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Found 3 results

  1. Supposedly there are items to be gained from prisoners but I have not heard of anyone getting anything but a couple hundred coppers. Has anyone collected all the available prisoners and held them for a while in a high-reputation stronghold? Also, can we make a list of the loot lost by taking each prisoner? Gramrfel - Dead Man Standing Kestorik - 3 emeralds, vithrack brain Aefre - nothing important Nyrid - grimoire Eorn - ? Naelde - ? Captain Esmer - ?
  2. During the quest "At the Mercy of the Tribes" you come across a conflict between the Fangs and a group of Dyrwoodan scouts commanded by Mercenary Captain Esmar. Captain Esmar is one of the guys you can take prisoner to your Stronghold. This happen only if you convice the Fang tribe to let the scouts go. They will only agree to let them go free if you punish Captain Esmar. What did I do? - I talked with both of them. Captain Esmar wanted me to clear a route for them to scape. The Fangs wanted me to get rid of the other guys. - I didn't have enough Twin Elms reputation to convice the fangs. So, I just continued to explore the zone. - Accidentally, I came accross a pack of wolf-like beasts which I killed. - Quest update came up saying I've cleared the way. Now I can talk to Captain Esmar and tell him the way is clear. - Well, I didn't. I've completed "Hunter, Brother". - Now with enough Twin Elms reputations, conviced the Fangs to let the scouts free. They want their captain to pay for his deeds. What happened? - I go and talk to Captain Esmar - There's no speech line to tell him about this. Is either "I've cleared the northen woods" or "[Attack] I've decided to help the Glanfathans". - If I choose to attack him, Captain Esmar does not beg for his life letting me hold him prisoner (he just dies) and I get a "Quest Failed" log. Any help would be much appreciated! Edit: You can download the saved game from here.
  3. With all the bugs currently still in the game it's a very low priority thing (maybe something worth considering with expansion/sequel), but I find it a little bit odd that player doesn't get belongings of prisoners. It's something I noticed with Nyrid, but I didn't pay much attention as he didn't have any unique loot. Then I captured Gramrfel the Wayfarer, and since I killed him before a couple of times already I knew very well he drops Dead Man Stands boots. It was a real bummer when I learned that by sparing his life I didn't get them - especially given the fact that so far Dyrwood seems to have shortage of shoemakers as I found just three pairs of boots in my travels. Maybe the big bad isn't after what he seems to be but really wants all the shoes in Eora. Now that would be some twist. Maybe prisoners are so keen to escape because no one disarmed them before throwing them into cells. If they were, I could certainly use some of their things. Both times I checked corpses if I the loot was there anyway, my inventory and combat log if it was added there somehow, I also searched treasury and stash. My jailer and the prisoners themselves also had nothing to tell me regarding things I should confiscated. Also, would be cool if prisoners wore some rags instead of their usual attire, but now I'm just daydreaming.
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