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  1. Across the various forums (Here, RPGCodex, SomethingAwful etc) there seems to be a fair divide about the existence of Item Durability in Project Eternity. Here is a response from J.E. Sawyer to give context. The purposes of it as described in this post seem to be: A money sink in case players don't invest in the Stronghold and to prevent non-optimal placement (or waste) of skill points when investing points into Crafting on two or more characters. Do you think Item Durability has a place in Project Eternity? If you do not 100% agree with the proposed mechanics, what d
  2. Okay,so I thought it would be nice to do a simple poll on crafting. The main point is to see which games out of my limited selection you would like to see influence the PE crafting system the most. Obsidian will obviously do their best to make the most compelling crafting system that'll add to gameplay and enjoyment. This will hopefully be able to give some sort of indication as to what games we'd like to influence the crafting system. Hopefully my selections as answers are reasonable and offer up a suitable array of options.
  3. It has been previously stated that Josh and Tim are going to go for Blue selection circles for Player controlled units in Project Eternity and Red for enemies due to the consideration of those that are color-blind (including themselves). This may be why ToEE had blue circles instead of the legacy green color. I don't have a problem with the fact that they are doing that, but for me, the lack of legacy selection circles will just not attain the same 'feeling' to the game as the older Infinity Engine games. It's something that annoyed the hell out of me from the get-go in Baldur's Gate Enha
  4. The replace the clumsy "l" system..here's a multi-option poll. Indira, if you could copy-paste you list with links and/or more detailed descriptions, I'd be much oblidged. Untill then, more info on each point cna be founf in the other thread.
  5. Hello. Based on what we know AT THE MOMENT about the different classes and your previous experiences with other IE/D&D games, I wanted to know what class you will choose to play as a party first. A few rules: There will be no multi-classing, so pick only one. You have one class you can pick for your PC. You will be obviously picking up other companions to help fill out the required skills in different quests, so just think about the class for your PC. Do not consider what we know about the companions (which is absolutely nothing). If you are going to be playing a game filled with on
  6. Since we are going to find out more about up to four classes soon, I was wondering which classes are the ones people are the most curious about. On one hand, we have Druids, Monks and Rangers where we have very little information to work off of. On the other hand, we have others classes like the Cipher, Rogue and Paladin where even though there is released information, there are at least some of us who want to know more MORE MORE because it has piqued our interest, or it is our favorite typical class, or some other personal reason out there. So in short, if you could pick which 4 classes
  7. I love role-playing games. I enjoying playing them but I prefer to run them. One of the most frustrating things about running games is never getting to tell the story. Sometimes your players will just go a different path and miss out on something you made this can be horrible but creates some great creative challenges when forced to rewrite a scenarios in your head. Sometimes the game just never happens. I have made scenarios, settings and entire worlds that players have never set foot in. I might go into more detail with that later Anyone else ever had issues like this?
  8. At Chosen of Mystra they've got a guide on how to make a sound set (It is very easy, I made 2 in a weekend, I'll have to redo some, probably in the coming week for BGEE). I don't know how many sound files there was for Planescape: Torment but there is quite a few. Inspired by this thread ("Dialog mostly voiced?"). Making a double post/second post on what I'm voting. Don't forget to tell if the Poll is bad (with suggestions/feedback) so I can make it better before Edit time runs out!
  9. A poll putting dangerous ground to the question. A related topic. http://forums.obsidi...errain-effects/
  10. If there was only one RPG to be saved in the world I would choose.... Baldurs Gate 2 What was your decision? Choose wisely!
  11. I've seen a number of threads on what type of magic system people would prefer and most of them seem to be following the standard tropes. However, a few years ago I ran into a Mana Based homebrew for D&D 3.5 that did some really interesting and inovative things and that I think could work really well for this kind of game. For those of you who don't want to follow the link; the basic premise of this system was that, rather than gaining a huge pool of mana so you could pay for increasingly more costly spells as you leveled, your mana pool would be kept relatively tiny and the cost of sp
  12. Hello again! Sorry for making yet another thread about magic, but I thought this deserved to be discussed separately from cooldowns and even Vancian magic. Well, in another thread, someone commented that he thought the reason he disliked vancian magic is that it looks like an instant respecification of the character. Like, you have a wizard decked with only fire spells, like fireball, flame shield, summon elemental, and what not. Suddenly the next day, he could memorize completely different things, like clairvoyance, invisibility, phantasmal force, teleport and what not. If you have a syst
  13. Please notice: this thread and the polls are designed only for members of the Obsidian Order of Eternity, so please don't vote if you're not a member! If you're not a member yet feel free to join us for the small membership fee of $8 which you have to add to you current kickstarter pledge. Then you can choose a title like "..... of the Obisidian Order" and introduce yourself in our Obsidian Order thread: http://forums.obsidi...nts-you-part-2/ Dear brothers and sisters of the Obsidian Order of Eternity! At the time I write this post our order counts already more than 200 members wh
  14. Pretty much what the title says, and the polls say; what would you say would be the best system or even combination of systems you'd like in Project Eternity? Would you like it if everything the characters you fight against are lootable, entirely randomized loot, what? Personally, I enjoy a combination of them; what you see is what you get, and being able to take what would otherwise be vendor trash items -- like Golden Idols or plates -- and giving them to NPCs that will give you a slight discount in return, or even open up new items to purchase, giving the player a wide variety of options. S
  15. I, personally, find this conceit of some games to be kind of . . . annoying. Resistances? Okay. Armor that reduces damage from some sources? Okay. But needing to have: The Bludgeon weapon The Piercing weapon The Slashing weapon The Adamantine sword The Silver sword The Cold Iron sword The Lawful sword The Chaotic sword The Good sword The Evil sword The Epic sword The Wood sword The Crystal sword The Adamantine and Good sword The Silver AND Good sword . . . Just to do reasonable damage to most monsters is kind of . . . insane. Not to mention the fact that you can't RE
  16. A simple question, should experience scale with player level or should experience be static for enemies killed? Example of level scaling experience: At level 1, Billy kills a rat and gains 5 experience. At level 2, Billy kills another rat and only gains 3 experience. At level 5, billy gains no experience for killing rats. At level 10 Billy kills Firkraag, and gains 96,000 experience experience . At level 20 he kills Firkraag again (damned cults, resurrecting evil dragons...) and earns 6,000 exp. I'm a fan of scaling experience myself - I like it because it keeps numbers on
  17. The devs say our character can be of any origins in PE, however, since in the start of the game we witness some very unusual events, plus with the special soul system, maybe we can assume that these events lead to some changes in our soul and thus make us gain unique powers. I think there are both sides of having a great power when gaming. On the one hand, it will definitely add some mysterious verve to the game. The nameless one of PS:T is, of course, a very sucessful example of this. On the other hand, if it is not designed properly, it can make the game less interesting. I lke the i
  18. Please notice: this thread and the polls are designed only for members of the Obsidian Order of Eternity, so please don't vote if you're not a member! If you're not a member yet feel free to join us for the small membership fee of $8 which you have to add to you current kickstarter pledge. Then you can choose a title like "..... of the Obisidian Order" and introduce yourself in our Obsidian Order thread: http://forums.obsidi...nts-you-part-2/ Dear brothers and sisters of the Obsidian Order of Eternity! This is part 2 of my survey for the Obsidian Order, make sure that you don't mi
  19. EDIT: sorry. Poll was broken when this was originally posted. NO was the only choice. :I. i am real good at the forums. #1. EDIT2: Wizard Tower is a generalization. It was the easiest way for me to express the concept. What I MEAN is a stronghold. and an INTERESTING one. Not a generic tower. You know: A Wizards tower that can be acquired in the latter portion of the game. I personally LOVED the Planar Sphere. It was one of my favorite things in Baldur's Gate II. It just felt...so...so...mysterious. so magical. the art and atmosphere was simply perfect. I wished they could have spent m
  20. I've seen a lot of generalizations on both sides of this argument. Often people who want romance arcs and people who are strictly opposed to them (if that polarization of the player base is even valid at all) lump their opposite number into a category that makes broad assumptions about their opinions on multiple subjects. So let's try to characterize these people more so we can stop arguing past each other at straw-men and people that may have annoyed us elsewhere that happen to share an opinion we disagree with. Only vote in the above poll if you are actively hoping for one or more 'roman
  21. Yes, I understand we already have a topic devoted to theoretically probable romances in Project Eternity, so I'm really sorry for creating yet another one, but I feel like polls that we had by this day (Sex and romance poll, Gods save us another romance thread) are either badly structured, either biased with the way questions are formulated, so here I am with my effort to construct something that is coherent and objective as much as possible.
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