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  1. After having defeated Thaos, three characters are frozen and cannot be selected and upon clicking on the machine the game crashes and when you start up again, you load at the beginning of the end fight. Anybody else experienced this or know how to solve it? Playing on a macbook pro.
  2. I play PoE using Steam on my Macbook Pro and on my Windows machine, but the savegames are not syncing between two platforms.
  3. Hi all, I downloaded the GOG version of PoE for Mac OS X. I dragged it to the Applications folder, but now, every time I start the app, I get the message: "You are opening the application "Pillars of Eternity.app" for the first time. Are you sure you want to open this application?" I usually only see this the first time I open a downloaded application, but I'm seeing this *every* time I launch the game. I'm on Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.2. Anyone else seeing this issue or know of a fix?
  4. I'm running Pillars of Eternity on a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, mid 2014) running OS X 10.9.5 (13F1066). When I run Project Eternity in fullscreen, I can't command-tab to another application, I'm trapped. To get to my browser or desktop, I have to quit the game. If I run it in a window, I don't have this problem, but of course I'm running at a much lower resolution. Is this a bug, or working as intended? If intended, please reconsider. I love the game, but I need access to other applications even while I'm relaxing with PoE, so I've only put in ~2 hours since release. Thanks.
  5. Hello there! Since the release, the mac version launch with a black screen then crash if steam overlay is enabled. Mac specs: - iMac 27" mid 2011 - CPU: Intel Core i5 3.1GHz - RAM: 12 Go - GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1Go - SSD 1To Unity's log:
  6. Hello, I've got a strange bug on my Mac Book Pro Retina 13". When I talk to someone in the game, I can't read all the text. The window with the text is bigger than my screen and there is no way to reduce it. Screen capture here : http://imageshack.com/a/img907/7448/e93MBL.jpg I didn't had this problem before and now I can't fix it. I've tried all the changes possible in the graphical panel but nothing is working. Thanks for your help. Gilles MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013) 2,6 GHz Intel Core i5 16 Go 1600 MHz DDR3 Yosemite - 10.10.2
  7. Attempting to run the game on my MacPro, and so far I haven't been able to get it to launch. Using Steam, I click play, and the POE icon appears, bounces once, and then disappears. I am seeing the following in the console log, any help would be very appreciated as I cant wait to play this game! 4/1/15 10:54:04.069 AM PillarsOfEternity[7964]: WARNING: The Gestalt selector gestaltSystemVersion is returning 10.9.2 instead of 10.10.2. Use NSProcessInfo's operatingSystemVersion property to get correct system version number. Call location: 4/1/15 10:54:04.069 AM PillarsOfEternity[7964]: 0 CarbonCore 0x00007fff8f00bd9b ___Gestalt_SystemVersion_block_invoke + 113 4/1/15 10:54:04.069 AM PillarsOfEternity[7964]: 1 libdispatch.dylib 0x00007fff97862c13 _dispatch_client_callout + 8 4/1/15 10:54:04.069 AM PillarsOfEternity[7964]: 2 libdispatch.dylib 0x00007fff97862b26 dispatch_once_f + 117 4/1/15 10:54:04.069 AM PillarsOfEternity[7964]: 3 CarbonCore 0x00007fff8efb43ca _Gestalt_SystemVersion + 987 4/1/15 10:54:04.069 AM PillarsOfEternity[7964]: 4 CarbonCore 0x00007fff8efb3fb7 Gestalt + 144 4/1/15 10:54:04.069 AM PillarsOfEternity[7964]: 5 PillarsOfEternity 0x000000010072c4ad _ZN14AnimationEvent8TransferI17RemapPPtrTransferEEvRT_ + 952925 4/1/15 10:54:04.069 AM PillarsOfEternity[7964]: 6 PillarsOfEternity 0x0000000100722a1b _ZN14AnimationEvent8TransferI17RemapPPtrTransferEEvRT_ + 913355 4/1/15 10:54:04.799 AM com.apple.xpc.launchd[1]: (unity.Obsidian Entertainment.Pillars of Eternity.5428[7964]) Service exited with abnormal code: 1
  8. Would it be possible to render the text in the game at the full native resolution on Macs with Retina? At the moment the text looks upscaled, though I'm not sure what the source resolution is.
  9. When I click on items on the ground, my character runs off in a random direction, generally on the other side of the map. Once they finally stop moving, the item selection box thing opens and I can take the objects. ​Additionally, my companion(Calsica? I think thats her name) does not show up, but I can still give her commands and everything. I've actually managed to get her to show maybe 2 times, but I have no idea what I did to do it. Thirdly, the game seems to crash whenever I save. Despite it crashing, it doe actually save Link to important files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i4lr4uei24xyw7m/6b0bdee793d74e2caea1679c1e0414f0%207659748%20Encampment.savegame?dl=0
  10. If I press the standard Mac screenshot key-combo, it takes a screenshot of nothing. Basically I get a black image. How am I supposed to show off my character builds to my friends? Is there an actual screenshot key? This kind of gets in the way of word-of-mouth marketing for Mac users. (Also I can't Command+Tab out of the game, which isn't a massive issue because I can always window the game but it is slightly annoying.)
  11. Hi. It´s a long time since I played kotor, and I decided to try it again. I´m at Taris, and were about to leave the jedi academy when everything started to act weird. I seem to remember that I should talk to "the last handmaiden" after defeating her sisters. But when I talk to here, she just says that some of her sisters will fight me. My companions were also stuck in the training room, and I could not remove them or add them from my team. So i figured out that I should just try to enter the ebon hawk and leave. When I did, I got the sequence where Atris is saying that "the last handmaiden" left with me. But when the movie was over, the screen was just black. I could walk around, look at the map (but it was only white), and most other stuff, but i could not see. So i tried to save the game and reload. The game was loading around 40% before it stopped. I had to quit the game, and tried one more time, same thing happened. At last I tried to restart my computer. But now, when i trying to open it, noting happens. I can se the ikon in my dashboard for like 30 sec, but nothing else happening. I use a MacBook Air 13", and should not have any problems with playing the game. I activated cheats, but have played the hole game with cheats active before, so i can't see how that could be the reason. Do any of you have a suggestion? I was thinking about deleting and reinstalling the game, but is it possible to save my savings in a way? I tried to find the "save files" but could not find them. All help are appreciated!
  12. I am a self-admitted Mac fanboy, but just couldn't wait for Pillars beta. So I decided to reboot into a YEARS old BootCamp partition. I think its running some old copy of Windows7. I honestly have no idea. (Steam was already on it from when I decided to replay Diablo2 one time). Anyway, Steam took a long time to update, but eventually worked. PoE linked to my account fine, and I downloaded the beta. Didn't get much further than character creation though...crashed several times (all during character creation). One time I got into the game, but crashed shortly after walking around a bit. I have a few crash dumps somewhere on my machine, but I'm not sure where it saved them. If it would help, I'll happily go track them down, but I probably should just wait for the Mac version, yeah? For example, this crashes everytime: 1) Human -> next 2) Meadow Folk -> next 3) Click Wizard (pauses a sec) 4) Click Chanter (pauses, then BOOM....every time). I don't know if its useful though, as I probably am using a very ill-advised setup! (As I said, just couldn't wait!). Everything I saw looked amazing though! Looking forward to the OSX version! -pj
  13. A Kickstarter campaign launched for Zaharia recently. They have a pre-alpha demo / prototype that you can DL. I think this game looks really promising and I'm always looking for cRPGs that are not in the standard generic Tolkien style fantasy setting. And it has turn-based tactical battles, which is my favorite. Some of the proposed features: • Real time stealth system, similar to the one of Commandos series. • Nonlinearity in the narrative and interpretative aspects, allowing the player not only to choose which quest to start from, without urgent obligations, but also to make a lot of choices and then solve a problem in more than one way; • A Fallout-like open world; • Lots of choices and consequences that dynamically influence the context of the game; • A huge variety of abilities and statistics to manage, in order to craft and personalize one’s own alter-ego in every possible aspect; • An original setting created from scratch, completely different from the usual fantasy worlds and inspired to the late Medieval Persia and Arabia; • Living NPCs, provided with an IA that allows them to react dynamically to the player’s actions and to create really deep interpersonal relationships; • No fillers, like useless fights, made to extend the game’s longevity in artificial ways; • Presence of mature themes like slavery, sexuality, racism, theology, philosophy, morality, politics, and so on; • Five main factions to choose, each one deeply characterized and different from the others; • Innovative magic system that turns mages into something different from just portable siege machines; • Fights are not mandatory in most cases, and it won’t be necessary to use a character who excels at combat to end the game; • Tons of multiple choice dialogues, in order to grant the player a large range of interpretations; • No moral dualism. I'm pretty excited about this game but worried they won't reach their funding goal.
  14. Hi all, Just a quick question. I see that the choice between GoG and Steam is available for backers, and being a tree-hugging anti-DRM hippy, I'd obviously prefer the GoG version. My concern is that the FAQ states that if you prefer multi-platform, you should opt for Steam. Does this mean that the Mac version won't be available via GoG, even though they now supply Mac versions of games where possible? Does anyone have on info on this? Cheers, DF
  15. I pledged for one version of Project Eternity via kickstarter. But I have a laptop and a pc. On my PC only linux is used, since its for work and I don't like the MS OS. But for travel I use my laptop. Which works with Linux for the working, but the GPU is not supported but the closed source driver properly (blackscreen). Can I have a linux and a windows version of Project Eternity when I pledge once? Or must I pledge 2 times for 2 versions?
  16. Well hello everyone! It’s the day after our Kickstarter here at Obsidian, and while a few of us are a little rough around the edges right now, we’re already busy working on Project Eternity! In this update, we’ll go through a number of frequently asked questions we’ve received in the last day or so. If you have any problems with anything, please always feel free to head over to our forums, or reach us on Facebook, Twitter, or via support@obsidian.net. So… onward! Kickstarter and PayPal Stats So as of about 1:30 PM PDT, here’s where we stand funding-wise: Kickstarter Backers: 73,986 Pledged: $3,986,929 PayPal Backers: 3,681 Pledged: $176,279 Totals Backers: 77,667 Pledged: $4,163,208 Stretch Goals So that means we hit the 4M stretch goal, right? Yes! How do PayPal backers affect the Mega Dungeon size? It counts toward the Mega Dungeon! We hit fifteen (15!!!!) levels! Will Facebook Likes still count to a larger dungeon? Yes, for now they do! Come like us quickly and maybe we can hit the 40,000 likes for one last dungeon level. But it’s for a limited time, so… like us! Please note: If you clicked Like on our Eternity home page, that doesn’t qualify – we need likes on Obsidian’s Facebook page! Kickstarter / Amazon Payments / PayPal OK, so now what happens? If you backed us on Kickstarter, Amazon will begin processing payments and will contact you. This process takes place over a period of 14 days. If you encounter any problems with this process, never fear about losing your pledge. We’ll work with you to work out any payment issues so you don’t lose out as long as you were a part of the crowdfunding phase. Once payments are taken care of, we’ll start collecting information from you guys, and we’ll do that a few times. More info on that below. If you backed us on PayPal, and everything went through OK, sit back and relax and we’ll be in touch soon! Speaking of PayPal, I noticed PayPal tiers are still up. Will I get the same rewards for the tiers if I donate now? Yes! For as long as we have the listed options available on http://eternity.obsidian.net, you’ll get the same rewards. This is for a very limited time though, so don’t delay if you’re going to get in on Project Eternity! Oh no, I don’t think I added shipping! How do I add international shipping? There’s two ways to handle international shipping. You can: Go to http://eternity.obsidian.net: Along the right side, choose the Donate button under the “Donate Your Own Amount” section. It’s at the bottom of the Tiers just before Addons. On PayPal in the Donation Amount field, enter the desired amount and click Update Total. Log in to PayPal using your email and password. On the “please review your donation” screen, click the Add special instructions for Obsidian link. Describe what your donation is for (international shipping, top up, etc.) Change any other relevant details and then click the Donate USD Now button. [*]Hang tight for now. Once we get all of the information from PayPal and Kickstarter and then get it organized, we’ll be reviewing each and every order to make sure we know how you want your funds allocated. We’ll handle that directly with you via e-mail (please make sure the e-mail you used on Kickstarter or PayPal is accessible to you! If you have any concerns about that, e-mail us at support@obsidian.net) I would actually like to upgrade to another tier – can/how do I do that? For a very limited time, you can use the process described above in “How do I add international shipping” and specify to us what you would like to do. You can do this even if you first contributed to Kickstarter. Just include the difference. (Disclaimer: This does not apply to tiers that were sold out.) Video Streams Where can I see Adam’s Icewind Dale II playthough? Unfortunately it’s not available. Where can I see the D&D game? Here it is! Where can I see the last few hours of the party stream? Swing by Twitch TV at http://www.twitch.tv...ian/b/335806140 When is Chris Avellone going to stream playing Arcanum? We’ll be in touch soon with details on that. It might be a Holiday Special stream. Rest assured he’s going to do it - you guys hit the $4M marker! What’s the next step? OK so now what? First, come sign up on our Forums if you haven’t already. That’s going to be the best place to connect with us throughout the development of the game. We’ll also be up on Facebook and Twitter too. Backer badges will start rolling out in the next few weeks. If you have any problems signing up on our forums (our anti-spam can be rather aggressive sometimes, we apologize!), e-mail us over at support@obsidian.net and we’ll get you all set up. A survey will be coming in the next few weeks to ask you how you want to allocate funds. For those of you who are getting physical goods, before we ship anything, we will notify you and reconfirm at that time to make sure we have the latest physical address on file. If you have any other questions, feel free to swing by the forums or e-mail us! Fulfillment Some of you have been wondering how we will be offering keys for the game. You will be able to select one of the choices below for each key. Steam: Steam currently supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. We will be offering you a SteamPlay key. This means with one key, you can play the game on any supported platform of your choice! The Steam version will also offer in-game achievements and we are going to look at adding Steam cloud support for an even better multi-platform experience. Please note that Steam uses DRM (digital rights management) however. DRM comes with this platform and is not something we can disable. If you want a DRM-free option, please see GOG.com below. GOG.com: We will be offering DRM-free options based on the platforms that GOG supports at the time of us shipping the game. Currently, this means you only have a Windows DRM-free option, but apparently some big news for Mac users is coming… tonight, and hopefully good news for Linux users too down the road. You may have noticed that there isn’t a DRM-free Linux version listed; that’s true today, but by the time we launch, we’ll have one available. Thanks again everyone, and we’ll be in touch! Update from Darren Monahan
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