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  1. Found a bug. Harsk and Lini questing. Both leveled up (Harsk to 40). But because I ran out of time, neither character received their reward. Subsequent successful quests did not trigger the reward screen either. (
  2. Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab A | VER-565-20160810 | PFID-7C2B84EC54878488 Hi all, While playing quest mode, my party finally hit level 22 after many heartbreaking defeats. While it was good to finally reach that level, Merisiel ended up falling in battle and did not hit the level with the rest of the party outside of Amiri (19), who replaced a locked out one. One screen shows her with the lock by her name and the other doesn't but either way (13) Amiri is locked out. Needless to say, I was a bit displeased and disappointed, after hitting level 22, I did not get the reward. Since Meri was very close to 22, I took on another run and got her to 22, and she was able to add in her 3rd skill point the others did not get. As shown one of the screenshots below, Meri has +3 in skills, while Seelah is only at +2. I'm using Seelah to show the bug, however the same applies to Ezren, Kyra, and Lem as they are level 22 as well. As stated in the title, I have included screenshots of what I'm seeing. How can this be resolved without having to uninstall -> reinstall -> start quest mode over from the beginning? Let's be honest, that's really not a "fix", that's called just starting over. Especially, after hours of grinding and getting some really good cards, I'd rather not lose all my progress. It's enough I had to start another Amiri due to the lock out bug but starting over from the beginning would be fairly disappointing to say the least. I hate to say it but when users have to manually go make a backup copy of save game files. Since, they are not given an in-game option to make multiple save game files. In order to protect themselves against game breaking or progress losing bugs then there is a big disconnect that must be addressed. http://imgur.com/a/Na2Gw
  3. I am frozen on the second quest of Burt offerings. I have the full quest purchase with all the character. I shut down my device reloaded the app. As soon as I go to the quest this is nothing I can to to progess. I cannot forfeit or go back unless I relaunch the app. My id is DA230D2909408672 iPad Air 9.3.3
  4. Hi Playing quest mode, Heroic difficulty. Powers = An Ill Wind (difficulty to acquire boons +3), Scenario Power = (difficulty to acquire boons +2) MERISIEL is at the Prison. Encountered a follower, used the disable option. Difficulty required = 13 (8+5). Succeed. Discarded follower to search again Encountered Bracers of Protection. used the disable option. Difficulty required = 18 (8+5+5). ( (See attachments) Thanks
  5. Legendary Quest 2d4 modifier bug iPad A1566 iOS 9.3.3 PFID-2BD14393E980E175 Pass & play off Permadeath off Quest Mode (Legendary) Valeros and Lem (always located together in that order) Bug occurs on boss in multiple scenarios and multiple bosses whenever I'm at the last location with game modifiers "2d4 to increase difficulty"...example: modifiers UI updates to show Gogmurt's card restriction and difficulty modifier, then nothing happens. No die are on screen and no cards can be played. Going to and from the vault or main menu reset back to rolling the 2d4, but gets stuck in the same place with Gogmurt (or other bosses) face up on the draw pile.
  6. What device type are you on? Android What version of the OS are you running? Android 6.0.1 What model is the device? HTC 10 What is your PFID#? D6AB8EB435C61EE I completed a quest, which gave me enough XP to push Seoni to 29. Upon trying to receive her spell card reward, the card never actually shows up. The effect behind it is there, but the card is missing. This is blocking me from doing anything in quest, as I can't quit/forfeit the adventure. http://imgur.com/a/ePy28 Thanks for your help! Derick/Quickhorn
  7. Apparently Level 30 still tries to give you a power feat instead of a card feat, even though it says (and should be) a card feat. I find it very frustrating to put the hours of effort into leveling up a party, especially having to forfeit if a character dies because of the death level bug, and when you get this far you have to pick the last power you didn't want your character to have instead of another card that you need to face the next tier.
  8. I hate it. Because I'm stuck. I thought the patch might fix this, but nooooo. I have good reputation with everyone. Ally with Dommenel (tricked their goons in Dryford village, let that dealer get killed) and Dozens (did get that armor back and accepted to fetch some weapons) With Crucible Knights I have a Hero reputation (did the quest with making those golem-things, and halped the guard in Heritige Hill and 1-2 minor things) I want ot ally myself with the Crucible Knight, but I got no option to talk to with their leader. I mena...really. Why the hell does a fetch quest signify my alliance? It does not. Can I get out of this? I cna't stand the Domenels and I don't want to ally with the Dozens either. If the only solution is to start a new game, I might as well just uninstall the game while cursing like a drunk sailor!
  9. I've decided that I'm going to focus on doing a lot of Quest mode, trying to get a party to max level quickly and blast through these random scenarios quickly and reliably. I've worked on the best general approach, and then tried looked into what sort of team could get that job done. More characters lets you temporarily close more locations when you find the villain, and a bigger party has more versatility. On the other side of the coin, a bigger party is slower to manage and has less turns to work with. A party of 3 is a good choice, enough to cover everything you need to do without creating too many Locations (or spreading the Blessing deck too thin). I've found that with a compact team, the best quick strategy is to spread out to close a couple locations as fast as possible before occupying the last 3. That means a team that can close everything reliably and where everyone can churn through the location decks on their own. I've spent time analyzing the closing requirements, and ignoring the things everyone can handle (fights, banish a card, etc...) what's needed is mostly Dexterity (Acrobatics and Stealth, Disable might help) and Wisdom (Divine, Survival, and occasionally Perception). Intelligence is close, though (mostly Arcane with some Knowledge, Craft rarely pops up). Then Charisma (Diplomacy), which is generally useful on its own. Finally there's Constitution (always Fortitude), and Strength in last place. First team: back to basics It just so happens that the starting characters, Merisiel and Kyra, are the best at Dexterity and Wisdom. Meri even has all the useful skills. With those two as the basis, you can also handle Strength (Meri with a crowbar is very handy) and Constitution (Kyra only has a D6, but with Fortitude +3 she's one of the best to close with that stat). That leaves Intelligence and Charisma, which are both rather important. Ezren is the only character in the game with more than a D6 in Intelligence, but he's no better at Charisma than those two ladies. Thankfully you can handle Arcane with Charisma by using Seoni or Lem. Lem and Lini are the only ones who have a Knowledge skill to add to their D6. That makes Lem the best choice to round out our closing abilities. However, a bard isn't the best at working solo and Seoni already covers most of what we need with some of the very best Arcane and Diplomacy in the game. Overall, Seoni works much better than Lem for that tactic, being a good explorer with lots of killing power. She can even enjoy the occasional heal from Kyra. That makes Merisiel, Kyra, and Seoni a very good and straightforward team to blitz through random Quests. Final verdict: Merisiel's skills makes her exceptionally good at handling obstacles while her backstabbing prowess lets her slaughter monsters when going solo. Her main weakness is that she doesn't have much to accelerate the exploration. If worse comes to worse, she can Evade a bad encounter. Kyra isn't usually outstanding in battle, but her Melee skill and spells and many blessings means she can handle herself just fine. Obstacles can be a problem but Detect Traps can help a lot. She has plenty of blessing to accelerate exploration, too. If things turn sour, she can usually soak up damage very well with armor or heal herself enough to go back into the fray. Finally Seoni kicks ass (as long as she has cards to burn) and has a ton of cards to accelerate exploration. Second Team: Triple Threat If we decide to start by finding the best character for this tactic, we're pretty much guaranteed to build around Seelah. For starters, she has at least a D8 in most stats and can a D6 to any check, and a D6+D8 is roughly on par with a D12+2, which is pretty much the highest someone can be at the start. But the kicker is her Crusade power which makes her amazingly good at rushing through a location deck to find the Henchman (or maybe even the Villain). On top of that she has a lot of cards to explore often and access to the important Divine skill. The areas her teammates need to cover are Intelligence and Dexterity. Ezren handles Intelligence like no one else, and once again Meri is the best at Dexterity (and is generally great at working solo). Final verdict: Seelah is a powerhouse that can nearly solo the game, and here's she's assisted by the best specialist in each of her two weak areas (Dexterity & traps, Intelligence & Arcane). That's amazingly powerful. However, Seelah is rather bad at dealing with Obstacles and cannot take a single set of Masterwork Tools or Mattock or any of these items good at handling these things. Thankfully Meri can bring a bunch of these and Ezren can use spells like Stride to deliver the package without wasting a single exploration. Third Team: Dream Duo So what if you don't think Seelah is the best at quickly closing a random Location? That's probably because you're thinking of Lini. Her Animal Trick is not as powerful and available as Seelah's Inspiration but it's still really good. Her stats aren't as generally high, but her Beast Form more than make up for that. She can get to D10+D4 on half the stats (on par with Seelah), and D8+D4 on two other (still pretty good), leaving her weakest area Intelligence where she's very skilled in Knowledge. That makes her somewhere between decent to very good at closing everything but Arcane (and her Charisma is quite good but maybe not enough for how important it is). Seoni is thus her perfect match. The two of them can close pretty much anything in the game with ease. Their main problem is probably that they have issues fighting without burning cards. Also of note, the most common type of closing (Dex) requires Lini to burn a card. Overall, their least strong area is Fortitude. With Harsk as support, they get a much needed boost to their base fighting power and the very best character at Fortitude, and they can all roll at least D8 on Dex. Final verdict: Lini and Seoni can handle everything and kick all kinds of ass. However, they both burn through cards rather quickly (good thing the druid can pack a few Cures). They have options for the third member of their team, depending how what you find the most troublesome to handle, Harsk is merely the best answer to the most obvious issue.
  10. I was playing quest mode with a party of 6 on normal difficulty: Seoni 25, Meri 30, val 27, lini, 24, seelah 23, and sajan 5. Upon completing the scenario, sajan leveled up to 8, seelah hit 24, meri hit 31, and lini hit 25. I had no problem getting the reward cards for sajan and seelah. When it came to leveling up meri and lini getting role cards and power feat respectively, I was able to select a role card for meri and pick a power feat, but when it came time to select lini's, the power feat section wouldn't scroll up (the screen was on her beast mode section) and select the weapon or armor feat. I selected the role section and then warden and then her role card popped up. Again, I wasn't able to scroll. I tried to select skill and card feat tabs and then go back and same thing. I quit the game and went back into the victory screen and assigned the same things that I did previously and hit the same problem. The only way to get passed the screen was to select a role and a power feat on that role card (as I couldn't scroll). I then went to check her power feats afterwards and she doesn't have the role card or new power feat. I guess it doesn't really matter since she doesn't and won't have any armors or weapons anyway, but I would really hate to have this happen to a character who needs all of their power feats like val
  11. When in quest mode, encountering goblins (in my current case, I encountered Goblin Cutpurse) may cause the game to get stuck immediately after the dice roll. The modifier in question says "When encountering a goblin, roll 2d4 and add the total to the difficulty of the combat check". After the game rolls the 2d4, the encounter never advances to combat (or the wisdom roll in the case of goblin cutpurse). Closing and reopening the game causes a new roll. Opening the vault and closing it causes a new dice roll. Returning to menu and going back to quest/continue causes a new dice roll. None of these options make the combat check begin.
  12. Namaste. I got an issue with quest-NPCs not turning hostile after dialogues, when they contextually should do so. This problem occurs in every quest, where I need to fight or kill for progress. In this case I run the quest "Built to Last". I enter the abandoned house at Ondra's Gift, traverse through the corridor and open the left door. The quest triggers. I maneuver through the dialogue until it says: "Dodwyna- She raises her flail and rushes at you." She should turn hostile now, i thought. But the circle around her is still grass-green. I can't attack her and she won't attack me. I can talk to Vianna and she acts like I saved her. She says I can now take the quest-item from Dodwyna's corpse. But the undead corpse still ignores me and my needs. Well yeah... and this error occurs in every similar quest. Here I uploaded you some files: savegame right before this issue, at the entrance of the abandoned house https://www.dropbox.com/s/02enbjqcilajpwr/9155b50c-be1c-4bcb-bf37-856ec2545664%20autosave_2.savegame?dl=0 savegame created at the same time as the screenshot was taken/ during the issue https://www.dropbox.com/s/oql77c396k2vd4d/9155b50cbe1c4bcbbf37856ec2545664%2012685446%20AbandonedHouse.savegame?dl=0 output_log https://www.dropbox.com/s/s3f6j0ol17e3hr1/output_log.txt?dl=0 Further informations: The game is patched. The game cache has been verified several times - without success, no files were faulty. Here are some postings from my earlier unsolved issue, where i couldn't fight enemies at all. That is not the matter now. The problem has changed after the patch, it seems. Greetings Warhamster
  13. I’ve been playing the Pathfinder Adventures games for a few days now on my iPad 3rd generation (iOS 9) and it’s fun. I’ve encountered a number of bugs more annoying than game-breaking, except the following one. I’m playing Quest Mode using Merisiel, Kyra and Valeros. On finishing a Quest, Merisiel and Kyra both reached level 8, and Valeros reached level 5. On tapping CONTINUE, I’m brought into the Victory screen where my characters get to receive their rewards. At first, Valeros can’t be selected until I select Merisiel’s and Kyra’s reward (in both cases, a card reward). When i get to Valeros, his first reward, an Ally card, just seems to appear OUTSIDE the screen! As since I can’t tap it, the screen is «frozen» (I can’t tap the Continue arrow nor the settings icon). I know it’s up there, since there have been a couple of times where I could see the magic ripples around the card at the extreme edge of the top of the screen… I’ve tried selecting various card rewards for Merisiel and Kyra, quitting and continue the game from the main screen (which throws me back to the Victory screen loop), restarting the app… nothing works. I’m considering deleting those characters and start anew (which would be a bummer since I’ve added some nice cards in their decks along the way), but is there a way to go around the problem and get Valeros to get that Ally card correctly and finish that Quest? And if I have to start my characters anew, is there a way to transfer their cards to new characters? Thanks!
  14. I have just arrived in Copperlane for the first time, and have taken a quest in the "Goose and Fox" that asks me to give back a ring from the wife (Kaenra) to the husband (Purnisc), and after going over, giving him the ring, peacefully leaving, and going back to the wife, she says I haven't given him the ring yet, even though I have. My journal seems to have been updated with the fact that I have given him the ring, but no more dialog options than "I haven't given returned it yet" appear in my conversation with Kaenra. Link to savegame with this issue (I hope it is reproductible): https://www.dropbox.com/s/nt0fob8xc2ryf1e/ff67437200c143ca9465495d56ed4045%208579039%20Copperlane.savegame?dl=0
  15. Description: When you enter Ionni Brathr your journal is immediately updated with the information Ondra gives you when you advance a little towards the pool of water. Steps to reproduce: 1. Enter Ionni Brathr in Cayron's Scar. 2. The "Lair of the Eyeless" quest is updated. Expected behavior: The quest should be updated after you've finished talking with Ondra.
  16. So, I've completed the quest "Blood Legacy." Beside being disappointed at the very limited options as to what to do with The entire point of reputation is (believed) knowledge of actions performed. Even though I actually performed an action, no one knows about it, thus effectively rendering my actions (to others) as unknown.
  17. Hello all im triying to complete this quest to get Pallegina and i decided to Save the Merchant and kill the ambushers bug for some reason the quest wont complete ? name of the quest "AT ALL COST" Defeat Dana Doemenel . could anyone help
  18. Talking to Penhelm only 1 of 3 lines move the conversation forward, so you are forced to agree with him. The dialogue: "He finally went too far. He had the gall to suggest that we had strayed too far from our roots..." 1. I don't see the problem 2. If the knights obsessed over their past, they wouldn't have grown into the fighting force they are today. 3. That history made the knights what they are now. You can't just cast it aside. 1 and 3 loop back to "He finally went to far" A difference: 1 is an infinite loop, 3 eventually leads you out. [click 3 -> Sagani -> back to answers 1,2,3 -> click 3 -> other menu] Screenshot after clicking "3" the first time: However it's not very likely to click again a voice that doesn't seem to work.
  19. Description: This is a guess at a bug, but when completing Ferry Floatsam the hero LOSES minor reputation with Defiance Bay. This seems to be a mistake. Description: Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
  20. I still cannot find Azo anywhere in the Sanitarium, I first had the bug that the door would not open after that was fixed i could not find Azo (need the key to the North Ward). Tried to leave the area and reenter but it didn't fix my problem. I would be really grateful if anybody can help me. My game is updated to the latest beta patch. I played Pillars of Eternity some months ago and this bug ruined my mood for it because I didn't want to start a new game and I don't know if loading an old savegame will fix it. I hoped that upcoming patches would fix it but as of now there is no fix. I want to upload my savegame but the file is too big (2,5MB) - so i uploaded it to mega.nz (if thats against the rules please tell me how to upload my file properly) "https://mega.nz/#!8kJwFb7S!JJNfzemvJ2wMHxspqZh5P5O5naFLUIAUo8mJIZFb-zs" I also added a screenshot of the position where he should be. Thanks in advance hope I will get a solution - I loved your game until that bug occurred.
  21. So I've just encountered a weird bug that is causing negative XP rewards when turning in at least two different quests in Stalwart. Completing the final step of Okrun's quest resulted in a loss of 2190 XP (reducing total quest XP to 5292). I also lost 1792 for speaking to Thyrsc at the end of his questline (6588 total XP). Is this something I can fix at my end or am I doomed to exploit console commands until next patch. Also, I first encountered this bug in 2.01, and the update to 2.02 didn't rectify it. Cheers!
  22. I killed the Sky dragon at act III but the quest didn't get updated. So I can't end it. The dialog option just doesn't appear when I talk to the quest giver NPC. Is there anything I can do besides backtracking to my last backup save :/ Thanks.
  23. So in this quest, a sky dragon has taken over a temple of Hylea in order to raise its hatchling. You can talk with the dragon, but there's almost no point. Despite there being multiple ways to question the dragon's judgement or suggest it should leave, it will invariably attack you unless you just agree with it completely. Given the fact that Hylia would clearly value the dragon's life (since Hylia is the goddess of flying creatures and motherhood), AND the fact that Hylia clearly cares about her priests who were driven from the temple (she gave you a vision to help them), there is absolutely no way to broker any kind of truce. This just feels like lazy writing/quest design. Am I alone in this? Anyone feel the same way?
  24. Spoilers, obviously. As part of the main quest, you eventually end up with the quest Council of Stars, during which you're asked to pray to a deity of your choosing. Except not really. You're limited to a number of deities, that is, to the ones that are present at the temple. Which is.. odd, considering that the temple is really, really, really, really, really old. Blue = Altar of which deity. Red = Corresponding symbol. Green = Missing altars. Notably absent is Eothas, who does not get a symbol nor an altar. And it's extremely odd. Even if you can't pray to all the gods for whatever reason - they may be silent, they may be dead, they may ignore you - the altars should've still been there. Notably *present* is both Wael and Woedica, who you cannot contact through prayer here, so why wasn't Abydon, Magran, Skaen, Ondra and Eothas given the same treatment? If anything, by the background mythos, Woedica has been "dead" or "possibly dead" for far longer than Eothas. I think this is all a pretty serious discrepancy and I can't really wrap my head around why they didn't just include all the deities. Eothas missing from the sky and his altar silent, but still there, and if you were a Priest of Eothas, you could try to pray anyway - and fail. Magran giving you the silent treatment, especially if you have Durance in your party. Abydon refusing to get involved. Skaen as silent as Wael and Woedica, obviously. Ondra.. no clue, but whatever. I realize that there's such a thing as constraints and they may have felt a need to restrict the number of available quests, but at that point, it would've been far preferable if the alters were there but just not communicative. What's even odder is that when you do pray, you can utter prayers - some obvious incorrect - to ten different gods. Ten. Not eleven. These are: And again Eothas is ignored. Not from an objective observer/meta perspective, but from an in-character perspective. You can't even utter the wrong prayer to the wrong god and accidentally pray to Eothas by mistake. That is beyond stupid. The game almost makes it a point to make it ambiguous whether Eothas is truly dead or not, and whether Waidwen was truly Eothas or not, but at the same time, virtually jumps through hoops to drive home the meta that, yeah, he is, and he was, by restriction options related to him. Also, this might've been the best opportunity to use scripted interactions that never was. Instead there's a regular dialogue screen and a repeating light show. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. What gives?
  25. When you tell the head priestess that she has been rejected by Magran because she sent someone else to do her trial for her, you receive the worst reward. From listening to Durance and everything we've learned about Magran, that is the correct answer. The other answers are merely blowing smoke up her ass which Magran would not appreciate. At first I loaded and went with one of the fluff answers just to get the better reward but then went back and did it the first way and just decided to eat the negative reputation. It just seems bizarre and frankly wrong that the only Magran quest in defiance bay would reward dishonesty/weakness since everything we hear and know about Magran has her prizing brutal honesty and strength of character over all else.
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