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  1. AR_2201_Huana_Ruins_One Baltia still appears in her initial spot in the grove even though she is now on my ship. I recruited her while I was doing The Last Sanctuary quest. Savegame: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1zjqv4oszddoqba/Baltia.zip?dl=0 output_log - Baltia.txt
  2. Once I reached the Inner Sanctum in the Drowned Barrows Nemnok is summoned. However, once he appears my only option is End Dialouge. Everyone in the room is blue and I can trigger another conversation. However my main option is to tell Nemnok that I am still searching for Grimories for him. I had no conversation on any quests for him, my quest still says deal with Kalli and Nemnok, and is not updated for me to search for anything. The only way I can get anything else to happen, is to take items from the chest under his statue, that are not marked as stealing but immediately turn everyone in the room hositle. My save game size is to large to attach, let me know if I can help further or if there is another way to attach my save game.
  3. I put myself in the GOG beta branch, so this could be something that the latest beta patch introduced. However, I have no frame of reference because I had not reached this stage of the quest until today. I am doing the The Lighted Path quest. I rather readily found Bosc's ship, boarded, took out the upper-deck crew then went down and managed to talk Bearn out of suicide. My quest updated to take Bearn to Hasongo. That was fine, but I wanted to take care of a few bounty quests nearby before making the journey, and I did so. Back in the Deadfire Archipelago map, I see a stationary Bosc's ship where I had previously boarded and rescued Bearn. If I board it, I am treated to what I presume happens if I took too long and everyone, Bearne included, committed suicide. Going below decks reveals the deceased Bearne (despite me rescuing him earlier) and completes the quest. This is not game-breaking, obviously, because I was able to reload from before I boarded the ship again and I was able to finish the quest in Hasongo (and the abandoned Bosc ship did disappear after that), but it is clearly not as intended.
  4. Hello Guys, as the title states, I would like to know if any of you have ever been able to kill this arch mage and his dragons. I mean, I killed Concelhauth (he was tough), Sefyra, Alpine Dragon, Sky Dragon, and some others. I almost dealt with every tough guy in the game except with this one, I'm heading to his lair and will attempt to kill them. Do you all have any advise, any suggestion? strategy?
  5. I received a quest A Cordial Invitation at Arkemyr's manor, but when I come to the manor, he and his servants immediately attack me. I can't complete the quest and I don't want to kill arkemyr (and I can't because he is too powerful) what can I do?
  6. So, I'm in the middle of Blow the Man Down quest and when I opened a cell with Lamon'd crew right after sneaking there among half dozen of guards with my main character only, the game teleported my animal companion to me. Great, I love my beast, I really do! But just imagine problems I will have to sneak with it too. It's even better, now I see. When you load a savegame from the "arrest", guards are in the position from before loading the game - not from the time I did save the game.. Blowing up barrels or saving the game with animal companion detected blows up all my sneaking efforts... Great. Amazing! <3
  7. Hi! There is either a bug here, or I don't get something. In Fort Deadlight I messed up the stealth part at the beginning got a castle wide red alert and everyone was attacking me. So I cleared out the castle. Apart from the people in the jail, now one was talking to me, everyone was hostile. Before going to the court Serafen told me that he had some quarrel with Syri and it might not end up well. Anyway, even there everyone attacked me, there was no one to talk to. I don't even remember if Syri was there, whether I killed her or not. So the quest seems to be stuck here. Syri is not there to talk to here and I did not find anything relevant in the rooms there. What do you think?
  8. so Director Castol told my CHAR to speak Furrante to help with his slave problem - i already did that quest so i told him that - but quest did not updated and i have still need to talk to Furrante. When i went to Furrante and speak with him again - nothing is happening, quest is not updating. I also tried to talk with Aeldys - nothing.
  9. You can finish both initial quests for both families (Big fish and Bad feelings in Polish) and then make peace between them, even though the matron of B. told me that there is no place for peace after finishing her quest (I told her that they wanted to rob her). She simply had an old dialogue question thal allowed me later to inform her that A-guy wants to meet with her and talk about peace. This does make little sense. Also, when you go with the Family Pride without doing Big fish and Sinking Feeling, the two latter quests become failed, what (I think) proves my point. But I'm glad I was able to do them both and get the xp from them both
  10. In quest Bounty - Katreen, you can steal her head out of her pocket, witch will progres you quest as if you killed her. After that, she'll still stand there, like nothing ever happened. Maybe she's just carrying a copy of her head in her pocket for this kind of situations?
  11. Hi! Just played through POE1 again to get myself immersed in the world before Deadfire hits. I played my character as a passionate, dissident guy, a kind of revolutionary idealist, and when Aloth revealed his connection to the Leaden Key I banished him, since I thought it would make my story a little bit more interesting. This made me feel so bad about what I had done, so I wonder, is there a way to find him somewhere in the world and ask him to return? Kind regards!
  12. Hello all! Currently playing the game and trying to kill as few enemies as possible. So I'm doing The Archmage's Vault quest. And I learnt from the assistance diary that wearing Arkemyr's robe will make the imps friendly. Using the secret passage from the bath house I manage to sneak up all the way to the chambers, without being detected, and pilfer the robe, I also learn the password from Arkemyr's note. However, even with the robe on the imps are hostile. Even tried equipping the hood and the staff that's in the same closet. Anyone know what the problem is?
  13. In my first stab at the game, Eder's quest triggered right after Xoti joined my group. I restarted from the beginning, changing my start game choices and now his quest has not triggered. Does anyone know what the actual trigger for the quest is? Could it be you don't get the quest under certain start game conditions? Thanks
  14. Hi All, I just wanted to find out if this is a bug. I searched on Google and I found a lot of issues with this Quest but nobody mentioned this yet... Situation as follows: Quest Name -> Against the Grain. I offered Sweynur a round of drinks I go then and negotiated them for free but the game still charged me 6 cps? As far as I can see here: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Against_the_Grain My hero has got Honest 1 so it should be free? "Get a round of drinks for them, ask Pasca over at the counter for free drinks if you have 12 resolve or an honest disposition of at least 1, else it'll cost 6 . You can use your own drinks if you have any. Bring the drinks to Sweynur. [Diplomatic] approach now resolves the feud, without requiring any attributes."
  15. Hi folks. I got a notification that the Weaver's Song quest was available to me at my Stronghold. I waited too long, and the quest expired. Is there any way to activate it again? That Cloak of Comfort looks totally sick. Thanks! pony
  16. Bug: Marshall Forwyn is not in Great Hall (Battle of Yenwood); Crowd is not outside great hall (A Return to Court) Repro notes: Appears to have been initially caused through beginning of Return to Court. At that time, the crowd was present but I had already clicked the entrance to Great Hall, causing the crowd to dissapear when I returned. As for Forwyn, I was able to talk to him about backing the army but did not yet have an ally for troops. Now that I have sufficiently rep with Knights and Dozens, Forwyn is missing. Consequence: Neither quest can be progressed as neither Forwyn nor the Crowd are available.
  17. Well, I know this is quite trivial and that I can easily test it, but perhaps I can get a quick answer here. So, during the Council of Stars quest you pray to the gods and you have to tell them the right words, or else they summon monsters to attack you. Either way your praying conversation continues and the quest progresses. My question is, does it benefit me to answer correctly or not? Do I get more xp perhaps? I'd like to kill more monsters instead, for xp, for loot, for fun... But I am not sure about the potential rewards xp-wise. What's the difference in those two approaches then, anyone knows?
  18. Hello, Can't get the hearing invitation from the Crucible Knights albeit doing all the quests. Can't progress discussion with Lady Webb, she doesn't even offer the failed all 3 option. Thanks for looking into this.
  19. I'm running into a problem under 10.1.1 on an iPad Air. When I go into quest mode, it goes to the intermediary screen, then crashes instead of loading the party choice screen. I can get to that screen in story, but not in quest. I have tried uninstall/reinstall. User ID is 6282.
  20. Description: No matter who I talk too, they don't want to hear it and the quest remains ever unsolved. Also ended up with two of the quest items. Steps To Reproduce the Issue: Talk to the Thristwin learn about the medallion, tell him you dont want to help and he says ill do it alone. Quest updates to go talk to Serel anyway so I did that. Itimidated then dex checked to get the medallion. Just to show her whos who for giving me a hard time, I killed her guards. Talking to her again, seems to prompt the other way to get the medallion and she hands it over... again. So now i have two of them, went to try to give it to Thristwin but he still wants nothing to do with me. Overall not a big issue at all, I understand pillars 2 must be on the front burner and if this issue goes unresolved so be it. Just a pet peeve of mine to have quest left undone.
  21. Stuck trying to close Junk Beach in Quest mode. Can't receive the item or move on.
  22. Sooo, I am in a tricky situation and I'd like some experienced players' insight. Spoilers ahead and all that. So, I visited Ondra's Gift before Brackenbury District and I reached the Vailian Trading Company. My aim was to get Pallegina. I got the quest "At All Costs". I have no interaction with House Doemenel up to this point. I've found that letter about the jewel theft but I have not showed it to anyone yet. Well, I went back to Copperlane District, at the inn, and now I know I will encounter Danna. I want to kill her, preferably in the Inn, I know I will fight her angry boyfriend later, I will also kill Verzano for putting me into this mess later, most likely. The problem is, I will get negative reputation with the Doemenels, does this mean I will not be able to visit them in "neutral" terms, do their first quest "A Two Story Job"? I want to open up their merchant, obviously. And I know there is also another side quest they give, not to mention the 2nd main quest to get an invitation to the Animancy hearings. Will killing Danna Doemenel or even opposing her block my access to all these? Or do I still have my chance, by using that letter I found? Actually, what if I kill Danna and also give the letter to the rival house of the Doemenels, do I still have the option to join the Doemenels' side then?
  23. I've already bought the adventure pack because I think the devs have done a great job with the game. So I don't really need the gold. Either way there's a couple of points I don't like about the quest system: 1) Why do you only have 24 hours to complete a quest? I don't want to be forced to play everyday, not to mention if I start to play at night I only have some hours left to finish it. And if I make any progress it really doesn't matter because the quest is going to be swapped by a new one with zero progress, not much sense there. Wouldn't it better a system like Hearthstone were you can keep up to 3 quests? Also in Hearthstone you always keep your old quest so the progress is kept. 2) Some quest are just incredible tedious. Yesterday I was doing the collect 25 allies quest. I spent 2 hours to collect 12 allies. Are the quest really done to take 4 hours of you playing the game a day? Guys please take a look at the quest system, it really needs some work.
  24. Bug: Playing on Quest Mode, the game stops responding to player's input. Resetting the game returns to the situation that triggers the bug. I can't enter the options, nor chose another action other than the one that triggers the bug. When: Prompted to chose a card from discard to replace a card in my hand, after selecting a card. Where: Apothecary Who: Merisiel Card or event: Don't know PFID: 509CC6C87B4AAC5 Pass&Play: No Mode: Quest Difficulty: Normal Party: Mirisiel and Kyra SO: Android 5.1 Device: Asus Go (Asus_Z00VD) I don't know wich card triggered the event, but once triggered, I can't play Quest Mode anymore 'cause the Quest button starts from where the game breaks. Link to screenshoot
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