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Found 13 results

  1. Hello beautiful people! I have brought myself from far away systems to Deliver a important letter from my boss! “So while I was play this fabulous creation of a game. A thought came to mind! I wondered if consoles had keyboard and mouse support! (I’m play on Xbox) So with that thought I grabbed my keyboard and mouse and plugged them into my Xbox. Now for the part which I thought was interesting... Once the keyboard and mouse where plugged into the Xbox. I went into settings and then I pressed the left arrow key on a setting with a slider (For Example: Gamma) and it went down in percentage
  2. Hi, I am currently working on a custom voice set mod, and wondering if anyone could give me some clarification on some things: Why does each voice set have different numbering conventions? (****y: "_ability_cast_0092", Feisty: "_ability_cast_0088", Kind: "_ability_cast_0102")? What do the _v1, _v2, _v3, (attack_40001_v2 for example) files do? Based on their corresponding text strings in chp_common.stringtable I'm assuming they are alternate takes or maybe different parts of the same sequence broken up? What action does _investigate_4001* correspond to? It isn't very clear fro
  3. Just questions or thoughts that crop up from time to time that you want to share Should we worry about doing the right thing, or doing things right?
  4. 1. What are the benefits of pre-ordering Deadfire? 2. Which edition do you recommend? 3. Will the price be the same if I buy it AFTER it comes out? Will the content be the same?? Can I get it on May the 8th still?? For PC. 4. If I chose the stranded edition, can I later separately punches extras I'd need for Obsidian Edition?? (Unlikely, but asking anyway....) 5. Is it the same wherever (Gog, Steam etc.) I buy it from? (Kinda dumb question, but asked anyway.) Also...I kinda maybe don't want to pay taxes to my country ...is there anywhere I can punches the game without (legall
  5. Greetings Obsidian and fellow players. Yesterday I have watched the Q&A on youtube for the new game Pillars of Eternity II and I really liked the many answers but I also have questions of my own. The moderator invited us to post our questions on the forum so here they are: - Will PoE II have more summons and minions, or more subclasses which are "pet classes"? - Will you include the "familiars" feature for wizards? I thought it a great addition for the flavor of the class (say a minion grimoire hehe) - Since animats are a thing, will it be possible to make one of your own
  6. Having just finished PoE, and havign waited for a good Infinity enginge style game for many years I wanted to put down my thoughts on how things went, and my thoughts on the journey. I hope this is of some interest or use to someone. Disclosure: I am a huge Infinity Engine fan. In the interest of providing a full appreciation for what you are getting in to I will break this down in to several sections, if you only want information on a certain area just skip ahead! Story/Plot: Yea: Some difficult choices to be made. Generally a lack of a binary good or evil setup. The world is
  7. I'm considering pre-ordering the game. I know I'm a bit late to the party but I'd like to get the pre-order bonuses. The only thing stopping me from pre-ordering right now is concerns about the difficulty of the game. I've played a little bit of Baldur's Gate and enjoyed it. However, I found combat a bit of a challange. Is Pillars of Eternity easier or harder than Baldur's Gate? I do have a few additional questions. First off, Have any off the backers been able to use the pre-order bonuses? The Pledge of Gaun ring sounds useful but the Space Piglet sounds more like a gimmick.
  8. PE's current attribute design appears to be a bit bogged down by player expectations and nostalgia and the current design has combat stats spread across attributes very thinly due to the removal of defenses from the equation. This questionnaire will ask some very important questions about what you as a player want to see in Eternity's attribute system and will allow you to give your perspective on some of the nostalgic points of the IE games attributes. This is not a poll as the player's opinion is more important than their vote and it will give the designers a chance to read through what yo
  9. Hi all. So of the various classes in PRoject Eternity, ciphers were one of the most highly anticipated, based on the rudimentary polling done in the General Discussion Forum. So I wanted to hear everyone's ideas for mechanics and where the devs should get their mechanics ideas from when it comes to ciphers. Also, feel free to ask any questions here that you guys would want answered from the devs. Maybe, we can hlp each other out and find quotes to answer some questions. I personally wonder if ciphers will have consumable resources like "wounds" for the monks. How are ciphers g
  10. One thing I find that makes a big difference for me in games is monster variety. For example, one thing that I find realy disappointing about Skyrim is the slim selection of monsthers, there are basically just bandits, skeletons, vampires, dragons, trolls, animals, and a couple other minor ones that you hardly ever see like hagravens. I realy hope that PE can come up with a fun and varied selection of monster types. So, how do people feel about Greek Mythological monster types? I realize that Pegasus would probably be game-breaking if they could be tamed, but it could be made
  11. I'm talking about certain quests (eg. gather 20 coconuts) that you can complete over and over again (eg. once per day) for a reward. For a game that could potentially have 10000 quest events (random guess) I think it is going to be quite a challenge for the developers to create 10000 completely unique quests without a considerable percentage of them becoming more or less repetitious. If 500 of those unique quests were shaved off and dumped into a 20 quests that could be repeated once per cycle, then that would mean the developers would have to create 480 less quests, and could use that
  12. So, someone asked this in the progress #20 thread. And of course it got drowned in replies about the screenshot and all. Considering I would also like to know, here a specific thread to keep it 'unflooded'... Would the Lorebook be included in a pledge of over $50 (so increasing now as I might do then would give it to me), or does an increase now to or above $50 still require you to put down $15 extra to get it? (This reward stuff doesn't get any simpler, does it?)
  13. So in the pitch video, Josh mentions that magic in the setting is going to revolve around characters' souls (this will also play heavily into the game's plot, allegedly). Not only is this a potentially interesting point of origin for magic, but it establishes something like a system of metaphysics for the game's setting, something that can be explored in interesting ways. Some examples: So people in this setting have souls. Therefore we can ask: - What is the substance of a soul? Is it connected to the mind, or the body, or both? How can you even read a person's soul? - Does one soul dif
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