stumbling over the, apparently useless, books in the dwemer ruins and bringing them to the correct people more or less by accident. All you knew was that you had these crazy looking books from mysterious ruins and you really needed to know what they were and what was going on. This created a kind of self-motivated detective/archeologist scenario where my mage (who obviously cares about these things) travelled the width and breadth of the land searching for long lost knowledge and collecting strange arcane artifacts and wisdom along the way. And of course, when I finally found out, that knowledge was incredibly rewarding. This was the first and last time I have ever seen something like this in a game. Oblivion came pretty close with the Aylied Statues but there was no real mystery there, and it wasn't a personal quest: it was built in to the whole objective/waypoint questing schema that is so common now. It is difficult to get invested in discovering something if my hand is being held. Similarly, most of the supposedly fulfilling things you do in games now (get a big house, get a big sword, master skill X) are all routinized. There is very little mystery or discovery other than opening treasure chests. I want a game where collecting scraps of information can lead to understanding bigger game themes. I want a game where I can explore a series of dungeons and pick up clues to the location of a bigger/better dungeon. I want to compile copies of burned books and put them together to find a lost fire spell. I have to give some credit to Skyrim and New Vegas where they both try to a certain extent to recapture the mystery. In NV there is the shared history between the various NPCs that can be gleaned from obscure conversation options and paper scraps. In Skyrim you can learn master spells and collect dragon masks. But neither of these things really come close to the disappearance of the dwarves. My hope is that there will be some (preferably several) elements like these in project eternity.
  12. One of the more interesting topics on the Wasteland 2 forums was a series of posts by the community on interesting encounter ideas. I think that might also be a useful topic here, so how about it? Do you have a brief but unique idea for an encounter or a short side quest in the P:E setting? It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just something unique or memorable. I'll throw a quick one out there to get the topic rolling:
  13. I've been thinking about this for a while. It's one of the many things I think have been lost over the last two decades: The ability to fail and continue the game. Now, for the main quest this is obviously the end. But in a content rich environment it should be perfectly OK to have the player easily fail their tasks and yes, have doors close on them. One of the major problems with games lacking challenge these days is that a player failing a quest or questline can end up seriously disadvantaged. So you often see that quests are fairly basic, lacking complexity or challenge. It's easy to get it right. But that shouldn't have to be the case Because one of the greatest enjoyments you can get from a game is succeeding at something difficult. Failing and coming back to retry, and that sweet victory when you finally figure out how to succeed. And I think this philosophy applies to quests as well. In a world which has a high density of content, it doesn't generally matter if players don't succeed at everything they do. Sure, many players may reload (which is why long, multi-stage quests are desired!) But if there is more to do, then it's OK for us to occasionally see a door closed. ESPECIALLY if you're already particularly invested in this. For instance you've joined a faction, and done quite a bit of quests for them already, and then suddenly you fail one tragically. You now cannot proceed with this faction any more. That'll be a serious hit to the player. It'll get your attention. "This **** is for real!" and lend some weight to doing quests. Quest investment will certainly lead players to be more immersed in what they are doing. I think of games like Assassins creed, where if you fail the game actually resets you to the last checkpoint and lets you retry. You get to do EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING right. Which is boring and narratively weak. Her name is Mary Sue, good at everything. I'm not saying I fear this won't happen, but I feel it is worthy of discussion.
  14. What if P:E had a small but diverse selection of intelligent weapons scattered throughout the land? The kind that come with distinct personalities. Imagine the witty banter they might have with their wielder, or other party members, or even other intelligent weapons in the party. The dwarven war-axe with a Minsc-like outlook, or the bullying spiked club that attempts to intimidate the introverted dagger who is self-conscious about its size. They could be a great source of comedy, or indeed tragedy, that resonates throughout the campaign. Imagine if they had their own personal quests. The short sword in search of the perfect scabbard (a vanity quest). The warhammer determined to reach its rightful owner, only to find they have long passed (what happens next? A new quest?) They could have all manner of conflicting character traits, similar to the NPCs in BG/BG2. What would be your ideal intelligent weapon, and what would be its goal?
  15. With the no-fetch quest topic, I thought maybe we can frame this in a way so we can all think about what we would like, as well as what we don't like. I would also maybe see if we can categorize them. I'll start My favourite quest was in Baldurs' Gate II, an investigation quest that made me search out someone who killed and skinned people. I enjoyed it because I had to work out myself al the way to the end. It was challenging, it was multi-part, it wasn't a chore, and it was fairly unique among quests. It also played out differently based on how you had prepared yourself, meaning that it mattered to think about the quest and not follow from point A to B and just experience the ride. As for the Categories that I can think of, there are. Fetch Quests (steal priceless artifact by stealth, or go over there and just barge in and take his head; gather these resources so I can craft this magic weapon) Straight up "go there and kill X" Escort missions (NPC X must survive) investigation missions (as per example) Diplomacy missions (convince X to do Y) Exploration quests (often seen as "please locate my probably dead relative") Rumours are always true, which by the way, is a terribly lame trope. "It is said that at the top of that volcano there are treasures, but ach, it's probably just a rumour" nope. never is. you know that no story is ever false. Puzzles and riddles and obstacle courses. there are probably a few more, so feel free to suggest more, I'll add them to the list.
  16. Okay, so this is something that I just thought of while responding to something in my Arcanum thread, but I think it's good enough to warrant it's own thread. It has to do with "game world reactivity". I apologize if there is a more "correct" term for it, but I don't know all the vocabulary associated with gaming. Basically, the discussion was about whether it is "acceptable" for the equivalent of months/years to pass in the game world, vice days/weeks. I am of the opinion that it is, because it is more "realistic", in that very few events are accomplished in days or weeks. The Civil Rights struggles of the 60s/70s took years, wars typically take at least months, Bruce Lee didn't become a master in weeks, it took Columbus over a year to "find" the New World, etc. So, I just like for the game world to have time progress a little more quickly, because it ultimately makes it feel "more authentic". Not only that, but I get a greater sense of accomplishment out of it, when I think that my character has literally spent months or years working to "defeat the threatening evil" or "subjugating the lands", or whatever. But this isn't directly about days/weeks vs. months/years. This is about how the game "reacts" to you. Below is the method I thought of and really like, though I don't know how feasible it would be to program, as it sounds pretty complex. I made a poll of the various other methods I could think of off-hand, so I'd love to see what everyone else thinks about it and why. For me, it doesn't have to all be continuous, never-ending adventure, where I'm going from fight to fight, finding the next NPC to get a quest from. I like for their to some sort of sense of urgency to the main quest, but I prefer to be something that is encouraged through game mechanics, rather than being forced on me. So, instead of, "you need to complete this within 24 hours" (which might be nice occasionally, as there are things that if they aren't taken care of immediately, will result in disastrous results- like Paul Revere not making his ride, for instance), it goes like this: if it is not completed within 24 hours, the game "responds" by doing x; if it isn't within 72 hours, y; if it isn't with 96 hours z; etc. Basically, as time goes on, more bad things happen as a result of not "attending to" the issue. So if you don't take out a group of bandits like you have been contracted to do, merchants start providing fewer goods. Then, they become unwilling/unable to participate in trade. Then, bandits begin attacking inside the village, and so on. That way, there are direct results from choosing to accept quests and not completing them, or possibly even from just being made aware of them and not taking some sort of action one way or the other. You could potentially even have triggers that are independent of that, where they just begin as soon as you get to an area. So, all the "quest" options for an area are on a countdown. As soon as you get to that area, the countdown begins. If you don't find out what the actual "quests" are, either by stumbling upon them or being told about them, it doesn't change the "escalations" of the situations. So if you begin wondering why it is that there are more bandit attacks, or abductions, or less goods, whatever, you will find out there is a quest related to it.
  17. I hope the poll says it all Are you more into in character journal entries, or more into strictly objective based quest journal?
  18. I'm talking about certain quests (eg. gather 20 coconuts) that you can complete over and over again (eg. once per day) for a reward. For a game that could potentially have 10000 quest events (random guess) I think it is going to be quite a challenge for the developers to create 10000 completely unique quests without a considerable percentage of them becoming more or less repetitious. If 500 of those unique quests were shaved off and dumped into a 20 quests that could be repeated once per cycle, then that would mean the developers would have to create 480 less quests, and could use that time to make the remaining 9500 quests just that much better, and it might also potentially make the remaining 9500 quests slightly less repetitious. Of course that would mean that we would need to run those 20 repeatable quests about 25 times each (20*25=500) which doesn't exactly sound fun. Repeatable quests are a tool, with both pro's and con's. Should they be in this game, or not?
  19. My brother and I have both played through Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 countless times since we were teenagers, and we were debating the other day about which we prefer. We both more or less agreed that BG2 was an improvement on BG1 in pretty much every area: storytelling, combat, NPCs, classes and character specialisation etc etc. But despite all of that, in a way I still prefer BG1 for one reason: the immersiveness of the world, due to the inclusion of 'unimportant' zones across the world map. In case you haven't played either game, compare these two maps: In BG2, if you want to get to the Umar Hills, it's a single click from the Athkatla City Gates, and you're suddenly on the other side of the map. In BG1, after you leave Candlekeep you have to traverse two entire zones to get to the Friendly Arm Inn. Then you go South to Nashkel, which takes you across 4 zones. If you decide to do the Gnoll Stronghold side quest, you have to go across about 3 or 4 zones. All of which are 'insignificant' not only to the main storyline, but also to the large side-quests. Yet these unimportant in-between zones add so much to the immersion of the game. In that way, it's very similar to games like Fallout 3 or Skyrim. You can spend endless hours exploring the scenery and having random encounters, without ever progressing through the main story. And that, to me, is what makes a great, immersive RPG world. What do you guys think? Obviously every bit of content that goes into the game takes time (and money) to build, so there has to be a bit of a tradeoff. Would you rather see a fully populated world, with lots of inconsequential zones between the quests? Or would you rather that more time and effort went into major areas where the quests are actually carried out? And in case anyone from Obsidian is reading: what is your opinion on this? Do you guys have plans to create lots of in-between areas?
  20. I hope that our soul is not just a mere plotdevice and that it has a significant impact on gameplay mechanics. I think it has potential to offer a complete unique gaming experince. The perspective our devs have i hope is more on line with P:T and MotB. My thoughts about a "Soul" progression starts with "Soul Aspects" and a "Soul Map" Like this there could be beacons to show you on which path your soul is wandering. Imagine this, You start at the center of the "Journey" your soul takes Your actions, how you treat, talk to other NPC's in regard of those aspects will move your soul in the related areas. How near your soul moves to those aspects will grant your character bonuses even extra attributes. (Each aspect should reward you in some way) The NPC's would probably react to your "soul" some positive , some negative . It would depend on the NPC's character The downside is, this kind of a system renders alignment selection obselete, since you are determining who you are through your actions. Is this kind of a system a good idea? Would you like to see something like this? If yes, what Aspects and bonuses would you like to see?
  21. One thing I'd like to see in a game like this is a more personal quest journal for tracking quests as opposed to the rather impersonal ones that are usually received in these games that tend to outline quests in a very sedate and to-the-point kind of way. I know there's often the ability to make notes yourself, but I still feel it would be nice if the quest journal actually felt more like an actual journal or diary that your hero is writing themselves and less like an emotionless listing of what you've done and what you need to do. By incorporating the dialogue choices you made into the journal instead of just the outcome, I imagine it could a good job of reflecting this. However, there is a possible downside to this I realise, and that's the fact that players could feel that their journal is telling their character who they are instead of actually expressing their character. I know I'm not a fan personally of a game taking too much control over my character in an RPG and telling me why I did something or forcing me to do it when I don't feel it would suit the character. So I suppose for it to work the dialogue choices and nature of resolving issues would have to be clear and defined with next to no room for error. I'm curious as to how other people feel about this. Would you guys like a more personal journal too, or would you feel it would overtly step on your toes, or would you simply prefer a less dynamic journal that gets to the point more like a quest log with perhaps the option of additional notes?
  22. I understand it's hard to put a protagonist in peril but something that super bothered me about BG and IwD (probably the only thing that bothered me) was the amount of time my 18 int mage character walked into a trap that I, as the player, spotted from a mile away. I'm not talking about a physical trap, but the moment the enemy jumps out from behind a sofa and goes 'BWAHAHAHA you did exactly what I wanted you to! Ambush!' and I let out an audible sigh as I the story forced me into that situation. I know it's picky but it does get frustrating
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