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  1. Update by Tim Cain, Senior Programmer and Designer Hello! I'm sorry I haven't done an update in a while. I've been working on classes and everything related to classes: abilities, skills, spells, combat...you know, the good stuff. For the past several months, Josh and I have been refining the designs for the non-core classes, the classes that are most unusual, classes like the chanter and the cipher and one of my favorites, the monk. Monks in Eternity are different than you might expect. There are no restrictions on armor and weapons – you could wear plate and use a sword, if you wanted to, and the talent system is flexible enough so you could build a great monk that specialized in that gear. But at the core of this class is a little rule about how monks take damage. You see, when a monk gets hit, only part of the damage is inflicted on him or her immediately. The rest is redirected to a Wound, which is an effect that causes damage over time (called a DoT effect) to the monk. That slowly-ticking Wound would only seem to be delaying the inevitable result except for one thing: the monk can get rid of that Wound by using special attacks. The monk gets all kinds of cool special attacks that do extra effects beyond simply damage and, as a side effect, also eliminate his Wounds. Some of their special attacks include: Torment’s Reach - this ability increases the range of melee attacks by 200% for a short duration. Enemies between the monk and his or her target are also attacked. Costs 1 Wound to activate. Turning Wheel - if the monk suffers from a DoT effect (including Wounds ticking down), he or she adds a proportional fire bonus to his or her melee damage. This is a passive ability which works automatically whenever the monk has any DoT effect. Clarity of Agony - when used, this ability cuts the duration of hostile status effects in half. It lasts for a brief amount of time, halving both incoming effects and ones that are currently on the monk. Costs 2 Wounds. Each of these attacks makes monks stronger in battle, and many also consume their Wounds, hopefully before those Wounds have done the damage the monks were originally supposed to take. And as monks level up, they get more than just these special attacks. They can gain room for more Wounds, so they can have more of them at once to use at the same time for an extraordinarily powerful attack or use them across multiple special attacks. Monks can also change how their Wounds function. For example, they can choose to have their Wounds do less damage at the start and more at the end, so getting rid of them faster is advantageous. Monks can also choose to do their damage sequentially, letting the monk build up a lot of Wounds to fuel a crazy powerful ability and not take much damage for doing so. So as a monk, your goal is simple: you want to take damage, so you get Wounds, so you can perform extraordinary attacks. But remember when I mentioned the monk in plate mail using a sword? Sure, you can do that, but that plate armor will inhibit your ability to get Wounds, which means you don't get as many special attacks. And unarmed attacks are among the fastest types of attacks, so a weaponless monk can get rid of his Wounds faster than any armed monk, so he will suffer very little of their damage-over-time effects. That's like having extra hit points for free! FOR FREE! Who wouldn't want that?! This is why you see a lot of unarmed and unarmored monks running around. Not because the rules say you can't use those items, but because in most situations it's one of the best ways to play. An unencumbered monk can be a terror on the battlefield, a nightmare that just won't seem to die, no matter how hard he gets hit. Blows that seem like they should kill him only serve to make him stronger. Trust me, you are going to love playing a monk. But if you ever feel the need to use a magical sword for its raw damage potential or wear enchanted mail to gain fire resistance for battle with a dragon, you can do that too. Because Project Eternity is all about bending the roles of each class, so you can play how you want, resolve conflicts how you want and solve problems how you want. After all, this is *your* game. Culture Concept Concept artist Kaz Aruga has been developing the look of some of Project Eternity's various cultures. So far, he's created concepts for people from the Dyrwood, the Vailian Republics, the Aedyr Empire, and the Valley of Ixamitl. We hope you like the range we've come up with. Let us know what you think!
  2. Hello I know that balance is still being worked on, devs are still getting a TON of feedback a day about pretty much anything, and this is still a work in progress. But there's one thing that's bothering me, and I posted on a couple of related topics about it, but no one seemed to pitch in, and I figured maybe it was just overlooked or something. So even with the bugs, and balancing issues, I really love this game. My only real problem is the current state of monks, and I was wondering maybe I'm the only one feeling that way. Monks are my favorite RPG class. I always picture them in my mind as these awesome martial arts guys, in light / no armor, kicking and punching faces, dodging / soaking hits in a decent manner. But in this game, they really didn't live up to my expectations. The wounds system sounds awesome on paper, but you have to get hit for it to work. Now, I can theoretically run a monk with full plate armor, but it doesn't feel like it fits the class theme, or the way I picture them in my mind, and running with light / no armor gets me killed too quickly. I can avoid getting hit, but then there's no interactive play to it without wounds. I'd really love it if they had some innate per-level damage reduction, for example starting at 3 DR, and reaching 9 or 10 at max level, so they are roughly equal to a breastplate. [Only when not wearing armor of course]. Maybe a boost to endurance, so they can soak the same damage as an equal level fighter with medium / heavy armor. Anyone else feels the same way ? Or maybe I'm just picturing them differently than the devs ? [i just want to note, I played with a monk on hard, got as far as Defiance Bay quests and gave up eventually, feeling very weak compared to other melee classes. Went with a balanced attributes, no min-maxing, trying to focus on RP as much as possible. Had 14 constitution]
  3. The bug: Putting a one handed weapon in the monk's offhand slot will increase his accuracy with the fist attack. How to reproduce: Create a new monk. His starting accuracy with fists will be a certain value (in my case 30\30). Go to Heodan and buy a dagger. Equip the dagger in the offhand slot. His accuracy will now be 42/47 See also: https://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/618457398960796140/ (thread not made by me)
  4. Alright, so, first off, I backed the kickstarter and I've been following it since the beginning, I love the setting and the story so far, the plot's great, and aside from being unable to get through the doors in the mad lord's keep I've not run into anything particularly glitchy. The problem is, I'm playing a monk, and I have no idea how. The game told me to put a lot of points in Dexterity and Constitution, which I did, then suggested Might. So I put those points in, and the problem I've run into is that a standard combat is thus: Walk into room Get seen by Xaurip Skirmisher Get hit by single, unbuffed arrow Take 102 points of damage, fall over and die Rest of party wipes the floor with the encounter Rinse and repeat, replacing "Xaurip Skirmisher" with any archer, mage or priest. What am I doing wrong? If I use the fighters to aggro the enemies, I don't take any damage, meaning I don't take wounds, meaning I can't deal damage. If I charge in ahead, every enemy in the room gangbangs me to death or an archer/gunner blows me away before I even reach combat. I'm level six at this point, so I'd really appreciate the help.
  5. I discovered this playing as a monk and this class benefits from this the most but it can be used by all one-handed style champions. If you use two weapons or no weapons at all (two fists) accuracy of both is lowered if you use only one one-handed weapon in primary (right) hand you have increased accuracy but if you place just one weapon in off hand and leave right hand empty your right hand fist is listed as a primary weapon but the accuracy of both hands primary and secondary benefits from one-handed accuracy bonus. In this situation normal attacks only utilize your equipped secondary weapon ignoring your right fist so You don't get to actually attack with a fist as if you were fighting with two weapons but when executing full attacks (i.e. from monk's torment's reach) you get to utilize both hands for damage as if you were double wielding. If you would place the same one-handed weapon in your right hand your full attack would only attack once. Simply switching a weapon from the right hand to the left hand without changing anything else gives unintentional bonus. This benefits monks the most of course as their fists hit like a hammer but every player who decides to use one-handed style will benefit from this while performing full attacks. As to how to deal with this bug I have a suggestion that equipping only one weapon in off hand should count as using two weapons style with all accuracy penalties in place. It will open the possibility (for a monk mostly) to use fist and a weapon simultaneously as a two weapon style. To be clear I don't consider using weapon and a fist as two weapons as an exploit but rather as a feature that apparently isn't here unfortunately. I strongly suggest that rather than removing fist attack from full attack in the above situation you would resolve this problem as I suggested above. Cheers
  6. Hi. I have just bought with Pillars of Eternity and seeing how main menu is enough to make me cry of epicness I guess it will be cool adventure. Anyway, obviously I am new player here. I have played BG2 (finished once) as well as many more or less sophisticated RPGs, anyway I am new in PoE. This is a bit problematic because I really, really wanna to play as Monk class which as far as I know is the weirdest class possible. <if this is wrong thread I'm sorry, please put it in more appropriate subforum> Usually I tend to create boring vanilla characters for RPG similar to me from real life, brown hair horrible dexterity wizard nerd guy but I have decided it's lame and I need to do something different. And my new fantasy alter ego will be crazy. My character is going to be a young cheerful tall muscular girl from Ixamilt Plains, monk class, Philosopher background and hidden genius level intellect, absurd Might and Intellect, barefist combat, badass cowboy one liners, problems with alcohol, anger managment and self acceptation, explosive character, crazy ass sense of humor, obsession over prime numbers, rampant bisexuality but mainly heart of gold and great love for all living beings and deep will to improve the world. Half of those characteristics are impossible to reflect in this computer game but whatever, I really care about roleplay :D My point is, this insane character needs to be Monk and it will be damn unorthodox Monk despite it being difficult class and me not knowing anything about game's mechanics. Anyway, besides the facts it HAS to be a monk, crazy girl and philosopher background (despite other proffesions would profit more - it needs to be intellectual at heart. As I said, this girl is crazy.) I am open at advices from (wiser) people about how exactly to build DPS monk because I am completely lost at nuances of PoE mechanics - from what I see there are really many ways to build characters and even main attributes are pretty flexible. 1) What attributes are the most important for monk? Like, really the most important, not what the character creation screen suggests (I am suspicious about that ). 2) Any crucial advices at how to manage monk class, for a complele newbie like me? 3) I don't know anything about the game's mechanics besides some overview of classes and NPC companions (party is very important for me in RPGs I play and I always try to plan it before beginning new game). What team would fit the monk main character the best? I am asking about premade characters because I want to play with NPCs having their story and dialogue, not some silent companions made by me. I think my dream team would have *My little beloved girl monk being main DPS *Ered fighter as tank *Sagani ranger as ranged DPS and stealth *Durance priest as support healer but I am not sure about last two companions (I aim at 6 guy team). Who would fit this composition the best: Grieving Mother/Kana Rua/Aloth/Hiravias? From what I know all these characters use magic to CC enemies/buff team and I am completely lost as what are the difference between them. My Monk Badass Girl character thanks in advance for all advices. http://goo.gl/DBWuLA
  7. Hi, For my monk I chose a weapon focus of ruffian instead of peasant. I don't want to have to start again, is there any way to change this at all please? (editor for save or something)? Thanks in advance
  8. While playing with a tank monk, I sat her in the middle of a group of mobs to stack wounds and check out Turning Wheel. Several seconds into the fight, she got up to 8 wounds and then they started to vanish. Lost 3 wounds back to back (to back), gained another, then shortly lost two more before the fight was over. This is, of course, without using any abilities that cost wounds. I did nothing but let her auto attack and occasionally pause to look at combat log specifics. Is this intended behavior? I spent an hour searching forums and reddit, but couldn't find anything that documents a duration for a wound in the current system. Is it a holdover from the previous wound system that converted some damage into a dot? I didn't play the beta, but I assume that an unspent wound under that system would fade once the damage it had converted was fully applied, which completely makes sense under that system but is kind of terrible under the current implementation where wounds are nothing but a resource. Ciphers don't lose unspent focus during a fight. It's even worse for a monk, given that their resource availability is a function of their own endurance and health pools. If it is a case of wounds having a duration because that's how they worked under the old system, any chance that could get looked at and, hopefully, removed? Or I could just be bugged.
  9. I've seen mentions of retaliation monks who use their fists here and there, but not much the particulars of how people have actually built them. I'm curious, and thinking of starting one up, and while a few things occur to me, I'm not quite sure how to approach building the character. How would you/do you/have you made an unarmed monk focused around retaliation?
  10. Has anyone tried this, or something similar? I put my starting stats all at 15, except Int which is down to 3. Plan to focus on the passive abilities, though Rooting Pain's range will be squished down.
  11. Can we get some dev response on whether this mechanic is going to be tweaked or overhauled in the near future? During development it was described as providing a damage threshold sending overflow damage into the creation of wounds which would then cause damage over time based on what was avoided initially. You would then spend the wounds to permanently avoid the damage taken or wait until you had built up enough wounds to spend them on something powerful or to use with a passive talent to increase damage output. As it stands right now, there is no protection to be observed from wounds and they most certainly do not cause any damage over time when in existence. It functions nearly as cipher focus in reverse and is very disappointing because of that.
  12. I've been testing a lot of combinations lately and i gotta say... this combo ends the fight in a few secs even in hard mode. Here are the reasons and a detailed guide: Class Overview Priests Priests give melee characters huge buffs. I'm not even going to talk about the spells here, as you probably noticed priest has the best buff spells in the game. Especially one buff i noticed is.. the accuracy bonus talent on holy radiance (1/encounter) The funny thing with this ability is you can cast it outside the combat and start the fight with an accuracy bonus for 15+seconds and cast it once more during the combat. As far as i know you cannot cast other buff spells outside the combat! This alone will give you +5 accuracy on all your party for pretty much the whole fight, and accuracy is probably the most important thing in this game: it lets you hit the opponents and crit if you roll high. Monks Monks have huge dps with swift strikes ability + two weapon talent +weapon focus talent + high dexterity. But another reason why monk is op is you can send the dangerous targets away and knock em down with 'force of anguish' ability. The target will stay out of combat for 10+ seconds! He's basically dead. This is not only effective but it's insanely fun. The most fun class i've played in the game so far. Later they also get stunning hits, which also adds more to the crowd control potential of the class, which is why i prefer monks over let's say... rogues. All the crowd control abilities will reduce the enemies' overall damage output and keep your frontline safe and sound. Barbarians Barbarians currently have the best total melee dps output in the game. Here are the reasons why: First: Frenzy. It gives you a very large attack speed bonus, might(more percentage based damage bonus) and constitution (+6 on each when upgraded, 6 might means %18 more damage.) Let's say you have a barbarian with 18 starting might, you'll have 24 might once you activate the frenzy, without any other buffs or gear, this gives you %42 damage bonus in total. Your attacks will easily bypass the DR of the enemy. Second: Brute Force/threatening presence passive ability combo. As you might have noticed, barbarians start the game with average accuracy. (-10 less accuracy than the best value) But wait till you hear these: This combo increases your accuracy against most enemies in the game, since they often have a weaker fortitude than deflection. ( you can check the bestiary, especially all sorts of casters, shades, phantoms - really annoying creatures- creatures that are similar to rogues with high reflexes and generally physically weak built enemies have lower fortitude ) Also threatening presence lowers their fortitude by 20. That is 20 more accuracy in most cases guys... OP. Also keep in mind that fortitude debuff will allow your monk to disable opponents properly, since monk ability checks are made against fortitude. Third: Blooded passive ability. It increases your damage by a HUGE amount once your hp is below %50. There's no bigger increase to damage in this game. Once you go below %50 hp, the fight will probably end. Fourth: Carnage. This gives you a PERCENTAGE based aoe damage on your attacks. You might want to focus on that percentage part, because this means damage is not static (the information in prima guide is wrong). You can test it if you want, most of the time it deals about %60 percent of the primary attack. Which means it'll also bypass damage reduction of the enemy in most cases. Increase your int a little bit (something between 12-14 works best) to gain more advantage from the aoe. Fifth: Barbaric Blow. It depends on chance but this ability may sometimes crit(%30 hits are converted into crits), and it is a full attack (means if you are dual wielding, you hit with both weapons), it has both a +crit damage multiplier and +damage bonus. It'll kill most enemies if it crits. What makes this worth picking is that it is a talent (will not interfere with your ability progression) and it is per encounter! All these points mentioned above makes barbarian a better dps than rogues, as rogues need to backstab/sneak attack to increase their damage output, and a simple difference is rogues can't deal aoe damage with their hits. Tactics First of all, you'll need a tank for this to work. Either paladins or fighters work well, but you might want to pick a +engagement bonus talent for paladin. I prefer fighters since they get defender and endurance regen for free. Send him to engage first with defender mode (+2 engagement limit, many defensive bonuses when upgraded including the awesome +15 deflection bonus). Then send in your monk and try to tank one enemy with him for wounds. You can also get the talent 'mortification of the soul' to get wounds and start swift strike and disabling right away. Then send your barbarian in, activate rage and start slaughtering. Try to take down the most dangerous enemy first, for example if an enemy has blind spell (creatures like shadows) it'll mess up your frontline. Take him down fast. Always cast holy radiance with your priest before the fight, as mentioned above. Then start buffing your party, especially your front line. Most of the time in hard difficulty you won't even need the buffs, just use them for tough fights. Cast holy radiance once more if the fight lasts long. Stats Abilities, talents and gear are more important in this game than stats but there's no reason to go for a high defensive stat on a melee dps. Therefore, arrange the stats on both your monk and barbarian towards an offensive play. That is high might and dexterity, medium constitution and intelligence, low perception and resolve. Intelligence will give you bonuses on the duration of your abilities, constitution will keep you alive. Trust me on this they do not need to be tanky, since a single tank works well in this game and we'll increase the defensive stats of monk and barbarian with equipment. In %100 of time if your monk and barbarian keeps dies it's due to a positioning mistake and not because of their stats. That being said, you might want to make your monk just a little bit more defensive than the barbarian (+1 or +2 on perception and/or resolve), because he needs wounds to use his abilities and also barbarians have a little more hp/endurance. Skills It's kind of obvious if you know about the fatigue mechanics but, have at least 2 points on athletics on all your melee characters, and even on the casters too. Trust me you do not want to have the fatigue debuff. Take mechanic skill either on your main character or someone else. These two skills are the most important ones in the game. Gear Tank Armor: Obviously, have your tank wear all the defensive items and increase his defenses as much as you can. Always wear a shield and enchant it if you can. It is really important that he stays alive for first few rounds, which is not that difficult. Monk Armor: Give your monk a light or no armor. There are really good light armors that only have %15 recovery debuff. (check the armor 'Vengiatta Rugia on prima guide for example, wow!) Enchant his armor. Enchanting the armor on your monk should be your first priority. You can also wear plain clothes (no attack speed penalty at all!) and still enchant it for DR and stat bonuses. Isn't that sweet? Weapon: Go for two weapon fighting. Use your fists early game but you might want to switch later on to a weapon of your choice, because you can enchant weapons but not fists. Get the weapon focus peasant for an accuracy bonus(hatchet, spear, quarter staff, hunting bow, unarmed) or something else if you don't care about unarmed. Hatchets give deflection bonus and staves have reach bonus so you can use the doorway tactic with staves. (attacking from behind while your tank blocks all the enemies in a doorway, or a narrow corridor). Accuracy is important, keep that in mind. Barbarian Armor: Give him either light or medium armor and enchant it. (an example: check 'saint's war' in prima guide, it gives you second chance, perfectly synergizes with barbarian class) Weapon: Use two weapons or a two handed weapon. Get the talent that suits your choice. Two weapons will probably have better dps overall since you get interrupted with slow attacks a lot, but two handed weapons deal more damage per hit, making your aoe attacks more effective against enemies with damage reduction. Estocs might be a good choice for two handed, since they give DR penetration, really important for hard fights. Two handed swords will also work. Take the weapon focus for your desired weapons, again, accuracy is really important. Here's an important note: If you are a good tactician and you can have your barbarian attack without getting interrupted by the enemy, GO FOR TWO HANDED WEAPONS! You'll bypass the enemy DR more effectively and it is the only thing that keeps them alive! Yes you can penetrate that huge dragon's thick scales too! LOL Supporting Spells I will not go into detail in this section, but spells that augment the fortitude, deflection and accuracy are really helpful. For example the blind spell in this game is really overpowered because it lowers both deflection and accuracy of the targets by a large amount, making them vulnerable to your attacks and it keeps your party alive due to the accuracy debuff. There are two blind spells on wizard in levels 1 and 2. The level one spell attacks fortitude and level 2 spell attacks will, so it won't miss if you cast the right one. (tough melee creatures have low will while weaker ones such as casters have low fortitude). Also spells that debuff the enemy's damage reduction are huge. The only thing that keeps the monsters alive are defenses and damage reduction, and once you get passed those the fight ends in a blink. Another good debuff is 'sickened' or anything that lowers fortitude. It'll allow your barbarian to hit and crit easily since he attacks the enemy's fortitude if it's lower (considering you have the talent 'Brute Force', I really suggest getting it on your barbarian!). Lowering fortitude will also allow those great disable abilities on your monk and fighter to work properly.
  13. Am I missing something or is this item really not very good? The only time I can see it paying off is versus something like the Adra Dragon, provided you're spam-healing the monk. Even then, it would take 10 wounds (!) to get a measly 4 or 5 extra damage per hit. And that's assuming you aren't going to use your wounds on anything else.
  14. Before anyone jumps right in my face. This is not an issue at all I don't mind monks being in the game. It is just an opinion and I wondered if anyone shares it. First of all they so don't fit into the world. I know they are part of dungeons and dragons but I always pretended they are not. Cool wizards and knights and all this stuff and then you have a shirtless dudes out of karate kid. What is this? They are also so not fun to play. Main reason - attacking with bare hands. In the world of magic weapons and cool armours and all this stuff. Meh.
  15. After spending a lot of time struggling on what to play as the main character, I finally decided that I'm going for either a barbarian or monk because I don't want to overlap any NPC, and I don't like rogues. I want to build some sort of striker, probably wielding a 2hander. Are mons any good with 2h weapons? What stats are important for these two? I'll be playing on Hard
  16. I was wondering since monks main power is from getting damaged. Isn't the most ideal monk build a low reflex so he or she gets hit more often? That would allow the monk to use his or her powers more?
  17. Hey there folks. I've been waiting the whole time just keeping my head buried and avoiding all of the information along the way to get a true surprise when tomorrow morning hits and I can play. However, I am curious about the Monk class, as it's an interesting take on a new way to utilize melee combatants. For those of you who were part of the Backer Beta phase, maybe someone can give me some input here. I am getting the feel that Con is only good with a class with high base scaling of Health, as Might also boosts similar attributes but adds to damage as well. So Might > Con is what I am getting out of the two of those. Adding in Deflection and DR as ways to mitigate damage and being struck, this seems logical. Yet, the Monk relies on getting hit to power his abilities. So for folks who have played as Monks, would the assumption that you want to pump Might first, then Con to stack your Health/Endurance as your goal will be to accumulate damage in order to power your Wounds/class abilities be correct? Further, if so, where else would attribute points go to ideally? Resolve for resistances to Interrupts and Deflection so you can avoid some hits too along with the Will boost? I understand from reading some posts here that the Manual and the Wiki are outdated, so coming to folks with in game experience for information rather than those. Would be nice to just read the materials out there and know what is going on, but if they are wrong, leaves me in a pinch to make an informed decision when I start up a game tomorrow. Thanks!
  18. Hello everybody! I'm really torn in deciding what to play with release just one day away. I love the monk class and have always tried playing one in other rpgs, but I'm kinda overwhelmed in my options for PoE. I like the idea of a fire godlike monk with Turning Wheel, but I have no idea if this is even feasible or if this would be better for Tanking or Melee DPS. Does Fire Godlike even add something to the monk? Should I concentrate on DPS OR Tank or is there something in between? Since I tend to powergame a lot, I'm really afraid to mess up my build :D If anyone has any input, I would deeply appreciate it!
  19. I unfortunately lack access to the backer beta, and so in my research to figure out what class I'll play on my first runthrough of the game I'm finding myself wondering about how 'active' some of the classes are. Specifically I'm interesting in rolling a more melee oriented character, however I'm concerned about how many of the abilities on the melee classes actually involve active use vs. giving passive buffs. From what I can tell it seems like the Fighter and Paladin, for instance, have a lot of abilities that just buff their own combat capabilities or that of their party whilst having relatively few abilities which are actively cast. Any suggestions on what melee oriented classes are the most 'active' to play?
  20. Hey guys I'm having some trouble on XBOX360 in trying to buy armor at the elven kingdom store, the game crashes the whole thing just freeze and I have to resart the videogame. Please help guys thx
  21. As these are the three classes which haven't really been talked about by Obsidian, I thought I'd bring them up for discussion, particularly as to some degree I think they are all classes which have had conceptual problems in some games, so more or less just opening this up to have a place to debate a bit at what these classes are about/how to fix the problems. MONK Issue 1: Monks as the loot-poor class. I think this is perhaps the most pressing issue of the class historically in D&D as far as IWD2, NWN and NWN2 had it - because the whole point of monks was that they are a class which relies on their own body as a weapon they don't really get to partake in looting in the same way as all the other classes. This can be fixed to some degree by having robes for their armour slot, but I found many of the robes from the Neverwinter games not very exciting, finding a robe with resistance to 1 point of slashing just isn't even the same as finding, say, a +1 suit of chainmail. You obviously don't want them to become too similar to fighters as part of their appeal is that they are so different. This is also putting into account that Obsidian have stated that they want to be able to have anyone wearing any armour if they want to. The weapon thing is similar. So how do you make them be able to get loot (which I consider a cornerstone of the genre) without ruining the class concept? Issues 2: Monks as a low choice/linear class. The other big problem I see with monks is how they were handled in the D&D games had very little "give" in their levelling up/character creation. You would level up and though there were certainly feats you could use, there weren't really any designed for them. You got lots of cool abilities but you didn't have any say over them. How do you inject some player input into the design of a monk, without either breaking the class concept or going the opposite end and becoming overly "move" based? DRUID Issue 1: Druids, wildshape and spellcasting. I think one of the biggest problems with any class is that Druids are a two focus class, and those focuses don't really mesh well in combat - a cleric can go whack someone with a mace on the front line and then cast a spell the next, but when you have wildshape it doesn't gel well with casting. Yes, there is the NWN2 solution of giving the player a feat to cast spells while in animal form but that didn't quite work for me - it felt a bit silly to have a wolf stop in the middle of combat to cast a traditional spell, and if you are going to do that it should have been built into the class rather than having to take a feat to make the basic premise of the class useable. So, how to balance shapeshifting with wildshape? Issue 2: Wildshape becoming redundant At this point I'd like to clarrify, I really feel like wildshape is something that really makes druids stand out as a class, sure wizards can do it too, but not to the same degree. However, I do think the focus should generally be on versatility - in the 3rd edition games there was a bit of an issue where really, only the most recent shape you learnt was actually useful, the rest became gradually more redundant. This especially felt a bit of a shame when you progressed onto the elementals, which although technically less powerful, felt less cool than turning into, say, a polar bear. Is there a way to keep the wildshapes relevant throughout? Issue 3: Wildshapes outside combat This has never really been addressed in any of the IE games/NWN, but one thing I feel hasn't really been done is use of wildshapes outside of combat. Even if it were limited to anonymously scouting as a fox or eagle or something that wouldn't arouse suspicion (with some risk of being detected from other spellcasters perhaps so as not to be too useful) or to reach a certain place quickly using the form of some fast animal, it's never really been explored. RANGER Issue 1: Making Rangers stand out. I do feel rangers have been sometimes treated as a bit of a generic hybrid between rogue and fighter, but how do you make them more unique compared to those two? This was done in D&D by use of favoured enemy, spells and animal companions, but are these things you want in the class? Could they be elaborated on more (having favoured enemy options including classes perhaps?) or is there some other feature that you think would fit the archetype? Anyway, I do have my own ideas on these but for the mean time I mainly wanted to see what everyone else's thoughts on these were?
  22. Deletion of this thread would only mean that this actually IS a spoiler and therefore a truth! Behold:
  23. Everyone here at Obsidian is thrilled that the feedback to the first look at Project Eternity was so overwhelmingly positive. Thank you for all the encouragement - It really means a lot to our artists and the rest of the team. The outpouring of support and donations over the last day has been amazing. Thank you! Over the next five days we have a lot of fun things planned to wrap up the Kickstarter campaign. First, crowdfunding and Kickstarter has allowed us to open up our doors to you, literally. Today you can spend a few hours with me at the Obsidian Office, and you will get an inside look into a development studio. Check out what an atypical day is for me at the office (running the Kickstarter is pretty atypical for a game developer). I promise to wear pants! We plan on doing more of these live events at the office during production. Tomorrow I plan on playing Icewind Dale II by Interplay and Black Isle Studios. Icewind Dale II was the last Infinity Engine game to be released a decade ago in 2002. Before production starts on Project Eternity, I want to revisit some of the magic that Project Eternity aims to bring back. Join the stream and have some fun! Special Obsidian guest developers will join in on the fun, and you can heckle me while I try to make my way out of Targos and through the Dale to Kuldahar. How long will I play? 8 Hours? 12 Hours? 20 Hours? Longer? Watch and find out. Be sure to check out tomorrow's update with Tim Cain. He is going to answer more of your questions in a special video update. Here's the rest of the scheduled events for the next 5 days: Friday, October 12 11:00am PDT - Inside look at a not so typical day with Adam Brennecke - UStream. 3:00pm PDT - PC Gamer Live Chat with the Project Eternity Team - PC Gamer. Saturday, October 13 10:00am PDT - Adam plays Icewind Dale II all day - UStream. Monday, October 15 10:00am PDT - Reddit AMA with the Project Eternity Team - Reddit. 5:00pm PDT - Game night at Obsidian. Watch us play D&D at the studio! - UStream. Tuesday, October 16 12:00pm PDT - The final countdown starts at the Obsidian Office - UStream. 6:00pm PDT - The Project Eternity Kickstarter ends! Updates to the schedule will be sent via Twitter, Facebook, and posted to our forums. New Novella Audio Book Reward and Add-on We have a new digital add-on for everyone. For an add-on of $20 you will receive the digital Audio Book of the Project Eternity Novella by Chris Avellone narrated by a professional voice actor. If you already pledged at the $165 tier and above you will receive it for free! Two Stretch Goals Hit and The Endless Paths is Larger We've hit the $2.7M stretch goal, which means Paladins and Chanters are added to the game, and I'm happy to say we just hit the $2.8M stretch goal in record time! George Ziets will be joining the team! The team is very excited to have the opportunity to work with George again. One more level has been added to The Endless Paths because of your help. The depths grow deeper by the day, and we are getting very close to 20,000 likes and 60,000 backers. 2 more levels incoming! Our next Facebook goal is to hit 40,000 likes - if we can reach that milestone it means we will add one more level to the dungeon! How low can we go? And last but not least, I leave you with a new concept art piece of Forton the monk. Thanks, and see you on the live stream! Update by Adam Brennecke Like Obsidian On Facebook - Help grow the Mega Dungeon!
  24. Flagellants were mentioned in Shadenauts' post in the Monk topic; I think they're an interesting concept - what if they were one of the classes of PE? Here's a few ideas : 1) Overview So, who are we dealing with exactly? Using Warhammer as a point of reference : In other words, flagellants in Warhammer are usually simple people who have, figuratively speaking, gazed into the abyss, but the abyss gazed into them - and their minds simply snapped. It could've been a supernatural event, or a personal loss. Sanity was then replaced with fanaticism - this renders them utterly fearless and nigh unstoppable. They have little regard for themselves. 2) Combat role and ability proposals - Flagellants would fight in a frenzy, making them equally dangerous to foes and friends alike. - Their conviction grants them supernatural strength and makes them immune to psychological effects (there's simply nothing left in the world that could scare them anymore). - Highly resistant to magic, especially psionics. - Through practice of self-mutilation they can empower themselves even further, but at the cost of their health (think blood magic). - Martyrdom - protecting their companions with their own bodies. 3) Implementation - Having one as a companion seems feasible - with a flagellant being a subset of a priest or monk class. - New class (or a subset of a priest or monk class), available to the player - unlikely, but possible with some changes. 4) Companion Interacting with those crazed individuals opens up some interesting opportunities. First - having them fight by your side is a big gamble - the risk is certainly high, but so is the reward. Perhaps the player will help them exorcise their horrors once and for all (which would allow them to control their frenzy) ? Or maybe send them even further down the spiral of insanity (that'd increase their combat prowess but render them even more dangerous to their friends) ? Also, who wouldn't want to have a Malkavian in their party? 5) Concept art example What are your thoughts?
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