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Found 75 results

  1. EDIT: Does it with more than just Pallegina. I seem to hard-crash whenever I switch Pallegina to my party while on the open sea; I'm unsure if the problem persists when going to port or if doing it in an inn, but I will try and get back (when I'm able to edit this post..) I added a DxDiag and the crash report folders in a .zip, as well as a wetransfer link (see below.) To mods: Sorry for the double-post, but I can't edit my post because it's waiting for moderator approval. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/20718b3b5a3b17588409da4e9bc576fd20180512040708/090240e64041e3ba09cca386a172a50720180512040708/489f10 More Information... After playing around a little bit, it seems to crash when I do these actions in this order: 1) Load game. 2) Dismiss a character from my party. 3) Add a new character to my party. 4) Play around with their inventory. 5) Dismiss them and try to add another character to my party. Pillars Bug.zip DxDiag.txt
  2. This is a non-sporadic crash, at least for me, I have attached an error log. Apparently some game module still refers to steam even though I play the GOG version. The steps are as following: - go to the ship/world map - enter party management, dismiss your companions. - grab another set of companions - equip them etc. - re-enter party management and re-select your older companions - game crashes. The only way to move forward with this is to SAVE before re-entering the second selection, so that you can either exit or let the game crash, reload from where you were and then select your crew again, i.e. don't select a party two times in a row, I guess. If you do that it's not game breaking but it's still a pretty concerning bug. I am attaching the crash dump, the error log and a savegame you can use to reproduce the crash can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6y1gdx1p85ffecg/MyCharName%20%28a9b95203-c1cd-4dd8-9d0b-a67ce81398e7%29%20autosave_0.rar?dl=0 error.log.txt crash.dmp.txt output_log.txt
  3. First time posting, love reading all the theorycrafting that people do here. I love the added AI scripts PoE II and I had experience with a similar system in FF12's gambit system. However, I'm not that smart when it comes to setting up some great AI scripts as I often get confused by the differences between some conditionals. I'd love to hear some good set-ups or tips that people use for their custom AI scripts. I know it's difference for every class and purpose so feel free to share anything for any kind of character. I just started the game with Shattered Pillar Monk as MC. At level 4 my simple setup is. Self: Health Under 50% -> Second Wind (Might change this to lower with a priest in my team) Self: Has Affliction -> Clarity of Agony - Cooldown 20 seconds Self: Engaged By Anyone (NOT) -> Dance of Death Self: Engaged By Multiple Enemies -> Force of Anguish (Lowest Fortitude priority) Visage of Death's Herald (Lowest Will priority) Always True: Swift Strikes -> Cooldown 11 seconds How about you guys?
  4. I have been playing NWN2 solo for a couple of years now and one of the first things I did was to figure out how to resurrect Amie Fern. She is a Generalist Wizard and great for crafting. She is one of my favorite characters and I keep her right up to the very end of the original campaign. She is not very interactive as she has no dialog after West Harbor. But she does make a very useful member of the party, albeit a mandatory one. I have never seen any references to anyone else keeping her in their party and I was wondering if anyone ever had? I would be happy to explain how if anyone is interested. I almost always play as a Ranger btw, usually with at least three levels of multi-classing. Really like having the animal companion!
  5. Hey guys, Haven't played pillars for a while, but the hype for P2 is sucking me back in and Tyranny doesn't do it for me. I see so many awesome creative builds on this forum - i love the list of stickied builds and love trying different ones! What has been your favorite combination that makes not only a really effective party, but also a very fun one? Personally I don't like 'fire and forget' characters like rangers or ranged rogues, which really don't have many 'active' abilities, but prefer casters and multitalented characters like Monks and Paladins. Particularly interested in those experts I see in here with thousands of hours played - (i.e. Boeroer callin you out!) whats your favorite party composition and build for each member? Krim [Edit: typo in title!]
  6. I read on the last post that there had been demands for an expansion of the Stash. I had a thought and wanted to share it. A limited sideboard is one of the hallmarks of the game, and important for balance purposes. My proposal is: Each party gets its own Sideboard (renamed from 'Stash' to 'Sideboard.' Those sideboards are unique to that party and that campaign. A new tab, "Trove," is created, and at any point between adventures, players may move a card (like the Robe of Runes, or Amulet of Mighty Fists) from their party sideboard to the Trove. Trove becomes the mechanic for trading cards across parties, while the sideboard remains for those situational cards that you may not want in your deck full time. Thoughts on my thoughts?
  7. Greetings community! I've been playing Pillars on and off since release. I know, it's been quite some time now and I'm still on my first playthrough! My party is level 10 and I've gotten to the Pit, though I have not gone in. I also did some of the White March quests but I've hit a level wall there. Anyways, my current part is as follows. Charmain (Wizard) Eder Sagini Kana Grieving Mother Aloth I've done all the NPCs quests, I think up to this point. I was pretty set on this party going until the end, but one thing I always wanted was a priest. I don't use walkthroughs or anything so I just now bumped into Durance doing a bounty. Now I'm in dilemma. Priests can heal and have other valuable defensive powers. I feel this is lacking in my group and this is why I'm unable to progress in certain areas, but I'm not sure. I've read around and some people say a priest is invaluable and a must-have and others say priests are unnecessary in this game. So my question to the community is this. Should I take Durance? Would a priest really help this group out? If so, who should I leave at the keep when I take him?
  8. Paladin {me} Godlike: Moon -> Darcozzi Paladin -> Orlan: Wild -> Slave Culture: Old Valia Stats: high RES, high INT, high MIG, normal PER, low DEX, normal CON Abilities: Lay on Hands, Zealous Endurance, Liberating Exhortation, Inspired Liberation, Reviving Exhortation, Greater Lay on Hands, Talents: Weapon & Shield, Superior Deflection, Hold the Line, Cautious Attack, Deep Faith, Sacred Immolation, Scion of Flame Weapon: Shatterstar, Larder Door Fighter ~ Godlike: Fire -> -> Slave Culture: Living Lands Stats: high MIG, highCON, normDEX, normPER, lowINT, highRES Abilities: Disciplined Barrage, Armored Grace, Confident Aim, Critical Defense, Vulnerable Attack, Unbroken, Savage Attack, Take the Hit, Talents: Two-Handed Style, Apprentice's Sneak Attack, Weapon Focus & Mastery: Adventurer, Bull's Will, Scion of Flame Weapon: Spectacular Spetum/ Grey Sleeper Rogue ~ Moon Godlike -> Dwarf: Boreal -> Laborer Culture: The White That Wends Stats: highMIG, normCON, highDEX, highPER, lowINT, normRES Abilities: Crippling Strike, Reckless Assault, Deflecting Assault, Dirty Fighting, Vicious Fighting, Deep Wounds, Finishing Blow, Adept Evasion, Death Blows, Vulnerable Attack, Finishing Blow, Lethal Blow Talents: Weapon & Shield, Superior Deflection, Weapon Focus: Knight Weapons: Battle Axe {We Toki} Ranger ~ Moon Godlike -> Orlean: Hearth -> Slave Culture: Living Lands Stats: highMIG, normCON, highDEX, highPERS, lowINT, normRES Abilities: {Pet: Bear} Wounding Shot, Resilient Companion, Vicious Aim, Stalker's Link, Arrow Sense, Defensive Bond, {lvl 11 retrain: Antelope} Resilient Companion, Strengthened Bond, Stunning Shots, Twinned Arrows Talents: Gunner, Penetrating Shot, Apprentice's Sneak Attack, Weapon Focus: Ruffian {lvl 11 retrain} Marksman,Weapon Focus: Adventurer, Apprentice's Sneak Attack, Bull's Will, Mental Fortress Weapons: Blunderbuss/Pistol until lvl 11. Chanter ~ Moon Godlike -> Elf: Wood -> Slave Culture: Old Valia Stats: highMIG, normCON, highDEX, normPER, highINT, lowRES Abilities: At the Sight of their Comrades, their Hearts Grew Bold; White Worms Writhed in the Bellies of the Dead; Dull the Edge, Blunt the Point; The Thunder Rolled Like Waves on Black Seas; Sure-Handed Ha Nocked Her Arrows with Speed; At the Sound of His Voice, the Killers Froze Stiff; Rime and Frost Followed the Footfalls of Karth, Shatter their Shackles; Cast off their Chains, Aefyllath Ues Myth Fyr; Oh, But Knock Not on the Door of Urdel and Gurdel; The Dragon Thrashed, The Dragon Wailed; Seven Nights She Waited While the White Winds Wept; Seven Nights She Waited While the White Winds Wept; They Shielded Their Eyes 'Gainst the Fampyr's Gaze; Their Champion Braved The Horde Alone; Talents: Fast Runner, Shot on the Run, Marksman, Weapon Focus: Adventurer, Scion of Flame, Secrets of Rime, Apprentice's Sneak Attack Weapons: Ranged {Cgadob's Hazel} Priest ~ Fire Godlike -> Elf: Pale -> Slave Culture: OId Vailia Stats: highMIG, normCON, lowDEX, highPER, highINT, normRES {About 6ish will be retraining: highMIG, normCON, highDEX, normPER, highINT, lowRES } Abilities: Deity: Eothas, Inspired Radiance, The Hope Eternal, Bonus 2nd lvl Spell, Heart of the Storm, Bonus 3d lvl Spell, Bonus 4th lvl Spell Talents: Weapon & Shield Style, Scion of Flame, Superior Deflection, Weapons: Ranged Grateful for you sharing your time and Gravity. May you ask the Goddess to eternally alight your path. Please feel free to criticize my planned party. According to many Fighters are better tanks simply for the engagements. However being a Paladin, and the non-rogue dps to be ranged, is of want by me. Other than that everything is changeable.
  9. Just started happening to me in the last day or two. From the main screen, hit Start, then New....goes to image of goblins, gets stuck, and then crashes game. Please help!!
  10. Hi guys, thanks for checking out my topic. I'm a new player and I just picked up PoE last week. I've gotten to the first town and messed around a bit but I'm having a bit of restartitis since there's a lot in this game to consider. I'm a very "Plan my play through" type of person so I want to know what build, items, party members, etc that I'll be going for. I play like this because the worst feeling for me in a game is regretting that I didn't make a different choice. Here's an example: I start playing a fire based Paladin only to find out that Paladin's main abilities are blue fire, which doesn't mesh with the aesthetic I want (true story). So I'd like to take some advice from you veteran's if you're willing to give it, so that I can actually get into this game in earnest. The first challenge is the party members. I'm very partial to story companions in games like this, so I do not want custom companions. This is a challenge because I prefer my groups to be diverse (race, gender, class) and to make sense in terms of gameplay (Even mix or range/melee, tank, healer, etc). The companions I am interested in are Eder, Aloth, Hiravias, Sagani, Pallegina, Durance, and maybe Grieving Mother. I really like Eder's personality, and I enjoy those with unique aspects (Pallegina, Hiravias, Sagani). Aloth, GM, and Durance are all being considered more because I've been told that they are important to the story than for any other reason, although I do think it necessary to have wizard and healer type characters in my party. Note that if I leave out Durance or Aloth it will most likely be due to me replacing them as I'll get to in a moment. So I ask you guys, what do you think a reasonable party is for me? Are Aloth/Durance/GM important enough to keep around? Or can I leave them in my stronghold and occasionally talk to them to get the same value? The next challenge is my class, which I've been having a ton of trouble with. Paladins are my bread and butter, I play them in every game where they are an option, and the next closest option if they aren't. This is my first experience with a game that messed up paladins so badly for me that I'm being forced to go elsewhere. Blue fire when every other bit of fire is orange? All of their best gear is bright green? No spells? It seems like their only role is to be a tank support, but if they are up front tanking then the only person receiving support is the fighter, and if they are in back supporting the ranged then their tankiness is somewhat wasted. Paladins in this game just feel like a drunken thematic rainbow that has no solid direction. /rant With that in mind, you know that I want to play the closest thing to feeling like a paladin from other games as I can get. I've narrowed it down to Barbarian, Wizard or Priest. Note that I like spells, and I especially like Firebrand, so that will be a staple of my character. The ideas are as follows: Barbarian: Off-tank using Flames of Fair Rhian and Dragon's Maw, switching to Firebrand to deliver the pain when needed. Interested in the ring of combusting wounds and other spellbound items/armors since Barbarians lack spells entirely. I really like the orange ability effects of the barbarian and their AoE nature. However, as a paladin "main" I find I have a great distaste for being known as a barbarian, and I find it hard to shake that feeling. I see their icon of crude weapons crossing a blood red skull and I throw up in my mouth just a little. Wizard: Self-buffer melee build with nice spells and Firebrand, probably a scepter or something before I get in melee. I'm very mixed on Wizard because most of their spells I have no interest in using, but the ones I like give me vast amounts of pleasure. Citzals Martial Power in particular looks amazing. However, their reliance on "blue" buffs like DAoM, arcane shield, etc turn me off greatly. The more I look at this the more I think Aloth could pull off a blue ice themed build with the spirit lance much better (though his starter spells are rubbish). Priest: Not entirely sure, but something like Abydon's hammer for spells into Firebrand when I need to conserve spells or when I run out. Priest seems like the logical alternative to Paladin, but I have similar or perhaps even greater issues with them as the wizard. I don't like having a bunch of spells that I have no interest in casting. I suppose the benefit of priest is that most of their spells fit a single theme (unlike wizards with frost/fire/arcane/corrosive/etc) but still. I'm not really sure how good priests are at buffing themselves vs supporting the party, but I think it would be nice to play one so long as I'm not just a buff bot for everyone else. So what do you guys think? As a barbarian all the party members I'm interested can be used, and as a wizard/priest obviously Aloth/Durance are no good. What class do you think will sate my paladin lust best? Which party members do you think will work best both for that character and story wise? Thanks very much for any help. If you have questions for me I will do my best to answer. Edit: I'm playing on Hard by the way, I tried POTD but it was a little too much. Also, Mobile was unkind to me when I typed this, there might be auto correct errors.
  11. I've finished adventure 2 on normal and got four loot cards (instead of the whole five, but whatever) and one of the Loot cards was an item (mask) that I didn't want at that moment. When it was time to assign which cards my party will keep and which they will leave behind I decided to leave that mask behind. Now I'm having second thoughts. It's a unique Loot and I'm a completionist. Is there any way to get that card back? Or for that matter to get any good rare item back that I had to discard in favor of other items? Did my party lose that item forever? I've read the forums and the closest solution I've found was to have a pack rat character to store all the good, but not great, items. If I take that approach, do I have to bring that character with me on every adventure? Or is it enough to have that character just in the rooster?
  12. I have the problem since I have more than 6 Members to choose from. In my Case since I've met "Hiravias". I am not able to swap party members because seemingly no matter which strategy I am using to, the character which is supposed the be there is not; The castle dialog menu to assign shows everything is alright, but the in game member slot stays empty, no visible character, no portrait, no message in the console that a new party member has joined Swapping characters back does not help either, the because no member I choose appears as a 6th member from now on. So It is essentially not possible to change the party. I've tried one thing that worked for the first time: Loasing a savegame before the bug event, returning to the castle, dismissed Kana, then went out to meet the new party Member and let it join during the first dialog. Then I went back to the castle and swapping worked. BUT only until my next journey into the underlying dungeon. As I returned from the dungeon to the catle and tried to swap the members, the bug was there again and it seems if the bug appears for the first time it is permanent and the party slot is "lost" for reassignments.. This is a bug that has a huge impact on the game play and I read some posts that I am not the only one who suffers from it. Please do something about it.
  13. For Story: Harsk, Seoni, Sheela, Amiri For Quest: Valeros, Lem Note: I haven't seen any difference in xp for Legendary vs Normal... it's only gold right?
  14. After reading the post on the Crono Trigger party I thought my next play through would be a group of characters from another universe and was inspired to do a Final Fantasy IV party. I'll use IE mod when necessary to adjust the 'racial' abilities since I don't want Fighting Spirit on every character. I'll also use IE mod to add two Weapon Focus talents instead of one (so Kain can be a spear and pike master, more on this below in Kain's section). For attributes I use combinations of low/med/high and max, since I don't want to worry about the numbers quite yet I'll add more characters to this later, but these 7 give me plenty of variety for now (and there's not that many more FFIV characters anyway!) Without further ado, the FFIV Pillars Of Eternity Party: Character: Cecil --------------------------------------- Modded "racial" ability: Defiant Will --------------------------------------- Class: Paladin --------------------------------------- Might: med/high Constitution: max Dexterity: med Perception: med Intelligence: med Resolve: high --------------------------------------- Weapons: Sword, Axe, Shield --------------------------------------- Other IE mod modifications: Order: Kind Wayfarer Order Talents: Shielding Flames, Shielding Touch --------------------------------------- Thoughts: - Cecil as a Paladin is closest benevolent and passionate favored disposition, and deceptive and cruel for disfavored. - The shielding talents are closer to his 'Cover' ability from FFIV than any of the others (Fighter's Take the Hit) is much closer but I can't see making post Mt. Ordeals Cecil a Fighter Maybe I'll give him that talent from the console at the level when a Fighter can get it. - I think Defiant Will is the more RP choice here for Paladin Cecil. ===================================================== Character: Kain (protagonist, Kain is my favorite) --------------------------------------- Modded "racial" ability: Fighting Spirit --------------------------------------- Class: Barbarian --------------------------------------- Might: high Constitution: med/high Dexterity: high Perception: med/high Intelligence: med/low Resolve: low --------------------------------------- Weapons: Spear, Pike, Sword, Axe, Shield --------------------------------------- Other IE mod modifications: --------------------------------------- Thoughts: - If I choose to level a Weapon Focus I'll give Kain both Weapon Focus Peasant and Soldier (for spear and pike buff) and strictly use only spears, pikes, swords, and axes. Swords and axes are not buffed by those Weapon Focus talents so I consider that fair, since in FFIV you'd occasionally equip a sword or axe on Kain when it was an upgrade. I wish PoE had more direct Weapon Focus talents like: swords, greatswords, sabres, estocs, but oh well. - Barbarian because of Dragon Leap. ===================================================== Character: Rosa --------------------------------------- Modded "racial" ability: Minor Threat --------------------------------------- Class: Priest --------------------------------------- Might: med/high Constitution: low Dexterity: med/high Perception: med Intelligence: max Resolve: med --------------------------------------- Weapons: Bow --------------------------------------- Other IE mod modifications: --------------------------------------- Thoughts: - I chose Minor Threat to mimic Rosa's 'aim' skill from FFIV. She could do good damage with good equips throughout the game, so I think this makes the most sense for a racial ability. ===================================================== Character: Rydia --------------------------------------- Modded "racial" ability: Hunter's Instincts --------------------------------------- Class: Chanter --------------------------------------- Might: max Constitution: low Dexterity: med Perception: med Intelligence: med/high Resolve: med/low --------------------------------------- Weapons: Rod (no whips :/ ) --------------------------------------- IE mod modifications: --------------------------------------- Thoughts: - Chanter is the closest thing to summoner we have. - Rydia as a chanter makes sense, the whole time she is chanting is for the purposes of summoning, and in FFIV SNES when she was summoning it looked like she was chanting - The chant buffs I can live with RP wise. - Hunter's Instincts because she's spent all that time with the Eidolons and knows their physiology - Summoning of a drake as Bahamut is too hard to pass up. - If I want a wizard I'll create FuSoYa. ===================================================== Character: Edge --------------------------------------- Modded "racial" ability: Fighting Spirit or Minor Threat --------------------------------------- Class: Rogue --------------------------------------- Might: med/high Constitution: med/low Dexterity: max Perception: high Intelligence: med/low Resolve: med/low --------------------------------------- Weapons: Sabres or other one handed bladed weapons (no katanas :/ ) --------------------------------------- IE mod modifications: --------------------------------------- Thoughts: - I considered making Edge a fighter but he is a ninja in FFIV so I think rogue is much closer to that. Also, Edge is DPS and not too tanky so rogue makes more sense to me. - Edge has a temper so Fighting Spirit makes too much sense RP wise. ===================================================== Character: Yang --------------------------------------- Modded "racial" ability: Defiant Will or Towering Physique --------------------------------------- Class: Monk --------------------------------------- Might: med Constitution: high Dexterity: med Perception: high Intelligence: med Resolve: med --------------------------------------- Weapons: Fists! --------------------------------------- IE mod modifications: --------------------------------------- Thoughts: - I think Towering Physique or Defiant Will make the most sense RP wise. Yang is shredded and is a martial artist so either one make sense to me. I'll likely go with Defiant Will though, favoring the martial arts disciple aspect for RP. ===================================================== Character: Golbez --------------------------------------- Modded "racial" ability: Death's Usher or Elemental Endurance --------------------------------------- Class: Cipher --------------------------------------- Might: med/high Constitution: med Dexterity: med Perception: high Intelligence: high Resolve: med --------------------------------------- Weapons: Rod --------------------------------------- IE mod modifications: --------------------------------------- Thoughts: - Wasn't sure about wepaon type, but the Dissidia games have him using a rod so I'll go with that. - Cipher is perfect for Golbez's mind games =====================================================
  15. Ok so I have been struggling with this for a while but basically I think around the begin of act II my party became fixed with the characters I had at that time. Where as I used to have all my companions on the roster at Caed Nua and I could switch them around making parties of different make up, suddenly and I cannot remember exactly when they disappeared and return back to the locations where I first found them. So the Grieving mother is back at the Drfold Village, Hiravias is at the Stormwall Gorge etc etc. When I approach them and talk there are no options to have them join me again even if I have empty slots available. While this is mostly just annoying as I because they can not longer level along with the rest of my party it is most frustrating because there are unfinished tasks and quests which are linked to this characters that I can never complete because they cannot come with me. Now I have been playing this from the first release (I was a backer) and so I am thinking maybe some patch may have corrected a bug but left me with this problem. Of course now I have moved on and on with the existing party but I am thinking now I am meeting new enemies I could really do with a druid or a cipher but I cannot add them to the party. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it is expected behaviour? Is it a bug? What can I do to resolve it? Can my save files be fixed to repair this problem? Thanks for any help.
  16. Only for sleep ,hiring, buying stuffs? how about dine party or something ,make drinks and foods necessary in some circumstances,May even open some quests, dialogues when parties gather together . that could be fun
  17. Themes: little people, defensive strategy, things that go BOOM Editor's note: this is a stupidly effective party, which makes Path of the Damned feel like Normal. The Pervrunen Dworvlans originated about a century ago. One Glanfathan Orlan named Cyrli was exiled from his tribe, and ended up in the trackless wastes of the White that Wends. There, he encountered a clan of Pargrunen, and convinced them of his theory that Boreal Dwarves and Orlan are in reality two branches of the same family, and reunification is the sacred duty of both peoples. Despite their best efforts, the Dworvlans have hitherto failed to produce viable offspring. I had the rare occasion to briefly travel with a band of Pervgrunen I encountered during my extended visit of Dyrwood. As their leader Qitupiiq recounted to me, his people had heard tell of a mystical, sacred place of the Pervgrunen, known as the White Forge. Believing that it had to be less bloody cold than the White that Wends, he, his faithful bear companion Puuqi, his cousin-spouse Paniiq with her wolf-friend Snuupi, and their short but furry cohabits Qimuli and Dereq, both holy warriors of uncertain description but conflicting ethoi, set out to search for it. The isolation and harsh climate of the White that Wends has clearly affected both the dwarf and the orlan component of the Pervgrunen Dworvlan people. The dwarves are clearly deficient in the higher intellectual capabilities, but little escapes their gimlet-eyed stare, and they are fantastically active, whereas the orlans are almost glacially slow, but resolute and intellectual. I had many interesting discussions with Qimuli and Dereq about their differing martial philosophies. The dwarves bring to the Pervgrunen their love of heavy metals and things that go 'boom,' while the orlans, ever quick with a knife to the knee, favor that basic survival tool to be found everywhere in the Antarctic waste: the icepick. As Dereq once mused to me, "few problems can't be solved with an icepick to the kidneys, except an icepick in the kidneys." Soon after their arrival in Dyrwood, the band of Pervgrunen was augmented by one Sagani, so desperate for company of her compatriots that she reluctantly agreed to travel with them, despite their reputation having reached her home, Naasitaq. "We do not speak of the Pervgrunen," she flatly told me when I wanted to interview her for details. My travels with the Pervgrunen were cut short when they occupied a ruined fortress in the middle of the Dyrwoodan wilds, and appointed me its chamberlain, minus my very expensive arquebus ("it goes boom!") and armour. "You're too tall," Dereq told me. Fortunately, they visited regularly and recounted tales of their exploits which I have noted down exactly as told to me in this memoir, most colourfully by one Hiravias, an Orlan of local extraction who immediately saw the truth and beauty of the notion of unity, love, and cohabitation between the short-statured people. --- PC: Qitupiiq, Male Boreal Dwarf Ranger, Laborer, Bear Companion (Puuqi). Stats: Mig 20, Con 12, Dex 17, Per 19, Int 5, Res 5. Skills: Mechanics, with a bit of Stealth and Athletics. Abilities: Wounding Shot, Swift Aim!, Stalkers Link, Driving Flight Talents: Marksman, Swift and Steady!, WF: Soldier, Gunner Gear: Arquebus, light armour. -- Hired companion 1: Paniiq, Female Boreal Dwarf Ranger, Hunter, Wolf Companion (Snuupi). Stats: as above. Skills: split between Stealth, Athletics, Lore, and Survival Abilities: as above. Talents: Faithful Companion, Swift and Steady!, WF: Soldier Gear: as above -- Hired companion 2: Qimuli, Female Hearth Orlan Darcozzi Paladin Stats: Mig 14, Con 14, Dex 3, Per 16, Int 16, Res 15 Skills: Lore, rest split between Stealth, Athletics, Survival Abilities: Lay on Hands, Liberating Exhortation, Zealous Endurance, Reviving Exhortation, Flames of Devotion Talents: Deep Faith, Sword and Shield Style, WF: Ruffian Gear: heavy armour, shield, stiletto / pistol or blunderbuss -- Hired companion 3: Dereq, Male Hearth Orlan Goldpact Paladin Stats: as above Skills: as above Abilities: Flames of Devotion, Zealous Focus, Zealous Charge, Hastening Exhortation Talents: Deep Faith, Enduring Flames, WF: Ruffian, Sword and Shield Style Gear: as above -- Sagani, built and equipped more or less like the rangers above Hiravias, Weapon and Shield Style, Cautious Attack, plus lots more defensive talents, equipped as the paladins -- So this is a ridiculously powerful party, and also remarkably versatile. I have enough stealth to creep up on enemies and finish off one or two squishies in a gunpowder alpha strike. Then I have lots of options: I can switch on Zealous Charge and make the battlefield mobile, retreating, regrouping, firing, moving, and so on, taking care to keep my rangers well behind the animal companions and the orlans. Or I can form up into a tight knot with the orlans and the animal companions shielding the rangers and drop the opposition with volleys one by one; the dwarves fire stupidly fast and accurately, and the orlans are really hard to kill and occasionally do manage to shiv someone in the knee (which is quite painful with Flames of Devotion). And if things get hairy, I can have Hiravias trigger Returning Storm, summon up a Blight, or do any of the druidy things druids do to control crowds. You'd think that I'd have a serious problem with casters targeting my rangers, but no -- if I push the beloved cute furry animals forward enough, they nuke them instead, which makes the rangers sad for a bit but then the animals get up again afterwards and all is well. Okay, so I'm not that far into the game yet with this party and I suppose something could get tricky later on, but I'll be damned if I can think what. They'd actually probably be even more effective with arbalests and their superior range, but these guys like things that go BOOM so they can keep 'em. Here they are, doing what they love best, raiding some backwoods thayn's crumbling castle.
  18. Hi, i'm unsure which PC i should play. My NPC party setup is, like i would say "cut in stone", but i dont know which PC would complete my Setup. I would go with: Eder - Frontline Tank Pallegina - 2hand Off tank + Supporter Aloth - CC and likely DD Sagani - DD Grieving Mother - DD my problem now is which class + spec should i play to fit in this setup. I'm really bad at this part of the game when u plan your charackter and decide what you play, so i would like to hear your advice. Oh and i prefer any role, especially in this type of games. Thanks for your time and i await your reply^^ Tobias P.S. Praise the Sun!
  19. I am sure some of your heard about it but for the rest I decided to mention this cool little game. It is a new party RTwP RPG done with PIXEL ART and the shortest description of gameplay/story would be: Imagine someone taking Darklands, Baldur's gate and Fallout 1 and mixing it up to make a cool new game. The longer official description you can find here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/335120 (there is a GoG versions as well here http://www.gog.com/game/serpent_in_the_staglands) To hype you up let me leave some of my impressions and experiences with it. Story You start as a Moon God that is stuck in mortal realm and must find his way home. As you must take a mortal body to travel and find out what happened you can be slain. You can create more than one body at start and travel with full (5) premade party if you want to or you can collect companions through the game (or kick premades to make room for companions). I been told there are around 30 possible companions to find. Some of them are only temporary with you and if you want to roleplay an evil guy/god you can bind their souls to yours so they lose their free will (they change their behaviour than). The story is very free form like Fallout, you explore the overland map like in Fallout at your own leisure and run into random encounters or villages/towns/places of interest in your quest to return to the Moon. Character System It is a classless system but you can choose from couple of races which each have 3 subraces. Your race gives you your look while subrace gives you a mechanical bonus They are not a direct copy of any other RPG I seen. You don't get to choose a class but skills are split into 3 groups: War skills, Spells and Aptitudes. War skills and Spells each have 3 ranks that you can get access to as you raise their primary skills during level up (Str and Dex for War skills and Int and Occult for Spells) while Aptitudes are a mix of non-combat skills and unique combat abilities (for example Linguistics lets you use an Incantation book to cast Curses on enemies and environment (a powerful curse can speed up day/night change which normally you can only do by spending money on a Inn, camping supplies or running around the Overland Map) but also lets you examine certain things in the world or get more from some conversations while Woodwise will detect/set traps and give you more information about nature phenomenon you run into). You get points at each level up and can put them into War skills, Spells or Aptitudes of your choice that you have access to. There is of course an inventory system that is like in BG games, one spot = one piece of gear but lots of items can stack. The whole party has one common inventory (the system is done better than in PoE) while the inventory itself is split into combat and non-combat items (two button filter one of the other part). Inventory screen will show for each character how currently equipped gear affects their stats while on Character Screen you can see the total results that take into effect your active War Skills and spells. Gameplay Like expected you get to explore the world, talk to many NPCs and try to loot anything you can see (NPCs will give you one warning if you try to loot their items) You will often need certain Aptitudes to get access to quests or just a bit of extra stuff (in above scene 1 point in certain Aptitude will give you a cool special item). Thing to note is that the game does not hold your hand. I am not kidding. The game has a Journal screen but you need to fill it yourself (although many quests will put scrolls into your inventory that will usually have most info you need), and the local area map is just a zoom out of your normal view that you can then scroll around to get your bearings or watch your party move long distance over the map. But it has many cool things hidden that you can find with the proper use of ingame resources and a functioning brain. Combat is often brutal like in BG1. Remember the first time you went out of Candlekeep and got murdered by a single wolf? Yes, that can happen here as well. Play smart and the game will reward you with victory. The start is hardest, I can tell you that. Your created characters start naked and with little money (and first shop has no armor to sell), but companions you can find early start with armor and weapons so use them well (or loot their stuff and kick them in good old Bg1 style :D). Read what your spells do and come up with good battle plans that uses most of your party skills and you will do well. Combat is often short and brutal so don't be afraid to use all resources at your disposal. War skills are all passive and you can have 3 of them active at any time and can change active one at any moment. There are all kinds although lower level ones are just some direct combat boosts (the notable exception is skill for Elixir bag that lets you elixirs do splash damage - yes you can throw Elixirs in the game as a weapon ) Unlike Bg1 spells in this game are not as OP, they are more toned down like in PoE but you don't have any limits on spellcasting. There two basic type of spells: those that need to channeled and those that don't. Channeled spells last until you stop channeling them which locks down your caster for that one role, while other kind last a fairly short time (except Shapeshifting which can be prolonged a lot if you build your character right) and use those at start of battle. There are no classic fireball/Lightning/invisibility/teleport/fly spells but you can still do a lot. Some fun spells can do things like turn a target into a Fiend that makes everyone around want to attack him (both friend and foe) and he channels negative energy while being attacked and releases that as a AoE damage once he dies. There are some fun outside of combat uses for spells like using some spells to change your form so you can fit where you normally would not be able to. What is that cat doing there Aptitudes can also be used in combat to charm enemies, summon helpers or curse them (like I mentioned earlier), set traps, craft potions to use in battle or check out the stats of your enemies to know how to fight them better. Closing Word Of course the number one question will be: Can I play games with pixel art? If you can answer this question with YES go buy this game today. It is only 20$ (and on Steam sale atm), done by only two people (can you believe that), it has 30+ hours of content and devs are improving it fast (mostly some UI issues left now) while listening to the best community suggestions. If you like the game spread the word around as all mainstream sites have completely ignored this gem. BTW, both Chris Avellone and Sawyer tried it and liked it.
  20. My current party are all level 5, and consists of ... * Edér * Zezhou ( My monk character. ) * Kana * Aloth * Durance * Sagani Now I got the quest "Cinders of Faith" yesterday, and I read a bit about the quest. Considering what my party would meet in that area, would it be wise to go there with a level 5 party, or would it be better to go there at a later level?
  21. I tag this thread with Possible Spoilers, not because there is intended to be any, but because there'll possibly be a few, probably minor ones, but possibly major, so if you are sensitive, stay out. Now, anyway, there was this other thread, where I found myself running away with a concept, and realized that we needed a thread for suggesting CNPC:s! Woo. As I have harped on numerous times, the number of CNPC:s in the game is abysmal, and leave very little options in regard to choice, and it's exceedingly hard to push them away. Also, their reactivity leaves a lot to be desired. And during the course of the "Lack of Evil Companions"-thread, I started drawing the outlines for a suggested CNPC, and realized I wanted a thread like this. In it, we will both broad-stroke suggestions for various companions as well as flesh them out as much as we desire, albeit not write them. It's mostly meant to be food for thought and little more. Now, from my own perspective here, I'm going to be assuming balanced Attributes, as well as more diverse and different weapon focus groups. I hated how the existing CNPC:s got compromised and actually changed because of the Attribute system resulting in them getting "bad" Attributes, so if I suggest "bad" Attribute spreads for anything, it's because I operate under the assumption that they're not bad, and Attribute spreads are more about characterization and playstyle (beyond Tank vs. DPS), rather than lopsided and simple min/max. I suggest everyone else does the same. I will also assume a CNPC Level of 2, meaning 1 Ability, 1 Talent. This is purely because that's what I think CNPC:s should be limited to in terms of auto-leveling, in order for them to be a bit fleshed out, but still have ample room to move. It is by no means a rule; feel free to post full progressions suggestions in the same way CNPC:s in the game already has. And without further ado, a "proper" post of my original idea that made me want this thread, below. I will put it in a separate post.
  22. There are a handful of topics from a few weeks ago talking about this issue, but even with the 1.04 beta patch there is no mention of this. I followed some advice when this issue first happened when I revisited Caed Nua, and was able to get Kana back in my party by restarting the game. However since clearing to level 8 of the Endless Path and doing part of his quest, I can't return back to the surface without him disappearing from my party. If I go into the Keep and come back out, he appears on the map for some reason way up on top of the Keep where you can't even get to. Here is the save game right before trying to return to the surface from Level 8, along with the Log file and screenshot of Kana on the map. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7prxdgk1fasn7ot/Kana_bug_4-11-15.zip?dl=0 I hope this issue is still being looked at because I can't continue my game until it's fixed. I could I guess continue the game without Kana, but something tells me I won't be able to fix it if I continue the game with him removed from my party with this bug.
  23. So, how far i would get in hard mode with party of 2 fighter as tanks (10/10/10/19/10/19, kinda ballanced), priest, cipher, wizard and chanter.Fighter with shields, and casters with guns. What do you suggest as dps?Is chanter worth just for reload speed aura?I got cipher and priest using pistol and arbuegus and is pretty good.Should i make chanter as off tank when some mob pass my fighters? I played party with 4 melee dps, and i ofted dont have room for them to properly place on target.
  24. If you dismiss a party member and then re-recruit them it doesn't save their stats. If I dismiss Sagani who has killed a boss, I should be able to recruit her later with the history telling me that she brought down said boss. I'm not sure if this is intentional, but I sure hope not.
  25. I do realize other people have made posts about this, just wanted to throw some more output logs and saves into the mix. I did attempt the restart fix, but it was a no go. Not sure if you guys need more outputs and saves, but there they are. Output is attached, dropbox saves are as follows. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xmn5owamb7d508m/54e9e5de-d056-45e5-91e4-43119f3e75dd%20autosave.savegame?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/m7sexh4etclu3jb/54e9e5ded05645e591e443119f3e75dd%207789958%20GildedVale.savegame?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/m7sexh4etclu3jb/54e9e5ded05645e591e443119f3e75dd%207789958%20GildedVale.savegame?dl=0 Hope it was of some assistance. output_log.txt
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