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  1. When equipped, Kana's Turban's +1 Intellect suppresses Drinking Horn of Moderation's +2 Intellect. As I understand things, this is the opposite of how it should work. If you have the drinking horn equipped, unequipping Kana's Turban increases your intellect by 1.
  2. The Lavender Wreath's "Irritating" effect comes up in the console as "*Effect error*". Its duration is adjusted for the character's intellect bonus, but the adjusted value is not shown in the effect's description, only the base value is. Also, shouldn't it have an icon too? Screenshot:
  3. I'm not sure if this isn't related to going into/out of combat, but Concelhaut's skull (pet) sometimes seems to stop in place, instead of follow you. I have to reequip the pet item to reset the skull. I'm not sure how his special ability should be used either. I don't see it in my "quick items" list.
  4. I was just able to kill the Adra Dragon on PotD thanks to the fact that the Cape of the Master Mystic had turned me invisible and the invisibility wouldn't wear off. My party got killed with the dragon remaining at "Near Death". Since the dragon couldn't attack my character but my character could hit him, and the invisibility wouldn't wear off, and the dragon's health doesn't regenerate, I was able to just sit and watch as my character slashed the dragon to death. Well, the dragon is dead, so I guess that still counts I could give you a savegame, but after game load, the effect was not reproducible. I also have a savegame from before I started combat.
  5. I think my character was "rolled back" somehow. Please update the topic title. Happened somewhere around raedric's keep or gilded vale - not sure :/ 1)My helm,ring,amulet and boots disappeared from the character slots and appeared as buffs on the character icon. 2)ll my 3rd and 4th level spells disappeared completely. Watcher fear ability gone. 3)Quests/level remained the same. and unfortunately I didn't realize it until all my saves were overwritten (perception in rl 3). Verified files, didn't help. Is there any way I can fix my character? :/ Edit: Actually another thread seems to describe the same problem as this - not sure if it's the same though https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/83027-bug-character-and-items-gone/
  6. I just finished my battle with Maerwald in my Solo playthrough. I had one occurance of the battle state never ending, but that's very difficult to reproduce: After killing Maerwald I used Bewildering Spectacle on the fire blights which had ganged up on me, and I managed to confuse all of them, turn them to green circle. Since that broke engagement, I took the chance and ran away to the room where the conversation with Maerwald takes place, since by now we had moved to the corridor. Some time later, since combat state wasn't ending, I showed up in the corridor looking for the blights. They were nowhere to be seen, combat state wasn't ending, and I had to load game. Anyway, the bug I want to report is from another attempt at the same battle. I summoned the Animat with the Bronze horn figurine which I had bought from Gilded Vale's smith. We defeated Maerwald and the blights, but now the Animat won't go away. Not that I mind that much, but I still consider it a glitch Link to the savegame: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bl9i9hwy7glmtqj/b4182f2badfd4ca2922d3e8a26c5b32f%2010866773%20EndlessPathsofOdNuaLevel1.savegame
  7. (Very minor spoiler warning) I found a Minor Ring of Protection in Easternwood (in a hidden brick in the graveyard), and I tried to put it on Eder.... It didn't do anything. I put it on my main character, and it increased two of the three stats it was supposed to affect. I put it on another character, and it increased all three stats. It appeared to increase stats that were below 50, but have no effect on stats above 50. I've attached two screenshots of my attempt to have Eder wear it. The first one shows the infobox for the ring, while it's in Eder's inventory (you can see it just to the right of the infobox): The scond one shows the ring on Eder: In both screenshots, you'll see that his Fortitude, Reflex, and Will are 70, 50, and 50. The ring should increase them to 75, 55, and 55. As the subject says, I'm using Steam version
  8. [591] Transitioning is causing equipped items to disappear 1) Load attached savegame 2) Select Maya and check her equipment (character #1) 3) Click on the area exit, wait for new area to load 4) Notice that Maya's eqipment is missing Expected: The eqiupped items should not disappear! [comment:] I have not noticed this problem in earlier builds, and I am on win 7 [Files] save2.zip
  9. Hi All! Question regarding Enchanting. If I have a Fine pistol (2 anvil 'cost') and want to upgrade it to exceptional (3 anvils), is the anvil cost accumulative, or does it straight override the lower enchantment. I ask because I would like to upgrade Forgiveness, but if taking Kith Slayer prevents me from also taking Exceptional / Superb, then I've got to think about which I'm going to take. Cheers
  10. So yesterday I started a new game and noticed that my pre order items (space pig and ring) aren't showing up in my characters inventory. When I load my older save they are in my inventory like they should be. But for whatever reason they wont appear for the new save file. This is the first time that I have started the game up since the new patch. And was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem? or am I just really stupid and missing something obvious? Its not really a big deal but I do miss my space pig...
  11. The image used on the Hearth Harvest hatchet is either the wrong size or the wrong image. It was curious that the image is actually even larger than the Description window image. So I take it it's possible to make Description images larger than they are right now?
  12. -Description of the issue- (also some spoilers Warning) I am playing solo with a moon godlike barbarian wearing Saint's War Armour which grants "second chance" passive ability. When I die for the first time the "second chance" occurs, revitalizes me but the moment my character stands up the "your have died" message pops up and forces me to load. I can upload a short video and post the link if that helps.
  13. Hello Backers, So it appears that we have a large amount of missing string data in various locations throughout the beta. Since these issues need to be resolved individually, I am building a master list of the missing strings. This is both to organize the data in a way the developers can easily fix and to relieve pressure on the forums from these bugs being posted multiple times. Please post any findings of Missing Strings in this thread and I will come through periodically and update this post with the full list. Screenshots are still great for this, as it gives us a clear visual of the location of the issue. So please attach any screenshots of the missing string to your posting. I'll be starting the list with an example of some known strings. In an effort to keep the list readable, a primary location where or on what the string was found followed by a short description will be how I will be listing them. MISSING STRINGS Races Character Sheet - Human's Fighting Spirit description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Coastal Aumaua's Towering Physique description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Island Aumaua's Long Stride description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Boreal Dwarf's Hunter's Instincts description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Mountain Dwarf's Hale and Hardy description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Pale Elf's Elemental Endurance description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Wood Elf's Distant Advantage description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Hearth Orlan's Minor Threat description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Wild Orlan's Defiant Resolve description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Death Godlike's Death's Usher description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Fire Godlike's Battle-Forged description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Moon Godlike's Silver Tide description (when clicked) Character Sheet - Nature Godlike's Wellspring of Life description (when clicked) Classes Character Sheet - Chanter's Chant descriptions shown in the character sheet (when clicked) Character Sheet - Rogue's Deep Wounds Ability (when clicked) Inventory - Druid's Spiritshift weapons for all forms (Bear, Boar, Lion, Stag, and Wolf) when moused over or right-clicked Wizard Spell - Thrust of Tattered Veils has missing string in its description and debuff tooltip Talents Character Sheet - Hold the Line description (when clicked)Items Item - in Winfrith's Shop named Missing String purchased for 90cp also has missing description Item - Weapons with Reach show a missing string in their description Item - Weapons with 10% Graze to Hit effect show a missing string in their description Bestiary Pŵgra - lacking flavor description when selected in the cyclopedia/bestiaryOptions Options menu - Missing String shown when selecting Polski language Controls menu - Missing String shown under Cancel Action key binding Graphics menu - Missing String shown when mousing over resolution Misc. Loading Screen - from front end "Did You Know? : Missing String" Party Records - Various enemies display their names as Missing String Lle a Rhemen - Staircase inspectable displays Missing String when clicked Thank you all for your tremendous support !!
  14. A group of issues, all either introduced with the most recent patch & hotfix, or which were in the launch version on Steam and persist post-patch. Win 7 64 bit, 8gb RAM, GTX 660 video Thanks in advance! New glitches: Roderic's Hold -- Unable to reproduce (will try some things later and upload a save if I can trigger it again) but I have screenshots - Went through hold, entering via climbing vines in NW corner. Killed many of the enemy groups in there except Roderick's group and mercs near the front doors. Wore priest robes to bypass floor full of priests (and loot it clean - possibly WIA, but wearing the robes allows looting of every container on that floor safely). When I went to the front door area (both inside and outside), enemies were red as usual, but most of them simply stayed put, and made no attempt to fight me even if I had attacked them; affected melee enemies would not even move to my position. Once it began, this behavior carried over to other areas of the Hold where I had not yet killed all of the enemies. Stronghold - "bad" visitor shows up, has an escort assigned. After save & load, his effect on stats is no longer shown on his status screen, though the penalties are still in effect Pet names sometimes doubled (one on top of the other, with an Endurance meter) -- only happens in combat Old glitches still in there: Books with really really tiny text titles at default font size -- Increasing size fixes those but makes many others oversized Not all Stronghold updates show up (esp building completed messages) (no screenies because...well...^_^:>) Stronghold messages queue hotkey (on the left) shows a number even though there is nothing on the list Stronghold messages -- Sometimes "Recall" will change to "Assign" even when an ally is already assigned to a Stronghold mini-quest Item names sometimes blank in shops -- scrolling the item off of the screen and then back on, or exiting and re-entering shop usually fixes this All screenshots may be found here, named to suit: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/y0qwc94mub9nv/set_01
  15. Maybe it is just cosmetic, maybe the values are ****ed but : Stat of my paladin witha fine spear : ACC : 58 DEFLECTION : 54 Stat of the Fine Large Shield : DEFLECTION : +16 ACC : -8 FINE : + 4 shield deflection What I should have : ACC : 58 - 8 = 50 DEFLECTION : 54 + 16 + 4 = 74 What i have : ACC : 38 DEFLECTION : 80 or 76 depends if I drop the shield ON the spear or not (If i swap from empty <> spear+shield I have the same)
  16. For some reason when you equip this item to Aloth, he only gets one intellect and one resolve rather than two intellect and one resolve like the rest of the characters. Is this a bug or does he have an intellect cap at 18 or something. I have screenshots but they are to big. This is the item you get when you save Purnisc from Nyrid, and you tell his wife Kaenra about what has happened in the quest called HIS OLD SELF Act 2?
  17. Not the beta anymore, but what the hey. On OS X, none of the cloaks show on the characters, either in the inventory paperdoll or in the main view.
  18. I don't know if this is some sort of bug or if i just did something wrong that changed this. I'm currently in the Gilded Vale, just came back from looking after the Blacksmiths supplies and suddenly, all tradeable items are very expensive. As an example: Camping Supplies in the Black Hound Inn cost 6250cp a piece, while their value is 10cp. Anyone knows what happened to me?
  19. When acquiring Fulvano's letters and placing them in the stash, the different letters become the same letter and the stacked different letters become only one of the letters. This causes the clues to the whereabouts of Fulvano's gear to be lost.
  20. After loading my game, the Concelhaut's Parasitic Quarterstaff is permanently stuck on my character. He however is actually just punching things. Cannot remove or equip other items, cannot change weapon set, cannot cast spells. Furthermore, every character has 3rd equipment slot available, Only have 1 character that has armed to the teeth (Kana). This occured after arriving in Caed Nua and entering the castle savings and loading.
  21. After a 'level-up' I inspected Eder gear to see if I couldn't find him something more apropriate. However, as shown on screenshots below, the damage properties of his equipped Sabre was 13-19 when I was hovering a Sword in his inventory, and 14-21 when I was hovering the actual equipped Sabre. Is it normal? Did I missunderstand something?
  22. If you equip the Mail Coif, there will be clipping issues on the dwarf head (BB Fighter), and on the elf head (BB Wizard).
  23. [Problem] A combination of enchantments and Might damage modifiers causes the character sheet to display much higher damage than stated in item description or the mouse over tooltip. Furthermore, even in case of modifiers from talents, the character sheet is showing higher damage than when estimated additively. For example, see: Damage modifiers applied here: 21 Might (+33%) Exceptional (x1.3) Damaging 1 (x1.15) Damaging 2 (x1.3) Two-handed style (x1.1) Adventurer specialization (x1.15) Savage Attack (x1.2) By additive rule the resulting damage should lie between: min: 14 * (1 + 0.33 + 0.3 + 0.15 + 0.3 + 0.1 + 0.15 + 0.2) = 35.42 max: 20 * (1 + 0.33 + 0.3 + 0.15 + 0.3 + 0.1 + 0.15 + 0.2) = 50.60 --> Much lower damage range than the listed one on Character sheet (55-78). A few notes: - So far, the issue is not detected when there is only one damage modifier applied to the weapon presented (eg. in case of Fine or Exceptional weapon and Might = 10). - I think the damage numbers on item description page take into account only item enchantments (quality) and Might modifier. - Damaging enchantments stack, so Damaging 1 + Damaging 2 -> +45%. I'm pointing this out just in case it's not intended behaviour. [Expected behaviour] To see the right actual numbers on character screen according to the additive rule, in compliance with other sources of damage information (item description, tooltips, combat log). [Discussion and more examples] In the past BB version, there was problem with multiplicative application of damage modifiers. According to the discussion with Sensuki, who was reporting and repeatedly checking the the multiplicative issue, and according to statements of Josh -- the assuption taken here is that the right damage values are those estimated by the additive rule. In this report I speculate, that the damage issue is perhaps still preserved for numbers shown on the character sheet -> thus the higher damage values for more than one damage modifier. Below, there are some more examples to back this up. 1) Quality Enchantments (Damaging 1 | Fine: x1.15, Damaging 2 | Exceptional: x1.3): Though the issue is already presented for Damaging 1 + Might modifier (the middle picture), the most obvious is the right one: Sword (base 11-16) + Might mod (+33% damage) + Damaging 1 (x1.15) + Damaging 2 (x1.3) Additive: min: 11 * (1 + 0.33 + 0.15 + 0.30) = 19.580 max: 16 * (1 + 0.33 + 0.15 + 0.30) = 28.480 Multiplicative: min: 11 * (1 * 1.33 * 1.15 * 1.30) = 21.872 max: 16 * (1 * 1.33 * 1.15 * 1.30) = 31.814 -> The character sheet numbers are closer to Multiplicative calculation (22-32). 2) Modal talents (Savage Attack x1.2, Reckless Assault x1.2) Dagger (base 8-12) + Might mod (+33%) + Exceptional (x1.3) + Savage Attack active (x1.2): Additive: min: 8 * (1 + 0.33 + 0.30 + 0.20) = 14.640 max: 12 * (1 + 0.33 + 0.30 + 0.20) = 21.960 Multiplicative: min: 8 * (1 * 1.33 * 1.30 * 1.20) = 16.598 max: 12 * (1 * 1.33 * 1.30 * 1.20) = 24.898 -> Again, the rounded character sheet damage (17-25) is too high for additive estimation. 3) Passive talents (Specializations: I think it's x1.15, Two-handed style x1.1) Compare to the left picture, the BB Fighter on right has Two-Handed style talent: Pike (base 14-20 Damage) + BB Fighter (Might 22 --> +36% damage) + Two-Handed Style Talent (x1.1 Damage) Additive: min: 14 * (1 + 0.36 + 0.1) = 20.440 max: 20 * (1 + 0.36 + 0.1) = 29.200 Multiplicative: min: 14 * (1 * 1.36 * 1.1) = 20.944 max: 20 * (1 * 1.36 * 1.1) = 29.920 On character screen it's listed: 21-30 Damage -> This doesn't fit additive calculation.
  24. It is all pretty much in the subject but to reporduce 1/ Place an item of food in the quickslot from the inventory menu. 2/ Exit the inventory menu and activate the food from quickslot 3/ As soon as animation starts, go back to menu, Remove food from quickslot. (You can place it in another character´s quickslot and repeat from 2/.) 4/ Any number of characters who did this will get the food buff icon but the food is still in the inventory or has passed to another character. You can literally have your cake and eat it. (I am of course aware that this was expected behaviour if one starts with a stack of food, and expect it to decrease by one, but this issue is with a single item of food)
  25. I crafted/enchanted an armor to add +2 resolve and +2 dexterity. The enchantment shows its there. The character does not however have extra dexterity or resolve. I saved, and reloaded. Unequipped and re-equipped. Checked to see if I have other items giving same bonus's , and it was a negative. I am not sure if this is reported else where or part of another series of bugs, I am not going to go and test all the enchantments, but if someone knows a workaround, I would gladly take it. Edit: added tags
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