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Found 5 results

  1. As of now, there is currently no option to relocate ziplines, which took treacherous hours to gather materials and create, to different locations. Instead there is only the option to recycle the ziplines. This is not ideal as my zipline stretches from the Oak tree across the pond to the upper garden, meaning if i were to recycle the zipline, most of the string would end up inside of the pond, making it highly difficult to gather the materials again. I hope this thread reaches any dev that can have a say for the next patch or update to alleviate this issue, since I have seen another fellow grounded enjoyer post about this same exact issue back in 2022. Thank you.
  2. What is this? A slug race? A sloth parade? Real time with pause means Real Time, what is this thing you did with the combat? You did it right in Pillars of Eternity Act I. Normal Speed should be in real time, and without trained warriors staring at an enemy bashing their skulls for 4-6 seconds! Slow Speed should be reintroduced, same as it was in POE 1. Fast Speed should be as it is now. On top of that, there is Pause. Just make sure to provide a simple and clear Tutorial and even the King of Dumblandia will get it. Wanna really help people with mental problems? Put 2 Slow Speed modes instead. Slow and Super Slow! (and call it console-speed, haha!) Thanks for reading! PS: A friend wanted to say hello, the only one that appreciate the new slowness! FINALLY HE CAN PLAY TOO!!!
  3. Hey guys, After an unfinished playthrough after release I started playing PoE again this year. I have reached what I presume to be the last encounter (Thaos and Woedicas Judge & Headsman). I haven't had any issues with the difficulty of fights up until now. After about 20 tries I can reliably make Thaos transfer his soul to the judge and beat both him and the headsman. That's when things start to turn ugly though. Thaos' domination (!) and pillar spells wreck my party pretty quickly. Party consists of: Main Character (Level 10 Ranger, Wolf companion, outfitted with unique blunderbuss or pistol, pretty helpful in the first stage) Edér (Level 10, has been a pretty good tank up until now, he survives the fight the longest) Pallegina (Level 10, regularly survives until the last stage as well) Durance (Level 10, often dies during the fight, if he doesnt he will be mostly out of spells because of all the healing he has to do, when he's not healing he's casting buffs, shield of the faithful, etc.) Aloth (Level 10, try to have him debuff Thaos and deal damage with wall of flame/fireballs/missiles) Kana (Level 10, I rely on his summons of the wyrm or loads of skeletons pretty heavily) Some random notes: - playing on normal difficulty - in the end stage I normally try to debuff Thaos with Arcane Dampener or that other Level 3 Wizard spell (if Aloth survives until then, that is) and whack at him with all I got. - I also try very hard to have my wolf companion survive as the accuracy penalty of bonded grief makes my Main pretty useless - none of the "control" spells seem to work on Thaos - I could probably level up some more by doing side quests, but don't really feel like it as I wanted to have some content left for a second playthrough - the main issue is the domination spell he casts, I could probably deal with the damaging spells Thanks a lot, Polarius
  4. Title is pretty self explanatory. Whenever I try to enter the Caed Nua main keep, the game crashes to the desktop. I did a bit of testing with this: I tried going through the dungeons and up the stairs to see if the back entrance worked, the crash still occurred. I tried loading some older save files, my oldest save file did work, but it's about 10 hours behind in game time, not a loss of progress I'm interested in making. The outdoors and other buildings in Caed Nua are all fine, it's only entering the main keep that's causing the crash. Edit: Using dropbox link because attachments aren't working for me. This is the earliest save I have after the crashing issue started. The only older save is over 10 hours behind in game time. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/155556124/71a0e22b140445a9914074ac241f441e%2011754970%20HadretHouse.savegame And this is the output log after the crash. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/155556124/output_log.txt
  5. I'm going to make a Fallout fan club for my college, but I need assistance in something...odd. See the highlighted "demands" below: I need help with making a few currencies (for my fanclub); I need 3D models for Caesar (Edward Sallow), Joshua Graham (pre-Burned Man), Legate Lanius (with or without his mask), Vulpes Inculta, High Elder Maxon (any incarnation, but state incarnation somewhere), High Elder Rhombus, Elder Lyons, Elder McNamera, Aradesh, Seth, Tandi, Aaron Kimball, **** Richardson, Colonel August Autumn, John Henry Eden, and Arcade Gannon. Blender, if possible; alternatively, you could just have them doing poses, saved as .png (or whatever), and at any time--no rush, please. Yeah, hope I'm not being too impossible, or however I'm being...
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