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  1. Hey guys, So my game is at the point where I am trying to gain an audience within the animancy hearings in ACT 2. I have the quest from the Dozen to retrieve the engwithian weapons from the ruins. I went to the ruins, got the spear, but never received a quest update. I have the spear in my inventory and I'm standing infront of Weden and he keeps saying come back with the weapons. I've tried two methods of having it enchanted with my soul (Killing the spiderman) and without it, leaving the spiderman alive. The problem here is the crucible knights wont give me their quest and the Doemenel's hate me from the beginning after killing some of their guys early on. So my only option is to progress with the Dozen. Since the quest "The Bronze Beneath the Lake" is the only way to move it forward, I cannot complete or further progress my game. Here is some more information - I was offered the quest "Bronze Beneath the Lake" prior to having Lady Web tell me to get favor with a faction. I opened the ruins but never completed the quest, as it was too hard. I progressed the story, got told by Web to help a faction, so I went and completed the steps for Bronze beneath the lake. I retrieved the spear and looted every single container in the place. No quest triggers or advancements. My Bronze Beneath the Lake currently reads - "If Wenan is right, the ruins of Lle a Rheman contain a cache of powerful weapons. I'm sure I'll know them when I see them" Anything would be appreciated, even a work around of just getting past the stupid hearings. I really do not want to start over, especially since I have NO IDEA what caused this bug and how to avoid it.
  2. I can't say for sure if this happens in 1.04, but it did happen in 1.05beta, Current 1) I talked to Kaerna in the bar, and got the quest to return her ring to Purnisc. 2) I then went to Purnisc, but knowing what's upstairs from a previous playthrough, I never brought the ring up. 3) Talked about svef, asked to trade, and when exiting the conversation, I had a quest update as if I gave the ring to Pursnic. Expected 1) No quest update should happen, or if there's an update, the update shouldn't say that I gave Pursnic his ring, but rather something to the effect of "I didn't bring the topic of the ring to Pursnic, I think I'll hold onto it for now."
  3. Hi guys, I know there's a lot going on about Durance. I checked around and I can't find what I'm looking for. This guy has been bugged for me since the get-go. Nobody seems to be talking (or at least there's too much to sift through) about how to trigger Durance's 2nd dream. -I got the first dream triggered with a manual patch from this forum (I think a dev posted it temporarily). -Then eventually the patch came out that supposedly fixes Durance (which overwrote the overwritten files). -I'm in Act II and I'm trying to trigger 2nd dream, but no go. So... how do you trigger 2nd dream sequence? I am pretty sure I exhausted all dialog options, although the two dialog options to tell me about "Magran" and this region and its "history" is still highlighted. What do I do? Thanks!
  4. Head Warden Ethelmoer (stone statue) Sanitarium - Brackenbury interview Gram in the north ward Dear developers! A game breaking main quest bug occured to me, preventing me to continue my game. The quest i am talking about is: "The man who waits" DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  5. Hello everyone ! I create this topic because I have a problem with my quests. I did the whole Sanatorium Main Quest and spoke with the statue at the end to finish it (after : "SPOIL SPOIL" : Choosing Azo fate "END OF SPOIL"). I received no XP, so I checked my journal to discover that the quest was finished. I reloaded my quick save (I just did one before talking the the statue) to check the XP on my characters and retried it. The XP didn't changed after the quest ended. On the wiki it says it's a quest with a Major Experience Type and an Experience level of 4. My characters are level 8 and 7. Is it normal ? Do they have a too high level ? Should I speak to a NPC again ? Or is it a bug ? "SPOIL SPOIL" : And I think I received no XP with the quest where I saved the little girl who lost her family (they became ghouls) too. "END OF SPOIL". If someone knows that problem and has a solution or an explanation, i'll be grateful to hear it !
  6. Hi all, Even with my stronghold fully guarded (8/8) and most of those guarding it giving more bonus to security than prestige I still lose money to bandits. How does this reward/theft relationship works? Note that my stronghold is not fully upgraded (Almost). How can you optimize this? Thanks
  7. Dear developers! A game breaking main quest bug occured to me, preventing me to continue my game. The quest i am talking about is: "The man who waits" When i got this quest, i traveled to the sanitarium. Head Warden Ethelmoer (stone statue) asked me to search for clues downstairs. I went down, and i saw, that the door was open. At this point i have left the sanitarium to do sidequests first (i prefer to do them first in any rpg game, for completionism). When i have returned (days later), i noticed the quest have improved in the quest log (see the attached picture), without me doing anything in that matter. So i talked to the head warden upstairs, who wants me to interwiev Gram in the north wards now. So i proceeded without doing anything, who cares you might say. Well i was thinking that myself too, but when i went down the door, that was open days ago is now closed. It needs a key, that i dont have. When i try to talk to the head warden, its not reacting in any way to me. So i am stuck on this level. I have completed everything i could find otherwise days ago (including the other 2 main quest i had). I was checking in in daily basis, to see if the problem is gone. This bug occured to me before 1.04, if i am correct that patch is alive now. The bug however still exists. I saw and replied in other posts in the same matter, so i am not the only one with this problem. So i am bored waiting, please do something! output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  8. So I'll try and go through this step by step to make sure I get it right. When I first got to Twin Elms, I approached Teir Evron and got the main quest update to enter and talk with the gods. However, I figured I'd visit Oldsong first and maybe do some side-quests and stuff. So I did, picked up the quest from the priests of Hylea to clear out the dragon, the quest to look for the woman's missing sister in Noonfrost, and finally, The Old Queen and the New King. Since that seemed contained to the same area, I figured I'd just solve it straight up, and went to Sul's lair. But I didn't feel right just killing one of the beasts since that would be interfering, and I didn't see any other option in dialogue or otherwise, so I decided to do that most unholy of things and google the quest, and found out it it was apparently a sub-quest to gain Galawain's favor, and it also looked like there was also apparently a dialogue-string related to it that would offer an alternate way to solve the quest. So, I decided to go and get it - and the other quests - before continuing my faffing around. After all it might give me a better solution to the quest, so both Sul and Oernos are still perfectly alive and friendly to me. So I went there, read up on the gods and goddesses relevant from the conveniently placed books, and approached all four. The other three followed the same pattern - see vision, get explicitly told by the gods to do thing, exit dialogue through the normal 'End Dialogue' button at the bottom of the screen, get notification of a journal update, and finally get both a sub-quest for the god to gain their favor, and an update in the main Council of Stars quest about what the god asked of me. As I would expect. This is also true for Hylea whose sub-quest I'd already accepted, obviously simply updating the sub-quest rather than giving it to me again but still updating Council of Stars to add it in there, and so on. However, none of this happens with Galawain. I do see a vision of the Lion and the Bear, however rather than being told I need to solve it, I simply get a conversation prompt (NOT the End Dialogue button at the bottom of the screen like the other three have, but [1. Turn back to Teir Evron]) to leave the vision. At this point I get no journal update, the text in The Old Queen and The New King doesn't update at all to clarify that Galawain wants me to interfere or the like, and it's not added to Council of Stars at all - it only shows the quests from the other three. Praying to him again offers me no new options whatsoever, however, where praying again to the other gods simply give me a brief description of the vision and the End Dialogue button, I still have the same options when praying to Galawain as I had in the first place, including the Howl and being forced to turn back at the end. As mentioned before, I'd also accepted Hylea's quest prior to going here, so it's not some universal quest-trigger issue with accepting a favor quest prior to getting asked to by the relevant god At this point I have not yet tried to complete the quest although from searching apparently several other players have had an issue with getting the game to recognize the quest as done at all and/or to get Galawain's favor afterwards. Best case, the interaction of the main story quest and sub-quest, as well as praying to Galawain, is very unclear and different to the other favor quests, and could make it tough for players to understand what to do - if I hadn't googled it myself and figured out it was supposed to be a favor quest, the only hint I'd have would be the Lion and Bear in the vision, nothing in my journal. Alternatively Galawain's quest needs a certain stat or background or whatever to be able to get his quest, but I feel pretty confident that's not how it should work, and if it is it's not at ALL clear either. At worst, the quest-interaction is actually outright broken.
  9. so by now ive read about at least 5 diff. large quests that cannot be completed because of simple scripting bugs! i personally have encountered at least 2 of them in my playthough already and im maybe 50% in. one is the quest where you defend the trader from house doemel - eventhough i defended him and he still lives the quest is simply stuck at "kill danna" (shes llying dead on the floor) the other one is the masters tools on endless depth lvl 12 where you are supposed to take the quest from the vitrachs but instead they auto attack you, then the dialogue starts, you get the quest and then are forced to kill them all since they will still attack no matter what. this is game breaking since you cannot progress further down qwithout getting past them, forcing you to kill a whole npc faction and miss out on the quest and exp for no reason but buggy scripting!
  10. I can't progress beyond this quest, got to the point where i was going to "question the animancers about suspicoius activity" downstairs (one was already killed during the necromances quest, moedred i think his name was), but I could only reach one , the door the sanitarium and to one of the animancers (door to Riplys room) are locked and require key. Went back to the statue and he spoke as if I had completed the quest discussing the resolution and the patients i had never met. After that I cant speak to him, and the doors downstairs are still locked. Any workarounds or fixes for this? was going to provide savegame but looking in %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity\Saves i only found old saves from beta, deleted those and saved again but its not showing up in this folder, using steam.
  11. According to the thread Wailing Banshee, I'm supposed to be able to speak to Niah after I've gotten the log book from the lighthouse in order to unlock dialogue options to resolve the quest without having to attack Lilith. However, in my game, Niah is no longer at the location where I first found her, at the square platform at the docks, just a short ways right from the lighthouse. The NPC is missing, and I can't find her anywhere along the docks in Ondrana's Gift. Here's a link to screenshots, my save game, and system info: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/curm1fsga3vvyds/AADWG2x21fAfII5K0Pz7Awcqa?dl=0
  12. I looked through text files of the game and found out there is supposed to be a quest with Pallegina about Leaden Key and saving the Valian Ambassador. Apparently there were supposed to be assassins that attacked her at the stronghold while you were away and then she talks to you about this event. However Pallegina never talked about this with me. Did anyone actually do this quest? What triggers it?
  13. So I understand that the various factions in Defiance Bay are at odds with each other and that choosing one will result in not being able to interact with the others. That makes sense to me, even if I messed it up in my most recent play through. However, I found that when aligning with one (the mafia-like one), I had already completed quests with both the dozens AND crucible knights. As such, the game has now locked me out of ALL factions, as I am at a "faintly good" reputation with each of them. Is this a bug or intended? I like the idea of exclusive faction quest-lines and such, but the execution here is baaaaad. It should be structured so that when you compete a quest for one of the factions, your reputation with the other factions drops considerably so that you are unable to complete any quests you currently have for the other factions but your aligned faction's quest-line stays intact. Currently I cannot do quests for any of them, and that's kind of a bummer. I hope that makes sense. Can anyone shed light on the topic for me?
  14. I completed the quest "winds of steel" before handing in the task "missing sentries". Now after the armored assault i can't find Wyla, living or dead, in Crucible Keep. Has she moved or have i bugged the task out with doing quest/task in the wrong chronological order?
  15. I buried the scroll after getting it back from the thieves as requested by Wael's (?) voice, and then went on to report to Grimda. The result is that she does not trust me, and, I suppose, I will never get access to the Elder Archives. Here is what she says: . Afterwards, I can no longer get a dialogue with her; only a pop up bubble appears above her head. I wonder what this conclusion of the quest depends on? I did quite a bit of quests in between, including the Tower in Heritage Hill (where I chose to enhance my character with the souls). A quick search on Google after I finished the quest revealed that technically she should have approved my decision? I suppose the only way to access the Elder Archives now is through breaking in?
  16. I've started a cheat run to see, what could you possibly get (in terms of NPC aggro range, quests and notable drops) by doing a 'chaotic evil' run, killing everyone on sight. I've encountered 2 quest bugs, hindering my progress. My fiddling with stats might've been the cause of those two bugs, and I'm too lazy to check if that's the case, so I'm reporting those bugs anyway. PoTD difficulty, with trial of iron and expert mode on. Here's 2 bugs I've mentioned: 1) Impossible to advance "Visions and Vispers" quest because if impossibility of rest at the inn. Steps to reproduce: 1. Arrive at Gilded Vale 2. Trigger the automatic cutscene - dialog with the magistrate 3. He sends you to the inn to rest (and updates the quest, saying to do just so) 4. Enter the inn 5. Kill the innkeeper before resting Now, you can't advance any further, because you are required to rest at the inn to trigger the dialogue with the animancer dwarf. And without that dialogue, you can't get to the Caed Nua. As far as I can tell you can only trigger the rest menu by dialogue with the innkeeper, and I haven't found any interactable beds on both floors. 2) "Buried Secrets" quest doesn't finish properly. Steps to reproduce: 1) Enter the temple of Eothas 2) Speak with the NPC and receive the quest 3) Kill the NPC - questgiver 4) Quest is NOT automatically failed 5) Proceed to the lower level of the temple and interact with the body (by reaching for the soul) 6) I've selected option among the lines of "your betrayer is already dead, I made sure of that" 7) Dialogue ends, body can't be interacted with no longer, bones can't be picked up, quest doesn't end. At this point I've murdered every NPC in Gilded Vale and Raedric's hold (including Kolsc and the NPCs that take the bodies of the hanging tree). What surprised me is that I can't enter Caed Nua normally (it just doesn't appear on the map even if you use the east exit from Black Meadow. I'm essencially stuck (and I'm really glad it was a test run and not the real one)
  17. I´ve finished Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 5, but I can´t find the things hidden in this floor.. don´t know why. I¨ve went through them in scout mode, but neither of them pop up: so I can´t complete that quest (I can´t enter the hidden room). http://guides.gamepressure.com/pillarsofeternity/guide.asp?ID=29959 if this map is correct, I can´t see the room 4´s hidden stash, neither the room 2´s way to enter. Thanks in advance, and thanks for this awesome game, guys!
  18. I have encountered a bug in the quest getting sustenance for Aldheim. I released the captives in Icantha`s house long before I went to the tower where Aldheim wants sustenance. Now I am stuck as they do not reappear, so much for unlinear gameplay. Do I need this to progress ingame? I play solo, so it takes time getting around. Reloading will take me back 30 hours worth of gameplay. Fix: Get meat stew from Icantha through conversation option.
  19. I finished the game and found lack of content for Pallegina surprising. Digging around text files I saw lines for a quest that didn't trigger for me. The quest is meant to happen in third act and involves Leaden Key assassins going after her and the Valian Ambassador. What triggers the quest? Do you need to go to a certain location?
  20. I am doing the main quest Through Death's Gate and after I interacted with the soul energy in front of the soul machine in the ruins my journal does not update. The journal entry for Through Death's Gate has all of the entries grayed out. I read somewhere that the quest actually ends after you interact with the soul but my quest did not. I'm afraid I don't have a save close to that point either. I would attach my output log but it seems to be too big. I'm just looking for any information at this point, if my information is correct, if there is any workarounds. Thanks
  21. During my adventure with Pillars of Eternity (btw. great game:)), I have faced issue related to quest "The Man Who Waits". I have already finished initial part of the quest, opened the door downstairs the sanitarium and talked to Freyol, who advised me to find Caedman Azo in his laboratory - room next to his office on the map. Unfortunately, NPC does not spawn in this place. Therefore I cannot complete the quest. Steam version of the game owned Thank you in advance for your support ! Please find attached prt screen and saved game to check if it works on another computer. I tried to check game files via steam and reinstall it but it did not resolve the problem. saved game (cannot store it under this post - files are too large): https://hubic.com/home/pub/?ruid=aHR0cHM6Ly9sYjEwNDAuaHViaWMub3ZoLm5ldC92MS9BVVRIXzA0YTI0ZDAxN2MxMDMzZTg2NGFiNDc2NDA0ZDgwNzEzL2RlZmF1bHQvLm92aFB1Yi8xNDI3NjMwMzQxXzE0Mjg0OTQzNDE/dGVtcF91cmxfc2lnPWZhM2MzMTczNzVhNDNlNWY4OTE3ZjJhMTRiZTQyYTQ4MDhkNTkwMGEmdGVtcF91cmxfZXhwaXJlcz0xNDI4NDk0MzQx
  22. I'd opened the chest from the quest "A Voice from the Past" and . Now, I can't go ahead with the quest "The Man who waits" because I should have spoken with him firsts. I was at the step in which you need to ask to Animancer around the place. Considering that this quest is categorized between the main quests, it should be fixed asap. Is there any workaround to move to the next step of the quest via console?
  23. My list of bugs: Character gets stuck in a "falling" animation after battle if knocked unconscious, upon loading a game I get white boxes and green circles in the boxes above the portraits, I can't finish the ogre quest because the head (and blood) always disappears from my inventory (after loading), Ogre never has the club, missing equipment (after loading/ sometimes on stratup), quest disappearing after loading but coming back after quitting the game and restarting, attack animations are buggy; ranged weapons are used as melee weapons, character sounds missing, weapon sounds missing (guns), sometimes attack animations are looped over and over again after battle, loot dropped but not appearing in inventory, random crashes when loading etc. Some of these are already in the known issues but just dropping down the bugs I have encountered. However, really digging the feel of the game, the spell effects, the sounds/music, guns are so cool and the art in general is great. So much potential, can't wait for the release! Attachements: DxDiag and error.log (after a crash I got a message that encouraged me to send the error.log to the devs!), screenshot DxDiag.txt error.txt
  24. TLDR: Scroll to bottom for main points. I've been playing through Fallout NV recently. It's excellent quest design has brought to my mind a few points I'd like to share about NPC agency. Let's talk about the oldest trope in fantasy RPGs - that of the "quest". Usually a PC is given quests that entails "solving" problems for NPCs. If the player accepts a quest, then directions to complete said quest and possible rewards for doing so are made clear. If the player chooses to ignore the quest, then not much of anything happens (more on this point later). This plays into the power-fantasy that these games have historically filled. The player is either a White Knight travelling from town to town solving problems or an Evil **** (my own label) who benefits from said problems. This has always struck me as shallow and ultimately conceited; the White Knight's motivation is seemingly helping others in need but in actuality, his/her true motivation is the feeling of power gained by doing so. And if the player chooses not to engange in a quest (for whatever reason) then nothing changes because the NPC is incapable of handling the problem without the player's intervention. In my opinion, Kreia (from KOTOR 2) is the best NPC character I have ever encountered in any game. Her interactions with the player shred all the preconceived notions about being both a White Knight or an Evil ****. The conversation where she tears the player a new one for the ostensibly "noble" act of charity toward the traveller trapped at the port in Nar Shadda is permanently etched into my mind. "Such kindnesses will mean nothing, his path is set. Giving him that which he has not earned is like pouring sand into his hands." The notion that simply doing good deeds for others is the end-all cure to their problems was in desperate need of being thrown out with the rest of the simplistic moralism espoused by a lot of fantasy games - and Kreia was the one that did it for me. Back to New Vegas - one aspect of the quest system that really stood out to me was it gave the player the choice of not only solving the problems of NPCs but empowering NPCs to actually solve their own problems. A great example is one of the first quests you receive: Ghost Town Gunfight. Instead of merely eliminating the Powder Gangers and "solving" the problem, the player is put in a postition to empower the people of Goodsprings to help themselves. Rally the troops and have them play to their strengths in order to fight off the invaders. There is certainly a sense of satisfaction to be had from helping people help themselves. Sadly, this was not done nearly enough (even in NV). By declining to do a quest, the NPC would usually see you off with a "I'll be here if you change your mind" and then simply wait around for you to return and help him/her out of the problem. The quest that comes to mind is the one where the Brotherhood of Steel initiate asks you to return the laser pistol he dropped in the wastes while running from Radscorpions. I wanted to tell him that if he snuck out of the bunker for target practice, he can certainly do it again to retrieve his pistol, and if he's too cowardly to do so, he can talk to the quartermaster, admit his mistake, and bear the consequences of his actions. In short, he should SOLVE HIS OWN DAMN PROBLEM. Sadly, this was not an option provided in the dialogue tree. I left that quest undone on moral grounds, even though to complete it would have probably netted me some free supplies from the quartermaster. For those of you who are still with me, here are my simple recommendations for dealing with NPC agency in quests: Ensure that there are noticeable outcomes (positive, negative or otherwise) for both choosing to accept a quest and NOT choosing to accept it. If possible (because it isn't always possible) enable player to help NPCs solve their own problems. Seeing as how both the games from where I have taken ideas are Obsidian games, this is probably already well understood by the devs. I'd simply like to see more of it.
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