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Found 3 results

  1. I'd like to collect all the precious ideas within your souls I'd want this thread to be one where we ask and try to answer questions that will increase our knowledge of the game. A lot of this could be used by players wanting to do special playtroughs ( Path of the Damned, Solo, 100% completion, Achievement, Speedrun). Asking questions: Be clear on what you want, and why. Answering questions: It's encouraged to link to a source if it has already been answered. It is necessary to give proof (At least say how you tested it when you answer, or where you know it from) Attitude: This thread is only interested in knowledge, cooperation, and sex. Keep judgements, opinions, ect outside ----------- Barbarian-)Carnage Does the size of the main target influence the size of the splash ? Dexterity: Is it inferior to Might *for DPS* in every scenario, and = at best (0 DR) ? (It would be better in scenarios where damage does not matter IE: Might is a dump stat and you need to attack often: I can imagine a caster casting only CC spells, or someone with maxed Perception trying only to interrupt ? ) Weighting accuracy: What is the value of Accuracy VS 1.XDmg for different values of (Accuracy-Deflection) and (Damage/Hit - DR ) ? (I am not exactly sure how to nail the formula. I'd like to do examples with in-game normal values, where you have to decide between weapon enchants and talents that give one or the other) Explaining the value of high Defenses / Finding the sweet spots. Every point of every defenses is more valuable than the previous point, up to a certain value. What is this value ? How can players find it in game ? What are examples for a playtrough. ( I suppose it's something like Ennemy accuracy +100 ? Or do we want only +75 and DR for the grazes ? ) Not really siding: Completing all quests Is it possible to do all 3 Defiance Bay questlines ? (Dozen, Crucible, Doemenel ?) by losing reputation with one and starting with another ? Get... every item I've noticed that in the caravan begining, you can gain much, much more by slaying the whole caravan ! How much of the world a ''completionist'' could steal/loot ? (Do every quest then kill & loot everyone, except a few ? ) To be continued ! Usefull stuff: Sensuki Youtube channel Pillars of Eternity Wiki
  2. Just saying. Companies like Blizzard wish they had forums this responsive, slick, and feature-rich. They're even mobile friendly and work great on my phone. If these are third-party components, what are you using?
  3. This fellow comrad over there seemed to ask for one ("Meta-dungeons. I want one. With tunnels."). It stroke me curious. I have played many CRPGs, but this concept, I did not know. It seemed popular enough to be called that way without further explanation, but I could not grasp its meaning. You Americans can be so surprising. I was genuinely curious and it took me some time to realise I misread the title. I had smelt a scent; but *it* wasn't here. Now I'm left alone with it. What is a meta-dungeon? Why or how should Obsidian make one in Project Eternity? Meta is one of these words/prefixes/greek-wanamingos not always understood or properly used, but often found in these times of Internet, along with "virtual" or some others I cannot figure right now. XML is a metalanguage, as in "a sort of language for describing another language": fine. Steam achievements are called "meta" as in "a game above the game". Now, you'll define "metacarpus" as a bone spatially close to the carpus. But there is not one easy definition of metaphysics, is it? Meta-dungeons (or even... metadungeons) would benefit from being known, if only we could give as good definitions and examples as we can, from which one would arise. This is where you come in. [proposition] I'll try, you will do the same. If one of us comes up with a good idea in the end, we will notice. Pre-definition: a meta-dungeon is er... something er... potentially fun and cool... in a CRPG. DON'T BE SHY, soldier, push it, push it hard show me your wawa! your_head.pop()! Fine... a definition: a meta-dungeon is... no, wait. First, what is a dungeon? a trivial definition, not exception-proof. Remove the flesh, keep the bones: confinement, (incremental) spatial progression, danger, reward, exit (the end). Add in some flavor (not too much): verticality, dereliction, stone, traps, monsters, loot, final challenge. Now, we make something meta out of it. A definition: a meta-dungeon is a course of events involving no dungeon nor any of its required steps as defined, but forcing the characters to take steps in parallel that could be defined as the steps required to define a course of events as a dungeon. An example (?): Heroes arrive in this fortified village in the middle of Forest Nowhere. Camera sequence. An alarm: big wolf-beasts are back to harass the people, the doors are shut down. Some old curse. To get rid of it, you have to progress from one villager to another until you can finally convince the tavernkeeper to activate the old defense mechanism in his basement. But each NPC hates some each other and you have to convince one after the other to help the next-other. The stonemason (stone) won't help you until you could convice the old crazy (dereliction) ermit in the attic (verticality) of the temple to do something about the child catching (traps) mutant frogs (monsters), who won't do anything unless his cousin (...) at the end, the tavernkeeper is fed to the wolf-beasts (final challenge), they leave and you can leave too (exit). Or, maybe, a meta-dungeon is something completely different, you tell me. Help me help the game. You know the rules.
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