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Found 2 results

  1. I know this game isn't balanced around solo play but I have played solo in every other crpg out there but never encountered this kind of thing. How am I supposed to beat Xuarip skirmishers? They always seem to hit, always paralyze on hit, refresh paralysis duration on hit and there seem to be no diminishing returns of any kind. It seems ridiculously overpowered. I have a wizard, I cast arcane veil and mirror image before it hits me, I cast curse of blindness on it and still I always get permanently paralyzed. Is a priest a must-have? Is there no other way for me to beat this thing? Can't you balance it a little for solo without affecting group play? For example by having a "lone wolf" talent, active only when you are alone, that raises your resistances to these ridiculously overpowered CC when one does not have a priest around?
  2. I'm looking for a consistent way of killing the Adra Dragon I tried killing the adra dragon couple of times without 'cheese'-ing, the only thing I did for convenience is to line my characters in a certain way around the dragon and then attack. Cheese includes: 1) paralyze scroll chain (thats how i beat it once but its too cheese!) 2) killing her companions first without aggro-ing her (i believe its not intended that way) I did try to use maelstrom scrolls without paralyze but im just getting whipped (literally!) too fast with all those AOEs and the little reptalians that go for my backline to do ever more pressure... I try to use resurrection scrolls a lot but at some point they just don't bring characters up again The ONLY damaging spells that work are: 1) Priest level 5th pillar of holy flame 2) Wizard level 5th blast of frost 3) Scroll - maelstrom 4) Wizard 5th wall of force but not as strong as blast of frost (i die before duration end..) Problem is they can't always do full damage due to resistances. I can't reduce dragon resistances due to its ... well ... resistances !!! All the resistance-lowering spells from Aloth and Durance that I try miss. And whats the point waiting for iroll100 for the slight chance that they WILL hit ? The most I was able to do spamming those damaging spells is to get her to Injured before I can't resurrectmy party anymore (not sure if bug or intended so resurrect wont be abused?). Not to make this post too long, i'll just add i do drink some defense potion of Eder and everyone ate food ofc +2 might. Summons don't do much except maybe holding xunatrip at bay. Suggestions ? For fun I posted an image of the Adra dragon dying due to cheese (paralyze fest and lucky resistance-reduction spells... look how much I crit!):
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